61-0806The Seventieth Week Of Daniel

The Seventieth Week Of Daniel
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The Angel Gabriel rushed to Daniel and not only explained to him when his people were going out of captivity, but also all that was determined for his people, all that was yet left for his people, He said, "There's _______ of weeks yet left for the Jew."
When Brother Branham explains what he has drawn out on the board, who did he say drew the image of Nebuchadnezzar's dream?
Daniel’s Seventy of Weeks are divided in three different periods, as we find in Daniel 9. What are these periods?
The going forth of the commandment to rebuild Jerusalem, which was on the 14th day of _____, is called Nisan in Hebrew.
In the Julian calendar there are 365 ¼ days in a year. In the Roman calendar, that we live under now, there are 365 days in a year. How many days are in a year in the Christian or prophetic calendar?
According to the prophetic calendar, how many days would make up 3 ½ years?
What is the correct calculation to figure out how long it took to rebuild the temple and the city of Jerusalem?
"And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled."
If it took seven weeks and three-score and two from the going forth of the commandment to build the temple to the Messiah, how many YEARS did it take?
When God failed to deal with the Jews, it took Him about _____ years to tear up the temple and scatter them out to all the world. And for the last _____ years the Jews have been returning to Jerusalem, going back to the homeland.
Daniel saw an image with a head of gold, breast of silver, thighs of brass, legs and feet of iron, and ten toes that were iron and clay. Who did the iron represent?
We've got to be magnetized to __________.
The Stone that was cut out of the mountain is ready to come at any time. And when It comes, what does It do?
Who is the prince that is to come that will make a covenant with the Jews and break it in the middle of the week?
The pope is to bring all the churches in together and make a confederation, but in there the Jews will not accept it.
Which of the following is NOT something Brother Branham mentions that the two prophets do when they rise on the scene to the Jews?
The Jewish, and Romanism, Protestantism (that is, the sleeping virgin) shall ________ themselves together in the form of the Federation of churches.
From the time God made the promise to Abraham, to the time of Christ being rejected in A.D. 33 by the Jews, the power of God was with the Jews exactly _____ years.
When did we have the same span of time given to us as God dealing with us in the power of the Holy Spirit since A.D. 33?
What was the fifth thing that Brother Branham predicted of the seven things he saw in 1933 of the end time?

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61-0806 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for The Seventieth Week Of Daniel. Anyone taking the quiz after Wednesday, November 27, 2013 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Derksen10014
Aaron Wenger10019
Abbey Kingston10016
Abel Meighoo10012
Abigail Barber1007
Abigail Garcia1004
Abigail Martens1007
Abigail Milner1009
Abigail Olin10013
Abigail Sanger10015
Abner Perez Gomez10012
Abraham Sanchez1002
Adan Sanchez1008
Adina Muresan10022
Adolfo Sanchez1003
Adoniram Hyde1004
Alexander Martens10016
Alix Lacombe9521
Aliyah Powe10012
