64-0412A Court Trial

Now you are both judge and jury, this afternoon. You, your mind, is the jury. And your actions is the judge. You, you’re whatever your jury’s verdict is. You’ll act out what your verdict is. See? You’ll have to do that, ’cause your actions speaks louder than your words. See? That’s right. You can say something, but if you don’t mean it, you can’t act it. See? Your actions will go louder than your words. Notice.

Sermon Info

  • Date: Saturday, 64-0412
  • Location: Birmingham, AL
  • Duration: 1hr 48min
  • Scripture: Mark 16:9-20
A Court Trial
Scores will be accepted until Thursday, September 30, 2021
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How big was the maniac that ran to the platform in Portland, Oregon to kill Brother Branham?
Brother Branham said "...remember, when I see you again on the side of the River, God will witness again that this is __________ I’m telling you. It’s His Word."
God does things that look shady just to test the faith of His people.
What was the case that was called in this court trial?
Who is the prosecuting attorney and what is he representing?
Which of the following is NOT a witness that the prosecuting attorney has in the case?
Satan's witnesses do not claim to be believers.
Your mind is the _______. And your actions is the _______. You’ll act out what your verdict is.
Who is the defense witness in this case?
“Satan, has misquoted the Word to that unbeliever, and the unbeliever knowed no different. But the one that _______ It, knowed just exactly what It said, and held onto It.”
No matter how much you testify about it, how will others know whether you're saved or not?
What does the Greek word sozo mean?
“And every time that you look at your symptoms, testify about them, complain about them, _________. You commit it to God and believe His Word. He’ll bring it to pass.”
Which of the following did the defense witness NOT call?
"You got to fight every inch of the way. You haven’t got no _______ in you, then get out of the _______."
Who was Brother Branham baptizing in the river at the foot of Spring Street when he looked up and here come that same Pillar of Fire that led Israel through the wilderness?
While Brother Branham was talking to the people in the prayer line, he said, "Don’t _______ your seed. Commit it, and leave it there. Forget about it. That’s up to God. In your heart, if you can believe it, it’ll happen."
Brother Branham told the people to come in the prayer line, even if they didn't believe it.
"So if I live or die, it’s true, anyhow. The church knows it, true. Science knows it, true. Now what about _______?"
"Like in the Old Testament, they laid hands upon their sacrifice, to _______ themself; by faith we lay our hands upon Christ, to _______ ourself with Him. Today we lay our hands upon the sick, to _______ ourself with this Word."

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64-0412 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for A Court Trial. Anyone taking the quiz after Thursday, September 30, 2021 will not have their score posted.

