50-0713 Obey The Voice Of The Angel

It was the Angel of God that went before Moses. It was a Pillar of Fire at night and a cloud by day. And when you see the picture that we’re going to show you, shortly, if we haven’t. I believe you’ll feel that it’s the same Pillar of Fire that’s leading the people today, the Angel of God.

Sermon Info

  • Date: Thursday, 50-0713
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN - Tent Meeting
  • Duration: 55 min
  • Scripture: Exodus 23:20-23
Obey The Voice Of The Angel
Scores will be accepted until Sunday, July 31, 2016
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“There's no one that can heal you except God. He's the only One that can help you. And all that we can do is _______.”
When Brother Branham was a boy, he saw a vision of the Municipal Bridge at Jeffersonville come up out of the wilderness on the hill where he was standing, and crossed the river. He saw sixteen men fall off of it. How long was it before it came to pass and sixteen men lost their life on it?
What is the only thing that any true man of God could ever say? Outside of that, it would totally be a failure.
Brother Branham said that the Light always came from which way? That's the reason he started the prayer line from there.
About how long had it been since the other part of Brother Branham’s gift was manifested?
Before starting the prayer line Brother Branham said to the people: “I wish you'd be reverent while I'm praying. It's not a _______ matter. It's reverent, and we must approach God with a true sincere heart, and just as reverent as you can be.”
No service is complete without what?
Where did Brother Branham read from in the Bible?
“But if thou will indeed _______ his voice, and do all that I speak; then will I be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries.”
Only the Angels and the Son of God know just how close we are to the end.
Who was the Angel that led Moses?
Angels were ministering spirits in the Old Testament, but since the Holy Spirit has come, we don't have ministering Angels any more.
When Phillip was down at Samaria, preaching, having a revival, who was it that came to him and said, “Go to the desert Gaza.”?
How many days and nights was Paul upon the sea, without any moon or stars, and it was all dark, and he went down in the gallery to pray?
When John the revelator fell down to worship the angel, what did the Angel say?
Angelic beings are _______ of God, to come to the earth to bear record of God. And they work through mortal beings, just as they did through Daniel and back through the ages there.
Brother Branham said, “Now, you could be a renowned Christian, and _______ what I've told you to be the truth, and you'd never be able to reap a bit of benefit from it. Now, I'm sorry to have to say that, but it's the truth.”
When Jesus was on earth, the people that killed him, believed in God the Father, and were great worshipers of God. But He could not help them, because they did not believe in Him.
What song did Brother Branham have the audience sing while he prayed for a few moments?
Who did Brother Branham have to bring the people to him just one at a time?

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50-0713 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for Obey The Voice Of The Angel. Anyone taking the quiz after Sunday, July 31, 2016 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Derksen9517
Abbey Kingston10018
Abel Meighoo9515
Abigail Barber959
Abigail Garcia1007
Abigail Jensen10013
Abigail Martens10010
Abigail Milner10012
Abigail Olin10015
Adallae Martens1003
Adam Connell1005
Adam Geransky1008
Adelaide Connell1007
Adina Muresan10024
Adoniram Hyde1006
Adriana Sanchez10024
Alayna Wittmeier1003
Alicia Balgobin10011
Alysha Helm1006
Amanda Andries10015
Amber Pister10012
Amber Rains907
Amber Robinson1007
Amelia Hyde1008
Amelia Klopp9518
Ana Sánchez1004
Anderson Beejadhar9515
Andrea Sanchez1004
