60-0911EFive Definite Identifications Of The True Church Of The Living God

Five Definite Identifications Of The True Church Of The Living God
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Brother Branham begins in the Book of Matthew the 16th chapter and the 17th verse. Who is Jesus talking to in this Scripture reading?
The word "church" means _______.
In the Old Testament, the known church was called the ________.
All nations are controlled by the devil.
Where in the Scripture does Brother Branham show us that Israel was the people of God until they were called by God out of Egypt? Then they were called the church of God.
When a man or a woman is called to the mystical Body of Christ by the Holy Spirit, when do they become a full member of His Body?
In Revelations the 17th chapter, what were the waters that the woman sat on?
A "beast" in the Bible means _______.
In Revelations 13, what is the beast that looked like a lamb, but after while it spoke like the dragon?
"And every time you see organization, just remember, "_______" is wrote over it."
The Bible said they'd "Run from the east to the west, north and south, seeking for the _______."
Who set up this mystical Body?
In which of the Scriptures below does Jesus tell His disciples that they will be witnesses unto Him both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth?
What is the first message that this church (mystical Body) will teach?
In Mark 16:14, when Jesus appeared unto the eleven as they set at meat, why did He upbraid them with the hardness of their heart?
What was Jesus' first commission to His church?
That which is born of the flesh is _______; and that which is born of the Spirit is _______.
"And when God accepted me and baptized me with the Holy Ghost, He had confidence in me that I would not _______."
"Have ye received the Holy Ghost ______ ye believed?"
What was the speckled bird of the Bible?

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60-0911E Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for Five Definite Identifications Of The True Church Of The Living God. Anyone taking the quiz after Tuesday, October 22, 2013 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Derksen10014
Aaron Kenworthy955
Abbey Kingston9516
Abel Meighoo10012
Abigail Barber1007
Abigail Garcia1004
Abigail Kenworthy957
Abigail Olin10013
Abigail Sanger9515
Adelaide Gabriela Mundongo Dondo Dondo10014
Adelia Songanvi10018
Adelina Winner Mubiayi10012
Alba Sánchez9525
Albertina Cambuta1009
Alexander Martens10015
Alicia Gokool10015
Alix Lacombe10021
Alyssa Scheifers9021
Amanda Bourbonnais10020
Amber Pister1009
Amelia Klopp10015
Ana Cristina Mihalescu1009
Anaclaire Dockens10011
Anderson Beejadhar9512
Andreea Mihalescu10023
Andrej Lysyanskyj1006
Andrew Chambless1007
Andrew Farrie1005
Andrew Martens10010
Anna Andrews10012
Anna Crutchfield10015
Anna Harris10013
Anna Klungland9519
Anna Phillips1003
Anna Sampson959
Annalisa Sieunath957
Anton Cherednichenko10017
Antonio Ndong Mba Nchama8510
Aquilla Riehl958
Ariane Deschamps9515
Arindell Thomas10017
Artem Georgadze10018
Asaph Singh1005
Aschia Samuel9015
Ashlea Mccullough10015
Ashlee Greene10016
Ashley Doodnath10011
Ashley Galebach8516
Ashley Pister10015
Atirwite Cambuta1002
Audrey Lacroix10014
Audrey Wallace8014
