57-0915MHebrews, Chapter Six #3

This believer summed it up perfectly in feedback for the last sermon:

Who cares about the World Series when you can have the Hebrews Series all around the world. GOD BLESS YOU!

Well said!

We again have the opportunity to join together and hear another sermon from the prophet. Hebrews Chapter Six #3 gives us a summary and closes out the chapter. As we have said before, these are deep teachings. Many of us are going over them multiple times, so we are sure to get what the Lord is revealing through His messenger. We look forward to enjoying this sermon with you over the course of this week.

Don’t forget the quiz!

Hebrews, Chapter Six #3
Scores will be accepted until Sunday, November 2, 2014
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Brother Branham said, “Now, the little tabernacle has no membership, but we have fellowship. We have no creed but _______, no law but _______, no book but _______.”
Out west in the roundup, the ranger would stand at the main drift fence when the cattle would go through. What was the brand on Brother Branham’s cattle?
"Christ was nothing short of God, and God was nothing short of Christ. The two together made the _______, made a little lower than Angels, so that He could suffer."
What Book of the Bible did Brother Branham want to go back and pick up after the Hebrews Book, to show how God became kinfolks to us?
Men will never be Angels, and Angels will never be men. God made them different.
“For when God made promise to Abraham, because He could swear by no greater, He sware by _______…”
“Wherein God, willing more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise the _______ of His counsel, confirmed it by an oath:”
“Your _______ speaks so loud, I can’t hear your _______.”
There will come a time when the _______ will be put on, and then it’ll show what you are.
“Before He could raise you up, He has to give you Eternal Life. Then God had to become kinfolks, to take death, to raise you up. Then you have to become kinfolks to Him, in order to go in the resurrection. You see what it is? It’s just a _______. God became you, that you might become God.”
What is forbearance?
God’s great love constrains Him to even step down sometimes, to let you have the things that you want. Who does Brother Branham use as an example of this?
What does immutability mean?
“The veil is what keeps us from seeing God, face to face, in this church. The veil is what keeps us from seeing the Angels at their positions this morning, standing by the seats. The veil is what keeps us from seeing Him. We are hid behind the veil, and that veil is the _______.”
If you still got the desire in you to do the wrong, then you’re still wrong.
“You’ll make mistakes. You’ll fall. You’ll willfully do wrong. You’ll go out sometime and do things. That don’t mean that you’re lost. That means that you’re going to get _______.”
What can you draw on an insurance policy till the face value comes?
What is the main color of the rainbow of God, and what does it mean?
“Jesus had both father and mother, and a beginning of days and ending of life. But He was made “_______” of Melchisedec, which had no beginning of days or ending of life.”
