64-0121Gods Word Calls For A Total Separation From Unbelief

Gods Word Calls For A Total Separation From Unbelief
Scores will be accepted until Wednesday, January 22, 2014
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Where does Brother Branham read in the Bible to begin his message?
In the Scripture reading, what happened before the Lord told Abraham that all the land he saw would be given to him and his seed for ever?
Mary made a mistake when she said to Jesus, "Thy father and I have sought Thee with tears."
What is the Light of the day?
What was a Nazarite call?
The first Adam separated himself from the Word to be with _______.
When Mary told Joseph of Gabriel's visit and the baby she was to have, what did it look like she was trying to do?
"If he would have only searched the Scriptures, that, "a virgin is to conceive"! See, it was so unusual to him, because it was out of the __________, but she was exactly in the Scripture.
Jesus promised that God, before His coming, would be manifested in human flesh again.
How does Brother Branham compare Lot and Abraham? It would take a hundred Lots to make an Abraham.
One day Jesus was standing talking to the seventy, and He said, "The Son of man shall ascend up into Heaven from whence He come from." After this they walked with Him no more, but His disciples set right there and believed. Why?
In what state does Brother Branham say he was a guide and had hunted there for years?
On the hunting trip Brother Branham describes, what had he shot that he had been hunting for years?
While Brother Branham was up on the mountain, what did he eat that one of the boys had fixed for him?
How long did Brother Branham tell the sun to shine normally?
After Brother Branham spoke to the storm and started walking down the mountain, what did the Voice say to him?
What came up to Brother Branham while he was leaning against a bush thinking?
Brother Branham spoke of when he used to get game for businessmen, and the Lord told him not to do that. What did he promise God?
After seeing the deer and not shooting them, a Voice spoke to Brother Branham and said, "You remembered your promise, didn't you?" What lifted from him and didn’t come back?
After Brother Branham called a woman out of the audience who had been in an automobile accident, what did he see moving?

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64-0121 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for Gods Word Calls For A Total Separation From Unbelief. Anyone taking the quiz after Wednesday, January 22, 2014 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Derksen9015
Aaron Kenworthy1005
Aaron Wenger10020
Abbey Kingston10016
Abel Meighoo9512
Abigail Barber1007
Abigail Garcia1004
Abigail Jensen10011
Abigail Kenworthy1007
Abigail Milner1009
Abigail Olin10013
Adela Patcan10021
Adelaide Connell1005
Adelina Catrina10016
Adina Muresan10022
Adoniram Hyde1004
Alexander Martens10016
Alicia Gokool10015
Alix Lacombe10021
Aliyah Powe9512
Allison Matty10016
Alyssa Scheifers9522
Amalie Thorsen10017
Amanda Mutchler9522
Amber Pister1009
Amber Rains1005
Amber Reed10014
Amelia Andersen955
Amelia Hyde1006
Amelia Klopp10016
Ana Cristina Mihalescu10010
Anaclaire Dockens10011
Anca Lazea10020
Anderson Beejadhar9513
Andreea Mihalescu10023
Andrej Lysyanskyj1006
Andrew Bomberger10017
Andrew Chambless1008
Andrew Farrie1005
Andrew Martens10010
Andrew Watson10020
Anna Alexander10011
Anna Andrews10012
Anna Crutchfield9015
Anna Harris10013
Anna Klungland10019
Anna Robson955
Anna Sampson1009
Anna Sanger9513
Annalisa Sieunath1008
Anton Cherednichenko10018