Austen Dockens8523
Austin Pister10016
Autumn Klopp10012
Aza Smith1003
Badarau Rahela10017
Beatriz Wawa10021
Benaiah Alexander1006
Benjamin Buitenkamp10020
Benjamin Chavez10015
Benjamin Evans8511
Benjamin Fritzinger1003
Benjamin Kuchel1007
Benjamin Marcano1003
Benjamin Phillips10011
Bethann Fritzinger1004
Bethanny Mellema10010
Billy Joe Cullinan10014
Blithe Smith1009
Boaz Kilasi1008
Bobby Marsteller959
Briana Lewis10017
Brooke Waller9511
Bryson Fogelsanger1007
Caitlyn Robinson10017
Caleb Chavez1005
Caleb Harris10011
Caleb Hess10021
Caleb Odwyer1007
Carol Garcia10011
Caroline Crawford1009
Catarina Nkiawete Konde10015
Chai Smith10012
Chantel Mellema10016
Charity Brodeur10010
Charity Southworth10015
Charlie Farrie Iii10012
Chris Berube10017
Christiaan Pot10018
Christian Crawford10014
Christian Hare10010
Christian Plante10024
Christianna Smith1007
Christine Robinson10012
Christoph Wittmeier1004
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing10019
Cigomba Miler9513
Ciprian Lihaciu10020
Clare Mutambirwa9520
Daisy Aguillon10013
Damaris Pot10025
Daniel Borja10016
Daniel Dickson1002
Daniel Evans Jr9511
Daniel Hagmann8512
Daniel Kenworthy10012
Daniel Kuchel1006
Daniel Martens10017
Daniel Sampson10012
Danielle Perry10019
Darnell Clarke10010
David Alfonso Vale Diogo1009
David Kilasi10013
David Lysyanskyj1009
David Mancassola9020
David Martens10018
David Mellema10012
David Raphael Dondo1004
David Schamel10015
Débora Noemi9014
Deborah King10026
Derek Sutton1008
Dmitry Foster9515
Dorcas Mukendi10016
Dosangio Dondo10015
Ebenezer Joao Dondo1006
Elaina Kaptain10011
Elias Evans10010
Elias Singh1006
Elijah Holmes10011
Elijah Mutchler1009
Elijah Sieunath1009
Elisabeth Garrett10024
Elisabeth Landrum10013
Elisabeth Ponder9520
Elizabeth Riehl10011
Ellen Martens10018
Emanuel Deschamps10016
Emanuel Kalala Joao Kalala1007
Emily Cook10014
Emily Garcia954
Emily Holmes10015
Emmalyn Hagmann9011
Emmanuel Mananga8023
Esmeralda Sebastião954
Esperancia Luzolo10017
Esperanza Ngüí Ekoo Oyana8023
Esterflóra Silva Da Cruz9016
Esther Borlovan10020
Esther Gasper9517
Esther Lashley10022
Esther Olin10016
Ethan Davis10019
Ethan Shabaga1005
Ethan Truelock10014
Eunice Strite1009
Exauce Nkombo8515
Ezra Doyle1006
Faith Brandt10012
Faith Chambless9511
Faith Freehan8513
Faith Thorson1009
Felipe Daniel Souza8517
Fiona Riley10012
Florência Marcelo9511
Formosa Pedro10016
Francisco Leo10018
François Wosha9519
Fruisna Mabouana Nkengue10020
Gabriel Borlovan9511
Gabriel Cook8514
Gabriel Ketzer958
Gabriel Suarez10010
Gabriel Waller10012
Gabriel Wittmeier1004
Gabriella Evans10013
Gabriella Landrum10010
Gael Dondo10011
Gaël Mbama9526
Garcia João10015
Genesis Suarez1004
Genesis-Starr Kisalu10015
Gerardo Suarez10013
Gertie Mujinga9015
Giovanna Suarez1008
Giulianna Suarez10011
Gloria Chavez10027
Glorianna Williams1009
Graça Kiolo957
Grace Dickson1003
Grace Garrett9016
Grace Lunsford10010
Grace Mukendi10014
Grace Wells10014
Gracey Taylor8514
Graciana Joaquim10016
Hadassah Brewster10011
Hadassah Phillips1006
Halle Householder10012
Hannah Campominosi8514
Hannah Caswell9517
Hannah Cook10022
Hannah Gokool10021
Hannah Holmes10016
Hannah Kenworthy10014
Hannah Lev10011
Hannah Mcmasters10018
Hannah Olin1009
Hannah Rissler10013
Hannah Wilson10018
Hannah Wittmeier1003
Hannah Yancey10015
