Now, the first man and first woman in the garden of Eden was in perfect harmony with God, so much that God could come down at any time He desired and talk lip-to-ear with Adam and Eve. Now, that is perfect oneness, God and His creation, God speaking lip-to-ear with Adam and Eve. And they were so perfect in harmony with God till they were one with God. God and His family was one.

Sermon Info

  • Date: Sunday, 62-0211
  • Location: Jeffersonville, IN
  • Duration: 2hr 27min
  • Scripture: Hebrews 1:1-3 & Genesis 1:26-27
Scores will be accepted until Friday, April 30, 2021
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Brother Branham said, "And, now, this is quite a subject, and it—it deserves a lot more _______ than I am able to give it, and more than most any person on earth could be able to give."
What does the word "oneness" mean?
"Now, the first man and first woman in the garden of Eden was in perfect _______ with God, so much that God could come down at any time He desired and talk _______ with Adam and Eve."
Where do we find in the Scriptures where Jesus prayed that the Church and He would be one like He and the Father were One?
What is the only grounds of fellowship that God has ever laid down for Himself and His Church?
What did Brother Branham say is perfect dormant if it isn’t yielded by a hand or a power?
The true believer will only compromise on a few Words.
"We know we make _______, but you mustn’t look at that. It’s not your _______, because you’re always going to have them. But, you see, it’s following His Rules, following what He said do."
What was Brother Branham talking about when he thought he was going to be a hero when he got home?
When four hundred prophets came up before two kings, and they leaned upon their own understanding, how many prophets stayed with the Word of God and it proved out he was right?
What is Satan’s kingdom?
Who are the best class of people in the world, the only class that God looks at?
God don’t deal with a person in a group. He deals with you as an individual.
"What did He do when He separated them? He give them a law and He give them _______, He give them _______."
Who said, “You uncircumcised in heart and ears, you stiffnecks?”
"Hallelujah to the Lamb! The debt is paid. And every man and woman hearing me this morning, or will hear me by the tape, _______."
When speaking of Pentecost Brother Branham said, "But in spirit and life, and in purpose and in vision, and everything, they were _______ with God."
“Here we are in the end time, coming from the East and West, North and South. What are we doing?”
"Oneness with God is to have God’s Spirit in you agreeing with the Word, all the Word, the whole Word, and to make It _______."
Brother Branham said, "I have not called myself a _______. You’ve done that. But, if it is so, then where does the Word of the Lord come from?"

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62-0211 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for Oneness. Anyone taking the quiz after Friday, April 30, 2021 will not have their score posted.