Aaleah Brown10012
Aaron Derksen10022
Aaron Kenworthy10013
Abigael Haule8517
Abigail Dalisay9014
Abigail Farrie1007
Abigail Garcia10012
Abigail Kenworthy10015
Abigail Milner10017
Abraham Nguema Mangue959
Adam Geransky10013
Addison Johnson959
Aderitus Anthony9022
Adimae Bennett1003
Adino Andries1002
Adolfo Sanchez1006
Adoniram Hyde10011
Adriel Kanonuwa8011
Adzibolo Comfort1006
Adzibolo Precious1008
Adzika Joshua1007
Adzika Serah10010
Aguila Zoe Cham Mathe9013
Agyekumwah Kwarteng9013
Ahiable Emmanuella1003
Ahordo Famous10022
Akeila Davis903
Alan Thomas10015
Alana Santos10025
Alayna Cook958
Alayna Wittmeier1008
Albert Enock10016
Alejandro Ndong10014
Alexander Martens10023
Aleya Shabaga908
Alina Heiberger10025
Alivia Johnson10014
Allison Sanger10012
Amaya Crowl1004
Amber Isaac1005
Amber Pister10017
Amber Repass1008
Amelia Jackson909
Amelia Khan9517
Amelia Phelps10014
Amram Smith1003
Amy Cook10014
Ana Mihalescu9517
Ana Sanchez1009
Anahi Villalba Piñanez10012
Andrea Sanchez1009
Andrew Chambless10015
Andrew Farrie10013
Andrew Martens10018
Andrews Eshun1007
Ángel Salvador Mbomio Sánchez10010
Angelica Halley1008
Angelina Bugg9517
Angeline Dupuy9515
Angelo Lopez10010
Anita Daniela Mia Esono8012
Anita Mifetu10018
Anna Crutchfield10023
Anna Harris10021
Anna Sanger10021
Anne Von Djono10014
Annisha Gonzales10019
Anthony Aflo10014
Antipas Asaka10011
Apia Shartiel9014
April Geransky10010
Areli Sanchez9011
Ariana Palomares10013
Ariel Koenig9522
Asante Emmanuel10026
Asher Kibozi10016
Ashlee Greene10024
Ashley Pister10022
Aspen Hollar10013
Audrey Daulton10018
Aurora Newton958
Austin Pister10024
Austin Thomas10012
Autumn Klopp10020
Ava Toy10014
Aza Smith10011
Azariah Emond10018
Banks Fritzinger952
Bartosz Sikora9516
Beaula Lartey1004
Beeri Yalala10011
Belen Gutierrez Mejia10016
Belia Frazier9011
Bella Jackson10012
Bella Toy10013
Ben Kabeya959
Benaiah Alexander10014
Benaiah Halverson1008
Benito Anvene Esono Akara10021
Benjamin Ángel Obiang Nzambo10014
Benjamin Ceballos10019
Benjamin Cogdill1005
Benjamin Evedzi1009
Benjamin Eyi Nguema1008
Benjamin Marcano9511
Benjamin Plante1006
Benjamin Rains10016
Benjamin Sanger1008
Bernice Osei10015
Bethanny Mellema9018
Bethany Mcmasters1005
Bezaleel Kadzirange9510
Billy - Eudes Etsala Kourou9010
Billy Cleopas10014
Billy Eshun1005
Billy Paul10013
Billyden Rutechura808
Bithiah Yalala10012
Blessed Rutechura10013
Blessing Agbozo10012
Blessing Atsu10018
Blithe Smith10017
Bokortsey Korsiwor1009
Bokortsey Kwaku9521
Bokortsey Yao10011
Branham Bosau959
Brayan Carpio Domínguez8022
Briamah Femi10013
Brianna Wani8011
Bright Rutechura8511
Brough Amatcha959
Bryson Fogelsanger10015
Caleb Barreto Tirado10013
Caleb Carbonneau10020
Caleb Cook10012
Caleb Halley952
Caleb Harris10019
Caleb Johnson1009
Caleb Lambie959
Caleb O'dwyer10015
Camila Villalba Piñanez1009
Caroline Nunez10022
Carter Phelps10011
Celestine Jonas10028
Charity Brodeur10018
Charity Habegger1003
Chase Crowl1007
Chedjou Kenmogne Joel10014
Cherish Reid9014