Heather Delong10027
Heidi Thorson1007
Hope Chambless9511
Hope Cook10012
Hope Sanger10010
Hope Schultz1006
Hoseah Gokool10011
Hunter Friel9516
Immanuel Lashley10025
Isaac Joseph Dawson10010
Isaac Kenworthy1009
Isaac Martens10014
Isaiah Andersen957
Isaiah Collins10017
Isaiah Fritzinger10014
Isaiah Smith1006
Isaiah Stutzman10011
Isha Lacombe10017
Israel Batakanwa9517
Israel Doyle10011
Ivan Wittmeier10013
Jacob Newman10017
James Wiltshire10014
Jared Strite10011
Jeannelle Malima9012
Jehoiada Barratt1004
Jehu Cummings8522
Jemima Abraham1003
Jeniffer Luana9517
Jenna Warme9521
Jeremiah Cook9510
Jeremiah Olin10011
Jeremiah Salzman9517
Jeremie Tousignant9516
Jeremy Hagmann805
Jerson Wawa10010
Jesse Cullinan10011
Jesse Dyck10026
Jesse Strite1009
Jessica Dawson1007
Jethro Cook9510
Joana Bilombe Muyenge10020
Joanna Dawson10013
Joanna Hess10016
Joanna Strite10016
Joel Alexander1009
Joel Dyck10024
Joel Evans958
Joel Wilson9516
Johnny Boggs10011
Jonah Derksen8514
Jonah Dickson953
Jonathan Ramsundar1007
Jonathan Schultz10012
José Conde10024
José Da Silva Kangongo9013
José Joaquim9515
José Rocha10012
José Silva Pinheiro9016
Jose Vale Diogo1007
Josef Burba10011
Joseph Blaine Olin10018
Joseph Chavez1009
Joseph Chavez Morales10012
Joseph Dawson9512
Joseph Geransky1007
Joseph Kaimbale8523
Joseph Newton10017
Joseph Rissler9515
Joseph Strite1006
Joseph White8013
Joshua Campominosi9512
Joshua Clarke1004
Joshua Fritzinger10010
Joshua Garrett9522
Joshua Gary1004
Joshua Kaptain10011
Joshua Landrum1006
Joshua Odwyer10015
Joshua Sanger10014
Joshua Strite9512
Joshua Taylor9013
Joshua Williams10016
Josiah Dickson1006
Josiah Olson1007
Joy Alexander1003
Joyanna Sanger1007
Joylin Strite10019
Juan Mendoza10018
Julia Perozok10014
Juliana Pashko10015
Julianna Hare9515
Justin Bailey10012
Justin Strite10017
Justus Wallace8510
Kamyla De Sousa10022
Katelyn Kingston10014
Katherine Crutchfield10024
Katie Sutton10010
Katilene Moraes9015
Katreina Wagner10017
Kelly Malembe10026
Kesita N'koua9516
Kézia Oliveira10015
Kiersten Friel9513
Kimberly Beejadhar1008
Kimberly Florian10024
Kristen Martell10021
Kylie Morrison1002
Laura Dockens10017
Laura Geswein10013
Laura Kenworthy957
Laura Poara10022
Laurisa Borlovan8021
Leah Martin10018
Leona Isabel Wawa10014
Levi Hare1008
Lídia Lobato9520
Liliya Lysyanskaya10011
Lillian Barczynski10016
Lillian Holmes1008
Lily Clarke1008
Lily Householder10010
Lilyann Myers10015
Lincoln Sanger10012
Lita Ketzer9510
Lois Hyde10018
Lucie Mayele1004
Luke Cook1009
Luke Kaptain9514
Luke Kingston1009
Luke Smith10010
Lumbonde Chiau10016
Lydia Phillips1009
Lydia Wahl10015
Madelyn Evans9513
Madelynn Landrum1008
Malachi Mellema10014
Manuel Lírio10019
Marcia Doneta Kalala10011
Maria Cambuta1006
Maria Cherednichenko10016
Marianna Belan9515
Marie Bendoume Nzoghe9523
Marie-Grace Kisalu10014
Mark Perozok10012
Marly Joseph8525
Marta Manuel10013
Mary Lapp10020
Mary Wiltshire10010
Marygrace Lee10018
Matei Lihaciu10023
Matthew Brodeur10014
Matthew Buitenkamp9525
Matthew Doodnath1009
Matthew Fritzinger9512
Matthew Kaptain1008
Matthew Martens10016
Matthew Riehl1005
Matthew Schultz10017
Matthew Williams10019
Matthew Yancey10010
Matthieu Hagmann909
Meaghan Geransky1008
Meda Meighoo1002
Meda Smith10014
Meda-Joy Ramsundar10014
Melissa Herne8025
Melody Schamel9014
