The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 60-0309 Why? will be available until Saturday, September 30, 2017

1) A musical instrument was donated by a family to play the music of God, and Brother Branham asked the Lord to bless it everywhere it was played, that it may bring conviction. What was the musical instrument?
2) “How many ever read my little book called, “Jesus Christ, The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever?” Some of the old timers. _______. It’s a mess, but you just get it together, and the Lord can reveal it to you.”
A theologian helped me write it
I had it published
I wrote it myself
Gordon Lindsey wrote it
3) When God is so good to us to make a way for escape of danger, and we do not accept that way, then God has no right to us ask, “Why?”
4) “But we’re not to do that, we’re to take God’s provided way, and ask no questions about it. Just go on and do it and live it the way God made it. For after all, _______.”
The Lord is our Saviour
He knows what’s best
Questions can lead you astray
He is always with us
5) Which of Brother Branham’s children had already seen visions at the age of three?
Billy Paul
6) When Brother Branham was speaking of the evil king of Israel who fell through the lattice in his house, he said, “You see, even a man when he’s in a—a condition like that, there’s something in the human being that let’s him know that there’s something _______ somewhere. There’s somewhere he could touch.”
7) “But it’s the people’s own _______ way, that they love _______ better than light, that they’d rather live in the world than to walk in the Gospel Light. Oh, people, you don’t know what a pleasure it is to walk in the Light, the Light of the Lord Jesus, have fellowship with Him.”
Ornery / Gloom
Stubborn / Darkness
Selfish / Evil
Heathen / Idolatry
8) Brother Branham says, “A man is not in his right condition until he’s borned again. He’s a _______ at heart, until he has been borned of the Spirit of God, and the spirit of _______ is taken out of him, and the Spirit of God takes It’s place to rule. That leads him and guides him into all truth and light. "
Sinner / Pleasure
Failure / Godliness
Beast / Nature
Man / Mankind
9) They say the number one killer in America is idol worship, but Brother Branham said it was heart trouble.
10) “Those spies was looking at _______, what the price they’d have to pay, but Caleb and Joshua was looking at a _______ of God. God said, ‘I have given you that land, go possess it.’”
Armies / Command
Circumstances / Guarantee
Surroundings / Signal
Conditions / Promise
11) What did Brother Branham say the man is that sets right in the meetings, and watches the working of the Holy Spirit, sees others get healed, hears them speak with tongues, and sees signs and wonders done, and they’ll set around and watch it, but afraid to put their hand on it?
A borderline believer
A make believer
A believer
A heathen
12) "That’s the same way with preaching the Gospel: If it doesn’t stir you up to make you sick enough, it’ll do you good. It’s a doctor’s _______. It’s what the doctor ordered. Hold your nose and take it. That’s the best thing. It’ll take starch out of you; it’ll do that. It’ll wilt you down."
13) There’s no one in heaven, or in earth, can take your place. God made you for a purpose.
14) "The Holy Spirit, the Spirit _______ Mary brought forth a _______, a man’s body which was the Son of God, that God dwelt in reconciling the world to Himself. He looked like God; He act like God; He spoke like God; He healed like God; He was God made manifest in the flesh. He was more than a man. He was God manifested in the flesh."
Addressed / Habitation
Tutored / Ministry
Visited / Dwelling
Overshadowed / Tabernacle
15) “They seen His power to raise up from the grave, and in all that they were still _______. The _______ was there, but they had not _______ it as yet.”
Afraid / Vaccine / Used
Cowards / Serum / Received
Doubters / Truth / Seen
Unbelievers / Spirit / Accepted
16) "Be willing and happy, if your pastor ask you to do something in your church. You should do it. That’s good. But don’t let that just be the only thing. get inoculated first. That’s what I’m trying to tell you; get _______ first, then the rest of it comes on all right."
Born again
The Holy Spirit
17) In the story about a woman who had about a hundred thousands of dollars worth of Indian drafts from the bank, Brother Branham said: "They had pretty pictures on them, but she didn’t know what they were. She was a rich woman and didn’t know it. She found her _______."
Blessings in her son
Answers through the government
Treasures in the Bible
Dividends in the drafts
18) When will we be asked to give a reason for what we have done with these treasures that’s been sent to us?
When the trumpet will sound for it’s last time
When the Bible will lay closed on the pulpit
When the mimic will make his last act
All the above
19) No one could ever take a picture of the Angel of the Lord, because It's a spook.
20) If the enemy’s trying to say, “You’re too tired, oh, I won’t get it.” What does Brother Branham tell us to do?
Tell him he’s a spook and to go away
Tell him he's right and just give up
Tell him he’s a liar and that you’re going to get it
Ask him why, because he has no right to tell you that