Chishamiso Mafura9528
Christian Dexter10011
Christianna Smith9515
Christophe Plante1009
Christopher Hardman9513
Christy Thorson10011
Clara Jackson904
Collins Omondi10019
Confidance Kpodzo10014
Cristian Ortega Aguillon10022
Cristina Heredia Sandoval10017
Crystal Rose9511
Daizy Okello10025
Daleyza Gomez955
Damaris Barratt1006
Daniel Dexter1005
Daniel Eyi Nguema1009
Daniel Habegger9012
Daniel Johnson10012
Daniel Kuchel8014
Daniel Odhiambo9524
Daniel Posso Tamayo8514
Daniel Sapey10018
Danny Sanger10014
Daudi Mlelwa10022
David Ashong1004
David Atsu10016
David Cogdill10015
David Jiménez Olave1009
David Karanja9515
David Kiu10011
David Mba Priego9015
David Mellema9520
David Mendez10013
David Molache Eribo9510
David Mutisya10015
David Owusu10014
David Respect9515
David Sanger10011
Davide Baio10010
Deborah Agbozo1006
Deborah Aok9514
Deborah Jonas10021
Destar Nanyanga9026
Deven Fehr10014
Dieulv Tshingej10024
Diosdado Olivera Cervera8013
Divina Avuglah1003
Divine Ndisetse10013
Dmitry Foster9523
Ebenezer Mensah1009
Ebi Dennis9510
Elainah Sanger10013
Eleanor Alkire1006
Elena Dupont9514
Eli Diaz10020
Elia Mattei858
Eliana Milner10011
Elias Barreto Tirado1007
Elias Lambie10014
Elias Ndong Ekomo Nte1002
Elias Sanchez10013
Eliel Adje10013
Eliezer Fritzinger1002
Eliezer Musara10013
Eliezer Ortega Aguillon10024
Elijah Alkire10013
Elijah Andre858
Elijah Teelucksingh10014
Elisa Jones10011
Elisabeth Buitenkamp1008
Elisabeth Fritzinger1007
Elisabeth Landrum10021
Elisabeth Roberts1005
Elisabeth Wagner10017
Elise Rotsch10015
Eliseo Sanchez9513
Elisha Coley10013
Elisha Fritzinger1004
Elisha Pruette10024
Elizabeth Delgadillo9516
Elizabeth Tsiada10027
Elizabeth Vidzah10022
Elizebeth Andries10012
Ella Daulton10014
Ella Mcmasters1009
Ella Sanger10016
Ella Smith1009
Ella Toy10013
Ella Weerts1007
Elsa Aabø1006
Emalena Wood1009
Emanuel Ntutum Mba10017
Emanuel Sepulveda Morelo958
Emerald Bosau955
Emily Cook10022
Emily Kanonuwa10013
Emma Alkire10012
Emmalee Sanger10013
Emmanuel Dhemby10020
Emmanuel Zonyra1008
Emmanuella Sapey10016
Emmarhya Bennett1002
Enoch Fritzinger10012
Enoch Garcia9511
Enoch Kok906
Enoch Lerdo9010
Enock Okyere1007
Eric Aboagye10028
Eric Gbeklui10025
Ernest Annan1007
Ernestina Tsiada10014
Ester Andeme Bacale Nchama1005
Ester Rania1007
Esther Agudelo Barón10012
Esther Assumang1008
Esther Heredia Sandoval9513
Esther Kabamba10015
Esther Kanonuwa10015
Esther Suiyanka9526
Ethan Jackson9514
Ethan Musara9511
Ethan Shabaga10013
Ethel Egla10011
Eula Bonnette1008
Eunice Sapey1008
Eunice Segura Paez959
Eva Eyenga Nzé10017
Evans Oppong9011
Evelyn Diaz10018
Ezéchiel Mayele10027
Ezekiel Garcia1006
Ezekiel Milner9514
Ezekiel Silva9010
Ezra Daulton10010
Faith Brandt10020
Faith Chambless9519
Faith Sapey1002
Faith Thorson10017
Fani Franca Metiemdjo Defo9525
Favor Hanyabui10010
Fiifi Turkson1008
Fiston Kabamba10012
Flaurelle Ilunga9521
Foli Godwin10017
Foli Mafe1005
Fomefo Clarisse1006
Francisca Akompi10025
Fredrick Maro9528
Gabriel Angüe Bokara9014
Gabriel Kiafuka1006
Gabriel Lingar1006
