58-0529Jesus At The Door

And that’s the way it is. The latch is on the inside; Christ knocks at the door, but you have to open the door. He will not against your will…He gives you ability to let Him in, but He will—cannot force Himself in, for there’s no latch for Him to come in by. You must open the door.

Sermon Info

  • Date: Thursday, 58-0529
  • Location: New Haven, CT
  • Duration: 1hr 22min
  • Scripture: Revelation 3:20
Jesus At The Door
Scores will be accepted until Tuesday, May 31, 2022
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How many offerings did Brother Branham say he had taken in his life?
How many anointed cloths did Brother Branham say they send around the world?
"Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my _______, and will open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me."
We’re living in what they call “the day of the Lord.”
Why was the little girl leaning against the telegraph post, weeping, after the king passed?
"He’s turned away more than anybody ever was turned from any door."
What did Brother Branham say “Lord” is?
"That’s what He wants in for, is to _______."
Which door was Brother Branham referring to when he said, "Oh, that sure is a great door in the human heart in this twentieth century"?
A man weighing one hundred and fifty pounds, you know what he’s worth?
You’ve got a soul in you that’s worth _______.
"And when Christ comes into your _______, He changes all your life."
There was only one woman in the Bible that ever painted her face. What happened to her?
"It isn’t juvenile delinquency; it’s _______ delinquency."
What takes place when Jesus stands in the door of faith?
"If the preacher stands in the door, then _______ can’t stand there;"
When his eyes come open, he saw around that old prophet stood Angels of fire and chariots of fire by the millions.
What does it take to open the eyes that’s been caught in this draft of all kinds of theologies and everything?
"And you break _______, you’ve broke the backbone of any nation."
Don’t you like to worship God?

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58-0529 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for Jesus At The Door. Anyone taking the quiz after Tuesday, May 31, 2022 will not have their score posted.

"Moses Rotsch10013
«Wyanita Cook»10019
Aaleah Brown10012
Aaron Derksen10023
Aaron Eshun10022
Aaron Kenworthy10014
Abigail Aguillon8011
Abigail Badeau952
Abigail Banzadio1006
Abigail Farrie1007
Abigail Geransky10014
Abigail Kenworthy10015
Abigail Milner10018
Abigail Olson1004
Abraham Guerra10016
Abraham Myers1009
Adalynn Moore10016
Adam Connell9511
Adam Harris1009
Adelaide Connell10013
Adimae Bennett1004
Adoniram Hyde10012
Alannah Grother10011
Alannah Helm1004
Alayna Cook1009
Alayna Wittmeier1009
Albert Enock10017
Aleah Grother10014
Alexander Martens10024
Alice Repass957
Alicia Balgobin10017
Allison Riley10011
Allison Sanger10013
Amber Rains10013
Amber Repass959
Amelia Hyde8514
Amelia Jackson1009
Amelia King1004
Amelia Phelps10015
Amida Ramazani9010
Amram Smith1004
Andrew Chambless10016
Andrew Farrie10014
Andrew Martens10018
Andrew Sarpong10014
Angelica Halley1009
Angelina Bugg10017
Anna Beth Sampson10017
Anna Cook10022
Annikah Helm10012
Annisha Gonzales9520
Anthony Aflo10015
Antipas Asaka9512
Ariel Koenig10023
Asher Kibozi9517
Ashley Pister10023
Aspen Hollar10014
Aurora Newton1009
Ava Repass954
Ava Toy10015
Aza Smith10012
Azriel Moore10014
