65-0424One In A Million

One In A Million
Scores will be accepted until Sunday, October 7, 2012
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Where did Brother Branham say he would be going after this meeting?
Between what two places did Brother Branham say "we just try to keep the road hot"?
Anyone who can explain anything, you don't have to accept it anymore by faith.
To advance without official authority is to what?
God doesn't want us to do things haphazardly; He wants us to know what He has said about this day, and then meet it by _____.
What struck Brother Branham's hand while he was in Sabino Canyon asking for strength for the hour he was facing?
When Brother Branham was up in the mountain and Seven Angels came sweeping down from Heaven, it was told him to return home and that each Angel would be ___________.
______ usually draws an attention to people, and brings them in the Presence of God.
Who used to say, "Divine healing is the bait on a fishhook"?
There are many ways to serve God.
What did Brother Branham find out that a fine young fellow, named Donavon Weerts, suffered with when he took him by the hand?
Fill in the blank. "If they ______ the sick, they shall recover!"
In Arizona, when they gave the children in the schools a mental test, they found there were eighty percent of the children suffering with metal deficiency. Seventy percent of them were _______.
Brother Branham said, "If I don't speak my _______, I'm a hypocrite and now I'm not even honest with you."
Which of the following is correct?
When Israel left Egypt, there were approximately two million people. Every one of them heard the message of a prophet and saw the Pillar of Fire, but only two made it over into the promise land, one out of a million. If there is approximately five hundred million so-called Christians in the world today, how many would go in the Rapture?
What happens when the sheepfold is full?
The Lord's great arm is _____.
In this message, what birthday had Brother Branham just passed?
What was on the baby that Brother Branham prayed for at the end of the tape?

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65-0424 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for One In A Million. Anyone taking the quiz after Sunday, October 7, 2012 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Derksen10013
Aaron Wenger9518
Abbey Kingston9514
Abigail Barber1006
Abigail Garcia1003
Abigail Milner1008
Abigail Olin9012
Abigail Sanger10014
Abigail Scott10016
Adelina Catrina10015
Adina Muresan10020
Adriana Sanchez10020
Albu Lidia10017
Alexander Martens10014
Alexis Fehr10015
Alix Lacombe9520
Aliyah Powe10010
Amalie Thorsen10015
Amalys Kiener10026
Amanda Mutchler10021
Amber Pister1008
Amber Reed10013
Amelia Gary1005
Amelia Klopp10014
Amelia Vaughn1007
Ana Maria9012
Anabel Lafond10013
Anaclaire Dockens10010
Anca Lazea10019
Andreea Mihalescu10022
Andrej Lysyanskyj1005
Andrew Bomberger9515
Andrew Chambless1006
Andrew Farrie1004
Andrew Martens1009
Andrew Watson10019
Angel Fogelsanger1005
Anna Burba1007
Anna Crutchfield10014
Anna Harris10012
Anna Myers10013
Anna Sampson1008
Anna Sanger10012
Anna Seraiah10010
Anna Sganzerla10019
Annie Batho10017
Anton Cherednichenko10016
Apalane Roxana10016
Aquilla Riehl957
Areli Zorrilla10022
