63-0714M Why Cry? Speak!

Why Cry? Speak!
Scores will be accepted until Wednesday, August 22, 2012
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Who was Brother Branham talking about when he said, "If they'd all come together from Kentucky, in here, I guess we'd have to rent the city; there is so many of them."
What question did Joseph ask his daddy?
What two chapters did Brother Branham read from in Exodus?
Which direction did the wind come from, that parted the Red Sea?
In the Scripture reading, why did God rebuke Moses?
If God is not infinite, then He isn't God.
Which of the following is NOT one of the examples of how Moses strictly typed the Lord Jesus?
Moses was born with a great gift of _____.
The seed of God is actually placed in us from the foundation of the world, but the _____ must first strike that seed to bring it to Life.
Where/when was Moses anointed and commissioned?
When you see the time of the promise drawing nigh, it sets people to _______.
"While _____ was in the room praying, he saw an Angel pull His sword and point it towards the North…"
Which event was Brother Branham speaking of, when he said, "The faith that God... I had in God, that told me, and it never failed, told me, 'The situation is under control now. Here is exactly what I showed you two years ago, and here it is laying just in, exactly in order. The only thing you have to do is speak the word'"?
"Moses esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt." What does esteem mean?
Moses said, "I'm a son of _____. I'm no son of this pharaoh."
How did Moses express human nature fully when he saw Pharaoh coming, and he cried out "What must I do?"
When Moses cried out to the Lord, what did the Lord want Moses to do?
Which one of the following, was NOT listed as an example of speaking the Word without crying out first, like Moses?
What Scripture was Brother Branham quoting when he said, "If you say to this mountain, 'be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you've said will come to pass, you can have what you've said"?
Brother Branham said, "I found myself not in the way that I thought I did, but I found myself guilty of _______ all the time, instead of _______."

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63-0714M Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for Why Cry? Speak!. Anyone taking the quiz after Wednesday, August 22, 2012 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Derksen10013
Aaron Wenger10018
Abbey Kingston10014
Abigail Barber1006
Abigail Garcia1003
Abigail Milner908
Abigail Olin10011
Abigail Sanger10014
Abigail Scott10016
Abijah Quesnel1008
Abraham Sanchez1003
Adan Sanchez1008
Adolfo Sanchez1003
Adoniram Hyde1002
Adriana Sanchez10020
Alba Aguilar10022
Alexander Martens10014
Alexis Fehr10015
Aline Jimenez10012
Alix Lacombe9520
Aliyah Powe10010
Allegria Mayasi1004
Allison Matty10015
Alyssa Scheifers9520
Amber Pister1008
Amber Rains1003
Amber Reed9513
Amelia Klopp10014
Ana Maria10012
Anabel Lafond9013
Anaclaire Dockens1009
Anca Lazea10019
Andreea Mihalescu10022
Andrej Lysyanskyj1005
Andres Sánchez Avila9516
Andrew Bomberger10015
Andrew Chambless1006
Andrew Farrie1004
Andrew Martens959
Anna Burba1007
Anna Crutchfield9014
Anna Harris10012
Anna Sampson957
Apalane Roxana10016
Areli Sanchez1007
Ariane Deschamps9510
Asenath Salcido9015
Ashlea Mccullough10014
Ashley Doodnath10010
Ashley Pister10013
Audrey Lacroix10013
Austen Dockens10022
Austin Pister9515
Austin Taylor8516