Belia Frazier10012
Bella Jackson10012
Ben Kabeya10010
Benjamin Abbott9521
Benjamin Cogdill1005
Benjamin Evedzi10010
Benjamin Mahadeo10012
Benjamin Marcano9511
Benjamin Plante1007
Benjamin Rains10017
Benjamin Rutaza9522
Benjamin Waweru1006
Bernice Osei10016
Bethann Fritzinger10013
Billy Cleopas10015
Bless Atafo1002
Blessing Atsu10019
Blithe Smith10018
Bokortsey Korsiwor10010
Bokortsey Kwaku10021
Bokortsey Yao10012
Bosworth Bosau9014
Branham Bosau10010
Brawn David Kabamba10010
Briamah Femi10014
Brielle Koenig1008
Brough Amatcha959
Caitlin Olson10010
Caleb Maina10021
Carissa Cook10014
Caroline Nunez9523
Carter Phelps10012
Cavaree Bethany9014
Celeste Jones10015
Channah Katalayi9514
Charity Brodeur10019
Charity Habegger1003
Charity Oduor10023
Charlie Farrie10021
Chedjou Kenmogne Joel10015
Christian Banzadio Jr1007
Christian Dexter10012
Christian Harris1004
Christianna Smith10016
Christine Robinson10020
Christophe Plante1009
Christopher Hardman10014
Christy Thorson10012
Clara Jackson1004
Cris Ngassi10023
Daisy Aguillon9521
Daizy Okello10026
Damaris Barratt1006
Daniel Akpela10014
Daniel Barrera10018
Daniel Dhanpaul10018
Daniel Habegger10012
Daniel Kinanga9518
Daniel Kuchel9514
Daniel Odhiambo8524
Daniel Sapey10019
Daria Geana10014
Dasha Grygorenko9012
Daudi Mlelwa10023
David Atsu10016
David Mendez10014
David Owusu9514
David Robinson10010
Dawson Naber1003
Dayana González10013
Deborah Aok10015
Deborah Vidzraku10018
Desiree Wallace10013
Destar Nanyanga10027
Dieulv Tshingej10025
Divina Avuglah1004
Divine Dzadu10011
Dmitry Foster10024
Dominic Gallegos8512
Dukuze Rubingisa1002
Ebi Dennis10010
Eden Dennis956
Elia Mattei1008
Eliana Milner10011
Eliel De Souza958
Elijah Misemer959
Elijah Riehl10012
Elijah Wanet10010
Elisa Jones10012
Elisabet Andres9510
Elisabeth Fritzinger1008
Elise Rotsch10016
Elisha Mkumbwa10024
Elizabeth Dzadu10012
Elizabeth Vidzah10023
Ella Smith10010
Ella Toy10014
Ellen Martens10026
Elliott Fowler10014
Emilia Riley1006
Emily Kanonuwa10014
Emily Sampson10027
Emmalee Sanger10013
Emmalie Koenig1009
Emmanuel Beya9515
Emmanuel Dhemby9521
Emmanuel Kumwimba9518
Emmanuel Zonyra1009
Emmanuella Sapey10017
Emmarhya Bennett1002
Enoch Fritzinger10012
Enoch Garcia10012
Enoch Kok10010
Enoch Rains10015
Erec Kingston9527
Eric Gbeklui10026
Erick Sylivester9024
Ernest Sotsiavi10020
Ester Andres10013
Esther Kabamba10015
Esther Kanonuwa10016
Esther Ndegwa9514
Esther Suiyanka10027
Ethan Jackson9515
Etori Hope8520
Eula Bonnette1009
Eunice Sapey1008
Ezekiel Landrum1007
Ezekiel Milner10015
Ezekiel Silva9511
Ezra Doyle10015
Fabian Geana10019
Faith Brandt10021
Faith Chambless10020
Faith Sapey1003
Faith Thorson10018
Fiston Kabamba10013
Fomefo Clarisse1007
Gabriel Smith952
Gabriel Wittmeier10013
Gabriella Landrum10019
Gabrielle Matty1009
Genia Barber10012
Gideon Cook9525
Gideon Fiadowu10019
Gideon Habegger10010
Gideon Harris10012
Giovanna Suarez10016
Giuseppe Mattei1007
Gladness Ndingala10022
Gloria Bedzrah10012
Glory Mbuebue958
Godsway Atafo1007
Godsway Bedzrah10014
Graça Mabiala10022
Grace Cook10016
Grace Dickson9512
Grace Garrett10024
Grace Gil9012
Grace Milner10020
Grace Mwepu10010
Grace Redhead10021
Grace Sotsiavi10017
Gracious Cleopas1006
Grant Kiser1002
Grant Matty10015
Hadassah Phillips10014
Hannah Divine Kinanga Berry10011
Hannah Lev10019
Hannah Monderoy10013
Harmony Bonnette10011
Hattie Oduor10020
Hattie Wanjala8020
Hatty Jelagat10022
Heaven Gage9517
Heidi Fowler10017
Heidi Thorson10015
