POSTED 2/1/2020

But when God places His Spirit in the middle of your new spirit, then you don’t have to act meek, you don’t have to act like a Christian. It controls everything that’s within you. 

POSTED 1/1/2020

"She is on, the invasion, the hour is here. Now, now, yes, a hour of decision, too, a hour of decision; not to come to church, but a hour of decision whether you’re going to serve Christ or stay lukewarm in your church. And that’s right."

POSTED 12/1/2019

"And God, when He gave His people the best Thing that He could to combat Satan with, was His Word. Now, because the Word is God, and who’s stronger than God? So, the Word is God, and the Word becomes our strength."

POSTED 11/1/2019

"But, little children, you’re not of this world. You’re of God. And greater is He that’s in you, than he that’s in the world.” That’s Christ in you!"

POSTED 10/1/2019

"This Guide knows the way! He knows every inch of the way. He knows every thought that’s in your heart. He knows everybody that’s here. He knows who you are and what you’ve done, and all about you. He’s God’s Guide, the Holy Spirit..."

POSTED 9/1/2019

So, if your physical body needs food each day and drink each day, to survive, your spiritual body needs spiritual Food and communion with the Lord each day, to survive.

POSTED 8/1/2019

So there’s no need for us to live underprivileged, people. There’s no need for us to live in a defeated state, because He defeated the devil and took all the principalities and powers, and subdued them under His feet, and they have no legal rights to rule over you.

POSTED 7/1/2019

We should wait on the Lord. You see, we do all the talking. We don’t give Him a chance to talk back to us. That, if we would pray, and pray until our soul comes into the Presence of God, and then just relax and listen to His Voice.

POSTED 6/1/2019

"Bring up a child in the way that it should go, and when he gets old it’ll not depart.” And that’s true. There may be sometimes that he may depart from it, but it won’t depart from him. See? It’ll—it’ll always stay with him."

POSTED 5/1/2019

"Of all the times that I’ve been behind the pulpit at the tabernacle, I have never, never, in any time of my ministry, ever worked into the realms of God and the spiritual realms as been this time..."