What is Young Foundations (YF)?
About Us
Young Foundations is a ministry of Voice Of God Recordings, dedicated to encouraging young Christians in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. As children and young adults face the many distractions and temptations in the world today, Young Foundations has been designed to provide them with the personal attention and direction they need to keep their focus on the basic values essential to the life of a young believer.
I want to be a part of Young Foundations. What are the requirements, and what do I need to do?
If you are between the ages of 0-28 and have never been married, you can go to our Sign-Up Page and fill out the form. Once you are signed up, you will be added to our mailing and email list to receive occasional YF material and updates.
What do I get for being signed up in Young Foundations?
Being signed up in Young Foundations allows you to participate in different YF activities that are going on in your local area, and sometimes abroad. You MUST first be signed up in (YF) in order to register and attend a camp/banquet in your area, or a Still Waters camp. By signing up, you will also gain the ability to accept and receive emails and text messages from (YF). NOTE: YF notifications are only available to those who live in the US or Canada.
If you sign-up in (YF) and live in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, or Trinidad, and you are between the ages of 0-15, you will automatically be added to our Cub Corner Magazine mailing list to receive any new issues we print.
I am signed up in YF, but I stopped receiving Cub Corner magazines and YF material.
If you give us an incorrect mailing address, or move to a new mailing address, and you do not notify us, then all of your mail will be returned to us or lost in the mailing system. It is your responsibility to make sure we have your most current address to ensure that you receive your YF material.
Once you turn 13 years old, you are automatically removed from the Cub Corner magazine mailing list, unless you notify us to let us know you'd like to continue receiving the magazines until you turn 16.
I am signed up in YF, but I have never received any YF material.
Being signed up in YF doesn't mean you will automatically be sent material. There are many remote parts of the world where we are unable to regularly send material due to the great distances or bad mailing systems. We are always working to get more youth involved in YF, so please be patient with us as we pray for the Lord to lead us in these different directions.
What is the Young Foundations ID number?
When you sign up in (YF), an ID number is automatically generated for your new YF account. This allow's you to login and manage/update your own YF account information, as well as take Tape quizzes and keep track of your quiz history.
How do I get a YF ID number to login to the YF website or to register for a Still Waters camp?
You must first sign up in YF to be sent a YF ID number. Once you are signed up in YF, your ID number and password will be emailed to the email address you signed up with. Young people who live in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, or Trinidad will also be mailed an ID card that will display your ID number on the back, for reference.
How do I activate my YF account profile once I receive my ID number and password?
When you sign up in Young Foundations, your account profile page is created. In order to access and activate this page, you will need to login with the ID number and password that was emailed to you when you first signed up in YF. After you are logged in to your account profile, you will be asked to verify your account information. Here you will be able to edit all of your information; mailing address, email address, phone numbers, etc. This is also where you will subscribe to be added to our notifications list, where you will receive YF email and/or text updates. Your YF account activation is a necessary step to take before you can take Tape quizzes or register for a Still Waters camp or any other YF event.
I can't find my ID number or remember my password!
If you've lost or can't remember your ID number, don't panic! Simply call us here in YF, or send us an email to yf@youngfoundations.org, and we will give you your ID number. If you've just forgotten your password, there is a password reset button on the login page. NOTE: If you attempt to login more than 10 times, you will be locked out of your YF account and will have to notify us to reset your password. You MUST have a valid email address for the password reset to work, since it sends you an email to create your new password.
How do I get added to the "YF Notifications" list?
You must login to your YF profile page and select to receive email and/or text notifications. You MUST supply a valid email address and/or phone number in order to receive notifications. NOTE: You can unsubscribe from these notifications at ANY time.
What will I receive if I sign up for "YF Notifications"?
The content we send out for YF Notifications will vary from event reminders, to Quiet Time reminders, encouraging quotes or Scriptures, or maybe just an uplifting note from YF or Brother Joseph.
How do I find out when there is a YF camp/banquet in my area?
In order to be notified of YF events in your area, such as camps or banquets, you MUST be signed up in YF. You cannot register for or attend one of these events until after we receive your signup information. If you are a young believer between the ages of 0-28 and never married, and would like to sign up in Young Foundations to be added to our mailing and email lists, please follow THIS LINK to sign up.
What is "The Foundation" tape and tape quiz, and how do I take part?
Our main focus in Young Foundations has always been to point the youth back to the Word. Since we first launched our website in 2007, we have posted new Message and Message quizzes on YF every month. Young people from all across the United States and world will listen to these messages as they become available, and then take the quizzes on the messages. It has proved to be the most popular part of YF over the years, and a great encouragement and blessing to both youth and parents.
Anyone is welcomed to join in and take the quizzes, however, only youth ages 2-28 can submit their quizzes for points.
You can follow THIS LINK to find out about the current quiz study.
What are Rewards Points?
Just like a Sunday School teacher gives her students a prize for learning a Bible verse correctly, Young Foundations wants to reward the youth who are dedicated to this Message. We want to do everything we can to point you to the Message of the hour and get you to hear the Voice of God to this generation. Rewards Points are designed to do just that. When you log in to the YF website with your YF ID number, then listen to the tape and take the quiz, you will get "Rewards Points" added to your YF account. These points can later be used to earn rewards.
These rewards are not designed to be the reason a young person hears the Word, but just a little reward for their dedication. It is just the icing on the cake, a little prize for something they were already doing. For others, it just might be that extra little push that many parents know their child needs.
Who is eligible for rewards points, and what are the rewards?
