50-0815Who Is God?

Who is God? The One that stood there and rolled stars off of His hands, and rolls worlds out of His hands, and made the things which do not appear: Deity. And Deity Himself lives in man. The Creator, that made heavens and earth, lives in mankind.

Sermon Info

  • Date: Tuesday, 50-0815
  • Location: Cleveland, OH
  • Duration: 1 hr and 4min
  • Scripture: St. Luke 7:1-10
Who Is God?
Scores will be accepted until Wednesday, August 31, 2022
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"He will respect people’s _______ who believe in Him."
What does Christianity mean?
"It’s the _______ that makes an atonement. It’s the _______ that saves. And it’s the _______ that heals. It’s the _______ that cleanses. That is the real thing of God, is the _______."
You can’t be a Christian without being borned again.
"Hold fast to the _______. Do what’s _______. God will bless you."
What did the centurion ask Jesus to do for his servant to be healed?
"As long as you’re feeling _______ of the blessing you’re asking, you’re pretty _______ to get it."
Every sickness and every demon was under Him. What was all He had to do?
Every demon will obey God. It has to. Everything obeys God. And it’ll obey you if you have faith.
"Joshua stopped the sun. Is that true? Somebody said, 'All things are possible with God, nothing impossible.' But all things are possible to you also. Nothing impossible to them that _______."
Brother Branham believed in eternal sonship.
Where did He write the first Bible?
Deity Himself lives in man.
"And if God tells me anything to say to you, I’ll say it. And when I say it, _______."
Brother Branham was against doctors, medical treatments, and hospitals.
"As a minister, I’ve seen just as many quack _______ as I have doctors too. Anything that don’t believe in God’s Word, to me, is a quack."
"God will make your body obey your _______, for He’s the High Priest of your _______;"
If the power of the devil could make a man _______ his strength, what would the power of God on you do, if you’re crippled or whatever it is.
"Why do we fear? My, if God be for you, who can be against you? You know, it’s written in the Bible it’s better that a millstone was hanged at your neck and drowned in the depths of the sea, than to offend these that believe in Me? 'These signs shall follow them that believe in Me. Touch not My anointed. Do My _______ no harm.'"
How was the little girl born who was pointing to Brother Branham?

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50-0815 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for Who Is God?. Anyone taking the quiz after Wednesday, August 31, 2022 will not have their score posted.

A Silas Stricker10013
Aaleah Brown10012
Aaron Derksen10023
Aaron Kenworthy10014
Abigael Haule10018
Abigail Farrie1008
Abigail Garcia10013
Abigail Geer1006
Abigail Geransky10014
Abigail Goshen10020
Abigail Kenworthy10016
Abigail Milner10018
