60-0309 Why?

Glory. The Holy Ghost is for whosoever’s called to this wedding supper. I don’t care what price you have to pay, go get it. God said it’s yours. If you don’t get it, then He’s going to ask you, “Why didn’t you get it? Why? It was there for you.”

Sermon Info

  • Date: Wednesday, 60-0309 
  • Location: Madison Square Garden, Phoenix, AZ
  • Duration: 1hr - 24min
  • Scripture: Jeremiah 8:20-22
Scores will be accepted until Saturday, September 30, 2017
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A musical instrument was donated by a family to play the music of God, and Brother Branham asked the Lord to bless it everywhere it was played, that it may bring conviction. What was the musical instrument?
“How many ever read my little book called, “Jesus Christ, The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever?” Some of the old timers. _______. It’s a mess, but you just get it together, and the Lord can reveal it to you.”
When God is so good to us to make a way for escape of danger, and we do not accept that way, then God has no right to us ask, “Why?”
“But we’re not to do that, we’re to take God’s provided way, and ask no questions about it. Just go on and do it and live it the way God made it. For after all, _______.”
Which of Brother Branham’s children had already seen visions at the age of three?
When Brother Branham was speaking of the evil king of Israel who fell through the lattice in his house, he said, “You see, even a man when he’s in a—a condition like that, there’s something in the human being that let’s him know that there’s something _______ somewhere. There’s somewhere he could touch.”
“But it’s the people’s own _______ way, that they love _______ better than light, that they’d rather live in the world than to walk in the Gospel Light. Oh, people, you don’t know what a pleasure it is to walk in the Light, the Light of the Lord Jesus, have fellowship with Him.”
Brother Branham says, “A man is not in his right condition until he’s borned again. He’s a _______ at heart, until he has been borned of the Spirit of God, and the spirit of _______ is taken out of him, and the Spirit of God takes It’s place to rule. That leads him and guides him into all truth and light. "
They say the number one killer in America is idol worship, but Brother Branham said it was heart trouble.
“Those spies was looking at _______, what the price they’d have to pay, but Caleb and Joshua was looking at a _______ of God. God said, ‘I have given you that land, go possess it.’”
What did Brother Branham say the man is that sets right in the meetings, and watches the working of the Holy Spirit, sees others get healed, hears them speak with tongues, and sees signs and wonders done, and they’ll set around and watch it, but afraid to put their hand on it?
"That’s the same way with preaching the Gospel: If it doesn’t stir you up to make you sick enough, it’ll do you good. It’s a doctor’s _______. It’s what the doctor ordered. Hold your nose and take it. That’s the best thing. It’ll take starch out of you; it’ll do that. It’ll wilt you down."
There’s no one in heaven, or in earth, can take your place. God made you for a purpose.
"The Holy Spirit, the Spirit _______ Mary brought forth a _______, a man’s body which was the Son of God, that God dwelt in reconciling the world to Himself. He looked like God; He act like God; He spoke like God; He healed like God; He was God made manifest in the flesh. He was more than a man. He was God manifested in the flesh."
“They seen His power to raise up from the grave, and in all that they were still _______. The _______ was there, but they had not _______ it as yet.”
"Be willing and happy, if your pastor ask you to do something in your church. You should do it. That’s good. But don’t let that just be the only thing. get inoculated first. That’s what I’m trying to tell you; get _______ first, then the rest of it comes on all right."
In the story about a woman who had about a hundred thousands of dollars worth of Indian drafts from the bank, Brother Branham said: "They had pretty pictures on them, but she didn’t know what they were. She was a rich woman and didn’t know it. She found her _______."
When will we be asked to give a reason for what we have done with these treasures that’s been sent to us?
No one could ever take a picture of the Angel of the Lord, because It's a spook.
If the enemy’s trying to say, “You’re too tired, oh, I won’t get it.” What does Brother Branham tell us to do?

