64-0418EJesus Keeps All His Appointments

Jesus Keeps All His Appointments
Scores will be accepted until Tuesday, April 22, 2014
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Look on your one-dollar bill. The seal of the United States is that _____.
Jesus told the story in the Scripture reading out of St. Luke, “There was a certain creditor which had two debtors: the one owed five hundred pence, and the other fifty. And when they had nothing to pay, he frankly forgave them both. Tell me therefore, which of them will love him most?” Choose the correct answer to Jesus’ question.
Where was Brother Branham going to baptize a whole tribe of Indians that he led to Christ, who were formerly Catholic, when he was on a hunting trip in the fall?
Jesus had ______ men around Him, that kept the people away from Him, ‘cause they’d just come in upon Him.
The courier boy was so wrapped up in bringing this message from his master that he failed, in the Presence of the Son of God, to ask for what?
When you see a little girl hanging with grandma all the time, there is something wrong there. There’s too much difference in their age. She is either grandma’s pet, or grandma’s got ___________ somewhere.
It all happened at a _________ meeting where they gather together. And the subject was discussed about this Fellow Who called Himself a prophet. And they didn’t believe He was a prophet. And this old Pharisee was going to prove it to them, that He wasn’t a prophet.
What’s the lowest paid job there is?
Jesus was kissed welcome as soon as He arrived at the banquet.
The people today take the same ________ as that Pharisee took; they let Jesus set after inviting Him.
Brother Branham said, “You know, a lot of times we think about ________ delinquency. I think a whole lot of it is ______ delinquency.”
The sinner woman bought the cheapest alabaster ointment they had at the store.
“And that’s what we ought to do. We ought to give Him our _____, everything we are, our youthful life, not wait till we’re old and dying. Give the _____ we got, to Him.”
The outside ________ what’s on the inside.
Simon didn't give Jesus anything to wash His feet with, but He had the best water that there could be washing the dirt off of His feet. What kind of water did He have?
Jesus keeps all of His appointments. And you’ve got one with Him. You’re going to meet Him at _______ or meet Him here.
You have to have the Holy Ghost for the Rapture.
“For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to them that’s far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” And as long as He is still calling, He is still giving the __________.
Brother Branham tells the story of a man who had a dream that he started into Heaven and was met at the gate. Because his name wasn’t found on the book, he had to appeal his case to God’s White Throne Judgment. What was this man’s name?
That’s what you’re doing now. You’re making a _____ for Him here. He’ll make a _____ for you, before the Father.

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64-0418E Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for Jesus Keeps All His Appointments. Anyone taking the quiz after Tuesday, April 22, 2014 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Borders10021
Aaron Derksen10015
Aaron Wenger10020
Abbey Kingston10016
Abel Meighoo10012
Abigail Barber1007
Abigail Garcia1005
Abigail Martens1007
Abigail Mccullough10011
Abigail Milner9510
Abigail Olin9513
Abigail Sanger10016
Adelina Catrina10016
Adina Muresan10022
Alicia Gokool10015
Alix Lacombe10021
Allison Matty10016
Alyssa Scheifers10022
Amalys Kiener9028
Amanda Parker10012
Amber Pister10010