Abraham Myers1009
Acharity Johnson10012
Adam Geransky10014
Adamdavid Solotshi859
Adelaide Connell10014
Adina Strite1002
Adoniram Hyde10012
Adria Ruth10023
Aggaba Peter1003
Agness Nalupumbwe8521
Akampulira Recheal1003
Alayna Cook909
Alayna Morrison952
Alayna Wittmeier959
Albert Enock10017
Alex Mungai9024
Alexander Martens10024
Alice Agyekumwah Kwarteng9514
Alicia Balgobin10017
Alina Heiberger8526
Alinaitwe Gershom1005
Allison Sanger10013
Alysha Helm10013
Alyssa Hyland9513
Alyssia Bélanger952
Amber Rains10013
Amelia Jackson10010
Amelia Phelps10015
Amram Smith954
Ana Mihalescu9018
Andrew Chambless10016
Andrew Farrie10014
Andrew Martens10019
Anna Alexander10020
Anne Von Djono10015
Annikah Helm10012
Annisha Gonzales10020
Antipas Asaka10012
April Geransky10011
Ariel Koenig10023
Artheya St Louis9512
Asher Kibozi9017
Ashley Pister10023
Asiimwe Martin10010
Aspen Hollar10014
Aurora Newton1009
Ava Toy10015
Aza Smith10012
Azariah Emond10019
Banks Fritzinger1003
Baraka Toha10022
Belia Frazier10012
Bella Toy10014
Benaiah Halverson1009
Benaiah Strite1005
Benjamin Ceballos9520
Benjamin Cogdill1006
Benjamin Evedzi10010
Benjamin Marcano10012
Benjamin Plante1007
Benjamin Sanger1009
Bernice Osei10016
Bethann Fritzinger10013
Bethany Mcmasters1006
Biancia Jonas9512
Billy Cleopas10015
Billyden Rutechura959
Biyinzika Philimo10016
Bless Atafo1002
Blessed Rutechura10014
Blessing Adonai Beya Ndjadi10011
Blessing Atsu9519
Blessing Kinanvuidi9513
Blithe Smith10018
Bokortsey Kwaku9021
Branham Nzogue1002
Bransen Wilbert10011
Brianna Laku Wani10012
Bright Rutechura9512
Brough Amatcha1009
Bryce Friesen9012
Byamukama Edigar10013
Caleb Halley1003
Carissa Cook10015
Carter Phelps10012
Charity Brodeur10019
Charity Rains1003
Charlie Farrie10021
Chris Njagi10011
Christian Froget957
Christianna Smith10016
Christine Robinson10020
Christoph Wittmeier10013
Christophe Plante1009
Christopher Hardman10014
Christy Thorson10012
Clara Jackson1005
Daisy Aguillon10022
Damaris Barratt1007
Daniel Barrera10018
Daniel Dexter1006
Daniel Kenworthy10021
Daniel Kuchel9515
Daniel Muchiri9523
Daniel Savanhu10023
Danny Girard10010
Daria Geana10014
Daudi Mlelwa10023
David Atsu10017
David Karanja8515
David Manyara10015
David Njagi9514
David Robinson10010
David Sanger10012
David Sharon Bwabwa10010
Dayster Nanyanga10027
Deborah Kinanvuidi10014
Deborah Vidzraku10019
Delices Meda Mberi Kimpolo9511
Dieulv Tshingej9525
Divina Avuglah1004
Divine Ndisetse10013
Dorcas Kadzirange10012
Ebi Dennis10011
Eden Dennis1006
Eden Dyck1002
Eden Helm1007
Eliana Martin10010
Eliana Milner10012
Eliazer Mujuni1007
Eliel De Souza958
Eliezer Fritzinger953
Eliezer Musara9514
Elijah Bottazzi1002
Elijah Mahadeo10015
Elijah Riehl10013
Elijah Teelucksingh10015
Elisa Jones9012
Elisabet Andres9511
Elisabeth Fritzinger1008
Elise Rotsch10016
Elisha Fritzinger1005
Elisha Mkumbwa10025
Eliza Golden10011
Elizabeth Chikosi953
Elizabeth Delgadillo9517
Elizabeth Otieno8519
Elizabeth Vidzah10023
