64-0412 A Court Trial

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Thursday, September 30, 2021

How big was the maniac that ran to the platform in Portland, Oregon to kill Brother Branham?
Over seven-foot tall and three hundred and twenty pounds
Almost five-foot tall and a hundred and twenty-five pounds
Nearly seven-foot tall and nearly three hundred pounds
Six-foot tall and over two hundred pounds
Brother Branham said "...remember, when I see you again on the side of the River, God will witness again that this is __________ I’m telling you. It’s His Word."
The Truth
God does things that look shady just to test the faith of His people.
What was the case that was called in this court trial?
“Politics versus religion”
"The New Testament versus the Old Testament"
“The Word of God’s promises versus the world”
“Holiness versus sin”
Who is the prosecuting attorney and what is he representing?
Satan /The world
The state / The law
The Holy Spirit / The Word
Brother Branham / The believer
Which of the following is NOT a witness that the prosecuting attorney has in the case?
Mr. Unbeliever
Mr. Skeptic
Mr. Impatient
Mr. Doubt
Satan's witnesses do not claim to be believers.
Your mind is the _______. And your actions is the _______. You’ll act out what your verdict is.
Soil / Fruit
Jury / Judge
Judge / Jury
Ground / Water
Who is the defense witness in this case?
The Holy Spirit
The Angel, Gabriel
The Angel, Michael
“Satan, has misquoted the Word to that unbeliever, and the unbeliever knowed no different. But the one that _______ It, knowed just exactly what It said, and held onto It.”
No matter how much you testify about it, how will others know whether you're saved or not?
By how you talk
By how you live
By how you pray
By how you walk
What does the Greek word sozo mean?
“The Almighty”
“God's own Life”
“The self-existing One”
“And every time that you look at your symptoms, testify about them, complain about them, _________. You commit it to God and believe His Word. He’ll bring it to pass.”
You praise God anyways
God can never heal you
The promise comes to pass sooner
Shows that you are fighting the devil
Which of the following did the defense witness NOT call?
"You got to fight every inch of the way. You haven’t got no _______ in you, then get out of the _______."
Fight / Game
Courage / Fight
Sincerity / Place
Overcoming / Camp
Who was Brother Branham baptizing in the river at the foot of Spring Street when he looked up and here come that same Pillar of Fire that led Israel through the wilderness?
Sister Hope
Mr. Hall
Edward Colvin
Sister Creech´s father
While Brother Branham was talking to the people in the prayer line, he said, "Don’t _______ your seed. Commit it, and leave it there. Forget about it. That’s up to God. In your heart, if you can believe it, it’ll happen."
Dig up
Brother Branham told the people to come in the prayer line, even if they didn't believe it.
"So if I live or die, it’s true, anyhow. The church knows it, true. Science knows it, true. Now what about _______?"
The believer
The sceptic
The devil
"Like in the Old Testament, they laid hands upon their sacrifice, to _______ themself; by faith we lay our hands upon Christ, to _______ ourself with Him. Today we lay our hands upon the sick, to _______ ourself with this Word."