57-0421S The Great And Mighty Conqueror

Souls that were once condemned to death, and to die and go to the devil’s grave, the devil has been conquered! Death has been conquered. The grave has been conquered. Sickness has been conquered. Superstition has been conquered. Malice has been conquered. Hatred has been conquered. Indifference has been conquered. Starchiness has been conquered. Self-styles has been conquered. Everything is conquered. Christ is the great Conqueror!

Sermon Info

  • Date: Sunday, 57-0421S
  • Location: Jeffersonville, IN
  • Duration: 1 hr and 1 min
  • Scripture: Matthew 28:7
The Great And Mighty Conqueror
Scores will be accepted until Sunday, June 30, 2024
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It’s one of the greatest days of all the world’s history. It’s _______.
A disciple is _______.
Everything in His Kingdom must be against Him. It must be heart, soul, and body, against Him.
At thirty-three he conquered the world and died an alcoholic because of his fame, and lost the very principle he was fighting for. He was the devil’s instrument.
Before any victory can be won, what must there be?
"But, in order to have the _______, we’ve got to have the _______. Before we can have the _______, we’ve got to get the _______. Before we can have the _______, we’ve got to get the _______. Before we can have right, they had to have wrong, or you would have never known what wrong was."
"…He’s not only the Word, but He is the _______ of His Own Word!"
When our Lord Jesus came to conquer the world, it wasn’t with army bullets, machine guns, or tanks. What weapon did He come to use?
"One time, as a little boy, I used to think that Christ loved me, and God hated me; because that Christ died for me, but God had something against me. But I come to find out that Christ is the very _______ of God."
How many days had Lazarus been buried when Jesus came and stood by the side of his grave?
"Without the shedding of _______, there is no remission of sin."
Jesus suffered like we suffer. He was flesh like we are flesh, and He bore in His body the same desires and things that we do.
Jesus is ascended so high above, till even He has to look down to see _______.
When he came to the end of his road, and his grave was dug, what did the Apostle Paul do in the face of death?
When some of the veteran boys were coming into the New York harbor from being overseas, what did they see that was an emblem of freedom, and began weeping?
"But, oh, brother, one of these mornings, when the old Ship of Zion blows, and I see that emblem standing there, the _______! While the winds a-whipping her old gray banners, as she is moving through the fog of death. What a victory it is!"
Is there a cross for everyone?
"He ripped that veil that hid man from God, and now God dwells among man. He rent that veil that kept off God’s _______."
The battle is over, He proved it to us in His _______.
"Safe and secured, all over, all finished, the battle is over, the last _______ is broken, He’s ascended. Hallelujah!"

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57-0421S Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for The Great And Mighty Conqueror. Anyone taking the quiz after Sunday, June 30, 2024 will not have their score posted.

Aaleah Brown10014
Aaron Kalamba10011
Aaron Wagner1005
Abel Daso9516
Abel Mbuyi10028
Abigael Romano9523
Abigail Aguillon10013
Abigaïl Douma9511
Abigail Farrie10010
Abigail Garcia10015
Abigail Kenworthy10017
Abigail Milner10020
Abisai Paez9022
Abraham Yockoyocko10027
Acacia Bivigou9512
Acacia Tati Oneay1006
Accacia Matala10015
Acsa Diaz Torres10013
Adam Manfoumbi10019
Adekunle Ebunoluwa10013
Adelaide Connell10015
Adelaide Gabriela Mundongo Dondo Dondo9516
Adelia Songanvi10020
Adéliah Leclerc1005
Adilson Mucumbi10015
Adina Strite1004
Adona Mackson1005
Adriana Pele9512
Afanwi Che10012
Afia Mwini10015
Agbagli Mannasse1004
