53-1111 Preparation

And if tonight you’re circumcised with the Holy Ghost you don’t have to wait till you’re trained to be a warrior. God bless your heart, claim your God given privilege, and beat their heads in. Amen. That’s right. Say, “Get out of the way, Satan.” Kick him out of the way. “I’m the guy that’s taking over now. I come in Jesus’ Name.” Watch him scatter. Brother, when you use that faith on him, he will back up.

Sermon Info

  • Date: Tuesday, 53-1111
  • Location: Owensboro, KY
  • Duration: 1hr - 40min
  • Scripture: Exodus 4:1-2, Acts 1:8-11
Scores will be accepted until Friday, November 30, 2018
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“Now, God deals in that subconscious. Many times He promised in the last days that _______ would dream dreams, but the _______ would see visions.”
What means “to give a personal experience under inspiration or foresee something”?
What preacher was Brother Branham referring to when he said, “he’d preach till he got so red in the face, he couldn’t catch his breath; his knees would buckle together. When he’d come back up, he’d still be preaching”?
There’s no man can open the Word of God. It takes the Holy Spirit to open the Word of God.
“But you shall receive _______, after the Holy Ghost is come upon you.”
God never did destroy anything. Man always destroys himself.
Who was the most beautiful woman the world ever knew?
Man can understand God, so he doesn't have to believe what God says.
What is the greatest miracle God ever performed?
The devil is a believer. He believes and trembles.
Who was Brother Branham referring to when he said, “he had the will of God. And he knowed where he was. And no matter what the world, how ridiculous it seemed to the world, God had a man He could put His hand on“?
"Now, there’s His body; the Bible said, “Not by one letter, not by one’s confession, not by one profession, but by one _______ are we all baptized into one body,” into the body of Christ which is already been judged."
Which of the following Bible characters did Brother Branham NOT use as an example with his text?
What did Samson use in his hand to slay a thousand Philistines?
Who said the following in his testimony, “Lord, give me that backbone like a saw log, give me plenty of knowledge in the gable end of my soul, and let me bite the devil as long as I got a tooth in my mouth, and then gum him till I die”?
“No matter how much _______ is against you, God’s for you if you take His Word.”
What did the untrained farmer, Shamgar, use to beat down six hundred armed men?
How many little stones did David pick up to fight Goliath?
"You believe it’s the preparation time? Don’t notice—don’t notice your age. Don’t notice the circumstances. _______ knows no age limit or circumstance. _______ knows one thing: “God said so, and that settles it.""
How many years was Congressman Upshaw in a wheelchair before he was healed?