Ella Mcmasters10010
Ella Smith10010
Ella Toy10014
Ella Weerts1008
Ellen Martens10026
Elliana Messer Ostrow1005
Elliott Fowler9514
Elsa Aabø1007
Emily Cook10022
Emma Moore10020
Emmalie Koenig959
Emmanuel Dhemby10021
Emmanuella Sapey10017
Émy Girard958
Enoch Dyck1002
Enoch Fritzinger10013
Erastus Ndegwa9524
Erick Sylivester10025
Esperanza Ngüí Ekoo Oyana10023
Ester Andres10013
Ester Menezes9512
Ester Musimeeta1007
Esther Suiyanka10027
Estherh Amatcha1005
Ethan Hyland10015
Ethan Jackson10015
Ethan Musara10012
Ethan Truelock10022
Eunice Sapey1008
Ezekiel Garcia1007
Ezekiel Landrum1007
Ezekiel Milner10015
Faith Brandt10021
Faith Chambless10020
Faith Muthama9521
Faith Sapey1003
Faith Thorson9518
Formosa Pedro9016
Gabriel Wittmeier10013
Garcia João10015
Genia Barber10012
George Duke9016
Gerd Johnson9514
Gideon Boakye10016
Gideon Cook8526
Gideon Njege10013
Giovanna Suarez10017
Gladness Ndingala10022
Glorianna Dexter1005
Glory Mbuebue908
Godsway Atafo1007
Grace Cook10016
Grace Gil9012
Grace Gomti10015
Grace Kejo10015
Grace Milner10020
Grace Mukendi10023
Grace Mwepu10011
Grace Redhead10021
Grace Wayua9519
Gracious Cleopas1006
Hadassah Forde9518
Hadassah Katalayi1009
Hakizymana Andrew10019
Hannah Basdeo10011
Hannah Collins10017
Hannah Divine Kinanga Berry10011
Hannah Wittmeier10012
Harmony Olson10012
Hattie Mberi Kimpolo10013
Heaven Gage10017
Heidi Fowler10017
Heidi Hofer8015
Heidi Thorson10015
Helene Selvik10028
Hope Chambless10020
Hope Cook9520
Hope Davis10011
Hope Dexter10013
Hope Kenworthy9013
Hope Lyons10027
Hope Mutsago10014
Hope Rweyemamu10024
Hope Walls10019
Hunter Sumpter10020
Ibrahim Mange9522
Imani Maene10020
India Hardman10016
Iradukunda Beatrice10014
Isaac Gerkin10015
Isaac Kenworthy10017
Isaac King1008
Isaac Myers10012
Isaac Thetika9516
Isabele Toy10018
Isabella Deng8520
Isabelle Poole9516
Isack Emmanuel9024
Isaiah Davis1009
Isha Lacombe10026
Israel Rotsch10011
Isreal Bedzrah9510
Jackson Borders10011
Jaden Fehr10017
Jake Barfield9521
James Alagah10020
Jason Bahner10013
Jason Derksen1007
Jehoiada Barratt10012
Jenna Kingston10028
Jephthah Evedzi10016
Jeremiah Chukwujekwu8512
Jeremiah Marcano1009
Jesse Marcano1008
Jesse Taylor10017
Jessica Daniels10015
Jireh Urbain1009
Joana Evedzi10013
Joanna King1005
Joansim Yashim1008
Jobregal Wallace1004
Jochebed Davis1007
Joe Maikweki10018
Joel Kaptain10013
Joel Vasquez9514
Johanna Boodoo10020
Johanna Kofod10016
Johanna Martin1006
John Brown1003
John Cook10021
John Wagner1009
Jonah Cogdill10011
Jonathan Haule10015
Jonathan King1009
Jonathan Taylor10010
José Da Silva Kangongo10013
José Fosso10010
José Rocha10012
Joseph Ahiagbede9524
Joseph Anil10012
Joseph Chavez Morales8514
Joseph Cogdill1008
Joseph Cook10014
Joseph Geransky8516
Joseph Hernandez9512
Joseph Karanja9520
Joseph Leadingham Ii1002
Joseph Messer1007
Joseph Niyonkuru9515
Joseph Oben Nzogue1006
Joseph Wambua9512
Joseph William Bakinen9512
Joshua Amanyo10018
Joshua Cook10011