Ageu Manuel10021
Agripina Catalina Esono Mangue1006
Aimée Eyebe10020
Ainoã Pereira10019
Aissetou Mvou Bane10024
Akossiwa Komlakouma10016
Akouvi Komlakouma10019
Alain Nwatsock8525
Alannah Helm956
Alayna Cook10011
Alba Sánchez10027
Albert Enock10019
Alégresse Aboto Ngwa10014
Alegria Manongo955
Alexandre Lampungu9518
Alexis Barfield10015
Aleya Shabaga10011
Alfi Thomas9517
Alice Repass1009
Aline Ngapesie Seche10011
Allison Sanger10015
Alondra Rodriguez10019
Alphosine Mbilanzambi9028
Alwin Kambidi10022
Alysha Helm10014
Alyssa Abernethy10013
Alyssia Bélanger1004
Amani Kiraka9510
Amaya Crowl1007
Amber Dickson1006
Amber Rains10015
Amber Repass10011
Amelia Halley905
Amelia Jackson10012
Amelie Polanco Rivas9511
Amen Cherivin Makamabika10017
Amos Sivi10023
Amos Tsoka10011
Amram Aggee10025
Amram Smith1006
Amy Cook10016
Ana Gonzaga8516
Anahi Villalba Piñanez10015
Andrea Chávez10019
Andrea García10014
Andrea Sanchez9511
Andrés Rincón9513
Andrew Chambless10018
Andrew Farrie10016
Andrew Freitas9514
Andronucus Onendaïmba10013
Ange Berenice Yakam1004
Angechristalle Bodoungou1008
Angel Joseph10016
Angel Ousseni9519
Angela Kalamba859
Angela Montaño9515
Angelica Halley9511
Angelica Martínez Raigoso9520
Angelica Martínez Raigoso10020
Angelina Gomes1006
Angelo Romano9516
Angesaphire Bodoungou1008
Anne Malonga Bouwala1009
Anne Ndega1005
Anne Yema10023
Annie Gabrielle Margie Segha Ndong10012
Annie Maina9519
Annikah Helm10014
Annisha Gonzales10022
Ansel Sezenyu1009
Antipas Asaka10014
Antonio Gabilondo1004
Antonio Mitogo Afugu Eleng1006
Antonio Ndong Mba Nchama10012
Apolinário Caetano10021
Aquilas Ngbanda10011
Aquilla Riehl10019
Arão Maziku9513
Areli Sanchez10013
Armelle Abessolo10020
Arnold Kaninda9518
Asher Kibozi10019
Ashley Nkala10028
Asnat Mukeba10012
Asongwhing Seth Ngong1003
Atty Lungo904
Aude Batamba Mamfoumbi10024
Audin Massengo Ngantsele10025
Augustine Mulenga10018
Aurora Newton10011
Ava Repass1006
Awa Abdou10023
Ayodele Ramirez1008
Aza Smith10014
Azariah Emond10021
Balbina Esmeralda10019
Baraka Kinyua9511
Bayangue Braanham10013
Bayangue Israel8011
Belén Escalante8515
Belhina Schancylia Ayeni10026
Bella Jackson10014
Bella Toy10016
Benaiah Alexander10017
Benaiah Halverson10011
Benaiah Strite1007
Bénédicte Toko10018
Benedito Mavanha10016
Béni Gomes9012
Beni Moukenguissi1004
Béni Moussounda Paka10011
Beni Mputu9517
Bénie Mbielingo10018
Benie Ndianabo8512
Bénit Massima Wandja10016
Benjamim Malonda10019
Benjamin Abbott9023
Benjamin Ceballos10021
Benjamin Cogdill957
Benjamin Evedzi10012
Benjamin Marcano9013
Benjamin Ngoma1003
Benjamin Plante1009
Benjamin Sanger10010
Benjamine Sandjong859
Bérénice Kongo1009
Berryl Akiambong1005
Betty Nkounkou10010
Beulah Ngouadi1004
Bianca Valencia10015
Bienfait Bunguli8516
Bill Dauch Doumounou10016
Billy Akota9523
Billy Cleopas10017
Billy Nzouanda10012
Billy Paul Seche Ndesie1003
Billyden Rutechura9510
Billypaul Dickson1008
Blaidie Manyoko1004
Blaivodie Manyoko956
Blanche Asssouguena Noah10024
Blessing Leugoue10015
Blessing Ouedraogo10016
Bokortsey Kwaku10023
Bosworth Beya9511
Bosworth Bosau10016
Branham Bosau10012
Branham Daso9512
Branham Nka9511
Branham Nzogue1003
Brian Soares9515
Bridie Kalwara8519
Brunelia Ikomba Mombo10014
Caleb Dupuis1009
Caleb Kirui10020
Caleb Mounguengué10019
Caleb Odwyer10017
Camaél Bahouma10012
Camila Villalba Piñanez10012
Cândida Manongo10019
Candy Martinez10021
Catherine Sousse10012
Cathy Muleba10018
Céleste Tchikaya Makaya10022
Celestino Felix10021
César Huezo Ayala10019
Chadrak Bumba1004
Channah Katalayi10016
Chantel Mellema9526
Charity Namfukwe9523
Charity Wallace1002
Charlie Farrie10023
Charly Ndilabata Dona1008
Chase Crowl1009
Chaste Rubingisa1004
Chella Zoe1004
Chico Yengo10019
Chisambo Mali10018
Chloe Newman1007
Christ Bassoukissina10020
Christ Foja1009
Christ Jefferson Ikouyou9511
Christ Moussounda Paka1008
Christabel Adina1008
Christella Zephenia957
Christian Dexter10014
Christian Kafi10022