“But we’re commanded to “_______ in the Light as He is in the Light.” You make one step in the Light. And when you got the Light with you, the Light will shine unto the perfect day. It’ll keep the path before you.”

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57-0915M Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for Hebrews, Chapter Six #3 . Anyone taking the quiz after Sunday, November 2, 2014 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Borders10022
Aaron Derksen9515
Aaron Kenworthy956
Aaron Wenger10020
Abbey Kingston10017
Abel Meighoo10013
Abigail Barber1008
Abigail Garcia1005
Abigail Jensen10012
Abigail Milner10010
Abigail Olin10014
Abigail Sanger10016
Abraham Sanchez952
Adam Connell1004
Adam Geransky1006
Adam Harris1002
Adan Sanchez1007
Adelaide Connell1006
Adina Muresan10022
Adolfo Sanchez1002
Adoniram Hyde1005
Adriana Sanchez10025
Ailin Selvik10020
Alannah Kessir10012
Alba Aguilar10021
Alicia Gokool10016
Alix Lacombe10022
Aliyah Powe10012
Allison Matty10017
Amalie Thorsen10018
Amalys Kiener10029
Amanda Mutchler10023
Amber Pister10010
Amber Rains1005
Amber Reed8515
Amelia Andersen1006
Amelia Hyde1007
Amelia Klopp10016
Amelia Vaughn1009
Ana Sanchez1005
Anderson Beejadhar10013
Andrea Sanchez1005
Andrea Walker10011
Andreea Mihalescu10024
Andrej Lysyanskyj1007
Andrew Chambless1009
Andrew Farrie1006
Andrew Martens10011
Andrew Watson10021
Anna Alexander10012
Anna Andrews10013
Anna Crutchfield10016
Anna Harris10014
Anna Phillips954
Anna Sampson9510
Anna Sanger10014
Anna Shepperd1003
Annalisa Sieunath1008
Areli Sanchez1007
Arindell Thomas10018
Arsen Prysiazhniy9512
Asaph Singh1006
Ashlea Mccullough10016
Ashlee Greene10018
Ashley Doodnath10012
Ashley Pister10016
Audrey Daulton10012
Austin Pister10017
Autumn Klopp10013
Autumn Walker1009
Ava Toy1008
Axel Sanchez1007
Azariah Emond10011
Bartosz Sikora8510
Benaiah Alexander1007
Benjamin Blanchard1008
Benjamin Buitenkamp10021
Benjamin Ceballos10012
Benjamin Chavez10016
Benjamin Evans10012
Benjamin Fritzinger1004
Benjamin Kuchel1008
Benjamin Mahadeo905
Benjamin Marcano954
Benjamin Phillips10012
Benjamin Rains1009
Beth Montoya9518
Bethann Fritzinger1006
Bethanny Mellema10011
Bethany Lavin10011
Bethany Sanger1007
Billy Joe Cullinan10015
Boaz Kilasi1009
Bobby Marsteller10010
Caitlin Blanchard10013
Caitlyn Reaves10021
Caitlyn Robinson10018
Caleb Carbonneau10014
Caleb Chavez1006
Caleb Cook1005
Caleb Harris10012
Caleb Hess10022
Caleb Odwyer1008
Caleb Páez10013
Caleb Reese10013
Candy Martinez10014
Carissa Bahner10013
Carissa Powe10015
Carol Garcia10012
Caroline Crawford10010
Caroline Scott10011
Cassia Smith10015
Celeste Jones1007
Charity Braithwaite1005
Charity Brodeur10011
Charity Kraus10016
Charles Deschamps1009
Charlie Farrie Iii10013
Christian Buchholz10010
Christian Crawford10015
Christian Leadingham10012
Christian Plante10025
Christian Smith10023
Christianna Smith1008
Christina Manecci10023
Christine Robinson10013
Christoph Wittmeier1005
Christopher Wenger10018
Ciprian Lihaciu10021
Colomba Greco8022
Daniel Dickson1003
Daniel Evans Jr10012
Daniel Hagmann8514
Daniel Kenworthy10013
Daniel Kuchel1007
Daniel Martens10018
Daniel Sampson10013
Danielle Browne1008
Danielle Perry10020
Danny Mbikayi10024
Darnell Clarke10011
David Lysyanskyj10010
David Mancassola9521
David Mellema10013
David Sanger1004
Deborah King10027
Denis Martinez9511
Derek Sutton1009
Dmitry Foster10016
