59-0510EWho Is This?

Who is This? Oh, God be merciful! Who is This that’s doing this? Could you dare to say it was your pastor? Never. Could you dare to say men had anything to do into it? Never. It’s the Holy Spirit. The Spirit that was on our Lord Jesus, and His Coming to unite Himself with His Church, is so close that He’s spreading forth His great holy Light, to redeem, and to bring into fellowship, a Church of the living God, for the Rapture that’s near at hand. Amen!

Sermon Info

  • Date: Monday, 59-0510E
  • Location: Jeffersonville, IN - Branham Tabernacle
  • Duration: 1 hour and 12 min
  • Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11
Who Is This?
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"And when he was come into _______, all the city was moved, saying, Who is this? And the multitude said, This is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth…"
Why were the people so crowded around the gates, and the streets were jammed, and there was not even room for people to sleep? They were laying outside the wall, all over the grounds, and people come from all over the known world, to worship at this time.
When Brother Branham tells his own experience, of how his poor boyish heart craved to touch God, who did he address his letter to that he tacked on a tree?
He will come in the _______, to catch away that little Church that's longing and waiting and expecting to see Him.
What color was the little donkey Jesus was riding on when the people looked out the gate and saw Him coming?
As it was then, so is it now, the spirit of the believer still cries out, “Who is This?”
Most of the people who are anointed with the Holy Ghost didn't come from any seminary. They are products of what?
We have no record of Jesus ever going to any school or graduating from any seminaries.
The Bible is the _______ Book that there is in all the world, amongst all the literature.
God takes something that seems like it's _______, to make something out of it.
Of all the lepers that were healed, how many returned to give Jesus praise, and the rest of them went ahead, ungrateful?
In Johannesburg, South Africa, Brother Branham called out a young man with one leg shorter than the other, and his short leg came down normal with the rest. How much shorter was it?
Brother Branham prayed for a woman dying with sarcomas cancer, and the Lord Jesus spoke and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, if she will go to the church and promise to _______, she'll go home well."
"The Spirit that was on our Lord Jesus, and is coming to unite Himself with His Church is so close that He's spreading forth His great Holy Light to redeem and to bring into fellowship a Church of the living God for the _______ that's near at hand."
Brother Branham said, "I believe that that same Light that hangs in this church tonight, that same One shows by Its _______ that It's Jesus Christ in the form of the Holy Ghost."
Paul had trouble with his eyes the rest of his life after a great Light struck him down on his road to Damascus. He said one time, "And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the _______, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh..."
"A man, before he should call himself a Christian, before he can identify himself, he should first have that _______ experience where he met God face to face."
To know theology is Life. To know the Bible is Life. And not just to know Him is Life.
This church is founded upon the _______ of Jesus Christ.
How many remembers the little song Brother Branham said they used to sing, that he sang at the end of the message?

