62-0422The Restoration Of The Bride Tree

“Bring forth His, God’s fruit, see, in the season that the messenger is ordained to come.” He’ll bring forth those. Now remember that. The messenger that brings the fruit of God, will bring it in God’s season, in the season of the bringer. See? “He will bring forth His fruit in his season.” And It cannot wither. Why? He’s got predestinated fruit in there. It can’t destroy It, because It’s predestinated.

Sermon Info

  • Date: Saturday, 62-0422
  • Location: Jeffersonville, IN
  • Duration: 3hr 45min
  • Scripture: Joel 1:1-4, Joel 2:25-26, Genesis 20:7-8
The Restoration Of The Bride Tree
Scores will be accepted until Wednesday, June 30, 2021
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How many trips had Brother Branham taken around the world, and how many people did he have personal contact with around the world?
Brother Branham talks of the little baby that had died in the morning at nine o’clock, but that night at ten-thirty or eleven o’clock was raised up from the dead. Where did this happen?
What does to restore mean?
We have the privilege to enforce, upon Satan, the claims that God give us.
Who was the Brother that drove fifteen hundred miles coming to the services, and his car was stolen?
“You don’t have to knuck’ down to the devil. We’ve got a law. That’s the law of the Holy Spirit.” What did Brother Branham say is the only thing we have to do?
What kind of badge do we got to have to enforce God's law?
In the Tree that God planted, how many different kinds of fruit was It to bear, and what goes with these fruits of the Spirit?
What shakes the Christian, to make him pray more, dig down, get a better hold, so he can stand the storm?
In the Psalm 1 Scripture that Brother Branham quotes, “He shall bring forth His fruit in his season,” what is "his" season?
Which of the following stages of the insect is NOT correct?
"That is, worst stinker I know of, is the devil. So, when I’m bringing this Word out, and somebody says, “Amen,” that’s, _______ And we—we’ll get—we’ll get him treed."
What are predestinated sons in God supposed to do?
The Bible tell us we should go to the pastor and cry for mercy when we’ve done wrong.
"There is a iron curtain. There is a bamboo curtain. There is a purple curtain. Brother, you, don’t you fear none of the rest of them, but watch that _______."
Where does the fruit ripen first?
"The _______ has been hid in the roots, the Word, hid back here in this Word, for years, and years, and years, and just now begin to be _______."
What is the evening Light for?
Four messengers of death killed the Tree, four messengers of Life restores the Tree. What was the fourth messenger of Life?
"Now with His Word in His predestinated stage as He’s got It now, and we see these Words all being manifested. What is it?"

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62-0422 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for The Restoration Of The Bride Tree. Anyone taking the quiz after Wednesday, June 30, 2021 will not have their score posted.

Aaleah Brown9511
Aaron Derksen10022
Aaron Kenworthy10013
Abigael Haule9516
Abigail Mbayi10012
Abraham Sanchez956
Adam Geransky10013
Adolfo David Nguema Nguema Esidang10015
Adoniram Hyde10011
Adzibolo Comfort1006
Adzibolo Precious1008
Adzika Joshua1007
Adzika Serah1009
Aguila Zoe Cham Mathe9013
Ahiable Emmanuella1003
Akpela Branham10010