Christiane Biazi10015
Christianna Smith10018
Christianne Kongo10010
Christine Chamangwa8525
Christine Golla10017
Christophe Plante10011
Christopher Howansky1008
Christy Mahoungou10015
Christy Thorson10014
Cindel Da Silva8019
Cindy Davis9519
Clairchie Sitou9518
Clara Jackson1006
Clare Phambu10012
Clem Sitou909
Cleopas Fongou10019
Conceição Sadraque10014
Connie Chengo10026
Constância Zinha10019
Crechmina Cyrelle Kampala Bouligui10025
Cris Ngassi10025
Cristovão Joaquim10012
Custódia José10017
Cynthia Maketo1007
Dady Ngoyi9520
Daizy Okello9528
Damaris Barratt1008
Damaris Rivera Cordova9517
Daniel Bahouma10010
Daniel Bosso1008
Daniel Lodi10027
Daniel Louison10021
Daniel Malonga10010
Daniel Odhiambo9526
Daniel Okogho Mabika9519
Daniel Respect1008
Daniele Pelizzer9017
Daniella Ojar1002
Daudi Mlelwa10025
Davi Dos Santos8016
Davi Dos Santos Primak1009
Davi Lima954
David Lysyanskyj9519
David Macaia10012
David Massala1009
David Nagera Páez10017
David Ndoko9520
David Nguema9010
David Olguin10014
David Raphael Dondo1006
David Respect10018
David Sanger10014
David Steimer1007
David Telou10012
David Wafula9024
Davy Jeremie Kernel Bakenda Tongo10010
Dawson Naber1005
Debora Maba10014
Deborah Aok9517
Deivixon Orozco Calderon10012
Delali Precious Dzorkpe8012
Delfina Bumba1002
Delia Gutierrez10015
Delicia Macaia854
Denford Zvinamano9526
Dennis Muguuku9026
Desire Bure10027
Desiree Wallace10015
Dieulv Tshingej9527
Dieuveille Moukenguissi10017
Diol Bea10025
Dioll Lobango1008
Divina Avuglah956
Divine Kapia10020
Divine Moubolou Kombila10012
Divine Ndoli10016
Divine Tsambou10013
Domingos Luzento10024
Dominic Gallegos9514
Dominic Nyandoro9025
Dominique Atanga Essengue10025
Donanneliesse Dzennia Martha1004
Donevans Dzennia10011
Donnavan Mashiri9519
Donroselah Kimia Dzennia1007
Dorcas Ambassa1004
Dorcas Bopaka9511
Dorcas Cherono10017
Dorcas Macaïa10010
Dorcas Ndouma9021
Dorcas Omotopo10015
Dorivaldo Manongo10014
Dosangio Dondo10016
Douanla Precious10010
Dove Kabangu1006
Dove Nguem10013
Dovey Madari8014
Dublin Kimangou10027
Ebenezer Joao Dondo1008
Ebenezer Lungu958
Ebenezer Wheeldon1005
Ebi Joshua D10013
Éclat Bakaya10024
Eddie Jeremy Wachira958
Eden Helm1009
Eden Joel D1008
Ednah Matoi10023
Edouard Lacombe1003
Efraim Tungo1005
Elaina Jo Roush1004
Éléïna Germain10015
Elhanan Masungo8020
Elia Mattei9510
Eliana De Souza1009
Eliana Kofod10012
Eliana Milner10013
Élianne Dupuis10011
Elias Luis Miranda9516
Elías Pavon Urbina9513
Elías Samaniego Piñanez1005
Eliel De Souza10010
Eliezer Gabriel10023
Eliezer Kores9522
Elihu Kifalme Rugendo1003
Elijah Andre10010
Elijah Bottazzi1003
Elijah Misemer10011
Elijah Teelucksingh10017
Elijah Wanet9512
Elijahbill Nguem10015
Elisée Mounguengui Mounguegui956
Elisee Onana10016
Elisha Coley10016
Elisha Mkumbwa10027
Eliza Golden10012
Elizabeth Garcés Ospina9021
Elizabeth Ibaressongo9011
Elizabeth Otieno10020
Elizabeth Riehl10021
Elizabeth Vidzah10025
Ella Smith10012
Ella Toy9516
Ella Yuan959
Ellaharvey Nkongolo1003
Elliott Sganzerla1004
Eloisa Aguiar E Silva10015
Elsa Aabø1009
Elyona Kowouvi1007
Emanuel Gomes De Sousa9520
Emanuelly Silva1009
Emelda Nyumba9014
Emely Espana10019
Emelyn Benedith Mendoza9021
Emília André10022
Émilienne Nkondje10020
Emily Cook10024
Emmah Muoka956
Emmanuel Jourdain10028
Emmanuel Nkondje10014
Emmanuella Sapey10019
Emmanuelle Ndoli10018
Engrácia Muamba8516
Enoch Biboutou809
Enoch Fritzinger10014
Enoch Rukwaro1005
Enos Mafuke10022
Erika Rodriguez10021
Erin Helm1005
Esaie Biboutou904
Esaie Israël10017
Esdras Reyes De Los Santos9514
Esmeralda Maziku10015
Esperanza Inés Alogo Mangue1009
Esperanza Ngüí Ekoo Oyana10025
Espoir Ngoma9519
Ester Polanco Rivas1006
Esther Ab10014
Esther Fouty10011
Esther Mbogol9511
Esther Mboungou Malonda10018
Esther Niongo Massala1006
Esther Nkondje10010
Esther Nzouanda10016
Esther Rushanika10014
Esther Yada9511
Estherh Amatcha1007
Ethan Numer10017
Ethan Shabaga10015
Eugènie Noubissie9018
