55-0410SMy Redeemer Liveth

My Redeemer Liveth
Scores will be accepted until Thursday, April 21, 2011
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Where did Brother Branham read in the Scripture?
"I ______ my redeemer liveth"
What kind of service was this?
You have to _____ in order to have resurrection.
Tens of thousands and millions of dollars will be spent on these to go on the altars and decorate these great churches and cathedrals we have today.
What's next after we are risen with Him?
The resurrection is yet to come, because we are now risen with Christ.
What lit the way to the tomb of Jesus and hung over the grave?
Who rolled away the stone from Jesus' grave?
Who said, "Why, my flesh shall rest in hope. Because He will not suffer His Holy One to see corruption; neither will He leave His soul in hell?"
Job saw the resurrection _______ years before the coming of Jesus.
Who purchased a piece of ground right near where Job was buried?
_____ made his son, _____, swear that he wouldn't bury him down in Egypt.
It's the business of every man and woman that's born of the Spirit of God, to ______.
Job saw it in a vision. Abraham saw it by Isaac. Jacob had seen it by the wrestling. Joseph saw it by _________.
Who said to leave their bones on the outside of the ground as a testimony, and they laid there for four hundred years?
Christ is the Prince of _______.
Jesus lay in the grave from _______.
The soul of Jesus was cast into hell.
When were the boys going to be giving out the prayer cards?

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55-0410S Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for My Redeemer Liveth. Anyone taking the quiz after Thursday, April 21, 2011 will not have their score posted.

» Isabel Verônica «9514
Aaron Cornett1009
Aaron Derksen9512
Aaron Wenger10017
Abbey Kingston9513
Abigail Barber1004
Abigail Garcia1002
Abigail Kenworthy954
Abigail Milner907
Abigail Myers9016
Abigail Olin9510
Abigail Sanger10013
Abigail Scott10014
Abijah Quesnel907
Adam Weber9514
Adriana Sanchez10019
Ailin Selvik10017
Alex Mavungo1007
Alexander Martens10013
Alexandre Vieira8011
Alexis Martin9512
Alice Chapeletti858
Alix Lacombe9018
Aliyah Powe1009
Allison Lunsford10017
Ally Daulton10013
Amanda Mcqueen10018
Amanda Mutchler10019
Amandah Southworth10014
Amber Harlan10018
Amber Olvera956
Amber Pister1007
Amber Reed9011
Amélia Bot?Nica1002
Amelia Faith Branham9023
Amelia Gary1003
Amelia Klopp10013
Amos Fehr10021
Ana Dos Santos9010
Ana Ferreira9513
Ana Guedes8524
Ana Pemo9522
Ana Vianna9016
Anabel Lafond8512
Anaclaire Dockens1008
Anahi Villalba Piñanez9513
Anamaria Surd10014
Anca Lazea9018
Andrei Surd10015
Andrew Bomberger10014
Andrew Chambless1005
Andrew Martens1007
Andrew Sena9516
Angel Partain958
Angela Bowin10014
Angelina Gomes1004
Anglyn Toussaint805
Anna Andrews1009
Anna Bugg10017
Anna Crutchfield9513
Anna Dorothy Martin9525
Anna Harris10011
Anna Myers10011
