62-0311 The Greatest Battle Ever Fought

The greatest battle ever fought, she is going on right in here now, yes, sir, between life and death, between sickness and health, between faith and doubt, oh, my, between liberty and bondage. The battle is on! Shine your spears, soldiers. Polish up the armor. God is getting His soldiers ready. Amen. God anoints His army.

Sermon Info

  • Date: Sunday Morning, 62-0311
  • Location: Jeffersonville IN - Branham Tabernacle
  • Duration: 2 Hours and 50 min
  • Scriptures: Peter 5:8-10, Ephesians 6:10-17, and Daniel 12:1-14
The Greatest Battle Ever Fought
Scores will be accepted until Monday, February 29, 2016
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“But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have _______ a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.”
Where is this Scripture found? “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. “
Devils must have something to work in, somebody to work through. But not God, He's not depending on us and doesn’t have to work through anybody.
“The whole program of God is _______ when one member gets out of order. We should continually to strive to keep the order of the Spirit.”
“Every war, every disorder, everything that comes along, it's either controlled by God's power or Satan's power, 'cause that's the only two powers there is. And that is the power of _______ and the power of _______.”
"As the Bible speaks, "Wandering stars," over in the Book of _______, "foaming out their own shame." And we don't want to be wandering stars; wonder if this is right, wonder if that's right, wonder if it will happen, wonder how it could be. Don't wander. Stay like those stars of the heaven, as a real soldier at his post of duty. Stand there, believing!"
What has God been doing when the greatest battle that was ever fought is now ready to go in action?
“This great, first battle that was ever fought, begin in Heaven, when _______ and His Angels fought against _______ and his angels. It first started, the first battle was in Heaven. So, sin did not originate on earth, it originated in Heaven.”
When this great battle started on earth, there had to be a mutual meeting place. There had to be a place selected for the battle to begin, and for the battle to rage. And that battlegrounds begin in the _______.
The spirit has one sense, and that sense is faith or doubt. There's only one avenue to it, that's _______. You can accept doubt or you can accept faith, either one you want to work on.
“It must be accepted in the _______, then It's believed with the _______. Then the Word of God becomes a reality, then every senses of soul and body is just scoured out with the _______.”
Brother Branham said that imaginations, conscience, memories, reasons, and affections, they're all right if they agree with the Word. But what did he say to do if anything disagrees with That what's on the inside?
A man cannot sin until first he casts aside God's Word.
The Bible comes right back and tells us that God sends forth angels. They are ministering spirits, sent from the Presence of God to Minister His Word. Who does the Spirit and the Word come to?
“That’s where a many little female has made her mistake, and a many a little male made his mistake; right, stopped for _______...”
“It’s always his tactic, is to try to get the people to disbelieve God’s Word. Listen, you soldiers of the cross. When you disbelieve one Word of God’s written Bible, you’re _______.”
“How many things did Eve have to listen to? One. She was disarmed right then. What did the devil do? Swept right in through her mind, into her spirit, and there she was _______. Is that right? She was _______ the very minute that she was disarmed, when she disbelieved God’s Word. All right. Here we see his tactics.”
George Smith, six-second Smith, trained Brother Branham to fight. With his good training, he won _______ professional fights, and quit the business to _______.
“No matter how wrong they are, let’s not disfellowship or disassociate ourselves with anything. As long as we can win a soul, let’s go in with “wise as _______, as harmless as _______,” see, and try to win every soul that we can.”
“Now, this is what I’m saying this morning, is storing Food. Storing Food, so that you’ll have something to eat, so that you’ll have something to feast upon. Get It on your _______. Set in the cool of the room. Maybe, when I’m long ways away, you’ll still remember these things are true. Set in your room and listen. See? And this is Food, storing in, in the _______.”
Every kingdom ever was and ever will be, until God sets up His kingdom, is controlled by God’s angels.
When Brother Branham was reading from the Bible about taking the whole armour of God, what does he say we are to take “Above all” that knocks off the darts?