Joshua Fiadowu10017
Joshua Kesslar10027
Joshua Messer1002
Joshua Rains10011
Joshua Telgenhoff10011
Joshua Weerts1006
Josiah Dickson9015
Josiah Isaacson10020
Josiah Olson10016
Josiah Teelucksingh9512
Joviale Mukanya10011
Joy Alexander10012
Joyce Konga10023
Jubilee Barratt1008
Judah Garcia1006
Judith Reece9521
Julie Greer9017
Juliet Mulenga10026
Juliette Mugabo1006
Junior Atafo10012
Justice Larbi9526
Justin Kouba1007
Kaisa Aabø1004
Kaitlin Fuchs10027
Kaitlynn Kenworthy10010
Kamdem Angel10014
Kareem Froget9010
Karissa Pirkey10019
Kashoba Abel9524
Kasiime Rose1007
Katusime Faith1004
Kaweesi Ediwin10012
Kayemba Kenneth10012
Kayla Frazier1009
Kelly Girard1008
Kelvin Masuba10025
Kelyn Brown9514
Keturah Derksen1003
Kezia Derksen1009
Kimberly Beejadhar10017
Kockley Amatcha10011
Kudakwashe Zhanje10023
Kuma Shallom10019
Kwagala Rebbecca1006
Kwagala Timothy1007
Laura Cogdill10013
Laura Geswein10022
Laura Kenworthy10015
Laurie Girard1008
Leah Block9523
Lee Lusala10016
Leo Karanja9515
Levi Gallimore10011
Levi Hare10017
Levi Joseph Leadingham Jr1002
Levi Kenworthy958
Levi King1003
Levi Muriithi8511
Levi Olson1007
Levy Wanet10013
Liam Marcano1003
Lighty Martin9022
Lilia Toy10015
Lilian Muthungu9027
Liliia Lysianska10019
Lillian Ngugi9522
Lily Faith Kinanga Berry955
Lily Weerts10012
Lilycrosby Karanja10012
Lincoln Hyde10010
Lois Antwi8512
Lois Katomba9513
Louie Chen10011
Lovein Levin9014
Lucas Collins1008
Luke Kingston10018
Luke Robinson10013
Luke Stowell10010
Lumbonde Chiau10016
Lumiere Cleopas10014
Lydia Fowler9011
Lydia Geer10011
Madison Collins10022
Malia Thornhill1004
Marie Nzogue10010
Marrion Mugabo1008
Marta Manuel10013
Martin Kabiru10024
Mason Newman1008
Matthew Geswein1003
Matthew Landrum1009
Matthew Olson10011
Matthew Wagner10013
Mawuli Atsu10022
Mawutor Bedzrah1007
Mbah Brandon9022
Mckenna Kitchen10020
Meda Fritzinger1006
Meghan Kenworthy10028
Melodia Jones10017
Melody Olson10013
Melodyrose Khan10015
Mercy Dexter1008
Mercy Mwongela10025
Mercy Sammuel9523
Mercy Thiga10020
Meshack Odhiambo8021
Mia Siler10019
Micah Garcia10010
Micah Harvey10013
Micah Kaptain9013
Micaiah Brown10010
Micaiah Halverson10011
Michael Dickson10017
Michael Weerts10013
Micheal Smith855
Mickey Monster9515
Mikneja Mubeneshayi9513
Miriam Ndisete1006
Miryam Pierre9011
Moriah Martin10023
Moses Barratt10011
Moses Rotsch10014
Mugisha Fred1007
Muhire Fred1002
Mukisa Nathan1003
Mukisa Temperance9518
Mukisa Virtue9516
Muwanguzi Efuta1002
Mwesige Emmanuel10014
Nafimane Shikesho1006
Nakaweesi Edith1009
Nakiriza Marrion1004
Nakyejwe Ruth8014
Namukisa Judith10011
Naomi Balgobin10012
Naomi Fritzinger10010
Natan Andres1008
Natanael Pierre10013
Nathan Barber10015
Nathan Chapi Wako1006
Nathan Dexter1003
Nathan Kipalamoto10024
Nathan Ndisetse10012
Nathaniel Dickson9513
Natukunda Milly1005
Neema Msuya8020
Neville Oumba Landou9011
Nhyira Vinyomens10018
Nicholas Holmes10018
Ninja Joe8512
Niwaggaba Elisha1007
Noah Bottazzi10011
Noah Harvey9516