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59-0510E Quiz Results

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Aaron Derksen10017
Aaron Kenworthy958
Abbey Kingston10018
Abel Meighoo10014
Abigail Garcia1007
Abigail Jensen10013
Abigail Milner9512
Abigail Olin10015
Adam Connell1005
Adam Geransky1008
Adam Weber10019
Adelaide Connell1007
Adina Muresan10024
Adoniram Hyde1006
Adriana Sanchez10024
Alicia Balgobin8511
Alysha Helm1006
Amber Pister8512
Amber Rains1007
Amber Robinson956
Amelia Klopp10018
Amos Chigangawa10028
Ana Sánchez1003
Anderson Beejadhar10015
Andrea Walker9012
Andrew Chambless8510
Andrew Farrie808
Angel Castelo Branco1004
Angel Ross953
Anna Alexander8514
Anna Andrews10014
Anna Cobb9514
Anna Crutchfield9018
Anna Durrett9010
Anna Phillips956
Anna Sampson10011
Antipas Asaka956
Arsen Prysiazhnyy10013
Asher Kibozi10011
Ashish Majgonkar8024
Ashlea Mccullough10018
Ashlee Greene9519
Ashley Doodnath9014
Ashley Pister10017
Audrey Wallace9010
Austin Pister10019
Autumn Klopp10015
Ava Toy1009
Azariah Emond10012
Bartosz Sikora9011
Belia Frazier1006
Benaiah Alexander1009
Benjamin Ceballos9513
Benjamin Chavez10018
Benjamin Fritzinger955
Benjamin Mahadeo1006
Benjamin Phillips9513
Benjamin Rains10011
Bernadette Ebambi10013
Bethann Fritzinger957
Bethany Nzapu8518
Bethany Sanger1009
Billy Joe Cullinan9516
Caitlyn Robinson10019
Caleb Carbonneau9515
Caleb Chavez1008
Caleb Cook1007
Caleb O'dwyer959
Carol Garcia9514
Celeste Jones1009
Charity Braithwaite1007
Charity Brodeur10013
Charity Southworth10018
Charlie Farrie Iii10015
Christian Hare9513
Christiana Akumah9012
Christianna Smith9510
Christina Manecci10025
Christine Robinson9014
Christoph Wittmeier957
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing10021
Daesha Johnson9020
Damaris Santos8521
Daniel Evans Jr10014
Daniel James10012
Daniel Kenworthy9015
Daniel Sampson9515
Danielle Browne1009
Danielle Ibaressongo9515
Danielle Perry10022
David Owusu1008
David Sanger1006
Dayna Barlow8513
Deborah King9028
Deloris Asaka8023
Derek Sutton10011
Diana Istrate8023
Eden Gutierrez10015
Elaina Kaptain10014
Elainah Sanger1008
Eliana Milner1005
Elias Lambie908
Eliezer Gabriel10015
Elijah Mahadeo1009
Elijah Meighoo1003
Elisa Jones1006
Elisabeth Fritzinger902
Elisabeth Garrett10027
Elisabeth Hines9016
Elisabeth Landrum9516
Elisabeth Ponder10023
Elizabeth Mahadeo10024
Ella Toy1008
Ellen Martens10020
Ellie Andrews10010
Eloy Sanchez10013
Emanuelle Bottamedi Santana1002
Emily Salzman9022
Emily Telgenhoff9513
Emma Moncada9517
Emmalyn Hagmann10013
Enoch Fritzinger1006
Enoch Rains1009
Erec Kingston10021
Erin Millis10026
Essie Gasper10020
Esther Raymond9010
Esther Wenger10018
Eunice Strite10011
Ezekiel Milner959
Ezekiel Robinson858
Ezra Doyle959
Faith Brandt10015
Faith Chambless9514
Faith Thorson10012
Gabriel Bottamedi Santana1005
Gabriel Suarez10012
Gabriel Waller9515
Gabriella Landrum10013
Gauge Hammond9513
Genesis Nunez10023
Genia Barber806
Gerardo Suarez10015
Giovanna Suarez10011
Giulianna Suarez10014
Glorianna Emond10010
Glorianna Williams9012
Grace Garrett10018
Grace Jensen10010
Grace Kejo959
Grace Lunsford9012
Grace Milner10014
Grace Mukendi10017
Grace Wells10016
Hadassah Brewster10014
Hadassah Lambie9510
Hadassah Phillips958
Haley Vallance10015
Hannah Gary9516
Hannah Lev9513
Hannah Mcmasters10020
Hannah Olin8012
Hannah Rissler10016
Hannah Sampson10017
Hannah Vallance9513
Hannah Wahl10016
Hannah Wilson9521
Hannah Ye10020
Harmony Olson1005
Haylie Mckinney10015
Heidi Thorson1009
Hope Chambless10014
Hope Cook10014
Hope Sanger9513
Hope Schultz958
Hoseah Gokool10013
Hunter Vallance1009
Imani Maene9514
Isaac Meighoo10020
Isaac Sharp9513
Isabele Toy9512
Isabella Collins958
Isaiah Andersen10010
Isaiah Baboolal1003
Isaiah Fritzinger9016
Isaiah Hudson10012
Isaiah Smith1009
Isaiah Stutzman10014
Isha Lacombe9020
Israel Doyle9514
Ivan Wittmeier9515
Jackline Kibozi859
Jacob Sanchez10016
Jamie Hudson1009
Jared Strite10013
Jason Fisher10016
Jehoiada Barratt1006
Jemima Abraham956
Jemima Orakwue8513
Jenna Kingston9522
Jeremiah Bray9014
Jeremiah Cook8012
Jeremiah Olin9513
Jeremiah Salzman10019
Jeremie Tousignant10015
Jesse Cullinan10014