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53-1111 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for Preparation. Anyone taking the quiz after Friday, November 30, 2018 will not have their score posted.

Aaleah Brown1009
Aaron Borders10026
Aaron Derksen10019
Aaron Householder9511
Aaron Knapp10013
Aaron Mugo8023
Aaron Raczkovi10022
Abbey Kingston10021
Abel Meighoo10017
Abigail Aguillon1007
Abigail Barber9512
Abigail Dalisay9512
Abigail Farrie1004
Abigail Garcia1009
Abigail Gerkin9514
Abigail Grigg1002
Abigail Jensen10016
Abigail Martens10012
Abigail Milner10014
Abigail Niculcea10011
Abigail Olin10018
Abraham Myers1005
Adallae Martens1006
Adalynn Moore10012
Adam Connell1008
Adam Geransky10010
Adam Harris1006
Addison Johnson1006
Adelaide Connell10010
Adoniram Hyde1009
Adriana Sanchez10026
Ailin Selvik10024
Alan Holden10021
Alana Santos10023
Alannah Grother1007
Alayna Cook955
Alayna Wittmeier1005
Aleah Grother10011
Alexander Martens10021
Alexis Barfield1009
Aleya Shabaga1005
Alice Parker1002
Alicia Balgobin10014
Alix Lacombe10026
Allison Sanger1009
Alysha Helm1009
Alyssa Troyer10016
Amalie Thorsen10022
Amanda Parker10017
Amandah Southworth10022
Amariah Sanger1009
Amber Pister10014
Amber Pruitt10022
Amber Rains1009
Amber Reed9019
Amber Williams1009
Amelia Andersen10010
Amelia Hyde10011
Amelia Jackson906
Amelia Klopp10020
Amelia Phelps10011
Ana Barajas10020
Ana Gamon10023
Ana Sanchez1006
Anca Lazea8025
Andercia Sousa9026
Anderson Beejadhar10017
Andrea Sanchez1006
Andrea Walker9515
Andrew Bomberger10022
Andrew Chambless10013
Andrew Farrie10010
Andrew Freitas1009
Andrew Knapp8513
Andrew Martens10015
Angel Castelo Branco1007
Angel Partain10015
Angel Ross1006
Angelina Bugg10014
Anita Longoria/Ellis10017
Anna Alexander10016
Anna Andrews10017
Anna Bailey1007
Anna Cook10018
Anna Crutchfield10020
Anna Harris10018
Anna Mpoyi10018
Anna Myers10019
Anna Phillips1008
Anna Sampson10014
Anna Sanger9518
Annikah Helm958
Annisha Gonzales10017
Antipas Asaka1008
Antonio Lelo10024
April Blanchard10015
April Geransky1007
Aquilla Riehl9014
Ariane Deschamps9016
Ariel Sharon Bwabwa10013
Asaph Singh10010
Asher Kibozi10013
Ashlea Mccullough10020
Ashley Daniels10017
Ashley Doodnath10016
Ashley Pister10020
Ashley Roberts10019
Ashley Vandenbosch10018
Audrey Daulton10016
Auriana Larkin1009
Auriane Kobwa9510
Aurora Newton1005
Austin Pister10021
Autumn Guidry10010
Autumn Klopp10017
Autumn Walker10013
Ava Toy10012
Ayali Zorrilla10020
Ayanna Monderoy9515
Aza Smith1008
Azariah Emond10015
Beatriz Zanella10020
Belia Frazier958
Bella Jackson959
Bella Toy10010
Ben Webb10012
Benaiah Alexander9511
Benaiah Fritzinger1006
Benaiah Halverson1005
Benaiah Jones1004
Benjamin Blanchard10014
Benjamin Ceballos10016
Benjamin Chavez10020
Benjamin Davis1003
Benjamin Evans10016
Benjamin Fritzinger1008
Benjamin Householder9516
Benjamin Kuchel9512
Benjamin Mahadeo1009
Benjamin Phillips10016
Benjamin Plante1004
Benjamin Rains10013
Benjamin Sanchez10018
Benjamin Sanger1005
Benuel Lapp9518
Bethann Fritzinger10010
Bethanny Mellema10015