Eunice Mboloko10014
Eunice Mubanga9524
Eunice Sapey10010
Eunice Segura Paez8512
Eunice Strite10019
Eureka Bukasa1009
Eva Cuaialunga10015
Evans Kabunda9015
Evellyn Bandeira907
Evelyn Nohemy Alas9520
Evelyn Quintanilla10021
Exauce Mukadi10018
Exaucée Pouna Nzaou1002
Ezekiel Garcia1009
Ezekiel Milner10017
Ezekiel Silva10013
Ezra Cheruiyot9513
Ezra Daulton9513
Ezra Garcia1003
Faith Brandt9523
Faith Mackson10010
Faith Sapey1005
Faith Tetsa1009
Faith Thorson10020
Fancizia Nzoghe1009
Febe Montoya Pérez10011
Febe Rodríguez Rosero8013
Félicité Pito10024
Fernando Mabiala1006
Fernando Perez9511
Fidèle Nkondje10012
Florence Lacombe1002
Florência Kinga10018
Fomefo Clarisse1009
Formosa Pedro10018
Francheska Nzoghe10013
Francia Nzoghe10017
Francisca Duzentos10020
Francisco Catimba9520
Franck Hervé Nkondje10018
Franck Ndzeho Youkou9512
Franck Nzoghe10015
Frank Bahagaze10020
Freddyne Okoumone10022
Gabriel Ondo Eworo Alene9523
Gabriel Peraza9018
Gabriel Sulimann9510
Gabriel Tungo9510
Gabrielle Basraj10012
Gabrielly Freire10022
Gad Mahoungou1009
Gael Dondo10012
Garcia João9516
Garon Peraza10010
Gedeão Candala957
Gédéon Ampion De Dzala9523
Gédéon Atanga10014
Gédéon Dupuis1007
Gédéon Kepko10015
Gemima Kelemba9518
Gemima Zoa10018
Genesis Rubio9518
Genia Barber10014
Gertrudes Muamba10011
Ghys Silissili8524
Gideon Boakye10018
Giovanna Suarez10019
Gladys Dowati9521
Gloire Nvounda10016
Gloire Ossebe9518
Gloire Sagesse Mabika Mabika10011
Glorianne Gélinas958
Godefroy Akena Zambe10011
Godsway Atafo1009
Goodwill Dzorkpe9014
Gordon Tutani1002
Goshen Karwali10024
Graça Dianzambi10025
Grace Basdeo10016
Grâce Bemba959
Grace Botoko10020
Grace Chikonde10023
Grace Gomti10016
Grâce Houenfe9516
Grace Maina10020
Grace Milner10022
Grace Mwepu10012
Grace Mwila10020
Grâce Ngobeya10015
Grâce Okoumoné10014
Grâce Ongamba10028
Grace Peraza10016
Grace Redhead10023
Grâce Simande Seche10010
Gracelyn Basraj1006
Gracia Mbuyi10020
Gracia Urrea10020
Graciana Joaquim8518
Gracious Cleopas1008
Grant Matty9517
Gretchen Peraza10013
Guerschom Boumbenda10013
Hadassa Masse Ma Hadjel10013
Hadassah Belinga954
Hadassah Jensen953
Hadassah Katalayi10011
Hannah Basdeo10013
Hannah Divine Kinanga Berry10013
Hannah Isaacson1009
Hannah Monderoy10015
Hannah Mwila10026
Hannah Wittmeier9514
Harmony Olson10013
Hattie Musawu10023
Hattie Mutisya10012
Hattie Oduor10022
Hattie Wright Mberi Kimpolo10015
Hatty Polanco Rivas1008
Haty Poba10016
Hebert Ferrer Adames958
Heidi Thorson10017
Helena Manongo952
Helena Ndozuau10010
Héna Nsouami9010
Hénoc Ouédraogo10019
Henry Joel González Orozco10024
Hilaviel Hope Baptista1007
Holy Ketsia Ikouyou957
Hope Chambless10022
Hope Chanda9527
Hope Dexter9515
Hope James10019
Hope Kasongo10024
Hope Kenworthy10015
Hope Munyao9518
Hope Wallace1005
Horeb Rodriguez9010
Hulda Benie10022
Idiate Emeraude1006
Imani Kinya958
Imani Maene10022
Innocent Kiwara10025
Innocent Mwansa10018
Isaac Katelengabo9510
Isaac Makanga9517
Isaac Ndoli10021
Isabel Kenworthy10027
Isack Emmanuel10026
Isaiah Coley10020
Isaiah Frankfurter9518
Isaiah Hudson10021
Isaiah Smith10017
Isaías Manongo1009
Israël Mboungou10015
Israël Tchinda1005
Isreal Bedzrah10012
Jadon Kalamba1008
Jahzara Roach9515
Jaïrus Mavoungou10015
James Freitas9512
James Nkonde10020
James Wiltshire10025
Janeta Baza10018
Janvier Nkengue10022
Jason Bahner10014
Jason Derksen1009
Jason Kalamba10010
Jasvin Ngatsoni10028
Javier Guaima Arsile10016
Jayden Newman10010
Jaziz Kongo9015
Jazmyn Davis1004
Jean Daniel Dang10021
Jean Gabin Jered Koussou10010
Jean Hadjel10011
Jean Sissoko10011
Jeannot Loubouka Bafiouma10024
Jedidiah Apealete903
Jeff Gichimu9510
Jehoiada Barratt10014
Jemima Nehon1006
Jemima Takwe1002
Jenica Toha1006
Jephthaé Quirama Quirama1003
Jephthah Evedzi10018
Jeremiah Andre1007
Jeremiah Marcano9511
Jeremias Manongo9511
Jeremiel Mbogol10014
Jeremy Polanco Rivas10013
Jerhed Miambanzila10014
Jeriah Mali10025
Jeshurum Chenwi1008
Jess Edison1005
Jesse Marcano959
