The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 64-0121 Gods Word Calls For A Total Separation From Unbelief will be available until Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1) Where does Brother Branham read in the Bible to begin his message?
Revelation 13:7
Genesis 13:5
Numbers 13:2
Hebrews 13:1
2) In the Scripture reading, what happened before the Lord told Abraham that all the land he saw would be given to him and his seed for ever?
Lot and Abraham separated
Lot died
Abraham went and dwelt in Beersheba
Abraham and Sarah turned back young again
3) Mary made a mistake when she said to Jesus, "Thy father and I have sought Thee with tears."
4) What is the Light of the day?
Looking back and following what they did in past ages
The church with the biggest congregation
It’s different for every individual
When the Word for the hour is vindicated
5) What was a Nazarite call?
Growing their hair long
A vow to fight the Philistines all the days of their life
To separate themselves from all the world, to the Word of God
A promise that they must live in Nazareth
6) The first Adam separated himself from the Word to be with _______.
The serpent
His wife
The world
His children
7) When Mary told Joseph of Gabriel's visit and the baby she was to have, what did it look like she was trying to do?
Use him for a shield, to take off her reproach
Convince Joseph not to marry her
Get money from Joseph
To get Joseph to marry her sooner
8) "If he would have only searched the Scriptures, that, "a virgin is to conceive"! See, it was so unusual to him, because it was out of the __________, but she was exactly in the Scripture.
Line of his thinking
Pages of the Bible
Customs of his Jewish people
Views of the Sanhedrin
9) Jesus promised that God, before His coming, would be manifested in human flesh again.
10) How does Brother Branham compare Lot and Abraham? It would take a hundred Lots to make an Abraham.
A wolf to a sheep
A penny to a silver dollar
A pebble to a mountain
A soldier to an army
11) One day Jesus was standing talking to the seventy, and He said, "The Son of man shall ascend up into Heaven from whence He come from." After this they walked with Him no more, but His disciples set right there and believed. Why?
Because the Word was vindicated, and they were separated from anything contrary to It
It come from the One they knowed to be the Son of God
They had seen the promised Word for that day
All of the above
12) In what state does Brother Branham say he was a guide and had hunted there for years?
13) On the hunting trip Brother Branham describes, what had he shot that he had been hunting for years?
A deer
A big-horn sheep
A bear
An elk
14) While Brother Branham was up on the mountain, what did he eat that one of the boys had fixed for him?
Beef jerky
A sandwich
A banana
15) How long did Brother Branham tell the sun to shine normally?
A week
Three days
Ten days
Four days
16) After Brother Branham spoke to the storm and started walking down the mountain, what did the Voice say to him?
"Can you stay up here awhile?"
"Why don’t you pray awhile?"
"Why don’t you walk with Me?"
"What else do you have need of?"
17) What came up to Brother Branham while he was leaning against a bush thinking?
One buck, a doe and a fawn
One huge doe and two small fawns
Two big bucks and a skinny doe
A big doe and two big full-grown fawns
18) Brother Branham spoke of when he used to get game for businessmen, and the Lord told him not to do that. What did he promise God?
"Lord, I'll lead men to the game, but no more kill game for men"
"I will no longer take any man out hunting"
"I will only hunt alone from now on"
"Lord, I’ll only shoot deer for my close friends"
19) After seeing the deer and not shooting them, a Voice spoke to Brother Branham and said, "You remembered your promise, didn't you?" What lifted from him and didn’t come back?
The burden that he had for years
A nervousness that he had been battling
A stomach pain that he had asked the Lord to take away
An anger that he had towards the people who would not believe his message
20) After Brother Branham called a woman out of the audience who had been in an automobile accident, what did he see moving?
Children getting up to walk around
A sick person on a cot being healed
An amber-colored Light
A black shadow over a man