Gabriel Owusu10022
Gabriel Wittmeier9512
Gabriella Costides10017
Gabriella Landrum10018
Gabrielle Matty1008
Gbeve Plus10024
Génesis Morales9016
Genesis Nunez10028
Genia Barber10011
Gideon Cook9525
Gideon Fiadowu10018
Gideon Habegger10010
Gifty Sam10018
Giovanna Suarez9516
Giuseppe Mattei956
Gladness Ndingala9521
Gloria Bedzrah10012
Glorianna Dexter954
Glorianna Emond10015
Godsway Atafo1006
Godsway Bedzrah10013
Graça Mabiala10022
Grace Andries10018
Grace Annan10013
Grace Basdeo9513
Grace Milner10019
Grace Redhead10020
Gracious Cleopas1005
Grant Kiser952
Grant Matty10014
Hadassah Lambie10016
Hanna Jonas10012
Hannah Asare1005
Hannah Divine Kinanga Berry10011
Hannah Lev10018
Hannah Mahatoo9024
Hannah Marimo9011
Hannah Schultz954
Hannah Toy10013
Hannah Wittmeier10011
Harmony Bonnette10010
Harmony Olson10011
Hattie Mitchell10011
Hattie Mutisya10010
Hattie Oduor10020
Hattie Sosia9518
Heidi Hofer8014
Heidi Thorson10014
Hope Chambless10019
Hope Cook10020
Hope Dexter9512
Hope Kenworthy10012
Hope Rweyemamu9023
Hope Schultz10014
Hunter Sumpter10020
Icyblah Amatcha1007
Ida Annan1008
Ilda Mueba Sabueha9024
Imani Maene9519
India Hardman10015
Isaac Akuamoah10019
Isaac Garrett9519
Isaac Gerkin9514
Isaac Martin10020
Isaac Sharp10019
Isaac Shartiel9513
Isaac Soltero10020
Isabel Ayang Bidang10021
Isabel Kenworthy9525
Isabel Menezes10013
Isabele Toy10017
Isabella Amezcua10010
Isabella Erazo Garcia1009
Isaiah Coley10018
Isaiah Davis1008
Isaiah Hudson10018
Isaiah Smith10014
Ishemeal Aryeetey10028
Israel Rotsch10010
Isreal Bedzrah1009
Itumeleng Ramatsosa8522
Itzel Sanchez1002
Ivah Bonnette1007
Jacob Sanchez10022
Jacqueline Diangana10016
Jada Thomas10020
Jaden Fehr10016
James Alagah10019
James Bafour10028
James Benn10022
Janet Zavala10016
Jason Bahner10012
Jason Derksen1006
Javan Francis10011
Javier Olivera Cervera806
Jaycee Kiser1007
Jayden Billesberger9510
Jayden Thomas10010
Jefté Estrada Cachina10013
Jefte Gutierrez9528
Jehoiada Barratt10012
Jephthah Oppong9515
Jeremiah Marcano1008
Jeremiah Olin10018
Jeremiah Tettevi1002
Jeremias Antonio Nzambo Andeme10015
Jeriel Kiafuka1008
Jerimaiah Zizer10028
Jesse Marcano1007
Jesse Taylor10016
Jethro Blemur10019
Jhon Ortega Aguillon10020
Jimacey Rose10010
Jireh Andries10016
Jireh Urbain1008
Joana Evedzi10012
Jobregal Wallace1003
Jochebed Davis1006
Joel Alexander10017
Joel Kaptain10012
Johana Carías Figueroa9019
Johanna Boodoo10019
Johanna Sandovál Sánchez9025
John Brown1003
John Halley1006
John Kibozi10020
John Mensah10014
John Wagner908
Jonah Cogdill10010
Jonas Gerard1003
Jonathan Carías Figueroa908
Jonathan Fortunat10021
Jonathan Garcia9519
Jonathan Kiu1008
Jonathan Taylor1009
Josaiah Garcia9513
José Brizuela Duarte10012
Jose David Cham Mathe9012
José Gabriel May Willy955
Jose Gutierrez9513
José Hilario Nguema Miko Nzang1007
Jose Rodriguez Velez10010
Jose Sanchez9510
Joseph Ahiagbede10023
Joseph Buitenkamp1005
Joseph Chavez Morales9513
Joseph Cogdill807
Joseph Cook10013
Joseph Edokpayi1009
Joseph Geransky10015
Joseph Gerard1009
Joseph Hofer9511
Joseph Johnson9510