YF Rewards points are available to ALL youth signed up in YF, ages 2-28. Rewards items will vary depending on what country you are from, and will be announced once you become eligible. There are also other benefits of earning rewards points, such as early Still Waters camp registration and eligibility for special YF gifts.
How do I earn more rewards points?
"The Foundation" tapes and quizzes are the primary way to gain YF points, but you can also earn points but submitting the Cub Corner Magazine "Tape Quiz". Each current online tape quiz and Cub Corner magazine quiz is worth 10 points. All past online tape quizzes are worth 5 points.
I took a tape quiz but my points or score did not show up.
There are many factors that can cause your score or name not to show up on the website or your YF profile page. Please email us by following THIS LINK to our "Contact Us" page and let us know so that we can fix the problem. You will never be a bother to us, so please let us know anytime you have a question.
What Is The YF Trophy?
In order to attend any local Jeffersonville YF event, including Bistros, Gyms, Still Waters Camps, Study Hall, and Creations classes, you must have a TROPHY Icon on your YF profile page. Your TROPHY Icon can be obtained by consistently listening to the monthly Tapes that we post on YF, and submitting the Tape quizzes linked with each message. This signifies that you are actively partaking in YF. Please note that it is a requirement to listen to each posted message as you take each quiz. Once you have obtained your trophy, you will be eligible to attend any local YF event in your age group.
If the trophy icon does not yet appear on your account, then you have not met the requirement, and you need to continue with a consistent record of completed messages and quizzes that we post each month.
The trophy feature was added to help us maintain what we feel is the right atmosphere at all YF events. It shows us that you are in the Word, and that you still desire to be a part of the different activities and rewards we offer. We are excited to continue holding these events and offering the Tape quizzes to help keep you more fortified in the Word, and with one another, as fellow soldiers of the Cross.
*If you are new to YF and do not have a trophy and have a question about attending a YF event, please contact us HERE .
Youth around the world are encouraged to spend Quiet Time with their Heavenly Father every day. Quiet Time is not something new to a Christian, they have always had Quiet Time.  This is a time set aside from all the distractions of the day-to-day life. If you have an hour to take out of your day and pray, read your Bible, or listen to the prophet, we are confident that you will grow closer to the Lord. Watch how it changes the course of your day. Your attitude, your spirit, your discernment, your actions, your thoughts, your decisions; the list goes on and on. If you only have 30 minutes, or 15, the Lord will take whatever you will give Him. This is Quiet Time!
What is Global QUIET TIME?
Brother Branham encouraged a prayer time for believers around the world, through a universal prayer offered to the Lord at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 3:00 pm. Brother Joseph also felt to encourage everyone to participate in "Quiet Time" around the world. So on Saturday, the 24th of September 2011, we began a Global Quiet Time for all believers who wished to take part. Every Saturday at 7 am (Jeffersonville time), believers spanning the entire globe find their special places to get quiet before God. We know it will make a difference in your life, as it certainly has ours and so many others. The testimonies we’ve received over the past years have been astronomical. Quiet time IS changing lives.
What is Creations and how do I take part?
In Spring of 2013 we launched a new program within Young Foundations called “Creations.” Creations is a place where the YF youth can come to not only learn new trades or skills, but also be taught valuable life lessons from the Word of God. We offer such classes as sewing, woodshop, craft and home-ec for youth in Jeffersonville and abroad. Anyone is welcomed to attend Creations classes! Follow THIS LINK to view the Creations page on our website and find out more. You can view the current Creations calendar by following the link, as well as all past Creations classes.  Nearly all past Creations class lessons are posted on the Creations page for youth, parents and Sunday Schools to use. This has been a tremendous resource for so many. There is a "Contact Us" page for those who need assistance with class registration.
I am a Sunday School teacher and would like some material for my class.
We do not offer any Sunday School curriculums, but we do have some helpful tools and supplies on our website. Many parents and Sunday school teachers around the world use the Creations classes, mentioned above, to incorporate Bible/Message based lessons and activities into their schooling for their youth. Also, the Cub Corner magazines are often used to create lessons/activities for youth. The Cub Corner Website has also been a big resource for parents and Sunday School teachers. There are many Bible and Message trivia, puzzles, games and more that you can use as tools for teaching your children.
How do I download music from Young Foundations?
To download a single song, click on the download icon located to the right of each song title. The song will then be downloaded to your computer downloads. To download a complete album, select the desired album and then click the GREEN download bar located at the top of the album playlist. The album will then be downloaded to your computer downloads. Follow  THIS LINK  to view the music page.
I have a testimony that I would like to share with YF.
We love to hear your testimonies and share them with others on our website. You can send any testimonies or event reports through our CONTACT US page. Please add a note if you DO NOT want your testimony posted on the internet.
I want to stay in touch with other Message youth around the world through chats or forums, how can I do this?
We don’t offer open chat sites or forums, because we’ve seen how these can often have a more negative than positive impact. We understand your desire to have fellowship with other young believers. It’s a daily struggle rubbing shoulders with the world, and it’s a definite encouragement to have fellow believers to draw strength from in our walks with the Lord. That is why we started Young Foundations, to encourage young believers in their walks with Christ. Often this is done through youth camps or events, posting encouraging testimonies on our website from fellow young believers like yourself, and most importantly, by pointing the youth back to the Word of God.
You can SIGN UP in YF to be added to our email list to be notified of YF events in your area. We post all Still Waters camp schedules on youngfoundations.org and stillwaterscamp.org as they become available. These have proven to be a great way to meet and stay in touch with other young believers, like you, from different parts of the world.