Arindell Thomas10017
Artem Georgadze10018
Asaph Singh1006
Ashlea Mccullough10015
Ashley Doodnath9512
Ashley Pister10015
Audrey Daulton10011
Audrey Lacroix10015
Audrey Mtoko10012
Auriana Larkin954
Austen Dockens9524
Austin Pister10016
Autumn Guidry1006
Autumn Klopp10013
Ava Toy957
Azariah Emond10010
Badelita Maria9515
Benaiah Alexander1007
Beni Muamba9011
Benjamin Abbott10012
Benjamin Buitenkamp10020
Benjamin Ceballos9511
Benjamin Chavez10015
Benjamin Evans10011
Benjamin Fritzinger1003
Benjamin Kuchel1007
Benjamin Mahadeo1004
Benjamin Marcano953
Benjamin Phillips10011
Benjamin Rains958
Bernadette Ebambi10010
Bethann Fritzinger1005
Bethanny Mellema10010
Bethany Lavin10010
Bethany Sanger1006
Billy Joe Cullinan10014
Boaz Kilasi1008
Bobby Marsteller9510
Bradley Doodnath10021
Brianna Bray1009
Bryson Fogelsanger1007
Caitlyn Robinson10017
Caleb Chavez1005
Caleb Cook1005
Caleb Harris10011
Caleb Hess10021
Caleb Isaacson1009
Caleb Odwyer1007
Caleb Reese10013
Candy Moreira10020
Carissa Bahner10013
Carissa Powe10014
Carol Garcia10012
Caroline Crawford10010
Carter Smith905
Cassia Smith10014
Celeste Jones1007
Celestial Cummings10017
Chantel Mellema10016
Charity Brodeur10010
Charity Freeman10028
Charity Johnson1003
Charlie Farrie Iii9512
Chishamiso Mafura10021
Christian Buchholz10010
Christian Crawford10014
Christian Hare10011
Christian Leadingham10012
Christian Plante9524
Christian Smith10022
Christian Valerio10016
Christianna Smith1008
Christina Manecci10022
Christina Robson956
Christina Singh10020
Christine Robinson10012
Christoph Wittmeier1004
Christopher Wenger9518
Cigomba Miler9513
Ciprian Lihaciu10021
Clare Mutambirwa10021
Daisy Aguillon9513
Damaris Pot9525
Daniel Borja10017
Daniel Dickson1002
Daniel Evans Jr10011
Daniel Hagmann9513
Daniel Kenworthy9512
Daniel Kuchel956
Daniel Martens10017
Daniel Sampson10012
Danielle Browne1007
Danielle Ibaressongo10012
Danielle Perry10019
Dannalee Mata10011
Darnell Clarke8511
David Kilasi10013
David Lysyanskyj1009
David Mancassola10020
David Mellema10012
David Schamel10016
Deborah King10026
Delphina Kejo10016
Derek Sutton1008
Dillan Hammond10015
Dmitry Foster10015
Dorcas Mukendi10016
Echo Cook1007
Elaina Kaptain10011
Elainah Sanger905
Elias Evans10010
Elias Lambie1006
Elias Singh1007
Eliezer Gabriel10013
Elijah Mahadeo1007
Elijah Mutchler1009
Elijah Sieunath10010
Elisabeth Gabriel1009
Elisabeth Landrum10014
Elisabeth Ponder10020
Elise Rotsch1008
Ella Daulton1006
Ella Moore9515
Ella Toy906
Ellen Martens10018
Ellie Andrews1008
Emanuel Deschamps9516
Emily Cook10014
Emily Lavin10012
Emily Salzman10020
Emily Telgenhoff9510
Emma Moncada10014
Emma Moore10011
Emmalyn Hagmann9511
Emmanuel Mtetwa1008
Enoch Fritzinger904
Enoch Johnson1005
Enoch Rains1007
Esther Borlovan10020
Esther Gasper10018
Esther Lashley10022
Esther Olin10016
Esther Wenger10015
Ethan Shabaga1005
Ethan Truelock10014
Etienne Surprenant10018
Eunice Strite1009
Ezekiel Milner1007
Ezra Doyle1007
Faith Brandt9512
Faith Chambless10012
Faith Johnson10012
Faith Thorson1009
Félicité Narugano10018
Fiona Riley10012
Gabriel Borlovan9512
Gabriel Cook9515
Gabriel Isaacson10011
Gabriel Ketzer1008
Gabriel Moncada9513
Gabriel Suarez10010
Gabriel Waller9513
Gabriel Wittmeier1004
Gabriella Evans10013
Gabriella Landrum10010
Gauge Hammond9511
Gavin Cook1009
Genesis Suarez1004
Genesis-Starr Kisalu9516
Gerardo Suarez10013
Gideon Harris1003
Giovanna Suarez1008
Glorianna Emond1007
Glorianna Williams1009
Grace Dickson1003
Grace Kejo1007
Grace Lunsford10010
Grace Milner10011
Grace Mukendi10014
Grace Wells10014
Gracey Taylor10015
Hadassah Brewster9511
Hadassah Lambie1008
Hadassah Phillips1006