Alayna Cook958
Albert Enock10016
Alice Parker1004
Alice Repass1006
Alima Gracia Mangue Obama Mangue8014
Alina Heiberger10025
Alivia Johnson10013
Amber Pister9517
Amber Pruitt10024
Amber Repass958
Amelia Jackson1009
Amelia Khan9516
Amelia Phelps10014
Amy Cook10013
Ana Mihalescu9517
Anahi Villalba Piñanez10012
Anderson Beejadhar10020
Angela Bokun Ekang10015
Angelina Bugg9017
Angelo Lopez1009
Anita Mifetu10018
Anna Crutchfield9523
Annisha Gonzales10019
Anthony Aflo10014
Antipas Asaka10011
Antonio Nguema Ncogo Mekina10024
April Geransky10010
Ariel Koenig10022
Asher Kibozi8516
Ashley Pister10022
Audrey Parker1002
Aurora Newton1008
Austin Pister10024
Ava Toy10014
Azariah Emond10018
Bella Jackson10011
Bella Toy10013
Benaiah Alexander10014
Benjamin Abbott9520
Benjamin Ceballos9518
Benjamin Evedzi1009
Benjamin Marcano10010
Benjamin Plante1006
Bezaleel Kadzirange10010
Billy - Eudes Etsala Kourou10010
Billy Cleopas10014
Blessing Adonai Beya Ndjadi8010
Blessing Atsu10018
Blithe Smith10017
Bokortsey Korsiwor1009
Bokortsey Kwaku10020
Bokortsey Yao10011
Brelda Adinga9013
Briamah Femi10013
Brough Amatcha958
Bryson Fogelsanger10014
Caitlyn Robinson10024
Caleb Camacena8010
Caleb Carbonneau10020
Caleb Chavez10013
Caleb Cook10012
Caleb O'dwyer10014
Camila Ahilin Villalba Piñanez1009
Candy Martinez10018
Carter Phelps10011
Charity Brodeur10018
Charity Habegger1002
Charlie Farrie9520
Chedjou Kenmogne Joel10014
Chloe Newman1004
Christian Froget1005
Christianna Smith10015
Christophe Plante1008
Christy Thorson10011
Cindy Subryan1008
Cinthya Posadas Zepeda10026
Clara Jackson1003
Confidance Kpodzo10013
Consuelo Efua Mokuy9028
Cristian Ortega Aguillon10022
Damaris Barratt1005
Daniel Akpela10013
Daniel Bikim10020
Daniel Dickson9510
Daniel Habegger10011
Daniel Ionescu10012
Daniel Sapey10018
Daria Geana9013
Daudi Mlelwa10022
David Akpela10015
David Ashong1004
David Atsu10016
David Kiu10010
David Molache Eribo10010
David Okoli10010
David Owusu10013
David Respect10015
Deborah Andries10027
Deborah Aok9514
Deborah Vidzraku10017
Deivid Ramos10019
Digna Espinoza10023
Diosdado Salomón Muakuku Cham1008
Divina Avuglah953
Divine Adinga1008
Divine Dzadu10010
Dmitry Foster9023
Dorcas Kadzirange10010
Ebi Dennis9010
Elaina Lowe10022
Elam Kabejayi9013
Elena Dupont9514
Elena Ndong Mikue9521
Elias Garcia9011
Elias Ionescu10014
Eliezer Musara10012
Elijah Jones10010
Elijah Mvutu10012
Elijah Wanet1009
Elisa Sanchez803
Elisabeth Camacena10012
Elisabeth Fritzinger1007
Elisha Coley10013
Elisha Pruette10024
Elizabeth Dzadu10011
Elizabeth Gonzalez10015
Elizabeth Riehl10018
Elizabeth Vidzah10022
Ella Toy10013
Ellen Martens10025
Emanuel Ntutum Mba10016
Emmanuel Beya10014
Emmanuel Dhemby9520
Emmanuel Mbayi10010
Emmanuel Sanchez10014
Emmanuel Zonyra1008
Emmanuella Sapey10016
Emmanuelle Onana10016
Enhoc Bedoya Garcia10014
Enoch Fritzinger9511
Enoch Garcia10011
Ephraim Katumba907
Eric Gbeklui10025
Ernest Sotsiavi9519
Esdras Cadena Parga1004
Esmeralda Jiménez Montoya9510
Esperanza Ngüí Eko'o Oyana9022
Ester Rania1007
Esther Kabamba9014
Esther Suiyanka10026
Ethan Jackson10014
Ethan Musara10011
Ethan Truelock10021
Ethel Egla10011
Eula Bonnette1008
Eunice Sapey957
Evelyn Diaz10018
Ezekiel Silva10010
Ezra Doyle10014
Faith Brandt10020
Faith Thorson10017
Faith Tsoka10028
Fani Franca Metiemdjo Defo9024
Febe Rodríguez Rosero10010
Fiorella Malagon1007
Fiston Kabamba10012
Flaurelle Ilunga10021
Foli Godwin10017