Jesús Rodríguez Gómez908
Jewel Njoroge957
Jidelcia Ndaimonika10025
Jireh Andries10019
Jireh Urbain9511
Joakym Belanger1002
Joan Yashim1009
Joana Evedzi10014
Joanna Antwi857
Joanna Lacombe1002
Joanne Murambiwa9519
Joanne Paula Gardner958
João Maziku10019
João Miguel Rafael958
João Mussassi10011
João Pereira9527
João Zau10011
Joao Zoe9011
Job Wasolua8510
Jobregal Wallace1006
Jochebed Ukpong10021
Jockebed Baya10024
Joel Alexander10019
Joel Ballard10016
Joel Choupo9510
Joel Kaptain9515
Joel Ruiz Orozco1005
Johan Arteaga Tobar8524
Johanna Beejadhar1005
Johanna Boodoo10022
Johanna Sandovál Sánchez8028
Joheli Espana10017
John Brown955
John Cook9522
John De Mpiana Astronaute10019
John Halley1009
John Kibozi10023
John Moses Erickson10014
John Mulumba10013
John Sharrit Mboungou952
John Wagner9011
Johseph Amatcha10011
Jolie Siewe Deudjui10014
Jonah Cogdill9513
Jonah Dickson10014
Jonas Dos Santos Primak10016
Jonas Mboungou10019
Jonathan Fortunat9524
Jonathan Meighoo1003
Jonathan Muleba10010
Jonathan Páez Segura9013
José Conde10026
José Fosso9011
José Gutiérrez10016
Jose Mwini1009
José Pablo Gabilondo1007
Jose Pavon Urbina10011
José Polanco Rivas10014
José Rocha10014
Jose Segura Páez952
Jose Urrea10019
Josefat Goma9519
Joseline Manda Mouetoua9018
Joseph Ahiagbede10026
Joseph Beejadhar10010
Joseph Beyeck1006
Joseph Biboutou9510
Joseph Branham De Djoko Otulu1004
Joseph Chavez Morales9516
Joseph Choupo10013
Joseph Cogdill10010
Joseph Gary10012
Joseph Gerard10012
Joseph Karanja9521
Joseph Mahoungou10011
Joseph Malonga1004
Joseph Marrion Yakam1005
Joseph Mbem Ngog Bissay1002
Joseph Mumo9510
Joseph Munzekere9524
Joseph Ngoma1004
Joseph Nguyo9013
Joseph Ntsama859
Joseph Oben Nzogue1008
Joseph Ochieng1003
Joseph Percéveré10013
Joseph Pierre8511
Joseph Strite10017
Joseph Tchinda958
Joseph Tetsa1004
Joseph William Bakinen10014
Joseph William Mayaka10010
Joseph Yakin954
Josepha Fopa1009
Josephine Mbogol959
Josephine Phiri9028
Joséphine Rushanika10027
Joshua Bunguli9523
Joshua Gary9014
Joshua Halley9013
Joshua Jeriah Gardner9511
Joshua Malanga9515
Joshua Massengale9518
Joshua Mutinda10022
Joshua Rains10013
Joshua Telgenhoff10013
Joshua Tsoka10017
Josiah Teelucksingh10014
Josianne Kofod10014
Josías Esono Nchama952
Josmar Josué9528
Josué Agnagna Destin1007
Josue Dolores Ramirez9518
Josue Kalubi10029
Josue Sanchez10020
Josué Segura Gutiérrez10017
Josué Sivitsomanwa10028
Josué Waffo1002
Joy Alexander10014
Joy Mbogo10021
Joyce Bukasa10012
Joyce Orozco Lorente9524
Juan Martinez10014
Juanjo Ospina9522
Jubilé Telou1008
Jubilee Barratt10010
Judah Helm1008
Jude Mbougou9515
Jude Orman Ikouyou1005
Julie Greer9519
Juniki Nyoni9524
Junior Atafo10013
Kabuo Kataka958
Kafui Adzinyo10020
Kaisa Aabø1006
Kaitlyn Misemer10014
Kambale Musumba10027
Kamila Moreno10011
Kamyla De Sousa10023
Kanyere Lusasa9011
Karla Baeza Cárdenas10017
Kashoba Abel10026
Kate Davis9517
Katembo Bunguli9511
Katiana Muscadin10021
Katilene Moraes10017
Kavira Armantine909
Kavira Bunguli9510
Kelyn Brown9516
Kémuel Kowouvi10011
Keren Díaz Ovando9018
Keren Schamel9513
Kesia Furmann9517
Kethia Tsimba9024
Ketura Kombila Bouanga1007
Keturah Derksen1005
Kezia Derksen10011
Kimberly Beejadhar10019
Kimia Mbielingo1008
Klívia Oliveira8521
Kossi Komla Kouma9521
Kuchinevie Samuel1004
Kudiva Samuel1009
Kudzai Dambudzo9526
Kutemwa Gondwe10028
Kyla Muchika10012
Kyle Muchika10012
Lamech Lavish9517
Larosée Okoumone10018
Laura Geswein10024
Laura Kenworthy9517
Laurete Mboungou10016
Le Pacco10025
Leah Ruhter8011
Lemessi Dag Vincent Mabika Mabika1009
Letizia Mattei10012
Levi Kenworthy10010
Levi Misemer10013
Lévy John Henry Bodoungou10012
Liam Marcano1005
Lídia Lobato9522
Light Cleopas10016
Lilia Toy10016
Lilian Muthungu8528
Lilian Ngugi10023
Lillia Misemer9516
Lily Andries10011
Lily Faith Kinanga Berry957
Lily Gome1004
Lily James10019
Lily Rowland1007
Lindasonia Nyoni10017
Lionel Njoikou9528
Lírio Alfredo9514
Lisa Forsund8515
