POSTED 5/4/2018

"Thank you for all the believers all over the world who has been a part of the works of God through this Jesus Jar Project."

POSTED 5/1/2018

How it encourages us to know that God has given us the atomic weapon of His mighty Word, and It will defeat Satan anywhere, anytime, and under any conditions!

POSTED 4/1/2018

"Our Heavenly Father, we are grateful in our hearts this morning for this glorious morning. And above all that, we are grateful for this what it represents, the resurrection and sealed proof of our religion..."

POSTED 3/3/2018

The new Indonesia Cub Corner magazines were successfully printed in Jakarta

POSTED 3/1/2018

And in all ages, in all times, God has always dwelt in man. Man is God's agent. In every generation, God speaks to His people through human lips. He always chooses someone or something that He can use.

POSTED 2/15/2018

The dates have been chosen, the time has come, and beginning RIGHT NOW you can start pre-registering for the 2018 Still Waters Camps!

POSTED 2/8/2018

Registration for Still Waters Camps 2018 is quickly approaching. Make sure your YF account is active

POSTED 2/1/2018

If they ever could find the headstone, it would fit just so perfectly snug it would bind the whole thing together. That's the Bride of Jesus Christ. When the Headstone comes, there will be a church here on earth to receive it.

POSTED 1/15/2018

We’re looking for the coming of the Lord this year, more than ever before...

POSTED 1/1/2018

"Lord Jesus, waken, come forth. I’ve put Your Word out before the people. It’s brought to a test. Prove to this audience tonight, Lord, that You still live, that You’re still here with us. Your Words are true..."