Bethany Derksen10024
Bethany Keith10014
Bethany Lavin10015
Bethany Sanger9511
Beya Kabengela10019
Bijoux Kasinguvu10018
Billy Joe Cullinan10019
Billy-Paul Dickson1002
Blithe Smith10015
Bobby Marsteller10014
Brianna Bray10014
Brooke Waller10016
Bryson Fogelsanger10012
Caitlin Blanchard10017
Caitlin Olson1007
Caitlyn Robinson10022
Caitlyn Skaggs10018
Caleb Carbonneau9518
Caleb Chavez10010
Caleb Cook1009
Caleb Harris10016
Caleb Johnson1007
Caleb Lambie1006
Caleb O'dwyer10012
Caleb Páez10015
Candy Martinez10016
Carissa Bahner10017
Carissa Cook10011
Carl Dzadza9526
Carol Garcia9516
Caroline Crawford10014
Carter Phelps1008
Carter Smith9510
Celeste Jones9511
Chaeli Baker10011
Chandler Reaves10019
Chantel Mellema10021
Charity Brodeur10015
Charity Johnson958
Charity Lapp1008
Charity Southworth10020
Charles Andries8517
Charlie Farrie Iii9517
Charlie Morales9519
Cherish Williams1005
Chishamiso Mafura10026
Christiaan Pot9523
Christian Buchholz10014
Christian Dexter1008
Christian Hare10015
Christian Maple10013
Christianna Sarten10023
Christianna Smith10012
Christina Manecci10027
Christine Robinson9517
Christoph Wittmeier1009
Christophe Plante1006
Christy Thorson1008
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing10024
Claire Riley1007
Daisy Aguillon10018
Dallas Maniapoto10015
Damaris Barratt1003
Daniel Bugg10016
Daniel Dexter1002
Daniel Dickson1007
Daniel Evans Jr10016
Daniel Habegger1009
Daniel Johnson9510
Daniel Kinanga10014
Daniel Kuchel9511
Daniel Martens10022
Daniel Ndungu8522
Daniel Roberts10015
Daniel Sampson10017
Daniel Sanger10011
Daniel Weber1005
Danielle Browne9512
Danielle Perry10024
Darnell Clarke10015
David Ballard10027
David Bennett10010
David Cogdill9512
David Hagmann1006
David Kiu1008
David Martens Jr10023
David Mellema10017
David Owusu10011
David Robinson957
David Sanger1008
Dawson Ardiel1009
Deborah King9031
Denis Martinez10012
Derek Sutton10013
Derrick Mmwende9022
Desiree Wallace10010
Destin Malonga9526
Divine Lokange Kanioka10024
Dmitry Foster10020
Dominic Gallegos1009
Dominic Mckinney10011
Dorcas Mukendi10021
Echo Cook10011
Eden Gutierrez9518
Elah Kofod1007
Elaina Kaptain9516
Elainah Sanger10010
Eleanor Olson1009
Eli Frankfurter10010
Eli Locke10015
Eli Medlin1004
Eliana Frankfurter1005
Eliana Milner1008
Elias Evans10015
Elias Lambie10011
Elias Mccoy1009
Elias Sanchez8510
Elias Singh10011
Eliezer Gabriel10017
Elijah Green1009
Elijah Mahadeo10012
Elijah Meighoo1006
Elijah Riehl909
Elijah Teelucksingh10011
Elijah Wanet1007
Elin Vold10019
Elisa Jones1009
Elisabeth Buitenkamp1005
Elisabeth Fritzinger954
Elisabeth Gabriel10014
Elisabeth Kraus10018
Elisabeth Landrum10018
Elisabeth Roberts1003
Elisabeth Scott10021
Elisabeth Wagner10014
Elisabetta Merlin10015
Eliseo Sanchez10010
Elisha Coley10010
Elisha Pruette10021
Eliza Golden1007
Elizabeth Mckinney1007
Elizabeth Rembou'hf1003
Elizabeth Riehl10016
Elizebeth Andries1009
Ella Daulton9511
Ella Mcmasters1006
Ella Moore9519
Ella Sanger10013
Ella Smith1006
Ella Toy10010
Ella Weerts1005
