POSTED 3/1/2023

And all down through the Scriptures, God has used His prophets for signs. And they’ve always been overlooked. They never seem to catch that sign.

POSTED 2/1/2023

I’ll hold to the road. I’ll hold to the wire of His glory, that leads from the cross to glory, and trust Him till I die, for He has conquered all my enemies. He’s conquered my sickness. He conquered my sins. He conquered my selfishness. He conquered my ways. And today I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus Who conquered for me.

POSTED 1/1/2023

And then, if you’re sick, hear ye Him. If you’re sinful, hear ye Him. If you need something, hear ye Him. He has all that you have need of in this journey. He has it for you waiting to give it to you. The price is already paid. There’s no price to pay for it; just hear ye Him. Listen to Him, what He has to say.

POSTED 12/1/2022

The spiritual astronaut is in Christ, and he’s listening to the Word of God, the countdown, to see where It’s going. And he’s fixing to leave now, not for the moon, he will pass the moon so fast. He’s on His road to Heaven, and he’s listening to the countdown.

POSTED 11/1/2022

That’s where we go today; when we want something to eat, we go to the Rock. Is that right? And want something to drink, when they wanted water, they went to the rock.

POSTED 10/1/2022

Well, look, He is here revealing the Word to me. I see It out there, Him giving It to you, and you keeping It. See? And then you look back, and you say, “How did he, how did that ever come?” Then you come back, find out that’s right, see. So you see Him in me; I see Him in you.

POSTED 9/1/2022

That’s what’s in my heart, to see all of God’s children in one accord and with one heart, moving on. Then I believe when that takes place, the work will about be over then; it’ll—the Millennium will set in. The rapture will come. 

POSTED 8/1/2022

They have a lot of true and false in this day. That’s true. And the false will always want to say theirs is true. But by these signs God pronounced it so. And we don’t have to take no one’s word but God’s Word. His Word is infallible.

POSTED 7/1/2022

The Holy Ghost, alone, is the Revealer of the Divine revelation of Christ, and has been in all ages. Remember, all ages! Who did the Word of the Lord come to? Prophet, alone. That’s right. Is that right?

POSTED 6/1/2022

God has His prophets yet. God has His Balm yet. And God’s daughter is sick, and she hasn’t recovered. But it isn’t because that there’s no Balm; there isn’t because that there’s no prophet; but it’s because the daughter refused to take the medicine. That’s true.