Ariane Deschamps9510
Ashlea Mccullough10014
Ashlee Greene10015
Ashley Pister10013
Ashley West10013
Audrey Lacroix10013
Auriana Larkin1003
Austen Dockens10022
Austin Pister10015
Austin Smith9522
Autumn Guidry954
Autumn Klopp10011
Azariah Emond1009
Badarau Rahela10016
Benjamin Buitenkamp10019
Benjamin Ceballos8010
Benjamin Chavez10014
Benjamin Evans9010
Benjamin Rains1007
Bethann Fritzinger1003
Bethanny Mellema1009
Bethany Helm10017
Bethany Parra10017
Bethany Sanger1005
Bethlehem Barlow8511
Billy Joe Cullinan10013
Bobby Marsteller1008
Bogdan Burba10014
Brandon Braye10014
Briana Lewis9516
Brianna Bray958
Brooke Waller10010
Caitlyn Robinson10016
Caleb Harris10010
Caleb Hess10020
Caleb Kesslar10015
Caleb Odwyer1006
Caleb Reese10011
Carissa Powe10013
Carmlyn Toussaint10026
Carol Garcia10010
Caroline Crawford1008
Cassia Smith10013
Chantel Mellema10015
Charity Brodeur1009
Charles Deschamps1005
Charlie Farrie Iii10011
Chelsea Scott10013
Cheyenne Cruz9517
Chishamiso Mafura10019
Chris Berube10016
Christen Johnson9516
Christiaan Pot10017
Christian Crawford10013
Christian Hare959
Christian Leadingham10010
Christian Plante10023
Christian Smith9521
Christianna Smith1006
Christine Robinson10011
Christopher Wenger9016
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing10018
Cindy Sanchez9521
Cojocaru Bianca10015
Daisy Aguillon10012
Damaris Pot9523
Daniel Borja10015
Daniel Evans Jr10010
Daniel Hagmann9011
Daniel Johnson1003
Daniel Lev10016
Daniel Martens9016
Daniel Sampson10011
Daniel Wilson10019
Danielle Bomberger10020
Danielle Perry10018
David Lysyanskyj1008
David Martens10017
David Mellema10011
Débora Noemi10014
Deborah Kissoon10020
Deborah Mitshabu9515
Derek Sutton1007
Dmitry Foster10014
Dorcas Mukendi9015
Echo Cook1005
Eilie Telgenhoff10012
Elaina Kaptain9510
Elena Dupont1005
Elias Evans1009
Elias Lambie1005
Elijah Kayser10011
Elijah Riehl1003
Elisabeth Landrum10012
Elisabeth Ponder9519
Elise Rotsch1006
Ella Moore9513
Ellen Martens9517
Elsalem Jongwe10014
Emanuel Deschamps10014
Emilie Hebert9528
Emily Cook10013
Emily Salzman9019
Emily Sampson10017
Emily Wolfe9514
Emma Moncada8513
Emma Moore10010
Emmalyn Hagmann9010
Emmanuel Mtetwa1007
Enoch Johnson1004
Enoch Rains1006
Erin Millis10022
Ester Giuliari10024
Esther Borlovan9519
Esther Gasper10016
Esther Nunweiler10011
Esther Olin9515
Esther Tshibangu10019
Esther Wenger10014
Etienne Deschamps1007
Eunice Strite1008
Ezekiel Milner955
Ezra Doyle1005
Faith Brandt10011
Faith Chambless9010
Faith Johnson10010
Faith Thorson958
Felicite Narugano10017
Fiona Riley9511
Frederik Deschamps10016
Gabriel Borlovan9510
Gabriel Cook10013
Gabriel Dupras10020
Gabriel Ketzer1007
Gabriel Moncada9011
Gabriel Waller10011
Gabriela Villarroel10015
Gabriella Evans10012
Gabriella Landrum909
Gavin Cook1007
Gbato Jean10026
Geneviève Bélanger10015
Ghys Silissili10022
Gideon Cook9016
Gideon Harris1002
Gloria Sanchez10028
Glorianna Emond1006
Glorianna Williams1008
Grace Garrett10015
Grace Ketch9511
Grace Lunsford959
Grace Milner10010
Hadassah Lambie1007
Halle Householder10011
Hannah Campominosi9513
Hannah Caswell9516
Hannah Cook10021
Hannah Gary9512
Hannah Kenworthy10013
Hannah Lev10010
Hannah Mcmasters10017
Hannah Olin1008
Hannah Reavis10015
Hannah Richey10015
Hannah Sampson10013
Hannah Wahl10013
Hannah Wilson10017
Hannah Yancey10014