Ellen Martens10023
Ellen Mwiga10028
Ellia Jones1003
Ellianna Jackson1009
Emalena Wood1006
Emanuel Deschamps9521
Emanuel Samwele9512
Emanuelle Bottamedi Santana1005
Emily Cook9519
Emily Daulton10015
Emily Gagnon10012
Emily Garcia1009
Emily Lavin10017
Emily Medlin10017
Emily Salzman9025
Emily Sampson10023
Emily Telgenhoff10015
Emma Joiner10010
Emma Martens10014
Emma Moncada9519
Emma Moore9016
Emmalee Sanger10010
Emmalyn Hagmann10016
Emmanuel Dhemby10018
Emmanuel Floyd10015
Emmanuel Gaisie-Gwira10022
Emyly Mello10010
Enoch Fritzinger1009
Enoch Johnson9510
Enoch Rains10012
Erec Kingston10023
Essie Bennett10022
Esther Borlovan10025
Esther Lashley10027
Esther Premaka10022
Esther Sotuminu10020
Esther Strunk1004
Esther Wenger10020
Ethan Davis10024
Ethan Jackson10012
Ethan Numer9512
Ethan Shabaga10010
Ethan Truelock10019
Eula Bonnette1006
Eunice Davis10022
Eunice Strite10014
Evelyn Diaz10015
Evelyn Fritzinger1007
Ezekiel Garcia1003
Ezekiel Milner10011
Ezra Daulton1007
Ezra Doyle10012
Faith Brandt10017
Faith Chambless10016
Faith Glasco10012
Faith Johnson10016
Faith Koko9519
Faith Thorson10014
Faith Torres10020
Felix Funk1006
Fiona Riley10017
Florence Davis10015
Frank Lei10011
Frederik Kofod1006
Gabriel Bottamedi Santana1008
Gabriel Cook10019
Gabriel Erickson1005
Gabriel Jones9010
Gabriel Lyons9516
Gabriel Peraza10012
Gabriel Suarez10015
Gabriel Waller10018
Gabriel Wittmeier1009
Gabriella Evans9518
Gabriella Landrum10015
Gabrielle Matty1005
Galilea Perez10018
Garon Peraza1005
Gavin Cook10014
Genesis Suarez1009
Genia Barber1009
George Okoth9522
Gerardo Suarez9018
Getsemani Mora10014
Gideon Habegger907
Gideon Harris1008
Gilchrist Cook1007
Giovanna Suarez10013
Giovardo Gallegos10017
Giulianna Suarez10016
Giuseppe Pesce1008
Gloria Ntumba10013
Glorianna Emond10012
Glorianna Williams10014
Goel Kabeya1009
Grace Andries10015
Grace Cook10012
Grace Dickson1008
Grace Ilunga10013
Grace Jainarine1002
Grace Jensen10013
Grace Kalala10019
Grace Konzelman10027
Grace Lunsford9515
Grace Milner10016
Grace Mukendi10019
Grace Newman1007
Grace Patton10027
Grace Peraza9510
Grace Rinas9514
Grace Wells10019
Grant Matty10011
Gretchen Peraza1007
Hadassah Lambie10013
Hadassah Locke10010
Hadassah Phillips10011
Haley Medlin1003
Haley Vallance10018
Hannah Campominosi9019
Hannah Cook10027
Hannah Gagnon953
Hannah Gary10018
Hannah Householder9517
Hannah Hunt10010
Hannah Lev10016
Hannah Makuni10024
Hannah Mcmasters10023
Hannah Monderoy10010
Hannah Newman1008
Hannah Olin10014
Hannah Reavis10021
Hannah Robinson1009
Hannah Schultz1002
Hannah Toy10010
Hannah Vallance10015
Hannah Wahl10019
Hannah Wittmeier1008
Hannah Yancey10020
Harmony Bonnette1008
Harmony Kofod10015
Harmony Olson1008
Hattie Mukeba10014
Hattie Sosia10015
Heaven Taylor9016
Heidi Fowler10014
Heidi Kofod10011
Heidi Thorson10012
Helene Selvik10024
Hope Chambless10016
Hope Cook10017
Hope Davis1008
Hope Dexter10010
Hope Glasco10016
Hope Henderson10012
Hope Kenworthy959
Hope Lyons10024
Hope Sanger10015
Hope Schultz10011
