62-0311 The Greatest Battle Ever Fought

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Monday, February 29, 2016

“But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have _______ a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.”
Where is this Scripture found? “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. “
Ephesians 6:10-11
I Peter 5:8-10
I Corinthians 14:7-8
Ephesians 4:30-31
Devils must have something to work in, somebody to work through. But not God, He's not depending on us and doesn’t have to work through anybody.
“The whole program of God is _______ when one member gets out of order. We should continually to strive to keep the order of the Spirit.”
“Every war, every disorder, everything that comes along, it's either controlled by God's power or Satan's power, 'cause that's the only two powers there is. And that is the power of _______ and the power of _______.”
Hope / Defeat
Strength / Weakness
Joy / Despair
Life / Death
"As the Bible speaks, "Wandering stars," over in the Book of _______, "foaming out their own shame." And we don't want to be wandering stars; wonder if this is right, wonder if that's right, wonder if it will happen, wonder how it could be. Don't wander. Stay like those stars of the heaven, as a real soldier at his post of duty. Stand there, believing!"
What has God been doing when the greatest battle that was ever fought is now ready to go in action?
Selecting His soldiers
Training His soldiers
Dressing His soldiers
All of the above
“This great, first battle that was ever fought, begin in Heaven, when _______ and His Angels fought against _______ and his angels. It first started, the first battle was in Heaven. So, sin did not originate on earth, it originated in Heaven.”
Michael / Gabriel
Gabriel / Lucifer
Michael / Lucifer
Gabriel / Woodworm
When this great battle started on earth, there had to be a mutual meeting place. There had to be a place selected for the battle to begin, and for the battle to rage. And that battlegrounds begin in the _______.
Human heart
Human flesh
Human mind
All of the above
The spirit has one sense, and that sense is faith or doubt. There's only one avenue to it, that's _______. You can accept doubt or you can accept faith, either one you want to work on.
An educated mind
Free moral agency
Good works
A sound mind and body
“It must be accepted in the _______, then It's believed with the _______. Then the Word of God becomes a reality, then every senses of soul and body is just scoured out with the _______.”
Mind / Heart / Holy Spirit
Heart / Mind / Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit / Mind / Heart
Heart / Holy Spirit / Mind
Brother Branham said that imaginations, conscience, memories, reasons, and affections, they're all right if they agree with the Word. But what did he say to do if anything disagrees with That what's on the inside?
Get more of it
Ignore it
Get rid of it
Polish it up
A man cannot sin until first he casts aside God's Word.
The Bible comes right back and tells us that God sends forth angels. They are ministering spirits, sent from the Presence of God to Minister His Word. Who does the Spirit and the Word come to?
Heavenly angels
All ministers
The prophets
“That’s where a many little female has made her mistake, and a many a little male made his mistake; right, stopped for _______...”
A day
An evening
Only an hour
A moment
“It’s always his tactic, is to try to get the people to disbelieve God’s Word. Listen, you soldiers of the cross. When you disbelieve one Word of God’s written Bible, you’re _______.”
Fully equipped
Running out of ammo
“How many things did Eve have to listen to? One. She was disarmed right then. What did the devil do? Swept right in through her mind, into her spirit, and there she was _______. Is that right? She was _______ the very minute that she was disarmed, when she disbelieved God’s Word. All right. Here we see his tactics.”
Made beautiful
George Smith, six-second Smith, trained Brother Branham to fight. With his good training, he won _______ professional fights, and quit the business to _______.
Thirteen / Be a cowboy
Fifteen / Preach the Gospel
Twelve / Become a lineman
Eight / Join the seminary
“No matter how wrong they are, let’s not disfellowship or disassociate ourselves with anything. As long as we can win a soul, let’s go in with “wise as _______, as harmless as _______,” see, and try to win every soul that we can.”
Goat / Lamb
Man / Beast
Serpent / Dove
Lion / Lamb
“Now, this is what I’m saying this morning, is storing Food. Storing Food, so that you’ll have something to eat, so that you’ll have something to feast upon. Get It on your _______. Set in the cool of the room. Maybe, when I’m long ways away, you’ll still remember these things are true. Set in your room and listen. See? And this is Food, storing in, in the _______.”
Radio / Broadcast
Phones / Warehouse
Journey / Depot
Tapes / Storehouse
Every kingdom ever was and ever will be, until God sets up His kingdom, is controlled by God’s angels.
When Brother Branham was reading from the Bible about taking the whole armour of God, what does he say we are to take “Above all” that knocks off the darts?
The helmet of salvation
The breastplate of righteousness
The shield of faith
Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace
“Satan’s army brings diseases, and God’s army is _______ to cast them out. Amen. There you are. Every time Satan throws any on, onto you, God’s army is to cast him out. Amen. Cast out!”
How did the Chief Captain say it was done? Brother Branham said, “…that’s the orders. That’s the soldier. That’s the way. That’s the artillery we move up.”
It’s finished!
It’s spoken!
It’s accepted!
It’s written!
“These two great armies! When the enemy comes in like a flood, as is coming today, what did God say He’d do? “The Spirit of God would raise up a standard against it.” Are you one of them?”
Yes, sir
No, sir
I hope so
I don’t think so
Where are we taught to resist the devil, and he just won’t walk away, but he’ll flee? Brother Branham said, “How do you resist the devil? The same way our Chief Captain told us to do it. Take the Word of God.”
Ephesians 6:10
James 4:7
Ephesians 4:30
I Corinthians 14:7
“That old devil, now, you think he’s brazen. You think he’ll attack a child? He’ll attack anything. He attacked Jesus Christ. He come at Him, with _______ wild attacks. Did you know that?”
“There, can you see the greatest battle was ever fought? There’s only two forces; Satan and God. And what is Satan’s weapon against you? Is to try to get you to disbelieve your _______. He disarms you.
What is our strength?
The joy of the Lord
Happiness in life
Your mind
Brother Branham ended the message by saying, “Now let’s go, as we move. And now, out from the building, let’s go, singing, _______. And from this day, henceforth, don’t never put that Sword in the sheath anymore. Pull it out. Let’s conquer. “They went forth, conquering, and to conquer.”
Only Believe
One Of Them
Onward, Christian Soldiers
Victory Is Mine