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60-0309 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for Why?. Anyone taking the quiz after Saturday, September 30, 2017 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Derksen10018
Aaron Kenworthy1009
Aaron Locke1005
Abbey Kingston10019
Abigail Aguillon956
Abigail Barber10011
Abigail Farrie953
Abigail Garcia1008
Abigail Gerkin10012
Abigail Kenworthy10011
Abigail Martens10011
Abigail Milner10013
Abigail Niculcea10010
Abigail Olin10017
Abigail Olson10012
Abrielle Johnson10013
Adallae Martens1004
Adalynn Moore10011
Adam Connell1007
Adam Geransky959
Adam Harris1004
Adelaide Connell1009
Adoniram Hyde1007
Adriana Sanchez10025
Aerilyn Davis1005
Ailin Selvik10023
Alannah Grother1006
Alayna Wittmeier1004
Aleah Grother1009
Alexander Martens10019
Alivia Johnson10010
Alix Lacombe10025
Allison Sanger1008
Alysha Helm1008
Alyssa Nicholson959
Amanda Mutchler9526
Amanda Parker9515
Amariah Sanger1008
Amariah Williams10014
Amber Pister10013
Amber Rains958
Amelia Andersen1009
Amelia Hyde1009
Amelia Klopp10019
Amelia Phelps10010
Amelia Quinton10014
Ana Sanchez1005
Anabel Lafond10018
Anca Lazea9024
Andrea Sanchez1005
Andrea Walker9514
Andrew Chambless10011
Andrew Farrie959
Andrew Freitas1008
Andrew Martens10014
Anesha Daniels10018
Angel Partain10014
Angel Ross1005
Angelina Bugg10013
Anna Alexander10015
Anna Andrews10015
Anna Bailey1005
Anna Beth Shepperd1006
Anna Harris10017
Anna Phillips1007
Anna Sampson10012
Anna Sanger10017
Antipas Asaka1007
Antonio Lelo9523
April Geransky1006
Aquilla Riehl10012
Asher Kibozi10012
Ashlea Mccullough10019
Ashley Daniels10015
Ashley Doodnath10015
Ashley Pister10018
Ashley Roberts10018
Aspen Vasko1005
Audrey Daulton10014
Austin Pister8520
Autumn Costides908
Autumn Guidry1009
Autumn Klopp10016
Autumn Walker10012
Ava Toy10010
Aza Smith1007
Azariah Emond10014
B Anil10026
Beatrice Berejena8026
Belia Frazier1007
Bella Toy1009
Benaiah Alexander10010
Benaiah Fritzinger1005
Benaiah Jones1003
Benjamin Ceballos10015
Benjamin Davis952
Benjamin Evans8015
Benjamin Fritzinger1007
Benjamin Kuchel10011
Benjamin Mahadeo1008
Benjamin Phillips9515
Benjamin Rains10012
Benjamin Webb10010
Bertha Nghaamwa9024
Bethann Fritzinger1008
Bethany Derksen9523
Bethany Lavin10014
Bethany Sanger9010
Billy Joe Cullinan9518
Blithe Smith9513
Bransen Wilbert1006
Brianna Bray10013
Brooke Waller9515
Caitlin Olson1005
Caleb Bushnell10015
Caleb Carbonneau10016
Caleb Chavez1009
Caleb Cook1008
Caleb Harris10015
Caleb Lambie1005
Caleb O'dwyer10011
Caleb Páez10014
Candy Martinez10015
Carissa Bahner9516
Carol Garcia10015
Caroline Nunez10018
Caroline Quinton10011
Carter Smith959
Celeste Jones10010
Chai Smith10016
Charity Brodeur10014
Charity Johnson957
Charity Southworth10019
Charlie Farrie Iii9516
Chishamiso Mafura10024
Christian Buchholz10013
Christian Dexter1007
Christian Hare9514
Christian Maple10012
Christianna Smith10011
Christin Hakizimana9523
Christina Manecci10026
Christina Robson9010
Christine Robinson10016
Christoph Wittmeier1008
Christy Thorson1007
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing10023