Liss Kombila Moubeyi1007
Litzi Beleño Valdes9521
Livingstone Hoffmann10018
Lizu Mali10021
Loice Isabel Tungo1008
Loïce Mounguengué10013
Lois Antwi8014
Louie Chen10013
Louis Hadjel1009
Louise Aina10012
Love Njoroge1005
Lucas Black10017
Lúcia Flora10017
Luckson Chilambe1005
Luís Lemos9019
Luís Mabiala10011
Luís Mussassi10016
Luisa Angel9514
Luke Isaacson10012
Lumnwi Ndangang10021
Luz Cabrera9021
Lwiindi James9019
Mabelle Tom10014
Madalena Bumba1003
Magdala Choupo10016
Mahalya Germain10020
Maikweki Joe10020
Makanaka Madzivanzira10010
Malachi Dexter10013
Manace Severain10015
Manoa Maziku10017
Manuel Alas9527
Manuel Kofod10011
Manuel Lírio10020
Marceline Biloa Ngono10012
Marcelino Santiago Nguema Akendengue10010
Marcos González Braca9512
Maria Andreia10012
Maria Cordero García9521
Maria Eduarda Dos Santos10016
Maria Fátima1009
María Gloria Esopi Bensin9518
Maria Gutierrez10019
María Gutiérrez Rivas10014
Maria Kristenzel Miciano10020
María Luisa Aute Motú10019
Maria Mupana8528
Maria Yocheved De Djoko Otulu10010
Marie Bemba9511
Marie Kongo9513
Marie Mavoungou10016
Marie Muleba9515
Marie Nzogue10012
Marie Précieuse Vangu9018
Marié Rachel10015
Marie Zoa Biba1008
Maripaz Kuku Mangue10020
Marisol Rodriguez10015
Marissa Numer10020
Mark Salisbury10022
Maros Mboungou10018
Marrion Andeng9013
Marrion Masango1006
Marrion Ndouolo Branham10011
Marrion Ngbanda10014
Marrion Ngoma9512
Marrion Ngoma10012
Marrion Onendaïmba9017
Marrion Wallace1004
Martin Chanda10021
Marvel Shammah1008
Maryam Ondoa906
Masika Kombi10020
Maska Lungo9012
Mathurin Bemba10019
Matice Divin Moukenguissi Mbama10011
Mattheo Germain10013
Matthew Dewar1002
Matthew Geswein1005
Mawunyo Gossou10018
Mawutor Bedzrah1009
Mbusa Bunguli958
Mcjaden Toha1008
Meagan Chikaka1005
Mechak Bumba10010
Meda Amelia Mayaka1008
Meda Bampadi10014
Meda Evans10013
Meda Fouomekong1002
Meda Golden10015
Meda Ikumu Daso9514
Meda Kuetche952
Meda Landou Pambou1007
Meda Lungela10021
Meda Nzouanda10018
Meda Toko10015
Melchisédech Boumbenda1009
Melissa Hyde952
Melody Lauver10015
Melody Olson10015
Mengong Esther9511
Mercia Mouanga Bahena10023
Mercy Dube10023
Mercy Tenguem1007
Mercy Thiga10021
Merdieucia Nkenzo Nounguini10023
Merdy Manangua10016
Merphy Allegresse Nkouka9525
Merveil Doukaga10025
Merveille Bodoungou10019
Merveille Foja1006
Meschac Ballend Pouna10018
Meschac Makita1009
Miah Howansky10012
Micah Biziki10017
Micah Campominosi10018
Micah Kaptain9515
Micaiah Brown10012
Micaiah Coley10012
Micaiah Halverson10013
Micaiah Lerdo956
Michael Benga Nkengue953
Michael Roush1005
Michael Shammah9516
Michael Wu1004
Miguel Gomez959
Miguel Kawara10010
Miguel Martinez Raigoso10014
Miguel Mavungo9521
Mike Tille9012
Milka Nkanae10021
Milo Naber10011
Miradie Nguewoa9522
Miriam Banegas Sorto10020
Miriam Kabangu9522
Miriam Mboungou856
Miriam Onyango9527
Modesty Wheeldon1004
Moise Kalamba1009
Moïse Nkondje1007
Moisés João10022
Moisés Pavón Urbina8513
Monica Mouellet Moussavou9519
Monica Nyakwete9519
Mordecai Jainarine1009
Moreen Ndungu8521
Moriah Daniel953
Moses Barratt10012
Moses Machia1008
Muhanga Matinda10023
Muhindo Mukonzo1006
Mwape Mayuka8522
Nadine Ngoma8513
Nancy Manyoko9511
Naomi Balanean10010
Naomi Jensen955
Naomi Ndamba10015
Naomie Alono10015
Naomie Matondo9515
Naomie Pambou10024
Natalya Wittmeier9522
Natanael Oliveira10015
Natasha Naber1009
Nathan Barber10016
Nathan David1008
Nathanaël Nda Zambe9515
Nathanaël Nzogue1002
Nathanael Odwyer1006
Nathaniel Black10011
Nathaniela Baptista1004
Naturedivine Itoua1002
Nazaré Joaquim10013
Ndem Zoé10016
Ndilabata Gloire Mercia10016
Ndilabata Mitsipa Grace Divine1009
Ndilabata Parfait Divin9012
Ndilabata Parfaite Reine1004
Ndilabata Rose Rebecca1006
Neema Kajungu10025
Neema Njoroge1002
Nehemiah Balanean10012
Nehemiah Elder9516
Neill Tayo9522
Nelsie Rodriguez10020
Nelvie Tati Apembet10016
Nemalie Auxia Matsanga Émane10010
Netanetie Pierre Louis10013
Neville Bukasa10013
Neville Mutombo9520