Andrew Chambless10010
Andrew Farrie958
Angel Castelo Branco1004
Angel Ross1003
Anna Crutchfield10018
Anna Phillips1006
Anna Sampson10011
Antipas Asaka1006
April Geransky1005
Arsen Prysiazhnyy10013
Asaph Singh9510
Ashlea Mccullough10018
Ashlee Greene9019
Ashley Pister10017
Austin Pister10019
Autumn Klopp10015
Ava Toy959
Azariah Emond10013
Bartosz Sikora8511
Belia Frazier906
Beloved Akanji10012
Benaiah Alexander1009
Benjamin Ceballos8013
Benjamin Chavez10018
Benjamin Mahadeo956
Benjamin Phillips10013
Benjamin Rains9011
Bethann Fritzinger857
Biancia Jonas956
Blaine Waller10020
Boaz Kilasi10011
Caleb Carbonneau9515
Caleb Chavez1008
Caleb Cook1007
Caleb Isaacson10011
Caleb O'dwyer10010
Carol Garcia10014
Charity Braithwaite1007
Charity Brodeur10013
Charity Southworth9018
Charlie Farrie Iii10015
Christian Buchholz10012
Christian Etamba10023
Christian Hare9513
Christiana Akumah9012
Christina Manecci10025
Christina Singh8522
Christoph Wittmeier1007
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing10022
Daesha Johnson9021
Daniel Bayona9016
Daniel Dickson955
Daniel Evans Jr10014
Daniel James9512
Daniel Sampson9515
Danielle Browne1009
Darnell Clarke9013
David Owusu958
David Sanger1006
Deborah King9528
Deloris Asaka10023
Echo Cook959
Eden Gutierrez10015
Elaina Kaptain9514
Elainah Sanger908
Elena Dupont959
Eliana Milner806
Elias Lambie1009
Elias Sanchez1008
Eliezer Gabriel9515
Elijah Mahadeo959
Elijah Teelucksingh1009
Elisabeth Gabriel10011
Elisabeth Landrum9516
Elisabeth Ponder10023
Eliseo Sanchez1008
Elisha Pruette10019
Eliza Golden1004
Elizabeth Riehl9513
Ella Sanger10011
Ella Toy1008
Ellen Martens10020
Elsalem Jongwe9517
Emanuelle Bottamedi Santana1002
Emily Cook9516
Emily Garcia1007
Emily Medlin9014
Emily Salzman9022
Emily Sampson10021
Emma Martens10011
Emma Moncada9517
Emmalyn Hagmann10013
Emyly Neves Mello1008
Enoch Fritzinger957
Enoch Johnson1008
Enoch Rains909
Erin Millis10026
Essie Gasper10020
Esther Lashley9525
Esther Wenger10018
Eunice Strite9011
Ezekiel Milner1009
Ezekiel Robinson858
Ezra Doyle1009
Faith Brandt10015
Faith Bushnell9516
Faith Chambless9514
Faith Johnson10014
Faith Lumnwi10027
Faith Thorson9512
Gabriel Bottamedi Santana956
Gabriël Erickson953
Gabriel Isaacson10013
Gabriel Suarez9012
Gabriel Waller9515
Gabriel Wittmeier1007
Gabriella Landrum9013
Gabriella Mohammed959
Gauge Hammond8514
Gavin Cook9511
Genia Barber1006
Gerardo Suarez9516
Gilchrist Cook1005
Giovanna Suarez9511
Giulianna Suarez9014
Glorianna Emond10010
Glorianna Williams10012
Grace Dickson956
Grace Garrett10018
Grace Jensen8511
Grace Lunsford9513
Grace Milner10014
Grace Mukendi10017
Hadassah Bennett10014
Hadassah Brewster10014
Hadassah Lambie10011
Hannah Kenworthy9017
Hannah Lev9013
Hannah Mcmasters9020
Hannah Reavis10018
Hannah Rissler9016
Hannah Sampson9017
Hannah Wahl10016
Hannah Wilson10021
Hannah Wittmeier1006
Hannah Ye9520
Harmony Olson955
Heidi Thorson959
Hope Chambless9514
Hope Cook10014
Hope Davis1005
Hope Sanger10013
Hope Schultz1009
Isaac Garrett10014
Isaac Martens10017
Isaac Meighoo9520
Isabele Toy10012
Isaiah Baboolal1003
Isaiah Fritzinger10016
Isaiah Hudson9512
Isaiah Mayers10016
Israel Doyle10014
Ivan Wittmeier10015
Jackline Kibozi1009
Jacob Sanchez9517
James Benn10017
Jamie Hudson959
Jared Strite9013
Jason Fisher10016
Jehoiada Barratt1006
Jenna Warme9023
Jeremiah Bray10014
Jeremiah Cook9013
Jeremiah Olin9013
Jeremie Tousignant10015
Jesse Dyck9528
Jesse Erickson1002
Jesse Myers9013
Jesse Ortiz10020
Jesse Strite10011
Jethro Cook9013
Joanna Dawson10016
Joanna Hess10019
Joanna Strite10018
Joel Alexander10011
Joel Dyck10027
Joel Kaptain1007
John Ezra Andrews858
John Hyde Iii9522
John Moses Erickson956
Johnny Boggs10013
Jonah Dickson856
Jonathan Ramsundar9510
Jonathan Schultz10015
José Sánchez 1005
Joseph Beejadhar1002
Joseph Chavez10011
Joseph Dawson10014
Joseph Evans907
Joseph Gary1004
Joseph Geransky10010
Joseph Johnson1007
Joseph Rissler9518
Joseph Strite1009
Joshua Clarke906
Joshua Fritzinger10012