Amber Rains1005
Amber Reed9515
Amelia Hyde1006
Amelia Klopp10016
Ana Cristina Mihalescu10010
Anderson Beejadhar10013
Andrea Walker10010
Andreea Mihalescu10024
Andrej Lysyanskyj1006
Andrew Chambless1008
Andrew Farrie956
Andrew Martens10010
Anna Alexander9511
Anna Andrews10012
Anna Crutchfield10016
Anna Harris10013
Anna Klungland10019
Anna Nyarko9512
Anna Phillips1004
Anna Sanger10013
Annalisa Sieunath1008
Anton Cherednichenko10018
Arindell Thomas10017
Artem Georgadze10019
Ashlea Mccullough10016
Ashley Doodnath10012
Ashley Pister10015
Auriana Larkin955
Austin Pister10017
Autumn Klopp10013
Autumn Walker1009
Ava Toy957
Azariah Emond10010
Beloved Akanji9510
Benjamin Abbott9012
Benjamin Buitenkamp10021
Benjamin Ceballos10011
Benjamin Evans9511
Benjamin Fritzinger1003
Benjamin Kuchel908
Benjamin Mahadeo1004
Benjamin Marcano953
Benjamin Phillips10011
Benjamin Rains1009
Bernadette Ebambi10011
Bethann Fritzinger1005
Bethanny Mellema10010
Bethany Lavin10010
Bethany Sanger1007
Billy Joe Cullinan10014
Boaz Kilasi1009
Bobby Marsteller10010
Brianna Bray10010
Brooke Waller10011
Caitlyn Reaves10020
Caitlyn Robinson10017
Caleb Cook1005
Caleb Harris10011
Caleb Hess10022
Caleb Odwyer1007
Carissa Bahner10013
Carol Garcia10012
Caroline Crawford10010
Cassia Smith9514
Celeste Jones1007
Celestial Cummings10017
Chai Smith9513
Chantel Mellema10016
Charity Braithwaite955
Charity Brodeur10011
Charity Johnson1004
Charity Kraus10015
Charity Sesay9512
Charity Southworth9516
Charlie Farrie Iii9513
Chishamiso Mafura10021
Christen Gutierrez10013
Christian Buchholz10010
Christian Crawford10014
Christian Hare10011
Christian Leadingham10012
Christian Plante10024
Christian Smith10022
Christianna Smith958
Christina Manecci10023
Christine Robinson9512
Christoph Wittmeier1004
Christopher Wenger10018
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing10019
Ciprian Lihaciu10021
Clare Mutambirwa9521
Daisy Aguillon10013
Daniel Dickson1002
Daniel Evans Jr10012
Daniel Hagmann9513
Daniel James8011
Daniel Kuchel906
Daniel Martens10017
Daniel Sampson10012
Danielle Browne1007
Danielle Ibaressongo10012
Danielle Perry10020
Darnell Clarke10011
David Conniff10013
David Kilasi10014
David Lysyanskyj959
David Martens10018
David Mellema10012
Débora Noemi9514
Deborah King10026
Derek Sutton1009
Dillan Hammond9515
Dmitry Foster10016
Dorcas Mukendi10017
Echo Cook1007
Elaina Kaptain9512
Elainah Sanger906
Eleanor Olson1004
Elias Evans10010
Elias Lambie1006
Eliezer Gabriel10013
Elijah Green954
Elijah Holmes10011
Elijah Mahadeo957
Elijah Nicholson1008
Elijah Sieunath10010
Elijah Teelucksingh1007
Elisa Jones1004
Elisabeth Gabriel1009
Elisabeth Landrum10014
Elisabeth Ponder10021
Elise Rotsch1008
Ella Moore9515
Ella Sanger1008
Ella Toy956
Ellen Martens10018
Elsalem Jongwe10015
Elzbieta Gargola10016
Emanuel Deschamps10016
Emily Cook10014
Emily Garcia1004
Emily Holmes10015
Emily Salzman9520
Emily Sampson10019
Emma Grace Branham957
Emma Martens1009
Emma Moncada8515
Emma Moore10012
Emmalyn Hagmann10011
Emmanuel Mtetwa1008
Enoch Fritzinger1004
Enoch Johnson1006
Enoch Rains1007
Esperanza Garcia9521
Ester Gargola8019
Esther Borlovan9520
Esther Gasper10018
Esther Lashley10023
Esther Olin10017
Esther Wenger9516
Ethan Davis10019
Etienne Surprenant9018
Ezekiel James10012
Ezekiel Milner957
Ezra Doyle1007
Faith Brandt10013
Faith Chambless9512
Faith Johnson10012
Faith Thorson9010
Fiona Riley9513
Gabriel Cook9515
Gabriel Ketzer959
Gabriel Moncada10013
Gabriel Suarez10010
Gabriel Waller10013
Gabriel Wittmeier1005
Gabriella Evans9514
Gabriella Landrum10011
Gavin Cook1009
Genesis Suarez1005
Genesis-Starr Kisalu10016
Gerardo Suarez10013
Gideon Cook9517
Gideon Harris1003