Noah Helm10011
Noah Ramsey10014
Noel Blutse10020
Noemi Martin10013
Ntemo Rocha1006
Obey Atafo1005
Oliver Oduor9526
Olivia Brown959
Olivia Chen1007
Olivia Weerts1004
Ophelia Brown1002
Ornel Beya959
Owusuah Kwarteng9511
Patience Mcmasters1003
Patience Smith10012
Paul Fritzinger10016
Paul Kenworthy10019
Paul Ndonyo8524
Paulgopher Kabengele10014
Peninah Njoroge9026
Perfect Vidzraku10016
Perfect Zilevu10017
Peter Wagner1006
Phaltiel Kinoti9512
Phillip Jackson10014
Precieuse Mukanya10013
Precious Kanu10020
Predi Bomolo10011
Prefer Kanu9513
Prevaillia Kanu10019
Prince Nevanji10023
Princesssarah Roberts9022
Priscilla Brown10015
Prophet Kanu10010
Purity Kanu10016
Rajesh Williams9513
Raoul Ngounou10025
Raquel Vasquez10012
Rebecca Agbolosu1003
Rebecca Andre10012
Rebecca Molony Oniyele9525
Rebecca Nzuki9021
Rebecca Pierre10014
Rebecca Sapey10014
Renate Thorsen9523
Renee Diaz9523
Reuben Boakye10014
Rhoda Wallace1007
Rhuth Amatcha1008
Ricardo Sadraque10016
Rich Kibozi10018
Richmond Atsu10010
Rispa Adam10021
Robert Geer10014
Rosaline Shikesho1004
Ruben Mendez9523
Rubiedove Cleopas1009
Ruslan Marcelo Mba Nkoho10027
Ruth John9024
Ruth Lisuwa9521
Ruth Litanda10018
Ruth Muchai8520
Ruth Nyambura10020
Sakwe Epambe10023
Salatiel Fuma1009
Salem Fuma10019
Salma Fuma10017
Salome Forde9514
Salome Fuma10012
Sam Robson1005
Sam Wang9513
Samantha Yashim10010
Samuel Abraham10018
Samuel Harris10015
Samuel Karanja9514
Samuel Senerwa8521
Sarah Amber Ferrante10027
Sarah Elizabeth10017
Sarah Mbuebue10010
Sarah Mfangavo9525
Sarah Molony Bileko10020
Sarah Teelucksingh9511
Sarah Wallace10010
Savannah Bottazzi1009
Segel M S8518
Selah Bottazzi1006
Selah Mcmasters1007
Serenah Garcia1004
Serenah Sanger1006
Seth Jackson9018
Severain Mboungomboungou10021
Shadrach William1008
Shalom Wiltshire10015
Shammer Fred1005
Shaniel Daniels10012
Sharon Ms8510
Sharon Mwariri10022
Sharon Njagi10016
Sharon Rose Nzogue1004
Sharon Thiga10022
Sharonrose Issah10018
Shemille Fortune10019
Shepherd Kitchen10017
Shiloh Mudiwa10024
Silas Garcia10011
Silas Musarapasi10022
Silas Thorson10010
Simeon Fritzinger10012
Sithabisiwe Masiyandumbi9024
Sofia Kafadzi9526
Solomon Oloo10025
Sophia William10020
Spencer Phelps10010
Stamatia Geana10016
Tabitha Kimuyu1003
Tabitha Mabiala9524
Tabitha Wiltshire10018
Tejranie Gomes10016
Terrilynn Cook9511
Thea Stephen9523
Theo Harvey10012
Timothee Levy Kinanga Berry959
Timothy Meighoo1004
Tinesha Thornhill10010
Titus Garcia10011
Trust Evedzi1005
Ty Hardman9518
Uriah Garcia1008
Valarie Hyde10016
Victoria Chikosi952
Victoria Vidzraku10020
Wesley Stricker9511
Wetsu Ruth1003
Wilhide Isiaho9527
William Chavez Morales10012
William Chavez Morales10016
William Chen1008
William Kalenga10013
William Kenworthy959
William Owusu959
William Rigei9511
Winner Atafo1009
Winston Ditlow10026
Zach Sanger10011
Zachariah Kenworthy10012
Zachary Martens10021
Zagabe Fikiri9511
Zion Olson1005
Zoe Forde957
Zoe Katomba10011
Zoe Landrum10012