Hope Wagner9512
Hope Walls9515
Imani Maene10016
Isaac Bileko8514
Isaac Cathey1008
Isaac Dawson9515
Isaac Gerkin10011
Isaac Householder959
Isaac Kenworthy9014
Isaac Martens10019
Isaac Myers1008
Isaac Ray9514
Isaac Sanger10012
Isaac Sharp10016
Isabel Coley1003
Isabel Kenworthy10022
Isabele Mckinney10011
Isabele Toy9514
Isabella Chipman1008
Isaiah Andersen9513
Isaiah Baboolal1005
Isaiah Coley10015
Isaiah Davis956
Isaiah Frankfurter10013
Isaiah Fritzinger10019
Isaiah Hudson10015
Isaiah Hyde1003
Isaiah Mayers10018
Isaiah Newman9522
Isaiah Smith10011
Isha Lacombe10022
Israel Batakanwa10022
Israel Doyle10016
Israel Stricker10012
Ivah Bonnette1004
Ivan Wittmeier10018
Jackson Borders1008
Jacob Sanchez10019
Jacob Telgenhoff10017
Jacob Yin9512
Jaden Fehr10013
Jake Barfield10017
James Freitas1007
James Norvil10025
James Phillips956
James Wiltshire9519
Jamie Hudson10011
Janaya Beaver1005
Japhet Kanioka959
Jared Strite9516
Jason Bahner1009
Jayden Newman1004
Jean-Paul Kabongo9522
Jehoiada Barratt1009
Jenna Kingston10025
Jeremiah Andries10011
Jeremiah Bray10016
Jeremiah Cook10015
Jeremiah Olin10016
Jeremiah Walker1006
Jeremie Tousignant10017
Jeremiel Mbogol908
Jeremy & Princess Evans10024
Jeremy Hagmann10010
Jeremy Householder9514
Jeroel Maboukou10025
Jesse Cullinan10016
Jesse Erickson1004
Jesse Koenig9026
Jesse Myers10015
Jesse Strite9514
Jessica Dawson10012
Jessica Riley8519
Jessica Sanchez10015
Jethro Blemur10016
Jethro Cook8015
Jireh Andries10013
Joanna Dawson10018
Joanna Hess10021
Jocabed Jiménez10013
Jochebed Davis1004
Jochebed Mahadeo1003
Jocrisse Uwimana10020
Joel Alexander9514
Joel Ballard10010
Joel Evans10013
Joel Kaptain1009
Joélie Gagné10020
Johanna Haataja10022
Johanna Kofod10013
John Ezra Andrews9011
John Maple10012
John Moses Erickson1008
Jonah Cogdill1008
Jonah Derksen8519
Jonah Dickson1008
Jonah Householder10012
Jonas Canada1006
Jonathan Henson10015
Jonathan Kiu1005
Jonathan Pesce1004
Jonathan Schultz9517
Jonathan Skau10018
Jorge Paez10017
Jose Paez10013
Jose Sanchez807
Joseph Beejadhar1005
Joseph Blaine Olin10023
Joseph Buitenkamp1003
Joseph Cathey1005
Joseph Chavez10014
Joseph Chavez Morales9511
Joseph Ciyombo10010
Joseph Cogdill1005
Joseph Cook10010
Joseph Davis1005
Joseph Dawson10017
Joseph Evans9010
Joseph Fritzinger1002
Joseph Gary1007
Joseph Geransky10012
Joseph Gerard1006
Joseph Hernandez958
Joseph Jeremiah Gallegos1007
Joseph Johnson959
Joseph Mulumba10014
Joseph Strite10011
Joseph Vest10020
Joseph White10018
Joshua Clarke1009
Joshua Collins10016
Joshua Cook1007
Joshua Fritzinger10015
Joshua Garrett10027
Joshua Gary1009
Joshua Johnson10014
Joshua Kaptain10016
Joshua Kesslar10023
Joshua Landrum10011
Joshua O'dwyer10020
Joshua Phillips10016
Joshua Rains1007
Joshua Sanger9519
Joshua Schultz1006
Joshua Strite10018
Joshua Telgenhoff1007
Josiah Canada10016
Josiah Dickson9011
Josiah Grigg1006
Josiah Isaacson10016
Josiah Newman10012
Josiah Olson9512
Josiah Sanger10015
Josiah Teelucksingh1009
Josie Troyer1007
Josue Ceballos10012