“Satan’s army brings diseases, and God’s army is _______ to cast them out. Amen. There you are. Every time Satan throws any on, onto you, God’s army is to cast him out. Amen. Cast out!”
How did the Chief Captain say it was done? Brother Branham said, “…that’s the orders. That’s the soldier. That’s the way. That’s the artillery we move up.”
“These two great armies! When the enemy comes in like a flood, as is coming today, what did God say He’d do? “The Spirit of God would raise up a standard against it.” Are you one of them?”
Where are we taught to resist the devil, and he just won’t walk away, but he’ll flee? Brother Branham said, “How do you resist the devil? The same way our Chief Captain told us to do it. Take the Word of God.”
“That old devil, now, you think he’s brazen. You think he’ll attack a child? He’ll attack anything. He attacked Jesus Christ. He come at Him, with _______ wild attacks. Did you know that?”
“There, can you see the greatest battle was ever fought? There’s only two forces; Satan and God. And what is Satan’s weapon against you? Is to try to get you to disbelieve your _______. He disarms you.
What is our strength?
Brother Branham ended the message by saying, “Now let’s go, as we move. And now, out from the building, let’s go, singing, _______. And from this day, henceforth, don’t never put that Sword in the sheath anymore. Pull it out. Let’s conquer. “They went forth, conquering, and to conquer.”

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62-0311 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for The Greatest Battle Ever Fought. Anyone taking the quiz after Monday, February 29, 2016 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Abraham9730
Aaron Derksen9717
Abbey Kingston9318
Abigail Garcia1007
Abigail Jensen10013
Abigail Milner10011
Abigail Olin10015
Adam Connell975
Adam Geransky1007
Adam Harris1003
Adelaide Connell977
Adina Muresan10024
Adolfo Sanchez1002
Adriana Sanchez10023
Alannah Grother1004
Albert&Barbara Morales1004849
Aleah Davis1002
Aleah Grother1008
Alicia Balgobin9711
Alix Lacombe9723
Allison Riley1004
Amber Pister10011
Amber Robinson936
Amelia Andersen977
Amelia Klopp10018
Amy Meighoo10023
Ana Sanchez1004
Ana Y Andrea Sanchez1003
Anderson Beejadhar10015
Anderson&Miriam Oliveira1003238
Andrea Sanchez1004
Andrew Andries10016
Andrew Bomberger9019
Andrew Chambless8010
Andy Therrien10062
Angel Castelo Branco1004
Angela Jonas10025
Angelica Halley973
Anita Singh9731
Anna Crutchfield9717
Anna Harris10015
Anna Phillips1006
Annalisa Sieunath9710
Annalisa Sieunath10010
Antipas Asaka1006
April Sutton9338
Arsen Prysiazhnyy9713
Asher Kibozi10010
Ashlee Greene9719
Ashley Doodnath9714
Ashley Pister10017
Audrey Daulton10013
Austin Pister10018
Autumn Klopp10015
Ava Toy1009
Azriel Gutiérrez9323
Barb Davis8773
Becky Kengne9726
Becky Quilhot10053
Belia Frazier1006
Belia Gutierrez10045
Benaiah Alexander1009