Anna Sanger9510
Anna Seraiah1009
Anne-Marie Gallant10018
Antonio Mavinga9515
Areli Zorrilla10021
Ashlea Mccullough10013
Ashley Pister9012
Ashley Roberts10011
Audrey Daulton1008
Augusta Pedro10017
Austin Pister10014
Austin Taylor9015
Autumn Klopp10010
Autumn Seraiah10012
Autumn Walker1006
Benedita Lokua9514
Benjamin Abbott859
Benjamin Buitenkamp10015
Benjamin Chavez10013
Benjamin Evans958
Benjamin Ngoma959
Benjamin Phillips958
Benjamin Vaughn8511
Bethany Bugg10011
Bethany Derksen10017
Bethany Helm10015
Billy Joe Cullinan10011
Blaine Waller10014
Blithe Smith1007
Bobby Marsteller1007
Branham Tiago10015
Brianna Bray907
Brittany Gary10023
Brooke Waller958
Caitlyn Robinson10014
Caleb Bushnell1009
Caleb Harris1009
Caleb Hess9519
Caleb Reese9010
Camila Villalba Piñanez10010
Carissa Powe10011
Carlos Kudizemba909
Carol Garcia1009
Caroline Crawford1007
Caroline Scott958
Cassia Smith10011
Celestino Calulemi8019
Celine Wickerling10014
Chai Smith10010
Chantel Mellema10013
Charity Brodeur1008
Charity Bugg1006
Charity Mcgeary10017
Charity Southworth10013
Cheren Bertuzzi9523
Cherith Crawford10015
Chishamiso Mafura9518
Christiaan Pot10015
Christian Buchholz1007
Christian Crawford10011
Christian Hare1008
Christian Smith10019
Christianna Sarten10016
Christin Hakizimana9017
Christine Robinson1009
Christopher Caudill10023
Christopher Wenger9515
Claude Ngenda9526
Cody Bowin10015
Cody Thompson9516
Cora Goldsmith9510
Cris Davi10014
Cristevi Pedro10010
Cristiano Tiago859
Cristina Olvera10016
Cristina Surd10020
Dàdiva Futi1002
Daisy Aguillon10010
Damaris Pot10022
Damaris Scott10018
Daniel Abbott8513
Daniel Evans Jr1009
Daniel Gassman8014
Daniel Hagmann10010
Daniel Martens10014
Daniel Mavinga959
Daniel Roberts1007
Daniel Sampson859
Daniel Wilson10017
Danielle Bomberger10019
Davi Dos Santos9513
Davi Dos Santos Primak957
David Bugg959
David Garrett Jr.10021
David Lalbahadur8514
David Linde10025
David Martens10015
David Mellema1009
David Nazireu10023
David Olin10015
Deborah Kirr10021
Deborah Kissoon10019
Dmitry Foster10013
Dorcas Luvila9520
Dustin Newman9010
Eleanor Bowin10025
Elena Dupont954
Eli Locke958
Elias Bot?Nico1007
Elias Evans1007
Elin Vold9511
Elisabeth Garrett10022
Elisabeth Landrum10011
Elisabeth Ponder10018
Elisabeth Vaughn9518
Elizabeth Garrett10017
Elizabeth Silva8512
Ella Moore10012
Emanuel Deschamps9513
Emanuelly Silva857
Emilie Hebert9526
Emilly Chapeletti1005
Emily Ragbir10010
Emily Salzman10017
Emily Sampson10016
Emily Wolfe10013
Emma Moore959
Emmalyn Hagmann1008
Endy Toussaint9511
Erin Millis9521
Esmeralda Sebastião1003
Esperanza Ngüí Ekoo Oyana8023
Estefânio Camba1009
Ester Albuquerque8512
Ester Giuliari9523
Ester Santos855
Esterflóra Silva Da Cruz8516
Esther Borlovan9517
Esther Gasper10015
Esther Kabamba10014
Esther Klaver9514
Esther Martins854
Esther Nunweiler10010
Esther Olin10014
Estrela Neto805
Ethan Davis10016
Ethan Truelock10011
Eunice Strite1006
Eva Kudizemba8014