Foli Mafe1005
Forgive Abotsi10028
Francisca Akompi10025
Gabriel Jones10012
Gabriel Peraza10015
Gabrielle Matty1008
Garon Peraza1007
Genesis Nunez9528
Gideon Fiadowu10018
Gideon Habegger1009
Gideon Njege10011
Giovanna Suarez10016
Gloria Bedzrah10012
Godsway Atafo1006
Godsway Bedzrah10013
Godwin Kporliator10029
Gorgonio Owono Nguema Eyang9525
Grace (Gomti)10014
Grace Dickson8011
Grace Ilunga10016
Grace Muthui9019
Grace Peraza9513
Grace Sotsiavi10016
Gracious Cleopas1005
Grant Matty10014
Gretchen Peraza10010
Hadassah Forde10017
Hannah Divine Kinanga Berry10010
Hannah Mvutu9515
Hannah Toy10013
Hannah Wahl10021
Harmony Bonnette10010
Heidi Thorson10014
Hernán Mullisaca Escalante10026
Hope Adinga1006
Horeb Rodriguez907
Hunter Sumpter10019
Icyblah Amatcha1006
Imani Maene10019
Innocent Agboado10028
Isaac Dupuy9519
Isaac Ionescu10010
Isabel Ayang Bidang9020
Isabel Kenworthy10024
Isabella Amezcua1009
Isaiah Coley10017
Isaiah Hudson10018
Israel Doyle10019
Isreal Bedzrah1009
Ivah Bonnette1006
Ivan Wittmeier9520
Ivana Fritzinger10014
Jackline Kibozi9514
Jaden Fehr9516
James Alagah10018
Jamie Hudson10014
Janet Zavala10016
Jason Bahner10011
Jayden Newman1007
Jefte Gutierrez9528
Jehoiada Barratt10011
Jephthah Evedzi10015
Jeremiah Cook8517
Jeremiah Marcano1008
Jeremiah Olin10018
Jesse Marcano1006
Jesse Strite10016
Jireh Urbain1008
Joana Evedzi9512
Jobregal Wallace1003
Jochebed Musara10014
Joel Alexander9516
Joel Antwi10016
Joel Ballard10013
Joel Kaptain9512
Johanna Boodoo10019
John Brown1002
John Lowe10021
John Wagner908
Jonathan Dzadu1005
Jonathan Garcia10018
Jonathan Kiu1008
Jordan Smith10021
Josaiah Garcia9013
Jose David Cham Mathe10011
Jose Edu Asumu Mangue9518
José Fosso958
Jose Gutierrez10013
Jose Malagon10010
Jose Sanchez10016
Joseph Ahiagbede10023
Joseph Chavez10016
Joseph Chavez Morales10013
Joseph Cook9512
Joseph Geransky10014
Joseph Kabamba9013
Joseph Katumba8511
Joseph Mbayi1007
Joseph Mvutu9517
Joseph Schurer10013
Joseph-Benjamin Afful9513
Joshua Amanyo10017
Joshua Cook10010
Joshua Fiadowu10016
Joshua Kesslar9526
Joshua Massengale9515
Joshua O'dwyer10023
Joshua Strite10020
Joshua Tadiwa9019
Josue Ceballos9014
Josue Marrion Cham Mathe907
Joy Alexander10011
Joy Davis9520
Joy Rigei10013
Juan Ángel Ayong Ngua Avoro10017
Juan Mba Ibongo10015
Juan Sanchez8510
Jubilee Barratt1007
Judith Reece10020
Julie Greer9516
Junior Atafo10010
Kali Rejoice10028
Kamdem Angel10013
Kaps Kabamba857
Kareem Froget1008
Kashoba Abel10023
Kelyn Brown10013
Kerzia Urbain1008
Ketia Kalenga9513
Kevin García Siete9519
Kimberly Beejadhar10016
Kingsley Okoli10011
Klenam Ashong1005
Kofi Ahiagbede10014
Korku Perfect10017
Kudolo Akpedze10014
Kudolo Delali10012
Laura Carbonneau10018
Laura Geswein9521
Lazaro Sanchez1005
Len Davis10011
Levy Wanet10012
Leydy Ortega Flórez10026
Liam Marcano1002
Lilia Toy10013
Lilyanna Lauver903
Lilyanne Keding10012
Lincoln Hyde1009
Lizbeth Lizarazo Celis10014
Lonnia Lauver959
Lovein Levin9513
Luke Cook10017
Lumiere Cleopas10013
Margarita Gonzalez Mondragón10028
Mari Arquisola9514
Maria Consuelo Nchama Esono Nseng10011
María Gutiérrez Albanez10011
Maria Martinez10020
María Molache Eribo1008
Maria Piedad Esidang Nguema Esidang10017
Maria Schurer958
Mariana Urango Hernández10011
Maribel Ayingono Edu Abegue9520
Marirut Bedoya Garcia10013
Marrion Lauver10013
Matthew Geswein1002
Matthew Wagner9012
Mawuli Atsu10021
Mawutor Bedzrah1006
Mckenna Kitchen10018
Meaghan Geransky10015