Joseph Johnson9012
Joseph Kabamba9513
Joseph Katumba8011
Joseph Lutumba8524
Joseph Mutisya1008
Joseph Páez9516
Joseph Schurer10013
Joshua Agbozo10019
Joshua Amanyo10017
Joshua Cook10010
Joshua Fiadowu10016
Joshua Halley10011
Joshua Ikponwonsa855
Joshua Kesslar9526
Joshua Landrum10014
Joshua O'dwyer10023
Joshua Rains9010
Joshua Schultz909
Joshua Telgenhoff9510
Joshua Weerts1005
Josiah Dickson10014
Josiah Olson10015
Josiah Sanger10018
Josiah Teelucksingh10012
Josue Ceballos10015
Josue Marrion Cham Mathe857
Joy Alexander10011
Joy Rigei10013
Joyanna Sanger10015
Joyce Bukasa909
Juan Antonio Bibang Nzé1009
Juan Carlos Ndong Nguema Obama9022
Juan Rodriguez10020
Jubilee Barratt1008
Judah Roberts1007
Judith Reece9520
Julie Greer9016
Junias Delfina Oyan Miko Nzang1009
Junior Atafo10011
Junior Kabeya10013
Justice Quansah10025
Justin Baptiste10013
Kaitlin Fuchs10026
Kaitlynn Kenworthy1009
Kali Rejoice10028
Kamdem Angel10014
Kashoba Abel9023
Katie Kenworthy10017
Kayla Frazier958
Kayla Hernandez10018
Keith Leary Jr1002
Kelyn Brown9013
Kendall Speed10023
Kerzia Urbain1009
Kesia Furmann9514
Ketia Kalenga10013
Keturah Derksen1003
Kevin García Siete10019
Kezia Derksen1008
Kingsley Enyan10017
Kingsley Turkson10020
Kirstyn Johnson10011
Klenam Ashong1006
Kockley Amatcha10010
Kofi Ahiagbede10015
Korku Perfect10018
Kudolo Akpedze10014
Kudolo Delali10012
Laetitia Nyamilandu8526
Laura Carbonneau10018
Laura Cogdill10012
Laura Geswein10021
Laura Kenworthy10015
Lea Andeme Bacale Nchama9510
Leah Block8522
Len Davis9011
Letizia Mattei959
Levi Benjamin Nvigui Mba956
Levi Kenworthy1008
Liam Helm1005
Liam Marcano1002
Lidia Andeme Bacale Nchama958
Lilia Toy10014
Lilian Muthungu10026
Lilliana Troyer10013
Lily Paz Rodríguez10015
Lily Weerts10011
Lilyanne Keding9513
Lincoln Hyde1009
Lizbeth Lizarazo Celis10014
Logan Joseph9513
Lois Katomba10012
Lovein Levin10013
Lucas Pendergrast9513
Lucero Gutiérrez10023
Lukas Sinai1005
Luke Cook10017
Luke Sanger10012
Luke Stowell1009
Luke Vandenbosch9517
Lum Nfon9520
Lumiere Cleopas10014
Lumnwi Ndangang10018
Lydia Lambie1009
Lydia Sylvanus9526
Lyse-Emmanuelle Adje10010
Mackenzie Yates10019
Madelynn Landrum9516
Malachi Dexter10010
Malachi Isaacson1009
Maombi John10023
Margarita Gonzalez Mondragón10028
Mari Arquisola9514
María Barreto Tirado10014
Maria Belen Sanchez10019
Maria Gutierrez10016
Maria Lambie10012
María Molache Eribo958
Maria Schurer1009
Maria Soledad Nzang Ekomo Nseng10013
Maria-Yocheved Sanjo De Djoko Otulu1008
Mariacarmen Mia Micha Mia Micha10012
Marie-Madeleine Ntumba9518
Marion Annan10011
Maripaz Kuku Mangue10017
Mark Perozok10020
Marrion Annan10011
Marrion Lartey1004
Martha Ruiz Ramírez10020
Maryana Ballesteros10016
Matías Nzamio Nchama10026
Matthew Geswein902
Matthew Wagner8512
Mawuli Atsu10021
Mawutor Bedzrah1006
Mckenna Kitchen10019
Meaghan Geransky10016
Meda Fritzinger1005
Meghan Kenworthy10028
Melinda Sánchez Arias959
Melody Lauver9513
Melody Olson10012
Melody Plett10014
Mengong Esther1008
Merary Lizarazo Celis9511
Mercy Bonnette10012
Mercy Dexter1007
