POSTED 5/1/2022

And that’s the way it is. The latch is on the inside; Christ knocks at the door, but you have to open the door. He will not against your will…He gives you ability to let Him in, but He will—cannot force Himself in, for there’s no latch for Him to come in by. You must open the door.

POSTED 4/1/2022

God has never been without a witness. He has always…Now here I want you to get this real close. God has never, at any time, been without a witness on earth. He has always had at least one man He could put His hands on, say, “That’s my witness.”

POSTED 3/1/2022

"But the prophet said, “It’ll be Light in the evening time.” How can it be? We’ve…The Church in this day, that glorious Church that’s to be here on earth, when Jesus comes to receive a glorious Church, we’re receiving the latter rain, the pour-out. A double portion of the Holy Ghost is coming on the earth, and is sweeping every nation, and revival fires are burning on every hill."

POSTED 2/1/2022

"Well now, we want to speak, as every meeting, about Jesus Christ. And He’s the Center of our worship, the Center of our attraction, the Center of our life, all that we have and want—are and will be is based upon Him."

POSTED 1/1/2022

"God still remains true to His Word! “Both Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Words shall not pass away.” God, Who can create squirrels, Who can take away tumors, He is still the same God tonight, for It’s Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Do you believe that?"

POSTED 12/1/2021

"He knows what it takes to put a Church in Rapture order. He designed It, and put the parts together here in the Bible. Amen! Just let the Current flow through It, now watch It operate. Let faith, in His promised Word of today, flow through, you’ll see how It operates. Why? He designed the thing. He designed His Church by the Word. That’s what He puts together."

POSTED 11/1/2021

"How the Church ought to be checking it again, and again, and again, and again! We’re waiting for His Coming. We’re waking, we’re waiting for the takeoff. We better check it with the Word, not what somebody said. Be sure you know, yourself, as a personal experience with Christ. Check it again, and again, and again."

POSTED 10/1/2021

Get away from all this old modern stuff, these old walls. They’ll all fall down. All this rock-and-roll and all this stuff will perish with the world. Don’t you be included in the world. You get out of there. God is a coming for His Church. He’s chose you, that’s the reason He’s speaking to you. The Message is urgent. Come quickly!

POSTED 9/1/2021

Identified Himself, in the beginning, with the prophets. Now, remember, the prophets is who the Lord speaks through. And—and now notice, He identified Himself in human beings, from the very beginning, from the very start of time. He always has a way of doing things, and He never changes His way. That’s the reason I can believe His Word.

POSTED 8/1/2021

Many times, God let’s us, when we get all bound up with the world, bound up, He let’s the fiery tests come upon us, where we have to make a decision. And when we do that, the only thing the test can do, when a real Seed of Abraham is standing at the—the crossroads of a decision, and he makes his decision to serve God, it can only cut the bands loose and make us free.