Daesha Johnson9022
Daisy Aguillon10017
Damaris Barratt1002
Daniel Bugg10015
Daniel Dickson1006
Daniel Kinanga10013
Daniel Kuchel10010
Daniel Roberts10013
Daniel Sampson10016
Daniel Sanger10010
Danielle Browne10010
Danielle Perry10023
Darnell Clarke10014
Daudi Mlelwa10018
David Ballard10026
David Bennett1009
David Black10011
David Cogdill10011
David Kiu957
David Mancassola9524
David Martens10021
David Owusu10010
David Sanger1007
Dawson Ardiel1008
Deborah King10030
Denis Martinez10011
Derek Sutton10012
Destin Malonga10025
Dorcas Kalonji10016
Dorcas Mukendi10020
Echo Cook10010
Eden Gutierrez9016
El Sunset Mukeba1008
Elaina Kaptain10015
Elainah Sanger1009
Eli Frankfurter1009
Eli Locke10014
Elia Mattei1004
Eliana Frankfurter904
Eliana Milner907
Elias Evans10014
Elias Lambie10010
Elias Mccoy1008
Elias Sanchez1009
Eliezer Gabriel10016
Elijah Jones956
Elijah Mahadeo10010
Elijah Nicholson10011
Elijah Riehl1008
Elijah Teelucksingh10010
Elijah Wanet1006
Elin Vold10018
Elisa Jones1007
Elisabeth Buitenkamp904
Elisabeth Fritzinger1003
Elisabeth Gabriel10013
Elisabeth Landrum10017
Elise Rotsch10011
Eliseo Sanchez1009
Elisha Pruette10020
Eliza Golden1006
Elizabeth Riehl10015
Ella Daulton10010
Ella Mcmasters1005
Ella Sanger10012
Ella Shepperd1004
Ella Smith955
Ella Toy1009
Ella Weerts1003
Ellen Martens10021
Ellie Andrews10011
Emanuelle Bottamedi Santana1004
Emily Cook10018
Emily Gagnon10011
Emily Garcia958
Emily Lavin10016
Emily Medlin10015
Emily Salzman9023
Emma Gagnon1006
Emma Joiner1009
Emma Martens10012
Emma Moore10015
Emmalee Sanger909
Emmalyn Hagmann10015
Emmanuel Gaisie-Gwira10021
Emyly Mello1009
Enoch Fritzinger1008
Enoch Johnson959
Enoch Rains10010
Erec Kingston9522
Erin Millis10027
Essie Bennett10021
Esther Borlovan9524
Esther Lashley10026
Esther Premaka10021
Esther Suiyanka9522
Esther Wenger10019
Ethan Shabaga1008
Ethan Truelock10017
Eula Bonnette1004
Eunice Strite10013
Evalyn Davis953
Ezekiel Garcia1002
Ezekiel Milner10010
Ezra Daulton1006
Ezra Doyle10010
Faith Brandt10016
Faith Bushnell9017
Faith Chambless9515
Faith Johnson10015
Faith Thorson10013
Felix Funk955
Fiona Riley10016
Florence Mvutu10020
Frank Lei10010
Frederik Kofod1005
Gabriel Bottamedi Santana1007
Gabriel Cook9018
Gabriel Jones1009
Gabriel Peraza10011
Gabriel Suarez10013
Gabriel Waller10016
Gabriel Wittmeier1008
Gabriella Costides9013
Gabriella Evans9517
Gabriella Landrum10014
Gabrielle Matty954
Garon Peraza1004
Gavin Cook10012
Genesis Nunez10024
Genesis Suarez1008
Genia Barber1007
George Taderera10025
Gerardo Suarez9517
Gideon Harris957
Giovanna Suarez9512
Giulianna Suarez10015
Giuseppe Mattei1002
Giuseppe Pesce1007
Glorianna Emond10011
Glorianna Williams10013
Goel Kabeya1008
Grace Andries10014
Grace Dickson1007
Grace Ilunga9512
Grace Konzelman10026
Grace Lunsford10014
Grace Mbisha9520
Grace Milner10015
Grace Mukendi10018
Grace Newman1006
Grace Peraza1009
Grace Rinas10013
Grace Wells10018
Gretchen Peraza1006
Hadassah Forde10014
Hadassah Lambie10012
Hadassah Locke1009
Hadassah Phillips10010
Hannah Campominosi8518
Hannah Day10014
Hannah Kenworthy10018
Hannah Mcmasters10021
Hannah Monderoy858
Hannah Newman1007