Micah Campominosi908
Micah Harvey1004
Micah Helm10017
Micah Kesslar9520
Micaiah Baboolal1002
Michael Dickson1009
Michael Lashley10021
Michael Musangu10011
Michail Belan10013
Mitchell Bailey10013
Moriah Lunsford10014
Moses Barratt1002
Myra Riley1006
Nadege Mbuyi10021
Nahomie Aloki10025
Nala Hope Bhagwandass10018
Naomi Crutchfield10021
Naomi Dyck10028
Naomi Forde9514
Natalia Santos8013
Natalya Wittmeier10011
Natanael Oliveira8013
Nathan Berthiaume9510
Nathan Brandt10022
Nathan Dockens10021
Nathan Kabwela10022
Nathanael Duvall10014
Nathanael Perry10016
Nathaniel Dickson1004
Neel Nzoulou8024
Nehemiah Gokool10012
Noah Fogelsanger10011
Noah Harvey1007
Noah Martens10014
Noah Smith10015
Noemy Santos9021
Norberto Marcelo10014
Ntemo Rocha1006
Olivia Borlovan9517
Olivia Marsteller10011
Olivia Williams9510
Paciência Antônio Cambuta9012
Patience Smith1004
Patrick Sanger1008
Paul Berthiaume10016
Paul Fritzinger Jr.1007
Paul Kaptain1007
Paul Kenworthy10010
Paul Mcmasters10020
Philip Perozok9510
Preda Adrian9517
Princess Barclay10017
Priscilla Joseph9014
Rachel Andrews1009
Rachel Lapp10022
Rachelesther Dawson9513
Ralyah Thomas10015
Raphael Wawa10015
Raquel Mubiayi10019
Raquel Sebastião9512
Rebecca Gokool10020
Rebecca Ramkhelawan8017
Rebecca Vallee8519
Rebekah Campominosi10016
Rebekah Chavez10019
Rebekah Gosine1008
Regina Luzolo10010
Rejoice Chikosi10023
Reuben Fritzinger10019
Riasa Shabaga1008
Ricardo Sadraque10016
Rosanna Sanger10029
Rose-Ann Chikosi9021
Rozalia Rozi10028
Rute Matías1009
Ruth Gokool10019
Ruth Kilasi1008
Ruth Lashley10026
Ruth Perozok1007
Ruthanna Fritzinger10017
Salome Mandunya10016
Samuel Ballard9513
Samuel Dickson952
Samuel Gasper10010
Samuel Gokool10022
Samuel Harris1006
Samuel Lacombe10027
Samuel Myers10011
Sara Matías1006
Sarah Amber Ferrante10018
Sarah Andrews10014
Sarah Batakanwa10015
Sarah Bélanger10020
Sarah Bottazzi10027
Sarah Keller9526
Sarah Odwyer10011
Sarah Perry10022
Savanna Anderson9515
Savannah Naber10011
Serenity Cook9012
Seth Dondo1008
Shalloum Gokool9517
Shalom Strite10011
Shalom Wiltshire1007
Shannon Speirs9018
Sharon Mubiayi10010
Sharon Rose Mulanga1003
Sharon Tshala956
Sharon-Rose Boisvert10014
Sharon-Rose Mukendi10011
Sharron Martell10021
Sharron-Rose Kisalu10012
Shaylyn Hubert10015
Silas Garcia1002
Silas Lunsford10013
Silvanio Wawa10019
Simeon Fritzinger1003
Solomon Alexander10013
Sonia Madelena Muyenge10012
Sophia Williams9516
Stephen Gosine9513
Stephen Schultz10014
Tabacaru Adrian10020
Tabacaru Andrei9513
Tabacaru Iosif10015
Tabacaru Iulia10011
Tabacaru Mirela10022
Tabacaru Paul10022
Tabacaru Samuel10019
Tabitha Barber10014
Tamara Dyck10023
Tamara Stephen10015
Thalita Farias10018
Thamar Kisalu10011
Thanzie Ilunga1009
Thea Stephen10015
Theo Harvey1003
Timo Pot9512
Timothy Allison10024
Timothy Forde10013
Titus Garcia1002
Toussaints Mayele10017
Tussamba Kiolo9515
Valarie Byers10014
Violet Martens852
Vunde Kiteque10013
William Almeida9515
William Chavez Morales959
William Chavez Morales8512
William Dickson1007
William King10022
William Kuchel1009
William Mcmasters9527
William Rainey10023
William Seraiah1009
William Wawa10015
William Yancey10012
Winston Ditlow9017
Wyanita Cook9510
Yves Okoko9520
Zachary Cook10015
Zachary Martens10012
Zachary Wilson10012
Zoé Musafiri10018
Zoe Odwyer10013
Zoë Sanger10017