Joy Alexander1008
Joy Rigei10010
Joy Salzman10023
Joyanna Sanger10013
Juan Estupiñan10022
Jubilee Barratt1005
Jubilee Strite1006
Judah Connell10012
Judah Garcia1003
Judah Roberts1005
Judith Reece9517
Julia Perozok10020
Juliana Amalong10019
Julianna Hare9020
Juliette Martens1004
Junior Kabeya10010
Justin Bailey10017
Justin Kumwimba10021
Justus Wallace9515
Jylia Mattison8022
Kaitlin Fuchs9523
Karla Rubio10022
Katelyn Connell1005
Katelyn Kingston10019
Katherine Kuchel958
Kathlene James10019
Kathryn Robson10015
Katie Sutton10015
Katie Troyer10017
Kay Olson10012
Kayla Frazier956
Kayla Hernandez10016
Kayla Walker10012
Kaylee Black8011
Kayleigh Beaver10011
Kelyn Brown10010
Kendall Speed10020
Keren St.Hill10023
Kester Stephen10015
Kevin Oduor10021
Kezia Derksen1005
Kiersten James9019
Kimberly Beejadhar10013
Kinley Speed10015
Kirstyn Johnson1008
Krista Thomas10017
Kristen Bomberger10024
Kuma Nakong9017
Kyle O'bryan10026
Kyria Asaka10019
Landon Chipman10010
Larissa Daulton10019
Laura Carbonneau10016
Laura Cogdill10010
Laura Geswein10018
Laura Kenworthy10012
Lauren Bedair9524
Laurynn Skaggs10019
Lazarus Enoch10024
Leah Block10019
Leah Mayers10013
Levi Gagnon10011
Levi Garrett10014
Levi Hare9513
Levi Olson1003
Levi Vaughn10012
Levi Walker1007
Levy Wanet10010
Lídia Lobato10016
Lilah Buchholz10013
Lilah Chipman1002
Lilia Gary10011
Lilia Toy10011
Liliana Pruitt10016
Lillia Sanger10017
Lillian Caulfield8013
Lillian Hyde10015
Lillian Pesce1006
Lilliana Troyer10010
Lily Andries1005
Lily Clarke9513
Lily Jones1005
Lily Moncada1009
Lily Weerts1008
Lily-Ann Monderoy10010
Lilyanne Keding9510
Lincoln Hyde1006
Lingson Tonga10020
Lisa Lei10013
Lóide Lobato10014
Lois Chapman10022
Lois Phillips1004
Lonnia Lauver1006
Louis Andries10027
Loyce Andries10027
Lucas Black9512
Lucas Collins1004
Lucas Niculcea1008
Luke Evans905
Luke Buchholz10010
Luke Cook10014
Luke Hyde1004
Luke Kaptain10019
Luke Kingston9514
Luke Robinson10010
Luke Sanger10010
Luke Taylor10025
Luz Jiménez10019
Lydia Fowler1007
Lydia Lambie1006
Lydia Phillips10014
Mackenzie Yates10016
Madalyn Jackson1008
Madelyn Evans10018
Madelynn Landrum10013
Madison Chadwell1005
Madison Collins9518
Malachi Dexter1007
Malachi Grigg1005
Malachi Isaacson1006
Malachi Jones1003
Malachi Mellema10019
Malachi Olson10010
Malachi Riehl957
Malachi Strunk1007
Malu Mbayabu10019
Mampuya Munanda9527
Maria Lambie1009
Maria Sanchez9516
Marissa Numer10014
Mark Perozok10017
Marrion Gyepi-Garbrah10024
Marrion Lauver10011
Martha Gill9511
Martin Maene9513
Mary Arquisola8012
Mary Lapp10025
Matthew Brodeur10019
Matthew Browne9515
Matthew Doodnath9514
Matthew Fortunat10016
Matthew Fritzinger1009
Matthew Fritzinger10017
Matthew Kaptain10014
Matthew Martens10021
Matthew Olson1008
Matthew Riehl10010
Matthew Schultz10022
Matthew Troyer10013
Matthew Wagner1009
Matthew-Ryan Scott10010
Matthieu Hagmann10015
Mayla Ardiel10015
Mckenna Kitchen10016
Meaghan Geransky10013
Meda Evans857
Meda Fritzinger1003
Meda Golden1009
Meda Mccoy10011