Joshua Garrett10025
Joshua Gary1007
Joshua Kaptain8514
Joshua Kesslar10021
Joshua Landrum959
Joshua Moncada9513
Joshua O'dwyer10018
Joshua Pruette9516
Joshua Rains1005
Joshua Sanger9517
Joshua Schultz1004
Josiah Dickson1009
Josiah Forde8013
Josiah Olson9510
Josiah Teelucksingh1006
Joy Alexander1006
Joy Salzman10021
Joyanna Sanger10010
Joylin Strite10022
Jubilee Barratt1002
Judah Connell1009
Judah Roberts1002
Julia Perozok10017
Julianna Hare9518
Juliette Martens1002
Kaci Hammond9016
Kara Morales10015
Karla Rubio Rodriguez9020
Katelyn Kingston10016
Katie Kenworthy10012
Kayla Frazier903
Kayleigh Beaver1008
Kimberly Beejadhar9511
Kimberly Florian10027
Korina Persaud8014
Krista Thomas10014
Kristen Martell10024
Laura Carbonneau9513
Laura Kenworthy959
Lauren Reilly10025
Leah Mayers10011
Lekeisha Daniels9515
Levi Garrett10012
Levi Hare10011
Levi Powe9516
Lilah Buchholz10010
Lilia Gary959
Lillia Sanger9515
Lillian Hyde10012
Lillias Boucher9518
Lily Clarke9011
Lincoln Hyde954
Lóide Monteiro9512
Louis Andries10025
Loyce Andries10024
Luke Buchholz1008
Luke Cook10012
Luke Hyde852
Luke Isaacson1004
Luke Kingston10012
Luke Smith10012
Luz Jiménez10017
Lydia Phillips10011
Lydia Wahl9518
Madeleine Yonkam Ketia Mankaa10019
Madelyn Evans10016
Madelynn Landrum9511
Maria Lambie1006
Maria Sanchez10014
Mark Perozok10015
Matthew Brodeur10017
Matthew Browne10013
Matthew Doodnath8512
Matthew Fritzinger9014
Matthew Kaptain8511
Matthew Martens10018
Matthew Olson955
Matthew Schultz10020
Maya Singh1004
Meaghan Geransky10011
Meda Evans955
Meda Golden1007
Meda Smith8516
Meghan Kenworthy10022
Melissa Parker10028
Melodia Jones9511
Melody Olson957
Mia Dupont957
Micah Garcia1004
Micah Harvey1007
Micah Kaptain1007
Micaiah Baboolal1005
Michael Dickson10011
Michael Musangu10013
Michaela Hudson9512
Miriam Mushori9021
Moriah Lunsford9517
Moses Barratt1005
Mylah Jones954
Myriam Hayes Roussil10021
N'mey N'doua9019
Naomi Balgobin1006
Naomi Crutchfield10024
Naomi Fairweather9513
Naomi Fritzinger904
Naomie Litanda10014
Natalia Santos9016
Natalya Wittmeier10014
Natalye Militão8514
Natasha Andries1009
Nathan Barber1009
Nathan Brandt10025
Nathan Dupont1004
Nathaniel Dickson1007
Noah Harvey10010
Noah Helm1005
Olivia Borlovan10020
Patience Brown10018
Patience Smith1006
Patrick Sanger10011
Paul Fritzinger Jr.10010
Paul Johnson10010
Paul Kaptain9510
Paul Kenworthy9513
Paul Mcmasters10023
Paulina Aguillon9513
Phebe Andries10018
Phebe Dickson953
Philip Perozok9512
Phoebe Owusu10012
Praise Mushongwi10024
Precious Jones10013
Rahela Rosca10023
Rebecca Ramkhelawan10020
Rebecca Vallee9521
Rebekah Erickson953
Rebekah Gabriel10017
Rebekah Gosine10010
Rebekah Ross1007
Rich Kibozi10012
Roberta Augustine9514
Rosca Darius10023
Rutendo Vera10015
Ruth Kilasi9512
Ruth Litanda10012
Ruth Perozok9510
Ruth Sanchez10013
Ruthanna Fritzinger9520
Samuel Gary1002
Samuel Ballard9515
Samuel Dickson1004
Samuel Gasper10013
Samuel Lacombe10029
Sandra Vanté9527
Sara Jimenez10014
Sara S.9523
Sara Sánchez 1005
Sarah Beejadhar904
Sarah Keller10028
Sarah O'dwyer9513
Sarah Perry10025
Sarah Scott10018
Sarah Teelucksingh1005
Savannah Gonzalez9015
Serenity Cook10015
Shalom Strite10013
Shalom Wiltshire1009
Shamgar Gabriel958
Shamir Jonas1005
Sharon Doss9512
Sharon Sanchez10011
Sharon-Rose Mukendi10014
Shawn Doss10016
Shepherd Kitchen9511
Silas Dickson1002
Silas Garcia1005
Silas Lunsford9515
Solomon Jacobus10016
Stephen Gosine9515
Susanna Ross1005
Sydney Vallenilla959
Tabitha Barber10016
Tabitha Wiltshire10012
Taissa Neves8513
Tamara Dyck9526
Tamara Stephen10017
Tatiana Andries9515
Thea Stephen10017
Theo Harvey955
Timothy Forde8016
Timothy Reavis10023
Titus Garcia1005
Trisha Fisher10019
Unalo Kutjwe10010
Uriah Garcia1002
Valarie Byers9017
Valarie Hyde1009
Violet Martens1005
Vladyslav Kolesnyk10026
William Diaz9510
William Dickson10010
William King10025
William Seraiah10012
William Yancey9515
Zachary Wilson10015
Zion Emond10015
Zoe Godwin9023
Zoe O'dwyer10016