Halle Householder10013
Hannah Caswell10017
Hannah Gokool10021
Hannah Kenworthy10014
Hannah Lev9511
Hannah Mcmasters9518
Hannah Olin1009
Hannah Reavis10016
Hannah Rissler10014
Hannah Sampson10014
Hannah Schuler10012
Hannah Wahl10014
Hannah Wilson10018
Hannah Wittmeier1003
Hannah Yancey9515
Haylie Mckinney10013
Heather Delong10027
Heidi Thorson1007
Hope Chambless10012
Hope Cook10012
Hope Sanger10010
Hope Schultz1006
Hoseah Gokool10011
Immanuel Lashley10025
Isaac Joseph Dawson9010
Isaac Kenworthy959
Isaac Martens10014
Isabel Kenworthy10017
Isabele Toy9510
Isabella Collins1005
Isaiah Andersen1008
Isaiah Fritzinger10014
Isaiah Lunsford10015
Isaiah Smith956
Isaiah Stutzman10012
Isha Lacombe10017
Israel Batakanwa10017
Israel Doyle10011
Ivan Wittmeier10013
Jacelyn Prakash1007
Jacob Telgenhoff10012
James Wiltshire10014
Jared Prakash1004
Jared Strite10011
Jason Bahner1004
Jehoiada Barratt1004
Jehu Cummings8523
Jemima Abraham954
Jenna Kingston10020
Jenna Warme10021
Jennifer Kejo9513
Jeremiah Bray9512
Jeremiah Cook9510
Jeremiah Olin10011
Jeremiah Salzman10017
Jeremy Hagmann955
Jeremy Householder1009
Jesse Cullinan9511
Jesse Dyck10026
Jesse Strite959
Jessica Dawson957
Jethro Cook9010
Joanna Clarke8024
Joanna Dawson10013
Joanna Hess10017
Joanna Strite9516
Jochebed Dolabaille9512
Joe Espeseth10013
Joel Alexander1009
Joel Dyck10025
Joel Evans1008
Joel Kaptain1005
Joel Wilson10016
John Ezra Andrews1006
John Hyde Iii9520
John Moses Erickson953
Johnny Boggs10011
Jonah Derksen9514
Jonah Dickson1003
Jonah Householder1007
Jonas Gonzalez1009
Jonathan Schultz10012
Jordan Kouba9510
Joseph Blaine Olin10018
Joseph Chavez1009
Joseph Dawson10012
Joseph Evans1005
Joseph Fehr10015
Joseph Geransky1007
Joseph Johnson1004
Joseph Rissler10016
Joseph Smith10016
Joseph Strite956
Joseph White10013
Joshua Campominosi9513
Joshua Clarke954
Joshua Fritzinger10010
Joshua Garrett10022
Joshua Gary1004
Joshua Johnson1009
Joshua Kaptain9511
Joshua Landrum1006
Joshua Moncada8011
Joshua Odwyer10015
Joshua Sanger10014
Joshua Strite10013
Joshua Taylor9513
Josiah Dickson956
Josiah Isaacson10011
Josiah Olson1007
Josiah Sanger10010
Josue Ceballos957
Joy Alexander1003
Joy Salzman10018
Joyanna Sanger1008
Joyce Mutshipayi Muindila9513
Joylin Strite9520
Juan Mendoza10019
Judah Connell1007
Julia Perozok9515
Julianna Hare10015
Julie Binti-Tambwe10021
Justin Bailey9512
Justin Strite10017
Kaci Hammond10014
Kaelin James8519
Kaitlyn Sanger10016
Kalenga Maweja9027
Katelyn Kingston10014
Katherine Crutchfield10024
Kathryn Robson10010
Katie Kenworthy10010
Katie Sutton10010
Kimberly Beejadhar958
Kimberly Florian10025
Kristen Martell10021
Kylie Morrison1002
Larkanne Barber10016
Laura Dockens9517
Laura Kenworthy957
Lauren Reilly10022
Laurisa Borlovan9521
Leah Bugg10018
Leah Martin10018
Levi Hare1008
Levi Powe10013
Lilah Buchholz1008
Lilia Gary1006
Liliana Smith10020
Liliya Lysyanskaya9511
Lillia Sanger10012
Lillian Barczynski10016
Lillian Hyde10010
Lily Clarke1008
Lily Householder10010
Lilyann Myers10015
Lincoln Sanger10012
Lita Ketzer10010
Logan Osterhus8010
Lois Hyde10018
Lori Williams10017
Luke Buchholz1005
Luke Cook9510
Luke Kaptain10014
Luke Kingston10010
Luke Smith10010
Lydia Nodier10025
Lydia Phillips959
Lydia Wahl10015
Madelyn Evans10013
Madelynn Landrum958
Malachi Mellema10015
Malu Mbayabu10015
Maria Cherednichenko10016
Marianna Belan10015
Maribel Avila9519
Marie-Grace Kisalu10014
Mark Perozok10012
Marrion Lauver1006
Mary Lapp10020
Mary Wiltshire9010
Matei Lihaciu10023
Matthew Brodeur10015
Matthew Browne10010
Matthew Buitenkamp10025
Matthew Doodnath959
Matthew Fritzinger10012
Matthew Kaptain959