Benjamin Bates10029
Benjamin Ceballos8013
Benjamin Chavez10018
Benjamin Mahadeo1006
Benjamin Phillips10013
Benjamin Rains9710
Benjamin Sánchez10056
Bernadette Boisvert10045
Bethann Fritzinger1007
Bethany Lavin10012
Biancia Jonas1005
Bill "Kap" Jan Kaptain100548
Bill Riley8770
Billy Joe Cullinan10016
Blanca Elsy Arciniegas Zambrano9756
Blanca Elsy Arciniegas Zambrano10056
Bonnie Dankulich10064
Brian Kenworthy10055
Brianna Rose Bray9712
Bryan & Kate Harris9340
Caleb Chavez1007
Caleb Cook1007
Caleb Harris10013
Caleb O'dwyer1009
Caleb Páez9713
Candy Martinez10014
Carol Erickson10062
Carol Garcia10014
Caroline Crawford9012
Celeste Jones979
Charity Braithwaite1006
Charity Brodeur10012
Charity Southworth10018
Charles Andries10014
Charles David Martin & Sharon Rose Santana Castelo Branco1003924
Charlie Farrie Iii10015
Cheryl Andries10040
Christian Hare10013
Christiana Akumah9012
Christianna Smith10010
Christianne Maene10014
Christina Manecci10024
Christoph Wittmeier1006
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing10021
Cindy Lunsford10040
Claude Pomerleau9764
Cleaudiceia Pereira Santana10053
Cora Goldsmith9715
Cornelius Clarke10038
Craig & Rebecca Mc Masters1005352
Cristina Sanchez10040
Dag Magne Selvik10049
Damate Abassy Dieudonné10051
Daniel Andries1007
Daniel Dickson974
Daniel Evans9344
Daniel Evans Jr10013
Daniel Nadeau1005
Danielle Browne1009
Danny Mbikayi10023
Darnell Clarke10013
Dave Nadeau9345
David & Kathy Phillips1006360
David Owusu978
David Sanger975
Dawn Smith10036
Deborah King10028
Delaine Davis10011
Derek Sutton10010
Diana Sutton10055
Dmitry Foster9017
Donovan And Becky Mauldin1006968
Dorcas Asenath Andries971
Dwayne Perry9761
Echo Cook1009
Eden Gutierrez10015
Elaina Kaptain9713
Elainah Sanger1007
Elias Lambie1008
Elías Pavon Urbina836
Elias Sanchez1008
Elias Singh909
Elihu Isaac10019
Elijah Green1006
Elijah Mahadeo979
Elijah Sieunath10012
Elijah Teelucksingh1008
Elisabeth Fritzinger972
Elisabeth Kraus10015
Elisabeth Landrum10016
Elisabeth Ponder10023
Eliseo Sanchez1008
Elisheba Isaac10021
Elissa Nadeau977
Ella Daulton1008
Ella Sanger10010
Ella Toy1008
Ellen Martens10020
Emanuelle B Santana1002
Emily Cook10016
Emily Fritzinger9734
Emily Lavin10014
Emily Salzman8722
Emilyann Loveall10018
Emma Moncada10016
Emyly Cristina Neves Mello1007
Enoch Fritzinger1006
Enoch Rains1009
Erec Kingston10021
Erika Milner9042
Erin Millis10026
Essie Gasper10020
Esteban Perez Gutierrez9318
Esther Brewster10038
Esther Wenger9717
Esther Zoe Biyang Obono972
Ethan Truelock10016
Eugene Isaac10051
Eunice Strite9711
Evelyn Manecci9763
Ezekiel Milner939
Ezekiel Robinson908
Ezra Doyle1009
Ezra Isaac10029
Faith Brandt10015
Faith Chambless9714
Faith Thorson9711
Felix Dickson10062
Fernando & Ma Guadalupe Sanchez9735
Fitzrou Dwarika10074
Fofolo Sheria9728
Fr.Noubi Armand8725
Franco Catucci9352
Gabriel A B Santana975
Gabriel Belanger8725
Gabriel Moncada10015
Gabriel Suarez9712