Merry Williams9518
Mia Dupont8513
Micah Biziki9514
Micah Harvey10012
Micah Kaptain9512
Micaiah Coley10010
Micaiah Halverson10010
Micaiah Quenah9022
Michael Jonas959
Michael Owusu1006
Michael Weerts10012
Michaella Engolo957
Michelle Díaz8023
Mickey Monster9515
Mifetu Clementina10019
Miguel Angel8011
Miguel Jiménez Olave9513
Miguelangel Gonçalves Martin10011
Millicent Romol859
Miranda Molloy10012
Miriam Baruti9021
Moises Mba Bacale Nchama1007
Moses Barratt10010
Moses Mitchell958
Moses Rotsch10013
Moses Sedodey10026
Mukendi Kamba9514
Nabede Elorm1008
Nabede Josua1006
Nabede Perry10013
Nabede Rita10011
Nana Turkson10011
Nao'mi Benois1005
Naomi Annan10016
Naomi Fritzinger1009
Naomi Nyarko10014
Naomi Tsiada10016
Natalie Halverson1007
Natasha Ewards10015
Nathan Barber10014
Nathan Chapi Wako855
Nathan Dexter1002
Nathan Marimwe9510
Nathan Roberts1003
Nathan Sharp10014
Nathanael O'dwyer1003
Nathaniel Sanger10015
Nehemiah Elder10014
Nehemiah Gbedemah10020
Nehemiah Johnson1007
Nerias Maina10028
Neville Bukasa10010
Neville Sosia10015
Nhyira Vinyomens10017
Nhyiraba Eshun1003
Nicholas Holmes9517
Noah Bottazzi10010
Noah Fogelsanger10019
Noah Harvey10015
Noel Blutse10019
Nyasha Mugabe10020
Obey Atafo1004
Oladeji Esther8528
Oliver Oduor9025
Oliver Wood1008
Olivia Agbozo10021
Olivia Borlovan10025
Olivia Weerts1003
Oluwafisayo Andrew9527
Ornella Mizero8527
Orou Pascaline10014
Orou Robert10017
Osafo Ernest10021
Othniel Isaacson1007
Othniel Silva10013
Pablo Sanchez9513
Pacifique Mossi10017
Parousia Bosau957
Patience Kanu10023
Patience Mcmasters1002
Patience Smith8512
Paul Gerard1009
Paul Habegger10013
Paul Kaptain:)10015
Paul Kenworthy10018
Paul Ndonyo8023
Paula Herminia Ngomo Ada9513
Paulina Tsikpo10017
Perfect Vidzraku10015
Perfect Zilevu10016
Perla Diaz10019
Philip Otoo1006
Philip Perozok8518
Phillip Jackson10013
Precious Baptiste10012
Precious Kanu10019
Precious Turkson1004
Prevaillia Kanu10018
Prince Tettevi10025
Priscila Josefa Nchama9010
Priscilla Brown10015
Prophet Kanu1009
Purity Kanu10015
Quade Lopez10015
Rachel Arquisola10013
Rachel Chikambi10025
Rachel Koekkoek10016
Rachel Udeobi10012
Rachele Rania1005
Ralyah Thomas10023
Raquel Andeme Bacale8514
Raquel Zoe Molache Eribo958
Rebeca Gutiérrez Rivas859
Rebeca Sanchez10013
Rebeca Sánchez Arias954
Rebeca Segura Páez9013
Rebecca Agbolosu952
Rebecca Akinyi8521
Rebecca Andre10011
Rebecca Kinanga10012
Rebecca Nzuki10020
Rebecca Pierre10013
Rebecca Sapey10013
Rebekah Andries1004
Rebekah Isaacson1004
Rebekah Premaka10023
Regina Maye Ekang10017
Rejoice Dagadu1006
Renate Thorsen10022
Renee Diaz10022
Renesmee Ransome1005
Rhoda Wallace1006
Rich Kibozi9517
Richmond Atsu1009
Rigobrerto Sima Esono10016
Rishard Khan10016
Rita Logah10019
River Monster1007
Rose Malanga9510
Ruben Mendez9522
Rubiedove Cleopas1008
Rufino Copariate Sucu959
Ruslan Bibang Mba Nkoho10026
Ruth Akumah8512
Ruth Lumor1009
Ruth Marimwe9514
Ruth Mawunedi1002
Ruth Mensah1003
Ruth Molache Eribo10011
Ruth Perozok10015
Ruth Respect9512
Ruth-Gabriela De Djoko Otulu1004
Saida Pérez Castañeda10015