Matthew Martens10016
Matthew Schultz10017
Matthew Yancey10010
Matthieu Hagmann9510
Meaghan Geransky1008
Meda Evans1002
Meda Meighoo1002
Meda Smith10014
Medi Muamba10013
Meghan Kenworthy9520
Melissa Herne9025
Melodia Jones1008
Melody Lauver1005
Melody Rose Khan1006
Melody Schamel9514
Melody Walker-Campbell10019
Micah Campominosi1008
Micah Garcia1002
Micah Harvey955
Micah Helm10018
Micah Kaptain1005
Micah Kesslar10020
Micaiah Baboolal1002
Michael Dickson1009
Michael Lashley10021
Michael Musangu9511
Michail Belan10013
Mitchell Bailey9514
Moises Cadena9519
Moriah Lunsford10014
Moses Barratt1002
Moses Rotsch1005
Mulanga Mbayabu10016
Muntean Andrei10017
Myra Riley1006
Myriam Roussil10019
Myriane Ouellette10026
Nala Hope Bhagwandass9518
Naomi Crutchfield10021
Naomi Dyck10028
Naomi Justice9518
Natalia Santos9514
Natalya Wittmeier9512
Nathan Berthiaume10010
Nathan Brandt10023
Nathan Dockens10021
Nathanael Duvall10014
Nathanael Perry10016
Nathaniel Dickson1004
Nehemiah Gokool10012
Noah Fogelsanger10011
Noah Harvey1008
Noah Martens10014
Noah Smith10015
Olivia Borlovan10017
Olivia Guidry1007
Olivia Marsteller10011
Olivia Williams10010
Owen Smith958
Patience Smith1004
Patrick Sanger1009
Paul Emongo8513
Paul Fritzinger Jr.1007
Paul Hyde10016
Paul Johnson1007
Paul Kaptain1007
Paul Kenworthy9510
Paul Lauver1007
Paul Mcmasters9520
Perets Kazadi9516
Philip Perozok10010
Precious Jones9510
Preda Adrian10017
Princess Barclay10018
Princess Nero10019
Priscilla Mattei10023
Rachel Andrews10010
Rachel Chinyama10013
Rachel Lapp10023
Rachelesther Dawson9513
Ralyah Thomas9516
Rebecca Ramkhelawan9017
Rebecca Roussil10016
Rebekah Campominosi10016
Rebekah Chavez10019
Rebekah Gosine1008
Rebekah Moriah Gabriel10014
Riasa Shabaga958
Rohi Khan1007
Rutendo Vera10013
Ruth Gokool10019
Ruth Hyde10012
Ruth Kilasi1009
Ruth Lashley10027
Ruth Mtoko10022
Ruth Perozok1007
Ruthanna Fritzinger10017
Salem Desbiens10016
Samuel Bahner9514
Samuel Ballard10013
Samuel Dickson1002
Samuel Gasper10011
Samuel Gokool10022
Samuel Harris1006
Samuel Lacombe9528
Samuel Myers10012
Sandra Vanté10027
Sarah Amber Ferrante10018
Sarah Andrews10014
Sarah Batakanwa10015
Sarah Bélanger10020
Sarah Keller10026
Sarah Odwyer10011
Sarah Perry10023
Sarah Robson1008
Savanna Anderson9515
Savannah Gonzalez10013
Savannah Naber10012
Serenity Cook10012
Seth Guidry1009
Shalloum Gokool10017
Shalom Desbiens10017
Shalom Leadingham954
Shalom Mtetwa10018
Shalom Strite10011
Shalom Wiltshire1007
Shamgar Gabriel1006
Shammah Mtetwa10011
Sharon Rania9021
Sharon Tshibangu9024
Sharon-Rose Boisvert10014
Sharon-Rose Broome9523
Sharon-Rose Mukendi10012
Sharron Martell10021
Shaylyn Hubert10015
Silas Garcia1002
Silas Lunsford10013
Simeon Fritzinger1004
Solomon Alexander10013
Sophia Williams10016
Speranza Bertuzzi10020
Stephen Bahner10011
Stephen Gosine10013
Stephen Schultz10014
Susanna Leadingham1008
Tabacaru Adrian10021
Tabacaru Andreea10017
Tabacaru Andrei10013
Tabacaru Iosif10015
Tabacaru Lulia10011
Tabacaru Mirela10022
Tabacaru Paul10022
Tabacaru Roxana10018
Tabacaru Samuel10019
Tabitha Barber10014
Talitha Katalayi1009
Tamara Dyck10023
Tamara Stephen10015
Tatyana Kouba10010
Thea Stephen10015
Theo Harvey1003
Timothy Allison9525
Titus Garcia1002
Valarie Byers10015
Valerie Hyde1006
Violet Martens952
Vladislav Kolesnik10023
Waulker Moore10016
William Chavez Morales1008
William Chavez Morales10013
William Dickson1008
William King10022
William Kuchel1009
William Rainey10023
William Seraiah1009
William Yancey10012
Wyanita Cook10010
Zachary Martens10012
Zachary Osterhus10013
Zachary Wilson10013
Zion Emond10012
Zoe Odwyer10013
Zoe Smith953