Neville Oumba Landou10013
Ngam Kemene10014
Ngonidzashe Vangana9521
Nhyira Vinyomens10020
Nick Gatse10025
Nkoum Samuel1004
Noah Bottazzi10013
Noah Helm10013
Noah Ramsey9516
Noelle Black10015
Noemy Santos9527
Ntemo Rocha1007
Obed Cook10014
Obey Atafo1007
Obie Halverson958
Oceane Imack10011
Octavia Macaia10016
Oladimeji Zion10018
Oliver Oduor9528
Olivia Brown9511
Olivia Chen1008
Olivia Daniel9516
Olivia Sakatala10020
Ophelia Brown1004
Oracle Toko10019
Oriona Floriano9516
Oscarys Laguna10016
Othniel Ouedraogo1009
Othniel Silva10016
Ozias Kombila Djembi10015
Paloma Mayele10020
Panashe Joshua9021
Paradoxe Mboumba10016
Parousia Bosau10010
Pascaline Tepeyla1008
Patience Smith10014
Patrick Bidje1006
Paul Imboussi10012
Paul Kenworthy10021
Paul Landou10010
Paul Mbogol957
Paul Ndangang9517
Paul Ndonyo9526
Paulina Mabiala10014
Paulina Sambo1009
Pauline Essanga Eyoka1007
Pélagie Betchem10024
Pendo Nzioki1008
Peniel Tetsa10010
Perfect Zilevu10019
Perfectafe Fouty1007
Perla Diaz10022
Peter Kiba9527
Peter Mouellet9517
Peter Mwangi10019
Peter Wagner1008
Peter Waithaka9021
Phillip Jackson10016
Pierre Sissoko9516
Pierreandré Adjano9013
Praise Katuga10010
Praymore Tsoka10018
Precieuse Bivigou1003
Precieuse Mukanya10015
Précieux Nzoutsi10026
Precious Nyambura1008
Precious Yombwe10019
Preda Natanael9520
Premices Mafoueta10014
Prince Boubanda9512
Prince Kitsoukou1009
Prince Okoumone10016
Prince Rescapé Vangu10011
Princesa Maziku10011
Princesse Bivigou10010
Princesse Nkantsa9510
Princesse Tsimba Vangu10022
Prisca Chanda10019
Priscilla Brown9517
Priscilla Mutale10024
Priscilla Phillips10012
Priscille Nsegue Atsa10022
Priscille Ouedraogo9517
Priscillia Mimpeh Nkengue1003
Prodige Tekele10023
Prodiges Makelet9015
Prophet Kanu10012
Protais Amougui Essong1008
Rachel Biboutou9517
Rachel Chavungama1007
Rachel Chikambi9028
Rachel Gnihinga Paka1008
Rachel Kalamba9511
Rachel Mulumba10022
Racheté Akilimali9523
Rafael Cibi10013
Rafael Vela10019
Raquel Bueme Ndong Mosobuy9513
Ravisante Mukanya9512
Rebeca Poba10017
Rebeca Sanchez10015
Rebeca Segura Páez10016
Rebecca Agbolosu1005
Rebecca Andre10014
Rebecca Biboutou8515
Rebecca Bopaka1008
Rebecca Chavungama1008
Rebecca Guylaine Moukenguissi Wassende1007
Rebecca Komla Kouma9023
Rebecca Mballa9015
Rebecca Mpono9513
Rebecca Noumonvi10028
Rebecca Pierre10016
Rebecca Shalom Golou10024
Rebecca Toko10012
Rebecca Ukpong10019
Rebekah Ambassa1002
Rebekah Ayianduma10020
Rebekah Erickson10011
Rebekah Ross10015
Reimar Ruiz10014
Reina Sublime Fouty1005
Reine Balou10018
Renate Thorsen9525
René Domingos9020
Renee Black10019
Restauré Matala10013
Reuben Boakye10015
Rhoda Wallace1009
Rhuth Amatcha1009
Riasa Shabaga9518
Ricardo Baeza Cárdenas8019
Ricardo Sadraque10018
Rich Kibozi10020
Richmond Atsu10012
River Monster9510
Rivka Oyono10017
Rochi Issaka9527
Ronald Mapiye10024
Rose Manebo Tchinda1009
Roseline Bidzogo Ngono10022
Rosella Kofod1009
Rosella Ngbanda10019
Rosemary Nsouami9514
Rosiana Ngungu1004
Ruben Joshua Joel10017
Ruben Muñoz Rodriguez1009
Rubiedove Cleopas10011
Rufaro Dube10021
Ruht Vidal Benitez953
Ruth Banda9525
Ruth Díaz9515
Ruth Gabriela De Djoko Otulu1007
Ruth Gavanga9520
Ruth Himelda Ikouyou9514
Ruth Maba10017
Ruth Masaiti9520
Ruth Mounguengui Mounguengui10010
Ruth Mulinge9023
Ruth Nachela10025
Ruth Namonje10022
Ruth Ngazou10023
Ruth Nyambura10022
Ruth Respect Aok10015
Ruvimbo Masungo9523
Ryleigh Bure1005
Saah Awawah10010
Saah Beshia10013
Sadrac Paez10019
Sahily Segura Paez9510
Salem Lunangu10023
Salem Ndoli10010
Salem Panashe Fuma10021
Salome Bakandi10014
Salomon Matondo10017
Samantha Yashim10011
Samara Choguya1006
Samira Domingos10016
Samuel Ceballos10014
Samuel Choupo10013
Samuel Dickson10012
Samuel Gary10010
Samuel Kambanga10011
Samuel Mboungou10011
Samuel Ngono10014
Samuel Posso Tamayo9512
Samuel Waithaka10012
Samuel Yada8514
Samy Mulunda10027
Sandjong Dimba1006
Santiago Muñoz Tobar10018
Sara Bahouma1008
Sara Beya10012