Dominic Gallegos908
Dorcas Mukendi10017
Echo Cook1007
Eden Gutierrez10013
Elaina Kaptain10012
Elainah Sanger956
Elena Pacheco Larios10029
Eliana Milner1004
Elias Evans9511
Elias Lambie1007
Elias Sanchez1009
Elias Singh1007
Eliezer Gabriel10013
Elijah Green1005
Elijah Holmes10012
Elijah Kayser10013
Elijah Mahadeo1008
Elijah Meighoo952
Elijah Sieunath10010
Elijah Teelucksingh1007
Elisa Jones1004
Elisabeth Gabriel10010
Elisabeth Garrett10025
Elisabeth Landrum10014
Elisabeth Ponder10021
Elisabeth Scott10017
Eliseo Sanchez1009
Elisha Pruette10017
Elizabeth Riehl10012
Ella Daulton1007
Ella Mcmasters1002
Ella Moore10015
Ella Sanger1009
Ella Toy1006
Ellen Martens10019
Emanuel Deschamps10017
Emile Rugendo10028
Emily Holmes10016
Emily Lavin10013
Emily Salzman9521
Emily Sampson10019
Emily Wolfe9516
Emma Moncada10015
Emma Moore10012
Emma Wohali10012
Emmalyn Hagmann8512
Emmanuel Sánchez10010
Enoch Fritzinger1005
Enoch Rains1008
Erick Sanchez1003
Esperanza Garcia10021
Esteban Perez Gutierrez9519
Esther Gasper10018
Esther Lashley10023
Esther Nunweiler10013
Esther Olin10017
Esther Wenger10016
Eunice Strite10010
Ezekiel Milner907
Ezra Doyle1007
Faith Brandt10013
Faith Chambless10012
Faith Fehr10027
Faith Thorson10010
Fiona Riley10013
Frederick Kasongo10028
Fruisna Mabouana Nkengue10019
Gabriel Borlovan9512
Gabriel Kessir1009
Gabriel Ketzer1009
Gabriel Moncada10013
Gabriel Suarez10011
Gabriel Waller10013
Gabriel Wittmeier1005
Gabriella Evans9514
Gabriella Landrum10011
Gabriella Mohammed1007
Gavin Cook9510
Genesis Suarez1005
Gerardo Suarez10014
Gershom Dupuy10011
Gideon Harris1004
Giovanna Suarez1009
Giulianna Suarez10012
Gloria Chavez10028
Glorianna Emond1008
Glorianna Williams10010
Grace Dickson1004
Grace Garrett10017
Grace Jensen1009
Grace Lunsford10011
Grace Milner10012
Grace Mukendi10015
Grace Wells10015
Gracey Taylor10015
Gracia Bayo1008
Hadassah Brewster10012
Hadassah Forde10011
Hadassah Lambie1009
Hadassah Phillips1007
Halle Householder10013
Hannah Caswell10018
Hannah Fisher10019
Hannah Holmes10017
Hannah Hunt956
Hannah Kenworthy10015
Hannah Lev10012
Hannah Mcmasters10019
Hannah Olin10010
Hannah Prescott10011
Hannah Reavis10017
Hannah Sampson10015
Hannah Wahl10015
Hannah Wilson10019
Hannah Wittmeier1004
Hannah Yancey10016
Harmony Duran9519
Haylie Mckinney10014
Heidi Thorson1008
Hope Chambless10012
Hope Cook10013
Hope Kenworthy1005
Hope Sanger10011
Hope Schultz1007
Hosanna Shepperd1005
Hoseah Gokool10012
Idrisse Nzengu10024
Immanuel Lashley8526
Ira Vaughn1004
Isaac Dawson10011
Isaac Dupuy10012
Isaac Kenworthy9510
Isaac Martens10015
Isaac Meighoo10019
Isaac Pyatskowit10012
Isabel Kenworthy10018
Isabel Menezes959
Isabele Toy10010
Isabella Collins1006
Isabella Edwards10015
Isaiah Andersen1008
Isaiah Collins10018
Isaiah Fritzinger10015
Isaiah Hudson10010
Isaiah Kayser10010
Isaiah Lunsford10016
Isaiah Medina10012
Isaiah Smith1007
Isaias Sanchez1009
Isha Lacombe10018
Israel Doyle10012
Ivan Wittmeier10014
Jacelyn Prakash1008
Jackson Borders1004
Jamie Hudson1007
Jared Prakash1005
Jared Strite9512
Jason Fisher10014
Jehoiada Barratt1005
Jemima Abraham1005
Jenna Kingston10021
Jenna Warme10022
Jennifer Fehr10018
Jephthe Dupuy1003
Jeremiah Olin10012
Jeremiah Salzman10018
Jeremiah Shepperd1007
Jeremie Tousignant10013
Jeremy Hagmann856
Jeremy Householder9510
Jesse Cullinan10012