Hannah Reavis9520
Hannah Toy1009
Hannah Wahl10018
Hannah Wittmeier1007
Harmony Bonnette1006
Harmony Kofod10013
Harmony Olson1007
Hattie Mukeba10012
Heather Zimmerman10031
Heidi Kofod1009
Heidi Thorson10010
Helene Selvik9523
Hezekiah Locke1007
Hope Chambless10015
Hope Cook10015
Hope Davis1006
Hope Dexter958
Hope Kenworthy1008
Hope Lyons10022
Hope Sanger10014
Hope Schultz10010
Hope Wagner9511
Hosanna Shepperd958
Ian Geer1008
Ian Mukabe10021
Imani Maene10015
Immanuel Lashley10029
Irafasha Rodrigue9513
Isaac Dawson10014
Isaac Gerkin10010
Isaac Martens10018
Isaac Ray10012
Isaac Rinas959
Isaac Sanger10010
Isaac Sharp10015
Isabel Kenworthy9521
Isabelah Kofod1006
Isabele Toy10013
Isabella Chipman1006
Isabella Collins959
Isaiah Andersen9511
Isaiah Davis1004
Isaiah Frankfurter10012
Isaiah Fritzinger10017
Isaiah Hudson10013
Isaiah Hyde1002
Isaiah Smith10010
Isaiah Stutzman10015
Isha Lacombe10021
Israel Doyle9515
Israel Rotsch1006
Israel Stricker10011
Ivah Bonnette1003
Ivan Wittmeier10016
Jackline Kibozi10010
Jackson Borders1006
Jacob Sanchez10018
James Benn9518
James Norvil10024
James Phillips905
Jamie Hudson10010
Jared Strite10015
Jason Bahner1008
Jasper Purdy1006
Jean-Paul Kabongo9521
Jehoiada Barratt1008
Jenna Kingston9524
Jenny Gaumbert10024
Jephthe Dupuy9517
Jeremiah Bray10015
Jeremiah Cook9014
Jeremiah Shepperd10010
Jeremiah Walker1005
Jeremie Tousignant10016
Jeremy Hagmann959
Jeremy Householder9513
Jerusha Orakwue10013
Jesse Dyck10030
Jessica Daniels10010
Jessica Dawson10011
Jethro Cook9014
Joanna Dawson10017
Joanna Hess10020
Joanna Strite10019
Jochebed Davis1003
Jochebed Mahadeo1002
Joel Alexander10013
Joel Ballard1009
Joel Dyck10028
Joel Evans8012
Joel Kaptain908
Johanna Kofod9512
John Ezra Andrews1009
John Maple10011
John Moses Erickson1007
Johnny Boggs10014
Jonah Cogdill956
Jonah Derksen9518
Jonah Dickson1007
Jonah Householder9510
Jonas Canada955
Jonathan Kiu954
Jonathan Pesce1002
Jonathan Schultz8516
Jonathan Velasco9025
Jorge Paez10016
Josaiah Garcia959
Jose Sanchez1006
Joseph Beejadhar1004
Joseph Chavez10013
Joseph Cogdill953
Joseph Davis1004
Joseph Evans1009
Joseph Gary1005
Joseph Geransky10011
Joseph Gerard1005
Joseph Johnson1008
Joseph Kabeya10012
Joseph Lucero8518
Joseph Mukeba10020
Joseph Mulumba9513
Joseph Strite10010
Joshua Aniaku10022
Joshua Clarke1007
Joshua Fritzinger10014
Joshua Gary1008
Joshua Johnson10013
Joshua Kaptain10015
Joshua Kesslar10022
Joshua Landrum10010
Joshua Lewis10014
Joshua O'dwyer10019
Joshua Rains1006
Joshua Roberts10019
Joshua Sanger10018
Joshua Schultz905
Joshua Southworth10017
Joshua Stephen10015
Joshua Strite9516
Joshua Williams9520
Joshua Wolters857
Josiah Dickson9510
Josiah Forde10014
Josiah Grigg1005
Josiah Isaacson10015
Josiah Newman10011
Josiah Olson10011
Josiah Sanger9014
Josiah Teelucksingh1008
Josie Troyer1006
Josue Ceballos8010
Joy Alexander1007
Joyanna Sanger9511
Joylin Strite9523
Jubilee Barratt1004
Jubilee Strite1004
Judah Connell10011
Judah Roberts903
Jude Jaggot10011
Juliana Amalong10018
Julianna Hare10019
Juliette Martens1003
Junior Kabeya1009
Justin Bailey9516
Justin Kumwimba10019
Justus Wallace10014