Gabriella Landrum10012
Gamaliel Peres10015
Gavin Cook10011
George & Sharron Wenger10047
Gerardo Suarez10015
Gideao & Deisi Santana1002930
Gideon Harris975
Glen Samuel Kerr8767
Gloria Jasmina López Pimiento9764
Gloria Sanchez9333
Glorianna Williams10011
Grace Andries10012
Grace Dickson975
Grace Jensen10010
Grace Lunsford10012
Grace Martens10041
Grace Milner9713
Grace Mukendi8017
Grace Mukendi9717
Gulabdai Gsoine10068
Hadassah Brewster10013
Hadassah Forde10012
Hadassah Lambie9710
Hadassah Phillips1008
Hananie Wopiwo8025
Hannah Gary10016
Hannah Kenworthy9716
Hannah Lev9713
Hannah Mago8720
Hannah Mcmasters10020
Hannah Rissler10016
Hannah Wahl10016
Hannah Ye9720
Harmony Olson1005
Heidi Thorson1009
Holly Derksen10054
Hope Chambless10014
Hope Cook10014
Hope Davis1005
Hope Sanger10012
Hope Schultz1008
Ines Guadalupe Y William Paul Chavez10042
Iris Davis9747
Iris Davis10047
Isaac Martens9716
Isaac Mclearn9714
Isaac Wittmeier10014
Isabel Kenworthy10019
Isabele Toy10012
Isaiah Andersen10010
Isaiah Fritzinger10016
Isaiah Hudson10011
Isaiah Lunsford9717
Isaiah Mayers10016
Isaiah Smith1009
Isha Lacombe9720
Israel Doyle10013
Israel Singh9735
Ivan Wittmeier10015
Jackline Kibozi939
Jacob Sanchez10016
James & Victoria Doodnath1004852
James Wiltshire9316
Jamie Hudson1009
Janeth Aguilar9722
Jason & Kelly Harvey1003131
Jason Fisher10016
Javier Sánchez9735
Jean Sanger9367
Jean Sanger10067
Jeanette Crutchfield10057
Jehoiada Barratt1006
Jemima Andries1006
Jemima Jainarine9721
Jemima Princess Abraham1006
Jenna Kingston9722
Jenna Warme10023
Jenny Esseboom8356
Jeremiah Andries1008
Jeremiah Bray10014
Jeremiah Cook9712
Jeremiah Salzman10019
Jeremie Tousignant10014
Jeremy & Princess Evans1003641
Jesse Cullinan9713
Jesse Dyck9728
Jesse Ortiz10019
Jessie O'dwyer10075
Jethro Cook9312
Jim Kesslar9748
Jimena Sánchez1006
Jireh Andries10010
Joanna Dawson10015
Joanna Hess10019
Joanna Strite10018
Joaquin Sanchez10029
Joel Alexander10011
Joel Dyck10027
Joel Kaptain1007
Joellen Mcmasters9774
John Halley931
John Hyde Iii9722
John Moses Erickson1005
John&Danielle Erickson10028
Johnny Boggs10013
Johua Halley1005
Jon&Heidi Kenworthy1004644
Jonah Dickson936
Jonah Tutani9722
Jonathan & Joanna Phillips1003531
Jonathan Davis1004
Jonathan Schultz10014
Jonell Brandt9749
Jorge Paez9715
Jorge Y Eva Paez9041
José Luis Y Cristina Jiménez1006055
Jose Paez10011
José Sanchez1004
Joseph & Valerie Branham1006057
Joseph Beejadhar1002
Joseph Blaine Olin9320
Joseph Chavez10011
Joseph Dawson9714
Joseph Evans1007
Joseph Gary1004
Joseph Geransky1009
Joseph Rissler9718
Joseph Strite1008
Joshua & Elisabeth Gary1002725
Joshua Clarke1006
Joshua Fritzinger10012
Joshua Garrett10024
Joshua Gary1006
Joshua Kaptain10013
Joshua Kesslar10021
Joshua Landrum1008
Joshua Moncada10013
Joshua O'dwyer9717
Joshua Sanger9716
Joshua Schultz1003
Josiah Dickson979
Josiah Forde10013
Josiah Isaacson10014
Josiah Lunsford9714
Josiah Newman1009