Meda Meighoo1007
Megan Walker1005
Meghan Kenworthy10025
Melodia Jones10013
Melody Dominguez10017
Melody Lauver10010
Melody Morales-Wolters1009
Melody Olson1009
Melody Sesay9515
Mercy Bonnette1009
Mercy Dexter1004
Mercy Williams1007
Merry Williams10015
Mia Siler10016
Micah Campominosi9513
Micah Garcia956
Micah Harvey1009
Micah Kaptain10010
Micah Lauver1008
Micah Williams10016
Micaiah Baboolal1007
Micaiah Coley1007
Micaiah Halverson1007
Michael Dickson8514
Michael Weerts1009
Michaela Hudson10014
Michaela Williams10017
Milo Naber1005
Miranda Molloy1009
Miriam Merlin10017
Miriam Miandabu10015
Moises Cadena8524
Moneth Davis10017
Moreblessing Mawango10022
Morgan Chadwell1005
Moriah Lunsford10019
Moriah Martin10020
Moses Barratt1007
Moses Malachi Caudill954
Moses Mccoy1008
Mundi Kabengela9511
Muruthi Wambui10021
Mwesigwa Martin10024
Mylah Gagnon1005
Mylah Jones1006
Myra Riley9511
Nacky Kidaya9027
Naomi Ardiel10012
Naomi Balgobin1009
Naomi Crutchfield10026
Naomi Fairweather10015
Natalie Halverson1005
Natalya Wittmeier10016
Natalye Militão9516
Nataniah Kayser10012
Nathan Barber10011
Nathan Berthiaume10015
Nathan Dockens10026
Nathan Sharp10011
Nathanael Floyd10018
Nathanael Keding1008
Nathanael Locke10012
Nathanael Pruitt10020
Nathaniel Black1006
Nathaniel Sanger10012
Nehemiah Elder10011
Nehemiah Johnson1005
Neville Sosia10012
Newhannah Ross952
Nicholas Holmes10014
Nissi Meighoo1004
Noah Bottazzi1007
Noah Fogelsanger10016
Noah Harvey10012
Noah Helm1007
Noah Martens10019
Noah Mccoy9514
Noah Ray9516
Noah Smith908
Noah Smith10020
Noah Walker10010
Noelle Black1009
Ntambwe Kabengela10015
Obed Cook1009
Odia Kabengela10018
Oliver Wood1005
Olivia Borlovan10022
Olivia Canada10015
Olivia Guidry10012
Olivia Marsteller10016
Othniel Isaacson954
Owen Smith10013
Patience Brown10020
Patience Smith1009
Patrick Sanger10013
Paul Fritzinger Jr.10012
Paul Gerard1006
Paul Habegger10010
Paul Hyde9521
Paul Johnson10012
Paul Kaptain9012
Paul Kenworthy10015
Paul Lauver10012
Paulina Aguillon9515
Peter Bennett1008
Phebe Dickson1005
Phebe Maple10015
Philip Perozok10015
Phillip Daulton10017
Phillip Jackson8510
Phoebe Owusu10014
Precious Jones9515
Primrose Jones1006
Priscilla Brown10012
Priscilla Bugg10018
Priscilla Phillips1007
Quade Lopez10013
Rachel Andrews10014
Rachel Arquisola9010
Rachel Kabamba10019
Rachel Lapp10027
Rachel Mukeba10019
Rachel Mulumba10016
Rachel West10025
Randy Andries10013
Rebecca Kinanga1009
Rebecca Matanda10015
Rebecca Molony On'iyele10022
Rebecca Ramkhelawan9522
Rebekah Campominosi10021
Rebekah Erickson1006
Rebekah Gabriel10019
Rebekah Lapp1009
Rebekah Moore954
Rebekah Premaka10020
Rebekah Ross1009
Renee Black9513
Riasa Shabaga9513
Richard Craven1003
Richard Mingwiki10013
Rita Gatse9027
Robert Moore10010
Roberta Augustine10016
Ronald Vest10025
Rose Olson1006
Rosie Erickson954
Ruth Hyde10018
Ruth Litanda10014
Ruth Mukeba9514
Ruth Perozok9512
Ruth Sanchez10015
Sadie Funk1004
Salem Desbiens10021
Samuel Bahner9519
Samuel Ceballos1008
Samuel Dickson1007
