POSTED 5/1/2020

"We try to make it so complicated sometimes, but the more simple you make the Gospel, the more reality you’ll have, when you just get real simple with it: God said so; that settles it; and that’s all. And just believe it, go ahead."

POSTED 4/7/2020

And men, when they died, was gone; but He broke the seal and revealed the secret. And now God, by His Holy Spirit, has broke the seal from around our lives, and Christ is revealed as He lives in us, for now we are quickened with Him. 65-0418M

POSTED 4/1/2020

Share in His meekness, you’ll share also in His power. Share in His obedience, and you’ll share in His resurrection. Do as God said do. In my heart, the greatest thing that I can think of, is to be like Jesus Christ, to be identified with Him. 

POSTED 3/1/2020

"I want a closer walk. I want more of the Holy Spirit in me, to reflect Christ in me. I want to be like Him. I know that every true—true Christian wants to be like Him. That’s my heart’s desire, to be like Jesus."

POSTED 2/1/2020

But when God places His Spirit in the middle of your new spirit, then you don’t have to act meek, you don’t have to act like a Christian. It controls everything that’s within you. 

POSTED 1/1/2020

"She is on, the invasion, the hour is here. Now, now, yes, a hour of decision, too, a hour of decision; not to come to church, but a hour of decision whether you’re going to serve Christ or stay lukewarm in your church. And that’s right."

POSTED 12/1/2019

"And God, when He gave His people the best Thing that He could to combat Satan with, was His Word. Now, because the Word is God, and who’s stronger than God? So, the Word is God, and the Word becomes our strength."

POSTED 11/1/2019

"But, little children, you’re not of this world. You’re of God. And greater is He that’s in you, than he that’s in the world.” That’s Christ in you!"

POSTED 10/1/2019

"This Guide knows the way! He knows every inch of the way. He knows every thought that’s in your heart. He knows everybody that’s here. He knows who you are and what you’ve done, and all about you. He’s God’s Guide, the Holy Spirit..."

POSTED 9/1/2019

So, if your physical body needs food each day and drink each day, to survive, your spiritual body needs spiritual Food and communion with the Lord each day, to survive.