Helene Selvik10027
Hope Chambless10020
Hope Dexter10013
Hope Kenworthy10012
Hope Walls10019
Humble A'chennewang Mafotsing Fokou10020
Hunter Sumpter10020
Icyblah Amatcha1007
Imani Maene10020
India Hardman10016
Isaac Kenworthy10017
Isaac Myers10011
Isaac Sanger10015
Isabele Toy10018
Isabella Amezcua10010
Isabella Lingar1004
Isabelle Poole10016
Isack Sengati9524
Isaiah Hudson10019
Isaiah Hyde856
Isaiah Smith9515
Israel Doyle10020
Israel Rotsch10011
Isreal Bedzrah10010
Ivah Bonnette1007
Ivy Njeruh10011
Jaden Fehr10017
Jahzirah Moïse9514
James Alagah10019
Jamie Hudson10015
Jared Strite9519
Jason Njeruh958
Jaycee Kiser1008
Jehoiada Barratt10012
Jemima Orakwue10019
Jephthah Evedzi10016
Jeremiah Edokpayi10015
Jeremiah Marcano1009
Jeremy Householder10018
Jesse Marcano1007
Jesse Myers10019
Jesse Taylor10016
Jesse Watson1003
Jireh Urbain1009
Joan-Sim Yashim1007
Joana Evedzi10012
Joanna Antwi1005
Job Forsberg1006
Jobregal Wallace1004
Joel Kaptain9013
Johanna Boodoo10020
John Brown1003
John Halley907
Jonah Cogdill10011
Jonah Householder10015
Jonathan Dzadu1006
Jonathan Fortunat10021
Jonathan Taylor10010
José Fosso1009
Joseph Ahiagbede10024
Joseph Anil10012
Joseph Chavez Morales10014
Joseph Cogdill1008
Joseph Cook10013
Joseph Edokpayi909
Joseph Kabamba10014
Joseph Kabamba10018
Joseph Karanja10019
Joseph Mulumba10017
Joseph Niyonkuru10015
Joseph Oben Nzogue1005
Joseph Schurer10014
Joseph Thumbi9020
Joshua Amanyo10018
Joshua Clarke9512
Joshua Cook10011
Joshua Fiadowu10017
Joshua Halley9511
Joshua Hyde854
Joshua Ikponwonsa1005
Joshua Kesslar10027
Joshua Landrum10015
Joshua Munyoki9525
Joshua O'dwyer10024
Joshua Rains10011
Joshua Ross Jr.8513
Joshua Wolters9012
Josiah Isaacson10020
Josiah Sanger10018
Josue Ceballos10015
Joy Sampson10014
Joyce Konga10023
Jubilee Barratt1008
Judah Helm1006
Jude Harrision10012
Judith Harrision1009
Judith Reece10020
Julie Greer10017
Juliet Mulenga9526
Juliette Mugabo956
Junior Atafo10011
Junior Kabeya10014
Kaitlin Fuchs10027
Kaitlyn Misemer10012
Kaitlynn Kenworthy1009
Kamdem Angel9014
Karis Koenig1006
Kashoba Abel9024
Kayla Frazier1009
Kelvin Masuba10025
Kelyn Brown10014
Kendall Speed10023
Kerzia Urbain1009
Kimberly Beejadhar10017
King Ngoma9012
Kockley Amatcha10011
Kofi Ahiagbede10015
Kokou Adoma10021
Laura Cogdill10013
Laura Kenworthy10015
Laura Williams1009
Leo Karanja8014
Letizia Mattei10010
Levi Hare10017
Levi Joseph Leadingham Jr1002
Levi Kenworthy1008
Levi Misemer10011
Levi Ramsey8512
Levy Wanet10013
Liam Marcano1003
Lilia Toy10014
Lilian Muthungu10026
Lillia Misemer10014
Lily Clarke10017
Lily Faith Kinanga Berry1005
Lilyanna Lauver1004
Lilyanne Keding10013
Lincoln Hyde9510
Lingson Tonga10023
Lóide Lobato9518
Lois Antwi9512
Lois Katomba10013
Lonnia Lauver10010
Louie Chen10011
Luke Hyde857
Luke Kingston10018
Luke Robinson10013
Luke Smith9018
Luke Stowell1009
Lumiere Cleopas10014
Lydia Fowler10011
Madeline King9510
Madelynn Landrum10016
Malachi Dexter10010
Malachi Jones1006
Malachi Olson10013
Maria Schurer1009
Marie Nzogue10010
Mariia Cherednichenko10024
Mark Perozok10021
Marrion Lauver10014
Marrion Mugabo1008
Martin Kabiru10024
Mary Mwangi9021
Matthew Geswein1002
Matthew Landrum959
Matthew Troyer10016
Mawuli Atsu10022
Mawutor Bedzrah1007
Mckenna Kitchen10019
Meda Fritzinger956
Meghan Kenworthy10028
Melody Lauver10013
Melodyrose Khan10014
Mengong Esther1009
Mercy Bonnette10013
Mercy Sammuel8022
Mercy Williams9511
Meshack Odhiambo10021
Mia Siler10019