Haylie Mckinney9512
Heather Delong9526
Hector Herrera1009
Heidi Thorson1006
Hope Chambless10010
Hope Cook10011
Hope Sanger1009
Hope Schultz1005
Hunter Friel10015
Isaac Crutchfield9524
Isaac Deschamps908
Isaac Joseph Dawson1009
Isaac Martens10013
Isaac Mulwa10015
Isaac Senat9011
Isaac Sharp9510
Isaac Waddell10019
Isabel Kenworthy10016
Isabella Collins1004
Isaiah Andersen1006
Isaiah Collins10016
Isaiah Fritzinger10012
Isaiah Kayser1008
Isaiah Smith905
Isaiah Stutzman10010
Isha Lacombe10016
Israel Batakanwa10016
Israel Doyle10010
Ivan Wittmeier10011
Jacob Newman10016
Jacob Sanchez10013
Jared Strite10010
Jason Hess10017
Jason Reed9516
Jean-Daniel Plante10020
Jeniffer Luana10017
Jenna Kingston9019
Jennifer Fehr10016
Jennifer Pflueger10017
Jeremiah Bray10010
Jeremiah Cook1009
Jeremiah Olin9010
Jeremiah Salzman9016
Jeremy Householder1008
Jesse Cullinan9510
Jesse Dyck10025
Jesse Myers1009
Jesse Strite1008
Jessica Dawson1006
Jessica Herrera9513
Jessie Lacroix10016
Jethro Cook959
Joanna Dawson9512
Joanna Herrera9013
Joanna Hess10015
Joanna Premaka1007
Joanna Strite10014
Jocelynn Steward10020
Joe Espeseth9512
Joel Dyck10023
Joel Evans957
Joel Wilson10015
John Hyde Iii9519
Johnny Boggs10010
Jonah Derksen9513
Jonah Householder905
Jonas Gonzalez907
Jonathan Nunweiler1007
Jonathan Schultz10011
Josef Burba9510
Joseph Blaine Olin10017
Joseph Chavez1008
Joseph Dawson10011
Joseph Fehr10013
Joseph Geransky1006
Joseph Johnson1003
Joseph Mhindurwa10016
Joseph Muñoz Rodríguez8510
Joseph Smith10015
Joseph Strite1005
Joshua Campominosi10011
Joshua Cook9519
Joshua Fritzinger1009
Joshua Garrett10021
Joshua Gary1003
Joshua Johnson1008
Joshua Kaptain10010
Joshua Landrum1005
Joshua Odwyer10014
Joshua Premaka10010
Joshua Sanger9513
Joshua Strite10011
Josiah Isaacson10010
Josiah Olson1006
Josiah Sanger909
Joy Salzman9017
Joy Tshibangu10024
Joyanna Sanger1006
Joyce Mutshipayi Muindila8512
Joylin Strite10018
Juan Mendoza10017
Judah Cook10016
Jude Steward10017
Julia Berthiaume10022
Julia Perozok10013
Juliana Amalong10013
Julianna Hare10014
Justin Bailey10011
Justin Strite10016
Kaitlyn Sanger10015
Kalenga Maweja10026
Karen Navarro10020
Karla Mina9517
Karson Kaptain956
Katelyn Kingston10013
Katherine Crutchfield9523
Katherine Farmer10013
Katie Kenworthy1008
Katie Sutton1009
Keila Navarro10021
Kimberly Florian10023
Kristen Martell10020
Larkanne Barber10014
Laura Dockens10016
Laura Kenworthy1006
Lauren Reilly10021
Laurisa Borlovan9520
Lays Gomes8018
Leah Martin10016
Levi Hare1007
Levi Powe9512
Levi Vaughn906
Lilia Gary1005
Liliana Smith10019
Liliya Lysyanskaya10010
Lillia Sanger10011
Lillian Barczynski9515
Lily Householder959
Lily Paz Rodríguez9512
Lincoln Sanger10011
Lino Sganzerla10020
Lisa-Ann Mhandu10026
Lita Ketzer1009
Lois Hyde10017
Luke Cook1008
Luke Kingston1008
Luke Smith1008
Lydia Nodier10023
Lydia Wahl10014
Madelyn Evans10012
Madelynn Landrum1007
Malachi Kayser10012
Malena Modirzadeh10017
Maria Badelita10014
Maria Cherednichenko10015
Marianna Belan10014
Marie-Grace Kisalu10013
Mark Perozok9511
Mary Lapp10019
Masha Fedykiv10021
Matthew Brodeur9513
Matthew Buitenkamp10024
Matthew Fritzinger10011
Matthew Martens10015
Matthew Riehl1004
Matthew Schultz10016
Matthew Yancey1009
Matthew-Ryan Scott1004
Matthieu Hagmann908
Meaghan Geransky1007
Meda Hyde10020