Kadence Joseph10011
Karla Rubio Rodriguez10021
Kashoba Abel8519
Katelyn Connell1004
Katelyn Kingston9517
Katherine Kuchel1007
Kathryn Robson10013
Katie Kenworthy10013
Katie Sutton10014
Katie Troyer10016
Kayla Frazier1004
Kayla Hernandez10014
Kayleigh Beaver10010
Kendall Speed10019
Kester Stephen10014
Kimberly Beejadhar10012
Kimberly Florian10028
Kinley Speed10014
Krista Thomas9516
Kristen Martell10025
Landon Chipman1009
Laura Carbonneau10014
Laura Cogdill1008
Laura Geswein10017
Laura Kenworthy10011
Lazarus Mason9523
Leah Mayers8512
Lekeisha Daniels10016
Leonard Smith1003
Letizia Mattei1005
Levi Gagnon1009
Levi Garrett10013
Levi Hare10012
Levi Walker1006
Levy Wanet1009
Liam Andrews1008
Lilah Buchholz10012
Lilia Gary9510
Lilia Toy8510
Lillia Sanger10016
Lillian Hyde10013
Lillian Pesce955
Lilliana Troyer1009
Lily Clarke10012
Lily Jones1003
Lily Weerts1007
Lily-Ann Monderoy1009
Lincoln Hyde1005
Lingson Tonga8518
Lisa Lei10012
Lois Phillips1003
Louis Andries9526
Loyce Andries10025
Luis & Fabiana Suarez100117
Luke Buchholz1009
Luke Cook10013
Luke Hyde1003
Luke Kingston10013
Luke Sanger1008
Luke Smith10013
Luz Jiménez10018
Lydia Lambie1005
Lydia Phillips10013
Lydia Wahl10019
Lys Ishiari9014
Madeleine Yonkam Ketia Mankaa9519
Madelyn Evans10017
Madelynn Landrum10012
Malachi Dexter956
Malachi Grigg1004
Malachi Isaacson955
Malachi Olson1009
Malachi Riehl1005
Maria Beya10014
Maria Lambie958
Maria Martinez10016
Maria Sanchez10015
Mariia Cherednichenko9020
Mark Forde8028
Mark Perozok10016
Martha Gill10010
Martha Kibozi10020
Mary Arquisola9510
Matthew Brodeur10018
Matthew Browne10014
Matthew Doodnath10013
Matthew Fritzinger10016
Matthew Gosine1002
Matthew Kaptain10012
Matthew Martens10020
Matthew Olson957
Matthew Riehl1009
Matthew Schultz10021
Matthew Troyer10011
Matthieu Hagmann9513
Maxwell Sikombe8021
Mayla Ardiel9514
Mckenna Kitchen10015
Meaghan Geransky9512
Meda Evans1006
Meda Golden1008
Meda Mccoy9510
Megan Walker1003
Melissa Calistro10010
Melodia Jones10012
Melody Brown10017
Melody Olson1008
Melody Wolters1008
Mercy Bonnette1008
Mercy Dexter1003
Merry Williams8514
Miah Howansky1006
Micah Garcia1005
Micah Harvey958
Micah Kesslar9524
Micah Shepperd1002
Micah Williams9514
Micaiah Greene1009
Micaiah Halverson956
Michael David Weerts1008
Michael Dickson9013
Michael Musangu9515
Michaela Hudson10013
Mikayla Guerra10015
Mitchell Bailey10017
Moreblessing Mawango10021
Moriah Lunsford10018
Moriah Martin10018
Moses Barratt1006
Moses Mccoy1007
Moses Rotsch1009
Mundi Kabengela9010
Mylah Gagnon1004
Mylah Jones1005
N'mey N'doua8020
Naomi Ardiel10010
Naomi Forde10018
Naomi Fritzinger1005
Naomi Nicholson1007
Naomi Valborgland10019
Natalya Wittmeier10015
Nathan Barber8510
Nathan Berthiaume10014
Nathan Sharp10010
Nathanael Locke10011
Nathanael Pruitt10019
Nathaniel Dickson958
Nathaniel Sanger10011
Nehemiah Elder9510
Noah Harvey9511
Noah Helm1006
Noah Ray9015
Noah Walker958
Noella Mukeba9017
Noemy Santos10021
Olivia Borlovan10021
Olivia Guidry10011
Othniel Isaacson1003
Owen Smith9512
Patience Brown10019
Patience Smith1008
Patrick Sanger10012
Paul Fritzinger Jr.10011
Paul Gerard1005