Faith Brandt9510
Faith Chambless1009
Faith Crawford9014
Faith Wenger10019
Felicidade Kinga9521
Fernando Biziami9522
Filipe Ribeiro9028
Florence Kinga9516
Formosa Pedro9516
Francisco Cibi10020
Frederik Deschamps8514
Gabriel Borlovan1009
Gabriel Calini1009
Gabriel Cook10012
Gabriel Ketzer1006
Gabriel Waller10010
Gabriella Evans10011
Gabriella Landrum1008
Gabrielly Freire8520
Garcia João10014
Gavin Cook1006
Geneviève Bélanger10013
Genoveva Mayunga1005
Gideon Cook10014
Giuseppe Baio857
Glorianna Williams907
Grace Doku9511
Grace Greer10012
Grace Konzelman10019
Grace Lunsford1007
Grace Milner909
Grace Schamel958
Graciana Joaquim10015
Graciano Ngoma10011
Greg Tsekhmistrenko9016
Hadassah Lambie1005
Hadassah Phillips1003
Halle Householder10010
Hannah Brandt9517
Hannah Caswell10014
Hannah Jones10017
Hannah Kenworthy10012
Hannah Mcmasters10015
Hannah Olin1007
Hannah Sampson9512
Hannah Wahl9511
Hannah Wilson10016
Hannah Yancey10012
Harmony Kofod1007
Haylie Mckinney9510
Heather Delong9524
Hector Herrera907
Helene Selvik9516
Herminia Parra10020
Hope Abbott8515
Hope Chambi8018
Hope Chambless1009
Hope Cook1009
Hope Sanger1008
Hope Schultz1003
Ilya Snigir8511
Irineu Futi9010
Isaac Crutchfield10022
Isaac Hyde9022
Isaac Joseph Dawson957
Isaac Kenworthy1006
Isaac Martens10011
Isaac Martin10010
Isaac Mulwa8514
Isaac Ragbir1006
Isaac Ray856
Isaac Sharp958
Isaac Victoria1008
Isaac Waddell10018
Isaac Watanga9519
Isabel Kenworthy10014
Isabella Collins1003
Isaiah Bushnell10012
Isaiah Collins10014
Isaiah Fritzinger10011
Isaiah Newman9014
Isha Lacombe10015
Israel Doyle909
Israël Sebastiao1008
Ivan Wittmeier10010
Jacob Newman10015
James Brooks9524
Jared Strite1008
Jason Hess9015
Jean Miguel Ilhéo Faria Polenghi1009
Jeniffer Luana8517
Jenna Kingston10017
Jenna Warme10018
Jennifer Fehr9015
Jennifer Pflueger9515
Jeremiah Bray909
Jeremiah Cook957
Jeremiah Olin958
Jeremy Helm9017
Jesse Cullinan1008
Jesse Dyck10023
Jesse Strite1006
Jessica Beharry9517
Jessica Herrera10011
Jessica Strite9522
Jethro Cook957
Joanna Dawson8511
Joanna Herrera8011
Joanna Hess10014
Joanna Premaka1005
Joanna Strite10013
João Miguel Rafael956
Joaquim Ribeiro Da Silva Neto8525
Joaquina Almeida8015
Jocabed Malenge9514
Joe Espeseth9510
Joel Dyck10022
Joel Evans955
Joel Pruitt9018
Joel Wilson10013
John Hyde Iii9017
Johnny Boggs958
Jonah Derksen8511
Jônatas Farias8024
Jonathan Keller10018
Jonathan Klaver10011
Jonathan Mcgeary9019
Jonathan Nunweiler1005
Jonathan Schultz10010
Jonathan Vaughn10016
Jordan Kouba1007
Jordan Wiebe10010
Jordan Williams9014
Jordana Helm10018
José Joaquim8515
José Kinga9010
José Luemba958
Jose Miguel9010
José Rocha9512
Joseph Beharry10013
Joseph Chavez1006
Joseph Chavez Morales10010
Joseph Dawson859
Joseph Evans902
Joseph Olin10015
Joseph Ragbir1008
Joseph Smith10014
Joseph Strite903
Joseph White9510
Josh Williams9515
Joshua Campominosi8010
Joshua Cook10018
Joshua Fritzinger807
Joshua Garrett10019
