POSTED 3/1/2019

And in this great hour that we’re now living, and we see, yearly, it gets darker and darker, to the world. And the Coming of the Lord gets brighter and brighter, as He reveals Himself in the…in His Word and in His manifestation.

POSTED 2/1/2019

Until, it comes to that last angel. Now, he has no certain mystery. But he gathers up all that’s been lost in them other ages, all the Truths that wasn’t truly revealed yet, see, as the revelation come, then he reveals those things in his day.

POSTED 1/1/2019

Now, see, the mystery of this Seven-Seal Book will be revealed at the sounding of the seventh church angel’s Message. See? “The seventh angel begins to sound,” and there is the Messages wrote out there, and we got It in tape and book form.

POSTED 12/1/2018

That’s why I know the Holy Spirit is my compass that guides me. He is the One that makes me know this Word is true. He is my absolute. He is my Sunshine. He is my Life. He is my anchor.

POSTED 11/1/2018

"And every old person, no matter how old you are, if you’re a Christian, and die in Christ Jesus, when your foot touches that blissful land, you’ll turn back to a young man or woman again. I can prove that by the Scripture. What a thought."

POSTED 10/1/2018

No matter how dark the cloud is, faith pierces it yonder with a eye that looks beyond anything that the devil can set before you. ’Cause God is our victory. Amen.

POSTED 9/1/2018

I believe that we’re at the end of the road. These signs always come at the junction time. Remember, just before the antediluvian destruction, God raised up a prophet.

POSTED 8/1/2018

"Could you lay down aside all your worldly social entertainment, to come to the Lord Jesus to be entertained by Him?"

POSTED 7/1/2018

We are following that same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel, and we are trusting nothing else except that pure, unadulterated Word that is leading us.

POSTED 6/1/2018

Think of it now! He has blessed us with all heavenly grace, blessings, as we assemble together in Christ Jesus (as the believers, the elected Church, called out, set aside).