Giovanna Suarez1008
Giulianna Suarez10012
Glorianna Emond1007
Glorianna Williams10010
Grace Dickson1004
Grace Greer10015
Grace Kejo957
Grace Konzelman9522
Grace Lunsford10010
Grace Milner9012
Grace Mukendi10015
Grace Wells8514
Gracey Taylor10015
Grant Matty857
Hadassah Brewster10012
Hadassah Forde9510
Hadassah Lambie958
Hadassah Phillips1006
Halle Householder9013
Hannah Caswell9517
Hannah Day10011
Hannah Holmes10017
Hannah Hunt956
Hannah Kenworthy10014
Hannah Lev10011
Hannah Mcmasters10018
Hannah Olin10010
Hannah Sampson10015
Hannah Wahl10014
Hannah Wilson10019
Hannah Wittmeier1003
Hannah Yancey10015
Haylie Mckinney10013
Heather Delong10027
Heidi Thorson907
Hope Allison10026
Hope Chambless9512
Hope Cook10012
Hope Sanger9511
Hope Schultz1006
Hunter Amalong10013
Immanuel Lashley10025
Isaac Dawson9510
Isaac Martens9514
Isaac Meighoo10018
Isaac Sanger1007
Isabel Kenworthy10017
Isabele Toy9510
Isabella Collins1006
Isaiah Andersen1008
Isaiah Fritzinger9514
Isaiah Hudson10010
Isaiah Lunsford10015
Isaiah Smith1007
Isaiah Stutzman10012
Isha Lacombe10018
Israel Batakanwa10017
Israel Doyle10012
Israel Stricker808
Ivan Wittmeier10013
Jacelyn Prakash1008
Jaedyn Sathianathan1007
Jamie Hudson1007
Jared Prakash1004
Jared Strite10011
Jasher Sathianathan10010
Jason Bahner1004
Jehoiada Barratt1004
Jemima Abraham1004
Jeniffer Luana9017
Jenna Kingston10020
Jennifer Kejo9513
Jeremiah Bray10012
Jeremiah Cook9510
Jeremiah Olin10011
Jeremiah Salzman10017
Jeremy Householder9510
Jesse Cullinan10012
Jesse Dyck10026
Jesse Strite1009
Jessica Dawson958
Jethro Cook10010
Joanana Newton10020
Joanna Dawson10014
Joanna Hess10017
Joanna Premaka1008
Joanna Strite10016
Joel Alexander1009
Joel Dyck10025
Joel Evans958
Joel Kaptain1005
Joel Wilson10016
John Hyde Iii10020
John Moses Erickson1003
Jonah Derksen10014
Jonah Dickson1004
Jonah Householder957
Jonah Sathianathan10013
Jonathan Milton9016
Jonathan Ramsundar958
Jonathan Schultz10013
Jordan Kouba9510
Joseph Blaine Olin10018
Joseph Chavez Morales9510
Joseph Conniff10012
Joseph Dawson9512
Joseph Evans1005
Joseph Gary1002
Joseph Geransky1007
Joseph Johnson1005
Joseph Luke Branham959
Joseph Mccullough10015
Joseph Smith10017
Joseph White10013
Joshua Campominosi10013
Joshua Clarke1004
Joshua Cook9520
Joshua Fritzinger10010
Joshua Garrett10022
Joshua Gary1004
Joshua Johnson10010
Joshua Kaptain10012
Joshua Kesslar10019
Joshua Landrum1007
Joshua Moncada9011
Joshua Odwyer10016
Joshua Sanger10014
Joshua Strite10013
Joshua Taylor8513
Josiah Dickson1007
Josiah Isaacson9512
Josiah Lunsford10012
Josiah Olson1007
Josiah Teelucksingh1004
Josue Ceballos957
Joy Salzman9518
Joyanna Sanger908
Joylin Strite10020
Judah Cook10017
Julia Perozok10015
Juliana Amalong10014
Julianna Hare10016
Justin Bailey10012
Kaci Hammond10014
Kaelin James10019
Kaitlyn Sanger10016
Katelyn Kingston10014
Katherine Crutchfield10024
Katie Kenworthy9510
Katie Sutton10011
Katreina Wagner10017
Kay Olson957
Kayla Walker1007
Kelly Malembe10026
Kimberly Beejadhar959
Kimberly Florian10025
Kristen Martell10021
Kristina Mohan9516
Kylie Morrison1002
Laura Dockens10017
Laura Geswein10014
Laura Kenworthy1007
Laura Poara10022
Lauren Reilly10023
Laurisa Borlovan10021
Levi Hare1008
Lilah Buchholz1008
Lilia Gary1007
Liliana Smith10021
Liliya Lysyanskaya9511
Lillia Sanger9013
Lillian Holmes1009
Lily Clarke1009
Lilyann Myers9516
Lincoln Sanger10012
Lita Ketzer10010
Lois Hyde10019
Lori Williams9017
Luke Buchholz1006
Luke Cook10010
Luke Kaptain10014
Luke Kingston10010
Luke Smith9510
Lydia Phillips1009
Lydia Wahl10016
Madelyn Evans10014
Madelynn Landrum1008
Malachi Olson1005
Mardocheo Greco8014
Maria Cherednichenko10016
Marie-Grace Kisalu10015