Amalie Thorsen10017
Amber Pister1009
Amber Rains1004
Amber Reed9514
Amelia Hyde1006
Amelia Klopp10015
Ana Cristina Mihalescu10010
Ana Sanchez1005
Anca Lazea8020
Anderson Beejadhar9012
Andrea Sanchez1005
Andreea Mihalescu10023
Andrej Lysyanskyj1006
Andrew Bomberger9517
Andrew Chambless1008
Andrew Farrie1005
Andrew Martens10010
Anna Alexander9511
Anna Andrews10012
Anna Crutchfield9515
Anna Harris10013
Anna Phillips1003
Anton Cherednichenko10017
Areli Sanchez1007
Arindell Thomas10017
Artem Georgadze10018
Ashlea Mccullough10015
Ashlee Greene10017
Ashley Doodnath9511
Ashley Pister9515
Austen Dockens10024
Austin Pister10016
Autumn Klopp10012
Azariah Emond9010
Badarau Rahela10017
Becky Alzate Pizo10015
Belen Escalante1009
Benaiah Alexander956
Benjamin Buitenkamp10020
Benjamin Ceballos10011
Benjamin Evans8511
Benjamin Kuchel807
Benjamin Marcano1003
Benjamin Phillips10011
Benjamin Rains958
Benjamin Sanchez9017
Bethann Fritzinger1005
Bethanny Mellema10010
Bethany Lavin9510
Bethany Sanger1006
Beya Kabengela9514
Bianey Jimenez852
Billy Joe Cullinan10014
Blanchard Santer8025
Blithe Smith10010
Bobby Marsteller1009
Briana Lewis10017
Brooke Ramsingh1009
Caitlyn Robinson10017
Caleb Almao10016
Caleb Harris10011
Caleb Hess9521
Caleb Isaacson1009
Caleb Odwyer1007
Caleb Páez9514
Caleb Reese10013
Candy Martinez9515
Carissa Bahner10012
Carissa Powe10014
Carol Garcia9511
Caroline Crawford959
Carrie Taylor10020
Cesia Cisneros Garcia1008
Chai Smith10012
Chantel Mellema10016
Charity Brodeur10010
Charity Southworth10015
Charles Deschamps956
Charlie Farrie Iii10012
Chishamiso Mafura10021
Christiaan Pot10018
Christian Crawford10014
Christian Hare10010
Christian Plante10024
Christian Valerio10016
Christina Singh9519
Christine Robinson10012
Christoph Wittmeier1004
Christopher Wenger10017
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing9519
Cigomba Miler9013
Ciprian Lihaciu10021
Claudia Cantor Cisneros1008
Dafne Perez Gomez1006
Daisy Aguillon10013
Damaris Hernandez Flores9517
Damaris Pot10025
Daniel Borja10016
Daniel Dickson902
Daniel Evans Jr10011
Daniel Kuchel906
Daniel Martens10017
Daniel Sampson9512
Darnell Clarke10011
David Lysyanskyj1009
David Mancassola10020
David Martens10018
David Mellema9512
Deborah King9526
Deivid Ramos Fuentes10016
Denis Martinez9512
Digna Espinoza9520
Dmitry Foster10015
Dominic Gallegos1008
Durk Visser8520
Eduardo Perez Gomez10010
Efrain Gutierrez Jr1008
Elaina Kaptain10011
Elainah Sanger955
Elias Evans10010
Eliezer Gabriel9512
Elijah Sieunath959
Elisabeth Gabriel959
Elisabeth Garrett10024
Elisabeth Landrum10013
Elisabeth Ponder9020
Ellen Martens10018
Ellie Andrews1007
Emanuel Deschamps9516
Emilie Hebert10028
Emily Cook10014
Emily Garcia1004
Emily Lavin9512
Emily Salzman9520
Emily Sampson10018
Emma Martens959
Emmanuel Mananga9523
Enoch Rains1007
Esteban Cantor Cisneros1006
Esther Borlovan10020
Esther Gasper10017
Esther Lashley9022
Esther Muela804
Esther Olin10016
Esther Wenger10015
Ethan Davis10019
Ethan Truelock9514
Etienne Deschamps1008
Etienne Surprenant9518
Eunice Strite1009
Evelyn Diaz10015
Exauce Nkombo9515
Ezekiel Milner1007
Ezra Doyle1007
Faith Brandt8512
Faith Chambless10011
Faith Thorson1009
Febe Rodríguez Rosero957
Fiona Riley9012
Francois Katompo9522
Frederick Kasongo10028
Frederik Deschamps10017
Fruisna Mabouana Nkengue9520
Gabriel Cook9014
Gabriel Isaacson10010
Gabriel Ketzer958
Gabriel Suarez10010
Gabriel Wittmeier1004
Gabriella Evans9513