Autumn Klopp10011
Axel Sanchez1008
Azariah Emond959
Becky Rathel9517
Benedit Panzu9015
Beni Muamba9510
Benjamin Buitenkamp10019
Benjamin Chavez10014
Benjamin Evans10010
Benjamin Phillips10010
Benjamin Rains1007
Benjamin Sanchez10018
Benjamin Snigir958
Bethann Fritzinger1003
Bethanny Mellema959
Billy Joe Cullinan10012
Blanchard Santer10026
Bobby Marsteller1008
Bogdan Burba10014
Booz Ruiz10019
Brianna Bray908
Caitlyn Robinson10016
Caleb Harris10010
Caleb Hess9520
Caleb Kiba8518
Caleb Reese10011
Candy Martinez9515
Carissa Powe10013
Carol Garcia10010
Caroline Crawford1008
Caroline Scott1009
Carrie Taylor10019
Cassia Smith9013
Celeste Jones1005
Celine Wickerling10016
Cesia Cisneros Garcia1009
Chantel Mellema10014
Charity Brodeur1009
Charity Freeman8526
Charlie Farrie Iii10011
Chishamiso Mafura10019
Chris Berube9516
Christ Mayasi9019
Christen Johnson10016
Christian Crawford10013
Christian Gonzalez957
Christian Hare959
Christian Plante9523
Christian Smith10020
Christine Robinson9010
Christopher Wenger10016
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing10018
Claudia Cantor Cisneros1008
Claudine Kalunda8521
Communauté Internationale Malachie 410024
Dady Ngoyi8514
Daisy Aguillon9512
Damaris Hernandez Flores9018
Damaris Scott9519
Daniel Evans Jr10010
Daniel Hagmann10011
Daniel Lev9515
Daniel Martens10016
Daniel Sampson10011
Danielle Bomberger10020
Danielle Browne1005
Danielle Perry10018
David Lysyanskyj958
David Martens10016
David Mellema10011
Deivid Ramos Fuentes10016
Denis Martinez10012
Dillan Hammond10014
Djamila Tiengoué9525
Dmitry Foster10014
Dulce Gonzalez9015
Echo Cook1005
Efrain Gutierrez Jr1009
Elaina Kaptain10010
Elena Dupont1005
Elena Pacheco Larios9030
Elias Evans1009
Elias Lambie955
Elijah Kayser8510
Elisa Jones1002
Elisabeth Landrum10012
Elisabeth Ponder9519
Elisabeth Scott10015
Elisabeth Wagner1008
Elise Rotsch1006
Elizabeth Carter10018
Ellen Martens10016
Emilie Hebert10028
Emily Cook10012
Emily Salzman9518
Emily Sampson10017
Emily Wolfe9514
Emmalyn Hagmann10010
Emmanuel Sanchez10011
Enoc Perez10013
Enoch Rains1005
Erec Kingston9017
Esteban Cantor Cisneros1007
Esther Borlovan9518
Esther Gasper10016
Esther Muela1004
Esther Olin10015
Esther Wenger10014
Ethan Truelock9512
Etienne Deschamps956
Eunice Strite1008
Eva Clever10015
Evelyn Diaz10015
Exauce Makengele8520
Ezekiel Milner855
Ezra Doyle1005
Faith Chambless9510
Faith Johnson10010
Faith Thorson1008
Faustine Nlandu9022
Felicite Narugano10017
Fruisna Mabouana Nkengue10020
Gabriel Borlovan8010
Gabriel Calini9511
Gabriel Cook9513
Gabriel Jongwe10015
Gabriel Ketzer907
Gabriella Evans10012
Gabriella Landrum1009
Gaël Mbama9026
Galilea Perez10018
Gamaliel Perez10017
Gauge Hammond9010
Gavin Cook1007
Gertie Mujinga10016
Gideon Cook10016
Gideon Harris1002
Gloria Sanchez9528
Glorianna Emond906
Glorianna Williams1008
Grace Garrett10015
Grace Lunsford1009
Grace Milner10010
Grace Wells10013
Gracey Taylor9513
Grant Matty1005
Hadassah Lambie957
Hadassah Phillips1005
Hannah Campominosi8513
Hannah Caswell9515
Hannah Cook10021
Hannah Kenworthy10013
Hannah Lev1009
Hannah Mcmasters9016
Hannah Olin1008
Hannah Richey10015
Hannah Sampson10013
Hannah Schuler10011
Hannah Wahl10013
Hannah Wilson10017
Hannah Yancey10014
Harmony Duran10017
Heather Delong9526
Hector Herrera1008
Heidi Thorson955
Hope Chambless10010
Hope Cook10010
Hope Sanger1009
Hope Schultz1005
Ilya Snigir10012
Irina Cobilita9019
Isaac Crutchfield10024
Isaac Deschamps908
Isaac Joseph Dawson1008
Isaac Martens10013