Sara Dianzambi10025
Sara Eyang10015
Sara Gómez10022
Sara Gutiérrez10018
Sara Sánchez Peña9524
Sarah Amatcha10013
Sarah Beejadhar10012
Sarah Chipilipili10021
Sarah Hope Mayaka1006
Sarah Magio8025
Sarah Mandabva1002
Sarah Odwyer10021
Sarah Pele9020
Sarah Teelucksingh10013
Sarah Wallace10011
Sarha Mounguengué10015
Savannah Bottazzi10011
Schilo Paul Claudine Ikouyou Libedi9516
Seema Dewar10016
Segel M S9020
Selah Bottazzi1008
Selah Romo9519
Sephora Andegue10022
Sephora Ifomo1009
Serafina Manongo952
Seraph Munyurwa10020
Séraphin Kabangu9522
Serenah Sanger1007
Seth Dondo10010
Seth Nsitu1004
Severain Mboungomboungou9523
Severino Capele9513
Sevly Boukamba9512
Shadrack Baraka1004
Shadrack Odhiambo9520
Shalom Ebin9526
Shalom Strite10021
Shalom Wiltshire10017
Shania Dewar10013
Sharon Agudelo10018
Sharon Bemba Obangue10020
Sharon Chávez10012
Sharon Kisala9522
Sharon Laniru909
Sharon Milgo10022
Sharon Ngo Beya9519
Sharon Paez Segura1009
Sharon Peña Moza9015
Sharon Rose Mayaka10012
Sharon Rose Nzogue1006
Sharonrose Maumbe10022
Sharonrose Mwembe10022
Sharonrose Tshamala10012
Shaylyn Hubert10026
Shedrack Kisegendo9523
Shekina Kepko10018
Shekina Priscille Sovi Mvou Mabika10021
Shekinah Mahoungou10013
Shepherd Kitchen8519
Sherin Antrea9016
Shiloh Mudiwa10026
Shizah Dewar10010
Silas Dickson10010
Silas Garcia10013
Silas Thorson10012
Silas Ziyambi9519
Simão Mamona10010
Siméon Goda10026
Simon Tsayem9514
Simphe Routouroutou10027
Simran Dewar958
Skinner Lekibi10012
Skylah Fredericks809
Solange Adidja9518
Solomon Alexander10024
Sophie Yuan9513
Stéphanie Kwango9515
Stephen Ngouadi1008
Sterling Williams953
Steven Munsaka10024
Susana Wesley De Djoko Otulu1008
Susanna Ross10013
Symphonie Mbole1008
Tabitha Sthill10011
Tabitha Wiltshire10020
Tadiwanashe Gaka10023
Tadiwanashe Matope10011
Takwe Adaanwi Enjeck1006
Takwe Mankaa1003
Taliane Bivigou Ndombi10015
Talla Blessing1008
Talla Rebecca956
Tanya Moyo9517
Taty Paul10017
Tchidjo Tsiaze Hilkija10015
Telsneri Boukamba10013
Tenguem Lily1002
Terence Bamutake8012
Terrilynn Cook10013
Thandolwenkosi Cele10012
Thea Stephen10025
Thembinkosi Chundu9021
Theodore Carter9015
Thérèsa Nkengue10021
Theresia Tsambou10025
Timothee Levy Kinanga Berry10010
Timothy Adebayo9518
Timothy Meighoo1006
Tinaishe Kufazvineyi10024
Titus Garcia10013
Titus Helm9511
Tiwa Jefferson1007
Trust Evedzi957
Tumba Loloji9021
Tyrell Wallace10017
Uriel Kowouvi10010
Vainquer Kalamba9513
Valois Abayo10015
Vandana Tadala1002
Venceslas Yoka Ngoyikonda8527
Veronica Biziki9516
Veronica Bumba10015
Veronica Riehl1009
Victoire Kasongo10014
Victoire Nkondje10016
Victor Kavula10010
Victor Luis Miranda10014
Victor Masungo10015
Victoria Ebhohimen9018
Victorina Gabriel9513
Virginia Mba Priego8526
Vitória Irik Caetano Costa10015
Vitoria Vih10015
Welima Asonglia10015
Wesley Polanco Rivas1004
Wetsu Ruth954
Wezi Sisya9524
William Chavez Morales10014
William Chavez Morales10018
William Chen10010
William Cruz Flores1004
William Exaucé Palashi Obala1008
William Gomes1008
William Kenworthy10011
William Mbem Ngog Nyambe1004
William Muamba10019
William Mutisya10020
William Owusu10011
William Oyono10015
William Pavón Urbina959
William Pierre9514
William Pitian9012
William Seraiah10019
William Sozo1009
William Tetsa10018
Winner Atafo10011
Winner Fouty10013
Winnie Wambui10025
Wishlord Dilus10014
Wonderful Vangu9516
Wyanita Cook9521
Wylls Moubele Moubele10025
Yannick Bopaka10014
Yaretzi Ortega10012
Yasmin Irik Costa10020
Yinneth Araque Taquez10014
Yohan Kepko1007
Yotana Alfredo10027
Yvan Mbira10013
Yvemie Ekoueya10026
Yves Péniel Ikouyou Koussou10012
Zach Sanger10013
Zachariah Kenworthy10014
Zachary Martens10023
Zaida Arias Jaimes10018
Zangi Mali10023
Zelie Cyurimpundu10010
Zion Kalamba1004
Zion Masango10010
Zion Olson957
Zoé Agnagna Destin1009
Zoé Bemba9513
Zoe Chavungama10016
Zoe Jardinesortega1006
Zoe Madindo10010
Zoe Monderoy1008
Zoe Odwyer10024
Zoe Steimer10010
Zoégrâce Miantoudila10013