Gabriella Landrum10010
Genesis Suarez1004
Genesis-Starr Kisalu10015
Gerardo Suarez10013
Gertie Mujinga10015
Gideon Harris1003
Giovanna Suarez1008
Giulianna Suarez10011
Gloria Chavez10027
Glorianna Emond907
Glorianna Williams1009
Grace Dickson853
Grace Gutierrez1005
Grace Lunsford10010
Grace Milner9511
Grace Wells10014
Hadassah Brewster8511
Hadassah Forde10010
Hadassah Phillips1006
Hannah Kenworthy10014
Hannah Lev10011
Hannah Mcmasters10018
Hannah Olin1009
Hannah Sampson10014
Hannah Wahl9514
Hannah Wilson10018
Hannah Wittmeier1003
Haylie Mckinney10013
Heather Delong9527
Heidi Thorson1007
Hope Chambless9511
Hope Kenworthy1004
Hope Sanger10010
Hope Schultz1006
Horeb Rodriguez804
Immanuel Lashley10025
Isaac Brodeur9514
Isaac Deschamps1009
Isaac Joseph Dawson10010
Isaac Martens9514
Isabel Kenworthy10017
Isaiah Fritzinger10014
Isaiah Stutzman9511
Isaias Sanchez10010
Isha Lacombe10017
Israel Doyle10011
Ivan Wittmeier9013
Ivana Fritzinger1007
Jacob Cisneros Garcia1007
James Wiltshire8514
Jared Strite9511
Jason Reed10018
Jeannelle Malima8512
Jehoiada Barratt1004
Jemima Abraham1004
Jenna Kingston10020
Jeremiah Olin10011
Jeremiah Salzman10017
Jeremias Gutierrez1005
Jeremie Tousignant9516
Jeremy Householder1009
Jesse Cullinan10011
Jesse Dyck10026
Jesse Strite1009
Jessica Dawson1007
Jessica Sanchez9514
Jethro Cook8510
Jimena Sanchez1007
Joanna Dawson10013
Joanna Herrera8514
Joanna Hess10016
Joanna Premaka1008
Joanna Strite10016
Jocabed Jiménez10013
Joel Alexander959
Joel Dyck10024
Joel Evans808
Joel Wilson10016
John Hyde Iii10020
Johnny Boggs9011
Jonah Dickson953
Jonah Householder1007
Jonathan Perez Gomez10011
Jonathan Schultz10012
Jorge Paez10016
Jose Paez9513
Joseph Blaine Olin10018
Joseph Chavez1009
Joseph Chavez Morales10010
Joseph Dawson9512
Joseph Geransky1007
Joseph Gonzalez10014
Joseph Jeremiah Gallegos1006
Joseph Strite1006
Joshua Campominosi10013
Joshua Clarke1004
Joshua Fritzinger10010
Joshua Garrett9022
Joshua Kaptain9511
Joshua Landrum1006
Joshua Odwyer10015
Joshua Premaka9511
Joshua Sanger10014
Joshua Strite10013
Joshua Williams10017
Josiah Dickson1006
Josiah Forde9511
Josiah Isaacson10011
Josiah Olson1007
Josue Ceballos957
Josue Cordero10012
Joy Alexander953
Joy Salzman9518
Joyanna Sanger1008
Joylin Strite10019
Juan Mendoza10018
Julia Perozok9515
Justin Bailey9012
Kaitlyn Sanger10016
Katherine Crutchfield10024
Katie Kenworthy909
Kelly Malembe9526
Kendall Speed10015
Kimberly Beejadhar1008
Kimberly Florian10024
Kristen Martell10021
Kudzaishe Zava8013
Kylie Morrison952
Landers Hernandez1008
Laura Dockens9517
Laura Kenworthy1007
Lauren Reilly10022
Laurisa Borlovan9521
Lazaro Sanchez1002
Leah Martin10018
Leonardo Sanchez10010
Levi Hare1008
Lidia Balaita10015
Liliya Lysyanskaya10011
Lillia Sanger10012
Lillian Barczynski10016
Lillian Hyde10010
Lily Clarke1008
Lincoln Sanger9512
Lita Ketzer9510
Lois Hyde9518
Lucie Mayele1004
Luke Kaptain9514
Luke Kingston1009
Luke Smith10010
Lydia Phillips959
Lydia Wahl9515
Madelyn Evans10013
Madelynn Landrum1008
Malu Mbayabu10014
Marcos Hernandez10028
Maria Cherednichenko10016
Maria Martinez10017
Maria Sanchez10015
Marianna Belan10015
Marie-Grace Kisalu10014
Maritza Reyes Luis9022
Mark Perozok10012
Mary Hanoo10017
Mary Wiltshire10010
Marygrace Lee10018
Matei Lihaciu10023
Matthew Brodeur10014
Matthew Buitenkamp10025
Matthew Doodnath909
Matthew Fritzinger10012
Matthew Kaptain909
Matthew Martens9516
Matthew Schultz10017