Meda Smith9012
Meghan Kenworthy10019
Meghan Scott10017
Melissa Herne9524
Melody Walker-Campbell9518
Meydi Ramirez10012
Mia Dupont1004
Micah Harvey1003
Micah Helm10016
Micah Kesslar10019
Mitchell Bailey10012
Moriah Lunsford10013
Moses Rotsch1004
Myra Riley1005
Myriam Roussil10018
Myriane Ouellette10024
Naomi Arvidson10017
Naomi Crutchfield10020
Naomi Dyck10027
Natalia Santos10012
Natalya Wittmeier10010
Natalye Militão9018
Nataniah Kayser1006
Nathan Berthiaume959
Nathan Dockens8520
Nathanael Duvall9013
Nathanael Kesslar8521
Nathanael Perry10015
Nathaniel Sanger1006
Nazar Burba10017
Noah Fogelsanger8510
Noah Harvey1006
Noah Martens8513
Noah Smith10014
Noemi Bertocchi10012
Noemy Santos9523
Nuvia Gabriel10022
Oksana Gaevsky1005
Olivia Borlovan9516
Olivia Guidry956
Olivia Marsteller10010
Patience Smith1003
Patrick Sanger1007
Paul Berthiaume10015
Paul Fritzinger Jr.956
Paul Hyde10015
Paul Johnson1006
Paul Kenworthy1009
Paul Mcmasters10019
Paula Paulinha10022
Paulina Aguillon1009
Pedro Sanchez10025
Philip Perozok1009
Priscilla Mattei10022
Providence Vaughn904
Racheal Gary9519
Rachel Chinayama10012
Rachel Esther Dawson9512
Rachel Fogelsanger1002
Rachel Howdeshell10017
Rachel Martin10019
Rachele Mubanga10017
Rachelle Linette Meza10025
Ralyah Thomas10014
Raoul Ngounou Sonkong9522
Rebeca Marrero10018
Rebecca Ramkhelawan9516
Rebekah Campominosi9515
Rebekah Chavez10017
Renate Thorsen10013
Reuben Fritzinger10017
Rhesa Martin9513
Riasa Shabaga1007
Ritzy Ramirez9016
Robert Fairweather10011
Rodé Rodríguez Ordierez10011
Rosa Sanchez10028
Rosanna Sanger10027
Roy Paka9514
Rutendo Vera10012
Ruth Hyde10011
Ruth Kilasi1007
Ruth Olson10011
Ruth Perozok1006
Ruth Take9516
Ruthanna Fritzinger10016
Ruvarashe Nyamadzavo9514
Salem Desbiens10015
Samantha Wolfe10018
Samuel Ballard9512
Samuel Gasper1009
Samuel Harris1005
Samuel Lacombe10026
Samuel Lacroix1008
Samuel Nunweiler1009
Sandra Vante10026
Sarah Amber Ferrante10017
Sarah Andrews10013
Sarah Batakanwa10014
Sarah Bélanger10019
Sarah Freitas10015
Sarah Gary10023
Sarah Gélinas9521
Sarah Keller10025
Sarah Odwyer10010
Sarah Perry10021
Sarah Sainteloi9519
Savannah Gonzalez10011
Savannah Naber10010
Serenity Cook9511
Seth Guidry958
Seth Hanson10011
Shainah Hanson10018
Shalom Desbiens10016
Shalom Leadingham1003
Shalom Mtetwa9017
Shalom Strite10010
Shammah Mtetwa859
Sharon Rania9520
Sharon Tshibangu10022
Sharon-Rose Boisvert10013
Sharron Martell10020
Sharron-Rose Kisalu10011
Shaylyn Hubert10014
Silas Lunsford10012
Simeon Fritzinger1002
Speranza Bertuzzi10018
Stefanescu Alina10018
Stefanescu Elisabeta10015
Stéphanie Bourassa10021
Stephen Schultz10013
Susanna Leadingham857
Tabacaru Adrian10019
Tabacaru Andrei10012
Tabacaru Iosif10013
Tabacaru Mirela10021
Tabacaru Paul10021
Tabacaru Roxana10016
Tabacaru Samuel10017
Tabitha Barber10013
Tabitha Pruitt9013
Tamara Dyck10022
Taylor Evans10012
Teanna Evans10011
Terric Evans10013
Terry Evans959
Thamar Kisalu10010
Tima Burba10016
Timo Pot10011
Timothy Allison9523
Timothy Reavis10019
Tina Manecci10021
Valarie Byers10013
Valentine Mtoko10020
William Seraiah1008
William Yancey10011
Wilton Ramirez10014
Winston Ditlow9516
Yasmani Diaz Mina9516
Zachary Martens9511
Zachary Wilson9511
Zion Emond10011
Zion Kisalu10019
Zoé Deschaines9517
Zoé Musafiri9517
Zoe Odwyer10012
Zoe Sanger10016