Joshua Mauldin10017
Joshua Odwyer10013
Joshua Premaka1008
Joshua Roberts9513
Joshua Sanger10011
Joshua Southworth10011
Joshua Strite9510
Joshua Taylor9010
Josiah Isaacson1009
Josiah Williams9012
Josué Futi1008
Jovath Chambi10015
Joy Salzman8015
Joyce Toussaint10015
Joylin Strite10017
Judah Connell904
Judah Mcgeary10014
Judah Williams9510
Judy Wells10011
Julia Berthiaume10021
Julia Chapeletti955
Julia Perozok10012
Julianna Hare10013
Justin Bailey1009
Justin Strite10015
Justiniano Sulu9511
Kaitlyn Sanger10013
Kalvin Lucier-Quesnel9010
Kamyla De Sousa10021
Kara Pyatskowit9512
Karen Molony9516
Karen Navarro10019
Katelyn Kingston10011
Katherine Crutchfield10021
Katie Kenworthy1007
Kayla Myers9513
Kayla Walker1004
Kécia Oliveira10020
Keila Navarro10020
Kelcey Newman9514
Kelly De Sousa10025
Kendall Speed9512
Keren Martins957
Kézia Oliveira9515
Kimberly Florian10022
Klívia Oliveira8019
Kristen Bomberger10017
Kristen Martell10018
Kyra Kitching9014
Larkanne Barber10013
Lauany Oliveira10010
Laura Dockens10014
Lauranne Gagné10015
Laurisa Borlovan10018
Leah Bugg10015
Leah Martin9515
Leah Waller10017
Levi Hare956
Levi Leadingham10026
Levi Powe8510
Lidia Surd9518
Lilah Buchholz1005
Lilian White8017
Liliana Smith10018
Lillia Sanger10010
Lily Householder1008
Lily Olvera10014
Lilyann Myers9513
Lincoln Sanger959
Lino Sganzerla10019
Lita Ketzer907
Lois Hyde10016
Lozère Cedrick Mafoua Mboungou9026
Luca Baio9512
Luke Buchholz1003
Luke Kaptain10011
Luke Schwarz10015
Luke Smith1007
Luke Wickerling10010
Lumbonde Chiau9016
Lydia Phillips956
Lydia Vaughn857
Lydia Wahl9512
Lyssion Ndateba10011
Madelyn Evans10011
Malachi Mellema9512
Manoela Silva9516
Manuel Efraim8015
Marcos Mavindi9518
Maria Mabiala9514
Maria Oliveira903
Mark Brandt8519
Mark Perozok10010
Marta Manuel8513
Mary Fowler859
Mary Hanoo10015
Mary Lapp10018
Matthew Brodeur10012
Matthew Buitenkamp10023
Matthew Fritzinger1009
Matthew Hill9026
Matthew Kaptain1006
Matthew Martens10013
Matthew Powell10017
Matthew Schultz10014
Matthew Yancey957
Matthew-Ryan Scott1002
Matthieu Hagmann1007
Mauricio Mavinga10016
Mechak Bumba857
Meda Branham10017
Meda Carlos902
Meda Hyde9519
Meda Smith10011
Meghan Kenworthy10017
Meghan Scott10016
Melody Schamel9511
Merry Williams907
Mia Dupont952
Micah Helm9015
Micah Mcgeary10013
Micah Nunweiler1007
Micah Parker10025
Micaiah Martell10015
Michael Calini10016
Michael Freitas10011
Michael Wiebe10012
Michee Yedu10016
Michel Silva9514
Miguel Mavungo10018
Milka Silva9019
Mirella Tepa8015
Miruna Olasz10013
Miryam Dupras9015
Mitchell Bailey10011
Moisés Martins1009
Monica Bau10019
Moriah Lunsford9511
Morya Ntounta9519
Nadia Soualmi10020
Naomi Bugg9513
Naomi Crutchfield9519
Naomi Dyck10025
Naomi Justice9516
Natalício Zau10019
Natalya Wittmeier1009
Natanael Melo Santos9018
Natanael Oliveira9513
Natasha Gauthier8514
Nathan Berthiaume1007
Nathan Brandt10020
Nathan Bugg1008
Nathan Dockens10018
Nathan Hyde10024
Nathanael Duvall9011