Matthew Williams9519
Meaghan Geransky958
Meda Meighoo1002
Meda Smith9514
Meghan Kenworthy10020
Melissa Sanchez1005
Merite Luemba8511
Micah Campominosi958
Micah Harvey1005
Micah Helm8517
Micah Kesslar10020
Micaiah Baboolal1002
Michael Dickson1009
Michael Greene10017
Michael Lashley10021
Michael Musangu9011
Michail Belan10013
Miguel Ángel Bautista9517
Miguel Cordero1009
Miryam Dupras8517
Mitchell Bailey9513
Moriah Lunsford10014
Moses Barratt1002
Muntean Andrei10016
Myra Riley906
Nadege Mbuyi10021
Nala Hope Bhagwandass10018
Naomi Crutchfield10021
Naomi Dyck10028
Naomi Forde10014
Natalia Puga10011
Natalia Santos10013
Natalya Wittmeier10011
Nathan Berthiaume10010
Nathan Kabwela10023
Nathanael Duvall9514
Nathanael Perry10016
Nathaniel Dickson1004
Noah Harvey1007
Noah Martens10014
Noah Smith10015
Noe Cisneros Garcia1004
Noemi Jimenez955
Noemy Santos9521
Ntambwe Kabengela8010
Odia Kabengela9013
Olivia Borlovan10017
Olivia Marsteller10011
Olivia Williams10010
Pablo Sanchez1009
Patience Smith1004
Patrick Sanger1008
Paul Fritzinger Jr.1007
Paul Hyde9516
Paul Kaptain1007
Paul Mcmasters10020
Paulina Aguillon10010
Perla Diaz8516
Philip Perozok10010
Philippe Lacombe9524
Rachel Andrews1009
Rachel West10020
Rachelesther Dawson10013
Ralyah Thomas9515
Raoul Ngounou8020
Raquel Rodríguez González957
Rebeca Diaz8019
Rebeca Paez10010
Rebeca Sanchez1009
Rebecca Ramkhelawan9517
Rebecca Roussil9516
Rebecca Vallee9519
Rebekah Campominosi10016
Rebekah Chavez10019
Rebekah Gosine1008
Rebekah Moriah Gabriel9514
Rehoboth Luemba8514
Rejoice Chikosi10023
Roberson Luemba807
Roberto Ruiz9522
Rosa Sanchez10035
Rosanna Sanger10029
Rose-Ann Chikosi9521
Rutendo Vera10013
Ruth Hyde10012
Ruth Lashley10027
Ruth Perozok957
Salma Jimenez10012
Salome Forde1006
Samuel Bahner10014
Samuel Ballard10013
Samuel Dickson952
Samuel Gasper10010
Samuel Harris1006
Samuel Lacombe9527
Santiago Zamora Ávila9015
Sara Jimenez10015
Sara Peralta10012
Sara Sanchez1007
Sara Sánchez Peña10018
Sarah Amber Ferrante10018
Sarah Andrews10014
Sarah Batakanwa10015
Sarah Bileko9515
Sarah Freitas9516
Sarah Keller10026
Sarah Odwyer10011
Sarah Perry10022
Scarlet Cuevas Palomar10017
Serenity Cook8512
Seth Hanson9012
Shalom Mtetwa9518
Shalom Strite10011
Shalom Wiltshire1007
Shamgar Gabriel955
Sharon Hernandez1006
Sharon Rose Mulanga1003
Sharon Sanchez10013
Sharon Tshala957
Sharon-Rose Boisvert9514
Sharon-Rose Broome9023
Sharron Martell10021
Sharron-Rose Kisalu10012
Shaylyn Hubert10015
Sheila Zimmerman9513
Silas Garcia952
Silas Lunsford10013
Simeon Fritzinger1003
Solomon Alexander10013
Sophia Williams10016
Stephen Bahner10011
Stephen Schultz9514
Susana Gutierrez Sanchez953
Tabacaru Adrian10020
Tabacaru Andrei10013
Tabacaru Iosif10015
Tabacaru Lulia10011
Tabitha Barber10014
Tamara Dyck10023
Tamara Stephen10015
Thamar Kisalu10011
Thea Stephen10015
Theo Harvey1003
Timo Pot9512
Timothy Allison9025
Timothy Forde9513
Titus Garcia1002
Toussaints Mayele10018
Travis Zimmerman10016
Urias Sanchez10013
Uriel Sanchez1005
Valarie Byers10014
Valerie Hyde1006
Valois Abayo809
Viviana Castañeda10028
William Chavez Morales1007
William Chavez Morales9512
William Dickson1008
William Kuchel909
William Rainey10023
William Sanchez1006
Winston Ditlow9518
Wyanita Cook10010
Yuri Candelo Saa8023
Yves Okoko10020
Zachary Martens10012
Zachary Wilson10012
Zélie Cyurimpundu1004
Zion Emond9012
Zoe Garcia1006
Zoé Musafiri10018
Zoe Odwyer10013
Zoë Sanger10017