Mark Perozok10013
Marrion Lauver1006
Mary Wiltshire10010
Matei Lihaciu10024
Matthew Brodeur10015
Matthew Browne10011
Matthew Buitenkamp9526
Matthew Doodnath10010
Matthew Fritzinger10012
Matthew Kaptain1009
Matthew Martens10016
Matthew Schultz10017
Matthew Yancey10010
Matthieu Hagmann9510
Mckenna Kitchen9511
Meaghan Geransky1008
Meda Evans1002
Meda Hyde10022
Meda Meighoo1002
Meda Smith10014
Meda-Joy Ramsundar10015
Megan Mccullough10014
Megan Pister954
Melodia Jones1009
Melody Lauver1005
Melody Sesay9010
Melody Walker-Campbell9519
Micah Campominosi958
Micah Garcia952
Micah Kaptain1005
Micah Kesslar10021
Micaiah Baboolal1003
Michael Dickson1009
Michael Lashley10021
Michaela Hudson1009
Michal Krzyzanowski10017
Michelle Tempo9521
Mitchell Bailey10014
Moises Cadena9519
Moriah Lunsford10014
Moses Barratt1002
Myra Riley1007
Myriam Roussil9519
Myriane Ouellette10026
Nala Hope Bhagwandass10018
Naomi Crutchfield10022
Naomi Dyck10028
Naomi Forde9514
Naomi Fritzinger1002
Natalya Wittmeier10012
Nathan Berthiaume9510
Nathan Brandt10023
Nathan Dockens10021
Nathanael Perry10016
Nathaniel Dickson1005
Nichole Qualls9523
Nissi Mohan1003
Noah Greer9013
Noah Harvey958
Noah Martens10015
Noah Smith10016
Noah Walker1005
Noemy Santos10023
Ntambwe Kabengela10011
Odia Kabengela9513
Olakunle Olatunji10011
Olivia Borlovan10017
Olivia Marsteller10011
Patience Smith1004
Patrick Sanger1009
Paul Fritzinger Jr.1007
Paul Hyde10016
Paul Johnson1007
Paul Kaptain958
Paul Lauver1007
Paul Mcmasters9520
Peter Tempo10025
Philip Perozok10010
Phoebe Owusu10010
Precious Jones10010
Preda Adrian10017
Priscilla Mattei10023
Racheal Gary10020
Rachel Andrews10010
Rachel Boggs1006
Rachel Chinyama10013
Rachel Dawson10014
Rebecca Molony8017
Rebecca Ramkhelawan8018
Rebekah Campominosi10017
Rebekah Gosine1008
Rebekah Moriah Gabriel10014
Reuben Fritzinger10019
Rozalia Rozi10028
Rutendo Vera10013
Ruth Hyde10012
Ruth Kilasi1009
Ruth Lashley10027
Ruth Mtoko10022
Ruth Perozok957
Ruthanna Fritzinger10017
Salome Forde956
Samantha Mohan10014
Samuel Bahner10015
Samuel Ballard9513
Samuel Dickson1002
Samuel Gasper10011
Samuel Harris1007
Samuel Lacombe10028
Samuel Myers10012
Sarah Amber Ferrante10019
Sarah Andrews10014
Sarah Batakanwa10015
Sarah Beejadhar1002
Sarah Farmer9515
Sarah Freitas10016
Sarah Keller10026
Sarah Odwyer10011
Sarah Perry9523
Sarah Teelucksingh1003
Savanna Anderson10015
Savannah Naber10012
Serenity Cook9513
Seth Hanson9012
Shalom Leadingham1004
Shalom Mtetwa9018
Shalom Wiltshire1007
Shamgar Gabriel1006
Sharon Rania8521
Sharon-Rose Boisvert8015
Sharon-Rose Mukendi8512
Sharron Martell10021
Sharron-Rose Kisalu10013
Shawn Mohan10010
Shaylyn Hubert10015
Shepherd Kitchen959
Silas Garcia1003
Silas Lunsford10013
Simeon Fritzinger1004
Sophia Foster1007
Stephen Bahner10011
Stephen Gosine10013
Stephen Schultz10014
Susanna Leadingham1008
Tabacaru Adrian10021
Tabacaru Andreea10017
Tabacaru Andrei10013
Tabacaru Iosif10015
Tabacaru Lulia10011
Tabacaru Mirela10022
Tabacaru Paul10022
Tabacaru Roxana10018
Tabacaru Samuel10019
Tabitha Barber9514
Talitha Katalayi909
Tamara Dyck10024
Tamara Stephen10015
Tara Borders9519
Tatyana Kouba9510
Taylor Evans10013
Thamar Kisalu10012
Thea Stephen10015
Theo Harvey953
Theodore Carter1004
Timo Pot10013
Timothy Allison9525
Titus Garcia1003
Valarie Byers10015
Violet Martens902
William Chavez Morales858
William Chavez Morales10013
William Dickson1008
William King10023
William Kuchel909
William Mcmasters9527
William Rainey10023
William Seraiah1009
William Yancey10012
Winston Ditlow10018
Wyanita Cook10011
Zachary Martens9513
Zachary Wilson10013
Zion Emond10012
Zoé Musafiri10019
Zoe Odwyer10013
Zoë Sanger10017