Jesse Dyck10027
Jesse Strite10010
Jessica Dawson1008
Jethro Cook8011
Jim Mulenga10026
Jimena Sánchez1006
Jireh Muteba10023
Joanna Dawson10014
Joanna Hess10017
Joanna Premaka1009
Joanna Prescott957
Joanna Strite10017
Jochebed Dolabaille10013
Joel Alexander10010
Joel Dyck10025
Joel Evans1009
Joel Ferrante10020
Joel Kaptain1005
Joel Wilson10017
John Hyde Iii9521
John Mangwanda10023
John Moses Erickson1004
Johnny Boggs10012
Jonah Dickson1004
Jonah Householder908
Jonas Gonzalez909
Jonathan Nunweiler1009
Jonathan Ramsundar1008
Jonathan Schultz10013
Jorge Paez10015
Josai Kinzunga9012
Jose Paez9512
Jose Sanchez1006
Jose Sanchez9512
Joseph Beharry10016
Joseph Blaine Olin10019
Joseph Chavez10010
Joseph Chavez Morales1009
Joseph Dawson10013
Joseph Evans1006
Joseph Fehr9516
Joseph Gary1003
Joseph Geransky958
Joseph Jeremiah Gallegos1005
Joseph Mccullough10016
Joseph Smith10017
Joseph Strite957
Joseph White10014
Joshua Campominosi10013
Joshua Clarke1005
Joshua Fritzinger10011
Joshua Garrett10023
Joshua Gary1005
Joshua Kaptain10012
Joshua Kesslar10019
Joshua Kraus8517
Joshua Landrum1007
Joshua Moncada9511
Joshua Odwyer10016
Joshua Premaka10012
Joshua Pruette10014
Joshua Sanger10015
Joshua Schultz1002
Joshua Strite10013
Joshua Taylor9514
Joshua Williams10017
Josiah Dickson957
Josiah Forde9511
Josiah Isaacson10012
Josiah Lunsford10012
Josiah Newman1008
Josiah Olson1008
Josiah Teelucksingh1005
Josue Ceballos1008
Josue Sanchez9013
Joy Alexander1004
Joy Salzman10019
Joyanna Sanger1008
Joylin Strite10020
Juan Sanchez1006
Judah Connell1008
Julia Perozok10015
Juliana Pashko10016
Julianna Hare10016
Justin Bailey10013
Justin Strite10018
Kaelin James10019
Kaitlyn Sanger10017
Kara Morales9014
Katherine Crutchfield10025
Katie Kenworthy10010
Katie Sutton10011
Kayla Walker1007
Kelly Malembe10027
Kendall Speed10016
Kimberly Beejadhar1009
Kimberly Florian10025
Kristen Martell10022
Kristine Thorsen10013
Kyasha Hooi10014
Kylie Morrison1003
Larkanne Barber10016
Laura Carbonneau10011
Laura Geswein10014
Laura Kenworthy958
Lauren Reilly10023
Laurisa Borlovan9522
Leonardo Sánchez1009
Lesley Ek10016
Levi Powe10014
Levi Vaughn1008
Lilah Buchholz1009
Lilia Gary1007
Liliana Smith10021
Liliya Lysyanskaya10012
Lillia Sanger10013
Lillian Holmes1009
Lillian Hyde9511
Lily Clarke1009
Lily Householder10011
Lily Weerts1004
Lincoln Sanger10013
Lita Ketzer10011
Lois Hyde10019
Lois Prescott10015
Luke Buchholz1006
Luke Cook10010
Luke Kaptain10015
Luke Kingston10010
Luke Smith10011
Luz Jiménez10017
Lydia Nodier10025
Lydia Phillips10010
Lydia Wahl10016
Mabanza Enoch10020
Madeleine Yonkam Ketia Mankaa9519
Madelyn Evans10014
Madelynn Landrum1009
Malachi Kayser10014
Maria Martinez9516
Maria Sanchez10015
Mark Forde10025
Mark Perozok10013
Mary Hanoo10018
Mary Wiltshire10011
Matei Lihaciu10024
Mateo Sanchez1002
Matthew Brodeur10015
Matthew Browne10011
Matthew Doodnath9510
Matthew Fritzinger10013
Matthew Kaptain1009
Matthew Martens10017
Matthew Schultz10018
Matthew Williams10020
Matthew Yancey10011
Matthieu Hagmann8510
Mayla Ardiel10011
Mckenna Kitchen10012
Meaghan Geransky1009
Meda Evans953
Meda Meighoo1003
Meda Smith10015
Megan Mccullough10014
Meghan Kenworthy10021
Melisa Ponce8018
Melissa Sanchez1005
Melodia Jones1009
Melody Olson1005
Melody Schamel10015
Micah Campominosi859
Micah Garcia1002
Micah Harvey1005