Micah Kaptain9513
Micah Lauver10012
Micaiah Brown9510
Micaiah Ngoma859
Michael Udeobi8514
Micheal Smith1005
Milo Naber1009
Miryam Pierre9510
Mlendja Samwele10011
Moses Barratt10010
Mukendi Kamba8514
Nana Divine Grace9011
Naomi Balgobin10012
Naomi Fritzinger10010
Natalya Wittmeier9520
Natan Andres1008
Natanael Pierre10013
Natasha Naber1007
Nathan Barber10014
Nathan Dupont8510
Nathan Kipalamoto10024
Nathaniel Black1009
Nathaniel Sanger10015
Ndangang Joseph Shobi10015
Nehemiah Gbedemah10021
Nehemie Balume9513
Nerias Maina10028
Nhyira Vinyomens10018
Nicholas Holmes10018
Nkoum Samuel1002
Noah Bottazzi10011
Noah Ramsey9014
Noelle Black9513
Obed Cook10012
Obey Atafo1005
Oliver Oduor8526
Olivia Brown1009
Olivia Chen1006
Oman Pacheco Herrera10028
Othniel Silva10014
Parousia Bosau958
Patience Kanu10023
Patience Smith10012
Paul Habegger10013
Paul Kaptain:)10016
Paul Lauver10015
Paul Ndonyo9024
Peace Sotsiavi10023
Peace William9024
Perfect Vidzraku10015
Perfect Zilevu10017
Philip Perozok10018
Phillip Daulton10021
Phillip Jackson10013
Picu Ionut1008
Pleroma Kporliator1002
Precious Kanu10020
Predi Bomolo10011
Prefer Kanu10013
Prevaillia Kanu10019
Primrose Jones1009
Prince Vidzraku10016
Princess Cudjoe10011
Princesse Baraka1009
Priscilla Brown10015
Prophet Kanu10010
Purity Kanu10016
Rachel Tshibangu10014
Rahab Khabayi9521
Raquel Vasquez9512
Rebecca Agbolosu1003
Rebecca Akinyi9022
Rebecca Banzadio1003
Rebecca Nzuki10021
Rebecca Sapey10014
Rebekah Antony10012
Rebekah Moore1008
Renate Thorsen10023
Rhoda Wallace1007
Rich Kibozi10018
Richmond Atsu10010
Rita Logah10019
Rohi Khan10015
Ruben Mendez9522
Rubiedove Cleopas1009
Ruslan Marcelo Mba Nkoho10027
Ruth Kumwimba10022
Ruth Lisuwa9020
Ruth Perozok10015
Ruth Respect Aok9513
Ruth Wainaina9523
Samantha Yashim1009
Samuel Ceballos10012
Sarah Deolall10020
Sarah Mbuebue10010
Sarah Molony Bileko10019
Sarah Phillip10011
Sarah Wallace1009
Savannah Bottazzi1009
Sean King958
Selah Bottazzi1006
Seli Ahiaforkpor10012
Serene Williams10015
Seth Jackson10017
Shalom Maposa8511
Shalom Wiltshire10015
Shammah Mtetwa10019
Sharon Rose Nzogue1004
Sharon Sahadeo10028
Shaylyn Hubert10024
Shekinah Masango9510
Sheniah Hamilton10018
Shiloh Newman1002
Silas Musarapasi10021
Silas Thorson10010
Simeon Fritzinger10012
Sophia William9020
Spencer Phelps10010
Speranza Bertuzzi9528
Stacy Mendez10020
Stacyann Estrada9011
Stamatia Geana10016
Steven Sino9525
Success Edokpayi10013
Tabitha Mabiala10024
Tabitha Wiltshire9518
Tejranie Gomes10015
Térence Bamutake10010
Terri-Lynn Cook10011
Thea Stephen10023
Theodore Carter10012
Theresa Kualengor10027
Thierry-Félix Bélanger10014
Timothee Levy Kinanga Berry1008
Titus Garcia10011
Titus Harrision10014
Titus Helm1009
Titus Moore10011
Tiwa Jefferson1005
Trust Evedzi1005
Ty Siler10017
Tyler Gagnon10016
Tyrell Wallace10015
Valarie Hyde10016
Valois Abayo10013
Victoria Vidzraku10020
Wesley Dexter1009
Wetsu Kelvin1006
Wetsu Prince10010
Wetsu Ruth1002
William Chavez Morales10011
William Chavez Morales10016
William Chen1008
William Dickson9516
William Grother10016
William Hardman10012
William Kenworthy1009
William Owusu1009
William Pierre8012
William Rigei9510
Winner Atafo1009
Wonder Bokortsey10018
Worlanyo Atsu10027
Xornam Fiadowu10013
Yohbway Amatcha1005
Yona Dickson1003
Zach Sanger10011
Zachariah Kenworthy10012
Zachary Martens10021
Zagabe Fikiri9011
Zélie Cyurimpundu958
Zoe Banzadio10010
Zoe Habegger10010
Zoe Landrum10012
Zoe Wanet1008
Zoe-Rose Munodawafa10016