Jesse Dyck10028
Jesse Strite10011
Jethro Cook9012
Joanna Hess9519
Joanna Strite10018
Joel Alexander10011
Joel Dyck10027
Joel Kaptain1007
Joel Wilson10018
John Durrett9513
John Ezra Andrews1008
John Hyde Iii10022
John Keding1004
Johnny Boggs10013
Jonah Derksen10016
Jonah Dickson956
Jonathan Schultz9515
Joseph Beejadhar1002
Joseph Blaine Olin10020
Joseph Chavez10011
Joseph Chavez Morales10010
Joseph Evans1007
Joseph Gary1004
Joseph Geransky1009
Joseph Strite1008
Joshua Fritzinger9512
Joshua Gary1006
Joshua Kaptain9014
Joshua Kesslar9521
Joshua Landrum1009
Joshua Moncada9513
Joshua O'dwyer9518
Joshua Rains1005
Joshua Sanger10016
Joshua Schultz954
Joshua Strite10015
Josiah Dickson1009
Josiah Forde8513
Josiah Olson1009
Joy Alexander1006
Joy Salzman10020
Joyanna Sanger10010
Joylin Strite10022
Jubilee Barratt952
Jubilee Strite1003
Judah Connell1009
Julia Perozok10017
Julianna Hare10018
Kaci Hammond8516
Kamilly Soares1006
Kara Morales10015
Katelyn Kingston10016
Katie Kenworthy10012
Katie Sutton10013
Kayla Frazier1003
Kiersten Friel10015
Kimberly Beejadhar8011
Kimberly Florian10027
Krista Thomas9514
Laura Carbonneau10013
Laura Kenworthy959
Lauren Reilly10025
Lekeisha Daniels8515
Levi Hare10011
Lídia Lobato9513
Lilia Gary909
Lillia Sanger10015
Lillian Hyde9512
Lily Clarke9011
Lilyanne Keding1007
Lincoln Sanger10014
Lóide Monteiro Lobato8512
Louis Andries9524
Luke Cook10012
Luke Kingston10012
Luke Smith10012
Luther Maene10011
Lydia Phillips10011
Lydia Wahl9518
Madeleine Yonkam Ketia Mankaa10019
Madelyn Evans10016
Madelynn Landrum10011
Maria Lambie956
Maria Sanchez10013
Mark Forde10027
Mark Perozok10015
Mary Wiltshire9512
Matthew Brodeur10017
Matthew Browne10013
Matthew Doodnath10012
Matthew Fritzinger9514
Matthew Kaptain9011
Matthew Martens10018
Matthew Schultz10019
Mckenna Kitchen9513
Meaghan Geransky10010
Meda Evans955
Meda Meighoo1004
Meda Smith9516
Meghan Kenworthy9022
Melissa Parker10028
Melodia Jones10011
Melody Brown10016
Melody Durrett957
Melody Olson1006
Micah Garcia1004
Micah Harvey1007
Micah Kaptain1007
Micah Kesslar10023
Micaiah Baboolal1005
Michael Dickson9511
Michaela Hudson10011
Moises Cadena9521
Moriah Lunsford10016
Moses Barratt1004
Moses Rotsch1007
Mylah Jones903
Naomi Balgobin856
Naomi Crutchfield10024
Naomi Fairweather10013
Naomi Forde9516
Naomi Fritzinger1004
Natalya Wittmeier10014
Nathan Berthiaume10012
Nathan Brandt10025
Nathan Dockens10023
Nathan Sharp1008
Nathanael Keding1006
Nathaniel Dickson1007
Noah Harvey10010
Noah Helm1005
Noah Martens10017
Noemy De Menezes Santos9519
Ntambwe Kabengela10013
Odia Kabengela10015
Olivia Borlovan10020
Pablo Sánchez 1007
Patience Brown10018
Patience Smith1006
Patrick Sanger10011
Paul Fritzinger Jr.959
Paul Hyde10018
Paul Kaptain10010
Paul Kenworthy9513
Paul Mcmasters9523
Paula Paulinha9022
Paulina Aguillon8013
Philip Perozok9512
Phoebe Owusu10012
Precious Jones10012
Priscilla Phillips1004
Rachel Andrews9512
Rachel West10023
Rebecca Ramkhelawan10020
Rebecca Vallee10021
Rebekah Gabriel10016
Rebekah Gosine10010
Rebekah Ross957
Rich Kibozi10012
Rosca Darius9523
Rutendo Vera10015
Ruth Hyde10015
Ruth Litanda10011
Ruth Perozok1009
Ruth Sindiyo10023
Ruthanna Fritzinger9519
Samuel Gary1002
Samuel Dickson1004
Samuel Gasper10013
Sara Sánchez 1005
Sarah Andrews10016
Sarah Beejadhar1004
Sarah Keller10028
Sarah O'dwyer10013
Savanna Anderson9518
Shalom Strite10013
Shalom Wiltshire1009
Shamgar Gabriel1008
Sharon Doss10012
Sharon Sanchez10011
Shawn Doss10015
Shaylyn Hubert10018
Shepherd Kitchen10011
Silas Dickson1002
Silas Garcia1005
Silas Lunsford10015
Simeon Fritzinger1006
Stephen Gosine10015
Stephen Kibozi10014
Stephen Robinson1002
Stephen Schultz10016
Susanna Ross955
Sydney Vallenilla908
Tamara Dyck10026
Tamara Stephen10017
Thea Stephen9517
Theo Harvey1005
Timothy Forde9015
Titus Garcia1005
Trisha Fisher10019
Uriah Garcia1002
Valarie Byers10017
Valarie Hyde1009
Violet Martens1004
Vladyslav Kolesnyk10025
William Chavez Morales1008
William Chavez Morales10013
William Dickson10010
William King10025
William Seraiah10011
William Yancey9514
Winston Ditlow10020
Zachary Wilson9515
Zebediah Kofod9013
Zion Emond10014
Zoe O'dwyer10016