Samuel Freitas10012
Samuel Gary1004
Samuel Gasper10015
Samuel Harris10011
Samuel Kinanga10011
Samuel Medlin10015
Samuel Myers10016
Samuel Wolters10010
Sandra Vanté9027
Sara Dalisay1007
Sara Jimenez10016
Sara Sanchez1008
Sarah Amber Ferrante10023
Sarah Andrews10019
Sarah Beejadhar1006
Sarah Bileko10016
Sarah Cook10019
Sarah Cooper10015
Sarah Keller10031
Sarah O'dwyer9516
Sarah Pedersen10017
Sarah Teelucksingh1007
Sarah Yihenew Batakanwa10020
Savannah Bottazzi1005
Selah Andersen958
Selah Bottazzi1002
Selah Mcmasters1003
Serene Williams9511
Serenity Cook9517
Seth Guidry10014
Seth Hanson9017
Seth Householder9511
Seth Jackson9514
Shacquana Broomes10014
Shakeda James955
Shakeem James957
Shalom Desbiens10022
Shalom Mtetwa9523
Shalom Strite10016
Shalom Wiltshire10012
Shamah Mimana9017
Shamgar Gabriel10010
Shammah Dunga9011
Shaneshia James1002
Shaniqua James1004
Sharon Doss10015
Sharon Jaggot9022
Sharon Lyons10020
Sharon Rigei9013
Sharon Sanchez10013
Sharon-Rose Mukendi10016
Shawn Doss10018
Shaylyn Hubert10020
Sheena Kaye Raspe8018
Shekina Djuku8514
Shemille Fortune10015
Shepherd Kitchen10014
Sheriffa-Rose Isa8526
Shermaiah Fortune9513
Shiloh Cook10022
Shingai Machiri10025
Shyann Taylor10012
Silas Dickson1004
Silas Garcia1007
Silas Stricker10010
Silas Thorson1006
Simeon Fritzinger1008
Simon Householder10013
Sister Jochebed Musara10011
Solomon Alexander9518
Sophia Canada954
Sophia Foster10012
Sophia Koenig805
Sophia Walker1004
Spencer Phelps1006
Speranza Bertuzzi10024
Stephen Bahner10016
Stephen Kibozi10016
Stephen Schultz10019
Stephen Tutani10026
Summer Kavanagh1005
Susana Santana10024
Susanna Ross1007
Tamara Stephen10020
Tatiana Rodríguez9520
Tatyana Kouba10014
Taze Davis8521
Terah Maple10017
Terri-Lynn Cook1007
Thaddaeus Ross1004
The Voice Of The 7Th Angle Kids9515
Thea Stephen9520
Theo Harvey1008
Theodora Livingstone9516
Tiffany Forde10026
Timo Pot10017
Timothy Andes9025
Titus Garcia1007
Titus Helm1006
Titus Moore1008
Trenton Bossier9510
Tresha Andries10025
Trisha Fisher10021
Ty Siler10014
Tyler Gagnon10013
Tyrell Wallace10011
Uriah Garcia1005
Valarie Hyde10012
Valerie Dickson1004
Valerie Guidry1007
Valerie Ray10010
Veronica Riehl1003
Veronika Halverson1006
Violet Martens1007
Wesley Dexter1006
Wesley Stricker1008
William Chavez Morales959
William Chavez Morales9514
William Cook10016
William Dickson9513
William Grother10012
William Kenworthy1006
William King10027
William Koenig904
William Kuchel9514
William Mulumba9512
William Owusu1006
William Pitian1006
William Pruitt10018
William Rigei1007
William Seraiah9514
Winston Ditlow9523
Wisdom Sh Jeremiah10023
Wise Duho10023
Wyanita Cook10015
Yaretzi Jardines-Ortega1006
Zach Sanger1008
Zachary Koenig10021
Zachary Lavin1007
Zachary Martens10017
Zachary Wilson10017
Zane Guidry1003
Zayda Craven9515
Zebediah Kofod10016
Zemma Craven10016
Zion Emond10017
Zoe Black8011
Zoe Habegger1006
Zoe Monderoy1003
Zoe Musafiri10023
Zoe Noreiga952
Zoe O'dwyer10018
Zoe Smith1008
Zoe Wanet1004
Zoe Williams1002