Meghan Kenworthy10027
Melodia Jones10016
Melody Lauver10012
Merary Lizarazo Celis10011
Mercy Bonnette10012
Mercy Dube9520
Mia Dupont9512
Mia Siler10018
Micah Kaptain10012
Micah Lauver10011
Micaiah Coley1009
Michelle Díaz8523
Mifetu Clementina10018
Moses Barratt1009
Nabede Elorm1008
Nabede Josua1006
Nabede Perry10013
Nabede Rita10010
Naomi Fritzinger1009
Natalie Halverson1007
Nathan Chapi Wako955
Nathan Dupont959
Nathanael O'dwyer1003
Nehemiah Gbedemah10020
Nehemías Cadena Parga1009
Nerias Maina10028
Nhyira Vinyomens10017
Nicholas Holmes10017
Noah Bottazzi10010
Noah Fogelsanger10018
Noe Sanchez10012
Noel Blutse10019
Noel Ishima10011
Noemy Santos10024
Obey Atafo1004
Ofelia Beyaho9529
Oliver Oduor8025
Olivia Brown808
Oman Pacheco Herrera9527
Orou Pascaline10014
Orou Robert10017
Othniel Silva10013
Patience Ahiadzi10029
Patience Kanu10023
Patrick Sanger10016
Paul Kaptain10015
Paul Lauver10014
Paulina Tsikpo10016
Paulo Amor Macuacua10021
Peace Sotsiavi10022
Perfect Vidzraku10015
Perfect Zilevu9516
Phillip Jackson10013
Precious Kanu10019
Prefer Kanu10012
Prevaillia Kanu10018
Prince Vidzraku10016
Princesa Cadena Parga1006
Prophet Kanu1009
Purity Kanu10015
Rachel Kabamba10022
Rachel Koekkoek10016
Rachel Okoli1008
Rachele Rania1005
Raoul Ngounou9524
Raquel Zoe Molache Eribo1007
Rebeca Gutiérrez Rivas1009
Rebeca Ionescu10016
Rebecca Andre10011
Rebecca Nzuki9520
Rebecca Pierre9513
Rebecca Sapey10013
Rebekah Andries1003
Regina Maye Ekang9517
Renate Thorsen10022
Renee Diaz10022
Rhoda Wallace1006
Rich Kibozi10017
Richmond Atsu1009
Rishard Khan10015
Rita Logah10019
Rivka Oyono10014
Rodolfo Moran Flores8513
Rohi Khan9514
Rose Of Sharon Camacena10016
Rubiedove Cleopas1008
Ruslan Bibang Mba Nkoho10026
Ruth Hyde10020
Ruth Mawunedi1002
Ruth Molache Eribo10011
Ruth Nikang10020
Ruth Respect9512
Salatiel Fuma1008
Salem Fuma10018
Salma Fuma10016
Salma Jimenez10015
Salome Forde9513
Salome Fuma10011
Salomie Allicock9527
Samuel Atsu9528
Samuel Nguema Mangue10014
Samuel Villalba Piñanez952
Santiago Mba Ngomo Cheké10016
Sara Ada Nguema Mangue909
Sara Gutiérrez10015
Sara Sánchez Peña9521
Sarah Beejadhar1009
Sarah Beulah Asangono Nguema Nsue10017
Sarah Molony Bileko10019
Sarah O'dwyer10018
Sarah Subryan1006
Sarah Wallace1009
Savannah Bottazzi1008
Selah Bottazzi1005
Selah Garcia9513
Seli Ahiaforkpor10011
Senyram Azaglo1002
Seth Jackson10016
Shalom Wiltshire9514
Sharon Davis1007
Sharon Rigei10015
Shaynah Levin9510
Silas Thorson1009
Simeon Fritzinger10011
Solomon Alexander9521
Sophia Lopez1007
Sophie Yuan8010
Spencer Phelps1009
Stamatia Geana9015
Stephen St. Hill1004
Sylvia Nzerhumana10015
Tabitha Wiltshire10017
Taze Davis10024
Tejranie Gomes10014
Terri-Lynn Cook10010
Thea Stephen10022
Theresa Kualengor10026
Thiam Caleb1005
Thiam Joseph10010
Thiam Josua1007
Thiam Rebecca10017
Thiam Ruth10014
Timothee Levy Kinanga Berry857
Timothy Meighoo1003
Trust Evedzi1004
Ty Siler10017
Valarie Hyde10015
Veronika Halverson1009
Victoria Vidzraku10019
Wetsu Kelvin1005
Wetsu Prince1009
William Chavez Morales10011
William Chavez Morales10015
William Mulumba10014
William Owusu958
William Pitian959
William Rigei1009
Winner Atafo1008
Wonder Bokortsey10017
Wonder Bonemarrow10021
Worlanyo Atsu10026
Wyanita Cook8018
Xochitl Gonzalez Mondragon10024
Xornam Fiadowu10012
Yattah Benedicta10021
Yeimi Hernandez Ordoñez9522
Yona Dickson1002
Zoe Forde956
Zoe Habegger1009
Zoe O'dwyer10021
Zoe Wanet1007