Josiah Olson1009
Josiah Sanger10012
Josiah Teelucksingh1006
Josue Ceballos939
Josue Sanchez9712
Joy Alexander1005
Joy Williams10054
Joyanna Sanger10010
Joylin Strite10022
Juan David Estupiñán Rojas10019
Juan De Dios Gutierrez10058
Juan De Dios Hutierrez10059
Jubilee Barratt1002
Judah Connell979
Julia Perozok10017
Julian Andres Sanchez Avila9315
Julianna Hare10017
Kaitlyn Bates10023
Kamilly Oliveira1006
Kara Morales10015
Karen Klopp10044
Karla Sofia Rubio Rodriguez10019
Kashif & Grace Barratt1003228
Katelyn Kingston10016
Katie Kenworthy10012
Katie Sutton10012
Kayla Frazier1003
Keila Belony10010
Keren St.Hill10020
Kerriann Walcott10029
Kimberly Beejadhar10010
Kimberly Florian10027
Kimberly Gasper10054
Krista Thomas10014
Kristen Martell10023
Kudzaishe Zava9316
Kylie Morrison1004
Kyria Asaka9316
Laura Kenworthy1009
Lauren Reilly10024
Laurisa Borlovan9323
Leah Mayers10010
Lekeisha Daniels10014
Leonardo Sánchez1009
Levi Davis10017
Levi Hare10010
Lilia Gary1009
Lilija Kovalenko9721
Lillia Sanger10014
Lily Andries1002
Lily Clarke10011
Lincoln Sanger9714
Linda Schaeffer10074
Louis Andries10024
Lovie Balgobin10036
Loyce Andries10024
Ludovic Et Chance Iloungou1004729
Luis David Landinez8021
Luis David Landinez9321
Luke And Rebekah Schultz10044643
Luke Kingston9312
Luke Smith10012
Luz Angélica Jiménez10016
Lydia Phillips10011
Lydia Wahl10017
M L G9364
Mabiala Gordin Grace Aldvanny10024
Madelyn Evans10016
Madelynn Landrum10010
Magdalena González Villanueva9755
Makaya Albertine10058
Marco & Alessandra Oliveira1004440
Maria Belen Sanchez10013
Maria Lambie1006
Maria Martinez10016
María Meda Zamudio9314
Maria Sanchez10014
Mark & Melissa Kingston <(}})><1004953
Mark Perozok10014
Marsha Dickson10033
Martha Gill1007
Martín Sanchez10043
Mary Garcia10053
Mary Isaac10049
Matthew Brodeur10017
Matthew Browne10012
Matthew Doodnath10011
Matthew Fritzinger10014
Matthew Kaptain10011
Matthew Martens10018
Matthew Schultz10019
Meaghan Geransky10010
Meda Evans974
Meda Smith10016
Media Andries1004
Melissa Parker10027
Melody Olson1006
Melquisedeque Santana10032
Micah Campominosi9310
Micah Garcia1004
Micah Harvey1007
Micah Kaptain1007
Micah Kesslar9723
Michael Dickson10011
Michaela Hudson10011
Miriam Davis1009
Miriam Mushori9720
Moins Kevin10027
Moises Sanchez10030
Moneth Davis10014
Moriah Lunsford9716
Moses Barratt1004
Mouanda Emilienne10061
Mouanda Yaba Émiliènne9760
Mpassi Chryss9342
Mpinda Kevin10027
Munkeya Jedidja8329
Mutale Cindy Chiwasha8027
Myriam Hayes Roussil10021
Naomi Balgobin1006
Naomi Crutchfield9324
Naomi Forde10016
Naomi Fritzinger1004
Naomi Negoti9711
Natalya Wittmeier9714
Natasha Andries1009
Nathalie Clarke10036
Nathan Brandt10025
Nathaniel Dickson1007
Nathaniel Sanger1009
Neema Muita9325
Ngoli Michel Dieudonné9720
Nguema Essone Romaric8728
Nicole Alexander10036
Nkouka Bansimba Juste Destin8337
Nkouka Bansimba Juste Destin10038
Noah Harvey10010
Ohemaa Prempeh8314