Isaac Waddell10019
Isaacson Luemba9514
Isabel Kenworthy10016
Isaiah Andersen1006
Isaiah Fritzinger9512
Isaiah Kayser858
Isaias Sanchez10010
Isha Lacombe10016
Israel Doyle10010
Itzel Jardinez Maldonado9021
Ivan Wittmeier10011
Jacob Cisneros Garcia1007
Jacob Craven9513
Jacob Newman10016
Jacob Sanchez10013
Jacquelinne Orellana10021
James Norvil10019
Jared Quesnel1005
Jared Sahlin8515
Jared Strite1009
Jason Hess10016
Jason Reed10016
Jaylon Strite10020
Jean-Daniel Plante10020
Jeannelle Malima9513
Jenna Kingston10019
Jenna Warme9019
Jennifer Pflueger10017
Jeremiah Bray9010
Jeremiah Cook959
Jeremiah Olin1009
Jeremie Gallo10022
Jeremie Tousignant10017
Jesse Cullinan10010
Jesse Dyck10024
Jesse Strite958
Jessica Dawson1006
Jessica Herrera9012
Jessica Mbulu9018
Jessica Sanchez10014
Jessie Lacroix10016
Jethro Cook909
Jimena Sanchez1007
Joanna Dawson10012
Joanna Herrera8512
Joanna Hess10015
Joanna Premaka1007
Joanna Strite10014
Job Montoya10017
Jocabed Jiménez10013
Joel Dyck10023
Joel Evans1007
Joel Montoya Prado9522
Joel Wilson9515
John Hyde Iii10019
Johnny Boggs909
Jonas Gonzalez1007
Jonathan Schultz10011
José Fosso909
Jose Montoya1008
Jose Paez8513
Jose Sanchez10013
Josef Burba1009
Joseph Blaine Olin10017
Joseph Chavez1008
Joseph Chavez Morales10010
Joseph Dawson10010
Joseph Evans954
Joseph Geransky1006
Joseph Mhindurwa10016
Joseph Smith9515
Joseph Strite1005
Joseph Weri9514
Joshua Campominosi10011
Joshua Cook9518
Joshua Fritzinger1009
Joshua Gary1003
Joshua Johnson1008
Joshua Kaptain10010
Joshua Landrum1005
Joshua Odwyer10014
Joshua Premaka10010
Joshua Sanger10013
Joshua Strite10011
Joshua Taylor8011
Josiah Canada10010
Josiah Olson1006
Josue Cordero10012
Joy Salzman10017
Joy Tshibangu9524
Joyanna Sanger1006
Joylin Strite10018
Juan Sanchez1007
Judah Cook10016
Julia Berthiaume10022
Julia Perozok10013
Juliana Amalong9513
Juliana Pashko10013
Julianna Hare9514
Jusmain Mandembo10016
Justin Bailey10011
Justin Strite10016
Kaci Hammond10012
Kaitlyn Sanger10015
Kalvin Lucier-Quesnel10011
Karen Navarro10020
Karla Rubio Rodriguez10022
Karson Kaptain956
Katelyn Kingston10012
Katherine Crutchfield10022
Katie Kenworthy958
Keila Navarro10021
Landers Hernandez1008
Larkanne Barber10014
Laura Dockens10016
Laura Kenworthy1006
Laurisa Borlovan10020
Lazaro Sanchez1002
Leah Bugg10016
Leah Martin10016
Leonardo Sanchez10010
Levi Hare1007
Levi Powe10012
Lilia Gary1005
Liliana Smith10019
Liliya Lysyanskaya1009
Lillia Sanger10011
Lillian Barczynski10015
Lillian Hyde1008
Lilyann Myers10014
Lincoln Sanger10011
Lino Sganzerla9520
Lita Ketzer1009
Lois Hyde10017
Lucie Mayele1005
Luke Cook1008
Luke Kaptain10012
Luke Kingston1008
Luke Smith958
Lune S. Conserve9025
Luz Jiménez10019
Lydia Phillips1008
Lydia Wahl10014
Madelyn Evans10012
Madelynn Landrum1007
Malachi Kayser8512
Malachi Mellema8513
Malena Modirzadeh10017
Marc Thamba8019
Marcos Hernandez10029
Maria Badelita9514
Maria Caballero Zambrano10024
Maria Martinez9517
Maria Sanchez9516
Marie Shyamba10011
Marie-Grace Kisalu10013
Mark Perozok10011
Martha Caballero Zambrano9523
Martha Flores Flores10022
Mateo Sanchez1003
Matthew Brodeur10013
Matthew Browne1009
Matthew Buitenkamp10024
Matthew Fritzinger9511
Matthew Kaptain1007
Matthew Schultz10016
Matthew Yancey1008
Matthew-Ryan Scott1004
Matthieu Hagmann1008
Meaghan Geransky1007
Meda Shyamba1006
Meda Smith10012
Medi Muamba10011
Meghan Kenworthy10018
Meghan Scott10017
Melissa Sanchez956
Melodia Jones1007
Melody Walker-Campbell10018
Merite Luemba9512