Salatiel Fuma1008
Salem Fuma10018
Salma Fuma10016
Salma Jimenez9515
Salome Fuma10011
Salome Oyana Abeso9510
Salvador Elá Nguema9015
Salvador Mba Mangue10020
Sam Wang10013
Samara Marco1005
Sammuel Mumo10022
Samson Agbessime9022
Samuel Atsu10029
Samuel Barreto Tirado10010
Samuel Ceballos10011
Samuel Drafor10016
Samuel Gasper10018
Samuel Harris10014
Samuel Mensah10012
Samuel Nguema Mangue10015
Samuel Villalba952
Samuele Baio9510
Samuella Owusu1008
Santiago Mba Ngomo Cheké9016
Sara Baio1005
Sara Gutiérrez10015
Sara Owono Epitie9512
Sara Peralta10016
Sara Sanchez10010
Sara Virginia Owono Ibongo1008
Sarah Amber Ferrante9526
Sarah Asare1009
Sarah Gabriel9025
Sarah Kakompe10013
Sarah Molony Bileko10019
Sarah Muguto10025
Sarah O'dwyer10019
Sarah Otoo1008
Sarah Teelucksingh10010
Sarah Wallace959
Savannah Bottazzi1008
Sedodey Sharon1004
Segel M S9017
Selah Bottazzi1005
Selah Garcia10013
Selah Mcmasters1006
Seli Ahiaforkpor10011
Senyram Azaglo1002
Serenah Sanger1005
Seth Jackson9517
Seth Kalenga10015
Shalom Wiltshire9514
Shamaiah Dunga10012
Sharon Agudelo Baron10015
Sharon Davis807
Sharon Rojas Masciotti9515
Sharon Sanchez10016
Sharonrose Baruti9020
Shaynah Levin10010
Sheila Bunnei10023
Shepherd Kitchen10017
Sherah Hyde1002
Shyann Taylor10015
Silas Garcia10010
Silas Musarapasi9521
Silas Ray9010
Silas Thorson1009
Simeon Fritzinger10011
Simon Sinai953
Solange Ngum8023
Solomon Mensah10011
Solomon Okyere1007
Solomon Oloo10024
Sophia Lopez1007
Spencer Phelps1009
Stacy Mendez9520
Stamatia Geana10015
Stephanas Afful10011
Stephen Bahner10019
Stephen Isaac1003
Stephen Okyere10014
Success Edokpayi10012
Susana-Wesley De Djoko Otulu1006
Tabitha Mabiala10023
Tabitha Wiltshire9017
Tejranie Gomes10015
Térence Bamutake9010
Terence Odumo9526
Terri-Lynn Cook10010
Thea Stephen9522
Thelma Turkson10013
Theo Harvey10011
Theophilus Romol905
Thiago Palomares Masciotti10015
Thiam Caleb1006
Thiam Joseph10010
Thiam Josua1007
Thiam Rebecca10017
Thiam Ruth10014
Thierry-Félix Bélanger10013
Timothee Levy Kinanga Berry958
Timothy Amemor8520
Timothy Meighoo1003
Timothy Sindani8521
Tina Francis10014
Titus Garcia10010
Tiwa Jefferson1004
Trust Evedzi1004
Valois Abayo9012
Veronika Halverson1009
Victory Mulokozi10022
Vinaya Benois10011
Violet Martens9510
Wesley Dexter1009
Wetsu Kelvin1005
Wetsu Prince10010
Wetsu Ruth1002
William Chavez Morales10011
William Chavez Morales10015
William Doell9510
William Hardman8511
William Isaac1007
William Kalenga10012
William Kenworthy958
William Lingar1008
William Mulumba10014
William Owusu959
William Pitian959
William Rigei9510
Winfrida Augustino10022
Winner Atafo1008
Wonder Bokortsey10017
Wonder Bonemarrow10021
Worlanyo Atsu10026
Xochitl Gonzalez Mondragon10024
Xornam Fiadowu10012
Yattah Benedicta10022
Yeimi Hernandez Ordoñez10022
Yona Dickson1002
Yurley Arias Jaimes10016
Zach Sanger10011
Zachariah Kenworthy10011
Zachary Martens10020
Zaida Arias Jaimes10015
Zaret Sanchez1008
Zoe Gomez9510
Zoe Habegger959
Zoe Katomba10010
Zoe O'dwyer10021
Zoriah Ransome1004
Zulia Sanchez10011