Paul Habegger1009
Paul Johnson10011
Paul Kaptain10011
Paul Mcmasters9024
Paulina Aguillon10014
Peter Bennett857
Phebe Dickson1004
Phebe Maple10014
Philip Perozok10014
Phoebe Owusu10013
Precious Jones10014
Primrose Jones1004
Priscilla Bugg10017
Priscilla Phillips1005
Rachel Andrews10013
Rachel Arquisola1009
Rachel Kabamba10018
Rachel Mukeba10018
Rachel Mulumba9515
Rebeca Aceves9520
Rebecca Kinanga1008
Rebecca Ramkhelawan10021
Rebekah Campominosi10020
Rebekah Erickson1004
Rebekah Gabriel10018
Rebekah Moore1003
Rebekah Mukeba10015
Rebekah Ross958
Renate Thorsen10018
Renee Black10012
Renee Diaz9518
Riasa Shabaga10011
Rich Kibozi10013
Rita Gatse9026
Robert Geer909
Robert Moore1009
Rose Of Sharon Camacena9512
Rosie Erickson1003
Ruth Hyde9517
Ruth Perozok10011
Ruth Sanchez9514
Sadie Funk1003
Salome Forde1009
Salome Kasulu10022
Samuel Gary1003
Samuel Bahner9518
Samuel Ceballos957
Samuel Dickson1005
Samuel Gasper9514
Samuel Harris9510
Samuel Kinanga10010
Samuel Medlin10013
Samuel Myers9015
Samuel Wolters959
Samwele John8518
Sara Jimenez10015
Sara Sánchez 1006
Sara Santos10024
Sarah Amber Ferrante10022
Sarah Andrews10018
Sarah Batakanwa10019
Sarah Beejadhar1005
Sarah Cook10017
Sarah Freitas10020
Sarah Keller10029
Sarah Mpoyi9522
Sarah O'dwyer9514
Sarah Perry10026
Sarah Robson10012
Sarah Teelucksingh1006
Savannah Gonzalez10016
Selah Andersen1007
Selah Mcmasters1002
Serenity Cook9016
Seth Guidry10013
Shalom Strite9515
Shalom Wiltshire10010
Shamgar Gabriel1009
Shaniel Daniels1008
Sharon Doss10014
Sharon Jaggot10021
Sharon Lyons10019
Sharon Sahadeo10023
Sharon Sanchez9512
Sharon-Rose Broome9527
Sharon-Rose Mukendi10015
Shawn Doss10017
Shepherd Kitchen9513
Silas Dickson1003
Silas Garcia1006
Silas Lunsford10016
Silas Stricker1009
Silas Thorson1005
Simeon Fritzinger1007
Sophia Canada952
Sophia Crawford10010
Sophia Foster10011
Speranza Bertuzzi9523
Stanley Mpoyi10026
Stephen Bahner10015
Stephen Kibozi10015
Stephen Schultz10018
Stephen T10025
Susana Santana9523
Susanna Ross1006
Suzanna Bennett10016
Tabitha Barber10017
Tabitha Wiltshire9513
Talitha Katalayi9513
Tamara Dyck10027
Tamara Stephen10018
Taze Davis10020
Terri-Lynn Cook1006
Thaddaeus Ross1003
Thamar Kisalu10015
Thea Stephen9518
Theo Harvey957
Timo Pot10016
Timothy Forde10017
Tinesha Thornhill1005
Titus Garcia1006
Titus Moore1006
Travis Zimmerman9519
Treasha Daniels10021
Trenton Bossier1009
Tresha Andries10024
Tyler Gagnon10012
Tysen Stokes9011
Uriah Garcia1004
Vadim Kovalenko10022
Valarie Byers10018
Valarie Hyde10011
Valerie Dickson1002
Valerie Guidry1006
Valerie Ray959
Vanessa Calistro10013
Veronika Halverson1005
Violet Martens1006
Vladyslav Kolesnyk10027
Wesley Dexter955
Wesley Stricker1007
William Dickson9511
William Grother10011
William Kenworthy1004
William King10026
William Kuchel10012
William Matty10010
William Pitian1005
William Pruitt10017
William Seraiah10013
Winston Ditlow8021
Wisdom Samuel Harry Jeremiah9522
Wyanita Cook10014
Wyatt Beebe9511
Zach Sanger1007
Zachary Martens10016
Zane Guidry1002
Zebediah Kofod10015
Zion Emond9516
Zion Reece10018
Zoe Godwin9524
Zoe O'dwyer10017
Zoe Smith907
Zoe Steimer1003
Zoe Wanet953