Mia Dupont1003
Micah Campominosi1006
Micah Harvey1003
Micah Helm10016
Micah Kesslar9519
Michael Calini9517
Michael Snigir10019
Micheline Bondeko8521
Miguel Cordero1009
Miguel Gutierrez10015
Mitchell Bailey10012
Moïse Kabwe Kazadi10024
Moriah Lunsford10013
Moriah Martin10013
Moses Rotsch1004
Myriane Ouellette10024
Nadege Mbuyi10021
Naomi Crutchfield10020
Naomi Dyck10027
Natalia Puga10011
Natalia Santos8012
Natalya Wittmeier10010
Nataniah Kayser806
Nathan Berthiaume959
Nathan Dockens9519
Nathan Kabwela10023
Nathan Roberts1008
Nathanael Duval10011
Nathanael Duvall10012
Nathanael Kesslar9521
Nathanael Perry10015
Nazar Burba10017
Neel Nzoulou10024
Noah Fogelsanger10010
Noah Harvey1006
Noah Martens9513
Noe Cisneros Garcia1004
Noe Sanchez1009
Noemi Ruiz10017
Oana Badelita9518
Odia Kabengela8512
Oksana Gaevsky955
Olivia Borlovan10016
Olivia Canada1009
Olivia Marsteller10010
Oman Pacheco Herrera8524
Pablo Sanchez1009
Paloma Lousseth8024
Panashe Kwaramba10015
Patience Smith903
Patrick Sanger1007
Paul Berthiaume9515
Paul Fritzinger Jr.1006
Paul Hyde10015
Paul Johnson1006
Paul Mcmasters9519
Paulina Aguillon959
Pauline Konovalova10019
Pedro Sanchez10025
Perla Diaz9516
Philip Perozok1009
Philippe Lacombe10023
Precious Jones1009
Priscilla Mattei10022
Rachel Esther Dawson10012
Ralyah Thomas10014
Raoul Ngounou Sonkong10022
Raquel Peralta10017
Rebeca Sanchez10010
Rebecca Ramkhelawan9516
Rebekah Campominosi10015
Rebekah Chavez10017
Rehoboth Luemba9514
Riasa Shabaga1006
Rita Gatse9027
Roberson Luemba957
Robyn Martell8012
Rolland Madembo10014
Roney Ramdeen10021
Rosa Sanchez10028
Rosanna Sanger10027
Rutendo Vera10011
Ruth Hyde10010
Ruth Perozok1006
Salem Desbiens10015
Samuel Ballard9512
Samuel Gasper1009
Samuel Harris1005
Samuel Lacombe10026
Samuel Lacroix1008
Samuel Myers9510
Santiago Zamora Ávila9515
Sara Jimenez10016
Sara Mosquera Bejarano8513
Sara Peralta10012
Sara Sánchez Peña10018
Sarah Amber Ferrante10017
Sarah Andrews9512
Sarah Gélinas9521
Sarah Keller10024
Sarah Odwyer1009
Sarah Perry10021
Sarah Scott9514
Savannah Gonzalez10011
Savannah Naber9510
Scarlet Cuevas Palomar10017
Sephora Lemena8014
Serenity Cook9011
Seth Hanson9510
Seth Tshibamba10029
Shalom Desbiens10016
Shalom Mtetwa8017
Shalom Shyamba10013
Shalom Strite1009
Shammah Mtetwa859
Sharon Hernandez1006
Sharon Rania10020
Sharon Rose Mulanga1003
Sharon Tshibangu10022
Sharon-Rose Boisvert9513
Sharron Martell10020
Shaylyn Hubert10014
Sheila Zimmerman9512
Silas Lunsford10011
Simeon Fritzinger1002
Stephen Duran10014
Stephen Schultz10013
Susan Olin8514
Susana Gutierrez Sanchez953
Susanna Duran10011
Tabacaru Andrei10012
Tabacaru Iosif10013
Tabacaru Iulia10010
Tabacaru Mirela10021
Tabacaru Roxana10016
Tabacaru Samuel10017
Tabitha Barber10012
Tamara Dyck9522
Tatiana Rodríguez9520
Tima Burba10016
Timothy Allison10023
Tina Manecci10021
Toussaints Mayele10018
Travis Zimmerman10014
Urias Sanchez10013
Uriel Sanchez1005
Valarie Byers10013
Valentine Mtoko10020
Valerie Hyde1005
Venicia Muanda956
Victoria Fehr10014
Viviana Castañeda9028
William Chavez Morales1008
William Chavez Morales10012
William Diaz9510
William Manzani10014
William Mcmasters10026
William Mutchler10018
William Sanchez1006
William Yancey10011
Yaretzi Jardines-Ortega1006
Yuri Candelo Saa10023
Yves Okoko10020
Zachary Cook9514
Zachary Martens10011
Zachary Wilson10011
Zaret Sanchez1005
Zayda Craven909
Zemma Craven9010
Zion Emond10011
Zoe Garcia Cisneros1006
Zoé Musafiri9517
Zoe Odwyer10012
Zoe Sanger10016
Zulia Sanchez1007