Micah Kaptain1005
Micah Kesslar10021
Micaiah Baboolal1003
Micaiah Greene1006
Michael David Weerts1005
Michael Dickson10010
Michael Lashley10022
Michaela Hudson10010
Michelle Tempo10021
Miqueas Enoc Velazquez10026
Mitchell Bailey10014
Montgomery Blanchard10014
Moses Barratt1003
Myra Riley1007
Myriam Roussil10020
Myriane Ouellette10026
Nadege Mbuyi9520
Nala Hope Bhagwandass10019
Naomi Crutchfield10022
Naomi Forde9015
Naomi Fritzinger1003
Nataniah Kayser1008
Nathan Berthiaume10011
Nathan Dockens10022
Nathan Kabwela9022
Nathanael Ferreira10014
Nathanael Kesslar10023
Nathanael Perry10017
Nathaniel Dickson1005
Nehemiah Gokool10013
Noah Harvey1008
Noah Martens10015
Noah Smith10016
Noah Walker1005
Noé Sánchez1008
Noemy Santos10020
Olivia Borlovan10018
Olivia Marsteller10012
Pablo Sanchez1008
Patience Smith1005
Patrick Sanger1009
Paul Fritzinger Jr.1008
Paul Hyde9517
Paul Kaptain958
Paul Kenworthy10011
Paul Mcmasters10021
Peter Tempo10025
Philip Perozok10011
Phoebe Owusu10010
Precious Jones10011
Priscilla Mattei9024
Providence Vaughn1006
Racheal Gary10021
Rachel Andrews10010
Rachel Chinyama9014
Rachel Dawson10014
Rachel West9521
Rachelle Meza10027
Rahela Badarau10018
Raoul Ngounou8520
Rebeca Sanchez1009
Rebecca Gokool10021
Rebecca Matanda10011
Rebekah Campominosi10017
Rebekah Chavez10020
Rebekah Gosine1009
Rebekah Moriah Gabriel10015
Renate Thorsen10015
Ruth Gokool10020
Ruth Hyde10013
Ruth Kilasi1009
Ruth Lashley10027
Ruth Mtoko10022
Ruth Perozok1008
Ruth Sanchez10014
Ruthanna Fritzinger10018
Salem Mwenyi10019
Salome Forde1007
Samantha Wolfe9520
Samuel Bahner9515
Samuel Ballard9514
Samuel Ceballos1004
Samuel Dickson1003
Samuel Ferreira10016
Samuel Gasper10011
Samuel Gokool10023
Samuel Harris1007
Samuel Lacombe10028
Samuel Nunweiler9011
Samy Kalonji10026
Sara Jimenez10015
Sara Sánchez 1006
Sarah Amber Ferrante10019
Sarah Andrews10015
Sarah Batakanwa10016
Sarah Beejadhar1002
Sarah Keller9527
Sarah Odwyer10012
Sarah Pedersen8013
Sarah Perry10023
Sarah Teelucksingh953
Savannah Gonzalez10013
Savannah Naber10012
Serena Mauldin10018
Serenity Cook9513
Shalloum Gokool10018
Shalom Mtetwa9019
Shalom Strite10012
Shalom Wiltshire1008
Shamgar Gabriel1006
Sharon Sanchez10012
Sharon Tshala1006
Sharon-Rose Boisvert10015
Sharon-Rose Broome9524
Sharon-Rose Mukendi9512
Sharron Martell10022
Silas Garcia1003
Silas Lunsford10014
Simeon Fritzinger1004
Sofia Peña Santillán10019
Solomon Alexander10014
Sophia Foster1008
Speranza Bertuzzi10020
Stephen Schultz10015
Susanna Leadingham1009
Tabacaru Adrian10021
Tabacaru Iosif10016
Tabacaru Lulia10012
Tabitha Barber10015
Talitha Katalayi9510
Tamara Dyck10024
Taylor Evans10014
Thea Stephen10016
Theo Harvey1004
Timo Pot10013
Timothy Allison9025
Titus Garcia1003
Trisha Fisher10017
Urias Sanchez10012
Uriel Sánchez1004
Valarie Byers10015
Valerie Hyde957
Victoria Fehr10016
Violet Martens953
William Asani10016
William Chavez Morales1007
William Chavez Morales10011
William Diaz9511
William Dickson1008
William King10023
William Kuchel10010
William Mcmasters10028
William Rainey10024
William Sanchez1005
William Seraiah10010
William Tousignant10015
William Yancey10013
Winston Ditlow9518
Wyanita Cook10011
Zachary Koenig10017
Zachary Martens10013
Zachary Wilson10013
Zaret Sánchez1004
Zion Emond10013
Zoe Odwyer10014
Zoë Sanger10018
Zulia Sánchez1006