POSTED 4/20/2017

BIG things are happening in Young Foundations and Cub Corner this year...

POSTED 4/7/2017

This has been a wonderful journey, and our hearts are filled with joy and thanksgiving to know that God saw fit to reveal It to us!

POSTED 4/1/2017

Do you know that your redeemer liveth? Then this sunrise message will confirm it even more and keep God’s "torched light of freedom" burning in your hearts!

POSTED 3/31/2017

The Lord is continuing to reveal these mysteries to us through His prophet.

POSTED 3/28/2017

I've been blessed with a loving, compassionate little boy.

POSTED 3/27/2017

This was the first time that the church had Brother William Branham preach to them on a beautiful Sunday morning.

POSTED 3/24/2017

Are you enjoying your study on The Seven Seals? It’s only just begun!

POSTED 3/22/2017

The VGR Romania office has completed another round of Creations class.

POSTED 3/21/2017

You can still continue taking the quizzes, just not able to post your results at this time.

POSTED 3/20/2017

He provides for His own, and I'm so glad that I can say I'm one of them!