Nathanael Perry9013
Nevile Diavovoca8521
Noah Harvey1005
Noah Ray958
Noah Smith10013
Noemy Santos10023
Norberto Marcelo8514
Ntemo Rocha1005
Nzusi Victoria1008
Odelcia Mavinga954
Oksana Gaevsky1004
Olivia Borlovan10014
Olivia Marsteller1008
Olivia Williams1008
Pablo Rocha9515
Paolo Baio10011
Patrick Sanger1006
Paul Berthiaume9014
Paul Fritzinger Jr.1004
Paul Hyde9013
Paul Kenworthy958
Paul Mcmasters10017
Paula Oliveira8525
Paulina Diquila8020
Pauline Konovalova10017
Paulo Maiunga902
Pedro António10025
Pedro Mavinga10012
Philip Perozok1007
Queren Furmann8510
Racheal Gary9517
Rachel Bugg10016
Rachel Esther Dawson9511
Rachel Howdeshell9515
Rachel Kabamba10011
Rachel Molony9011
Rachel Perry9015
Raquel Sebastião10012
Rebeca Aceves9515
Rebeca Duma8522
Rebeca Marrero10017
Rebeca Neto1003
Rebeca Sebastião Simão8517
Rebecca Molony10014
Rebecca Vallee8516
Rebekah Chavez10016
Rhesa Martin8012
Ricardo Sadraque9516
Rodé Rodríguez Ordierez9512
Rosa Sanchez10028
Rute Matías1009
Ruth Figueiredo Brinco9513
Ruth Hyde1009
Ruth Perozok1004
Ruth Yedu10011
Salomey Adjei-Doku10016
Samantha Wolfe9517
Samuel Ballard8010
Samuel Carlos1004
Samuel Freitas1005
Samuel Gasper1008
Samuel Lacombe10025
Samuel Myers1009
Samuel Nunweiler1008
Samuel Santos9515
Sara Futi10012
Sara Marrero10015
Sara Matías1005
Sara Peralta10016
Sarah Amber Ferrante10016
Sarah Andrews10011
Sarah Bélanger9518
Sarah Cook9511
Sarah Freitas10013
Sarah Gary10021
Sarah Howdeshell10014
Sarah Keller9523
Sarah Millis10019
Sarah Odwyer1008
Sarah Perry9520
Saralee Chorney9520
Savannah Gonzalez9510
Savannah Naber959
Sephora Yedu10014
Serena Mauldin10015
Serenity Cook10010
Seth Hanson1009
Shainah Hanson10016
Shalom Nunweiler9510
Shalom Shyamba9012
Shalom Strite1008
Shanelle Nunweiler10012
Sharon Kudizemba953
Sharon-Rose Boisvert10012
Sharron Martell10018
Shaumba Esperança9013
Shaylyn Hubert10012
Sheila Zimmerman9511
Silas Lunsford10010
Skylar Hanson9518
Sofia Noemi9011
Sophia Williams10013
Spencer Cook10016
Speranza Bertuzzi10017
Stephen Duran10012
Stephen Schultz10011
Stephen Tetteh8014
Stephen Wiebe1003
Susan Olin9512
Suzanne Tetteh10016
Sydney Luckey10015
Tabitha Barber10011
Tabitha Pruitt8512
Tamara Dyck9521
Tara Borders10016
Tatyana Kouba1007
Tchimba Victoria10014
Télvio Firmino10021
Theodora Surd10012
Tiago Elizabeth10017
Timo Pot10010
Timothée Deschaines8024
Tina Manecci10020
Travis Bugg10018
Travis Zimmerman10013
Trey Farrie10010
Triston Cornett10012
Tussamba Kiolo9014
Valarie Byers9512
Vanesa Bumba8011
Vilja Aabø10018
Virginia Eberhardt10017
Vunde Kiteque10013
William Chavez Morales1008
William Chavez Morales10013
William Gomes1006
William Kudizemba10012
William Mcmasters9524
William Rainey9520
William Seraiah1006
William Yancey1009
Williame Ngoma1005
Winston Ditlow9515
Wyanita Cook1008
Yasmin Costa9018
Zachary Martens10010
Zachary Wilson10010
Zanna Tolochko1007
Zebadiah Kofod1008
Zoe Godwin10018
Zoe Odwyer10010
Zoe Sanger10014