Onoja Bosworth Junior10022
Othniel Davia10026
Pa Groundcrew Brother10063
Paloma Lousseth8322
Patience Smith1006
Patricia Landrum10042
Paul Derksen10056
Paul Fritzinger10041
Paul Fritzinger Jr.979
Paul Hyde10018
Paul Mcmasters10022
Peter Brown979
Phebe Andries10018
Phebe Dickson973
Philip & Gabrielle Garcia1002726
Phoebe Owusu9711
Phons Louis Ntoumbou9723
Poara Oana9714
Precious Jones10012
Priscilla Odwyer10037
Priscilla Phillips1004
Quan Yin Tanya Roberts10033
Rachel Gerkin10031
Rachel Kabamba10016
Rachel Therrien10062
Rafael & Trinidad Sanchez1005752
Randolph Andries10036
Randy Andries10010
Raphael Faye9325
Raquel Pereira Santanna10031
Rebeca Sánchez978
Rebecca A Keller10052
Rebecca Fisher10044
Rebecca Gokool10022
Rebecca Matanda8312
Rebecca Vallee9721
Rebekah Campominosi10019
Rebekah Gosine10010
Reisa Isaac10023
Reuben Fritzinger9321
Ricardo Garcia9753
Rich Kibozi10012
Richard Sutton10062
Richard Tober8768
Robert Galebach10073
Rod Crutchfield10062
Romaric Nguema9328
Rosa Sanchez10033
Ruby Andries10034
Ruby Hudson10060
Ruddy Mpelele8721
Ruth Chambless10043
Ruth Mtoko9324
Ruth Perozok1009
Ruth Sanchez10012
Salome Forde1008
Samuel Antonio Cháves Pineda9739
Samuel Ceballos1006
Samuel Dickson1004
Samuel Gary1002
Samuel Gasper10013
Samuel Harris1008
Sara Jimenez10013
Sara Ríos8027
Sara Sanchez1005
Sara Sánchez 1006
Sara Santanna9712
Sarah Amber Ferrante10020
Sarah Beejadhar1003
Sarah Howdeshell9719
Sarah Keller10028
Sarah O'dwyer10013
Sarah Perry10025
Sarah Sanger10039
Sarah Scott10018
Sarah Teelucksingh1005
Sean Walcott10044
Selah Andersen1005
Sergey Degtiar10029
Shalom Guma-Deredya9318
Shalom Strite10013
Shalom Wiltshire909
Shanta Jaswantie Gill9740
Sharon Sanchez10011
Sharon Sanchez10012
Sharron Martell10023
Shawn Doss10015
Shawn Kaptain10040
Sherry Segrest10061
Sherry Waller10051
Silas Dickson972
Silas Garcia1005
Silas Lunsford9715
Simeon Fritzinger1006
Sonia Balgobin10034
Sophia Foster979
Stephanie Evans10038
Stephen Chambless10040
Stephen Gosine10015
Stephen Kibozi10014
Stephen Robinson902
Stephen Schultz9716
Steve Klopp9744
Steve Pambou8026
Sunita Gosine10039
Susana Santana9721
Sylvain-Joel Mbambi9022
Tabitha Barber10016
Taissa Neves Siqueira9712
Tamara Dyck10025
Tamara Stephen10017
Tatiana Andries10015
Ted Missoukidi Mabanza9325
Thara Belony9712
Thea Stephen10017
Theo Harvey1005
Timothy & Jeanine Hess1006156
Timothy Allison10027
Timothy Forde8315
Tinomuvonga Muzheri10024
Titus Garcia1005
Tonya Blair9755
Tresha Andries10022
Trinidad Sanchez10051
Trisha Fisher10018
Uriah Garcia1002
Uriel Sánchez1004
Valarie Byers10017
Violet Martens1004
Virginia Galebach10065
William & Fernanda Oliveira803926
William Andries10048
William Dickson9710
William Grother1009
William Isaac1002
William King10024
William Marrion Chavez Morales& Joseph Marrion Chavez Morales9011
Willian Santana10027
Winston Ditlow9020
Yemgue Mireille9339
Zachary Lavin1004
Zinah Dickson10060
Zoe O'dwyer10015