Aaleah Brown10011
Aaron Kenworthy10013
Abel Meighoo10019
Abigael Haule10016
Abigail Farrie1006
Abigail Kenworthy10014
Abraham Myers1008
Abraham Nguema Mangue1009
Adina Nzioki9520
Adzibolo Comfort1006
Adzibolo Precious1008
Adzika Joshua1007
Ahiable Emmanuella1003
Alayna Cook1007
Alicia Balgobin10016
Alina Heiberger10025
Alivia Johnson10013
Alzir Ntoto10015
Amber Pruitt10024
Amber Repass1008
Amelia Hyde9513
Amelia Jackson1008
Amram Smith1003
Amy Cook9513
Ana Mihalescu10017
Ana Sandoval10016
Anahi Villalba Piñanez10012
Anderson Beejadhar9520
Andrew Farrie10013
Angelica Francavilla10011
Angelica Halley1008
Angelica Martínez -Raigoso10017
Angelica Martínez Raigoso10017
Angelina Bugg10016
Anita Mifetu10018
Anjalin Shalom9511
Anna Alexander10018
Annikah Helm10011
Annisha Gonzales10019
Antipas Asaka10011
Antonio Nguema Ncogo Mekina10024
Anymore Mutsago10026
Arlet Camacena1003
Asher Kibozi8515
Ashley Pister10022
Aspen Hollar10013
Auriane Kobwa9012
Austin Pister10024
Ava Toy9514
Aza Smith10011
Bartosz Sikora10016
Becky Nkombo Massamba10013
Belia Frazier10011
Bella Jackson10011
Benaiah Alexander10014
Benjamin Abbott9019
Benjamin Ceballos10018
Billy Cleopas10014
Blessed Rutechura9512
Blessing Agbozo9511
Blithe Smith10017
Bosworth Junior Onoja10028
Branham Bosau1009
Brelda Adinga9513
Brough Amatcha1008
Bryson Fogelsanger10014
Caleb Camacena10010
Caleb O'dwyer10014
Caleb Páez10017
Camila Ahilin Villalba Piñanez1009
Caroline Nunez10022
Celestine Jonas9528
Celina Charles9515
Charity Brodeur10017
Charlie Farrie10020
Chedjou Kenmogne Joel10014
Chishamiso Mafura10028
Chloe Ross1005
Christian Froget1005
Christian Hare9518
Christoph Wittmeier9511
Christopher Hardman10012
Christy Thorson10011
Cindy Subryan958
Clara Jackson1003
Damaris Barratt1005
Daniel Dickson1009
Daniel Kinanga9517
Daniel Muchiri9021
Daniel Ndungu9524
Daniel Sampson10019
Daria Geana10013
David Ashong1003
David Manyara10014
David Molache Eribo1009
David Mutisya10015
David Okoli10010
David Owusu10013
David Respect9015
David Udosen9528
Davide Baio10010
Deborah Agbozo1005
Deborah Andries10027
Deborah Aok9013
Deborah-Ann Zobo10017
Destar Nanyanga10026
Dieulv Tshingej10024
Divine Adinga1008
Dmitry Foster9522
Dominic Gallegos9511
Dominique Oualembo10019
Dorcas Kadzirange10010
Dove Nguem10010
Dulce Ojeda10016
Ebi Dennis959
Echo Cook10014
Elena Ndong Mikue10020
Elia Mattei1007
Elías Pavon Urbina9010
Elías Samaniego Piñanez1002
Elijah Andre807
Elijah Mvutu10011
Elijah Riehl10011
Elijah Teelucksingh10014
Elijah-Bill Nguem10012
Elisabeth Camacena10012
Elise Rotsch10015
Elisha Mutombo1009
Elisha Pister9021
Elizabeth Chikosi952
Elizabeth Gonzalez10015
Elizabeth Vidzah9522
Ella Daulton10014
Ella Smith1009
Ella Toy10013
Ella-Marie Mutombo1007
Ellen Martens10025
Emanuel Samwele9514
Emerald Bosau1004
Emily Cook10021
Emily Salzman8527
Emmalyn Hagmann10018
Emmanuel Dhemby10020
Enhoc Bedoya Garcia10014
Enoch Dickson1003
Enoch Fritzinger9511
Enoch Jongwe10020
Ephraim Hssih'euh'ssi Fokou10026
Ephraim Katumba957
Eric Aboagye10027
Ernest Krakani9011
Esmeralda Jiménez Montoya10010
Esperanza Ngüí Eko'o Oyana10022
Esther Kabamba8514
Esther Premaka10024
Esther Suiyanka9526
Ethan Jackson10014
Ethan Landry1007
Ethel Egla10011
Eunice Strite10016
Exauce Nkombo9018
Ezra Daulton10010
Ezra Doyle10014
Faith Brandt10020
Faith Thorson10017
Filippo Sganzerla9516
Fiston Kabamba9511
Flaurelle Ilunga10021
Foli Godwin10016
Foli Mafe1004
Francisca Akompi10025
Fred Paka10013
Gabriel Kiafuka1006
Gabriel Schamel9013
Gabriel Suarez10017
Gavin Cook9516
Genia Barber10011
Gilchrist Cook1009
Giovanna Suarez10015
Giuseppe Mattei956
Gloria Ntumba10016
Godwin Kporliator10029
Gorgonio Owono Nguema Eyang10024
Graça Mabiala10021
Grace (Gomti)10014
Grace Andries10018
Grace Dickson10011
Grace Mwepu1009
Gracious Cleopas1005
Hannah Campominosi10022
Hannah Divine Kinanga Berry10010
Harmony Olson10010
Hattie Gambou1008
Hattie Mutisya1009
Hattie Sosia9518
Hattie Wenger1003
Heidi Hofer9513
Heidi Thorson10014
Helene Selvik10026
Hope Adinga1006
Hope Chambless10019
Hope Dexter10012
Hope Lyons10026
Hope Rweyemamu10023
Hope Sanger10018
Hunter Sumpter10019
Icyblah Amatcha1006
Imani Maene10019
India Hardman10015
Isaac Kenworthy10016
Isaac Myers10010
Isaac Ndoli10018
Isabele Toy10017
Isabella Amezcua1009
Isha Lacombe10025
Israel Doyle9519
Israel Rotsch10010
Jaden Fehr10016
Jared Strite10018
Jefte Gutierrez10028
Jehoiada Barratt10011
Jeremiah Olin10018
Jeriel Kiafuka1007
Jesse Myers10017
Jesse Taylor10015
Jesus Garcia9517
Jimacey Rose1009
Jobregal Wallace1003
Joel Antwi10016
Joel Kaptain8512
Johanna Beejadhar1002
John Halley1006
Jonathan Fortunat10020
Jonathan Garcia8518
Jonathan Taylor1009
Jordan Smith10021
Jose David Cham Mathe10011
Jose Rodriguez Velez10010
Joseph Ahiagbede10023
Joseph Beejadhar1007
Joseph Chavez Morales9513
Joseph Cook10012
Joseph Gambou10010
Joseph Jeremiah Gallegos1009
Joseph Johnson9012
Joseph Kabamba9513
Joseph Katumba10011
Joseph Mutisya1007
Joseph Paez10015
Joseph Strite10013
Joshua Cook10010
Joshua Halley10010
Joshua Kesslar10026
Joshua Massengale9514
Joshua Munyoki10024
Joshua O'dwyer10023
Joshua Rains1009
Joshua Wolters10011
Josiah Dickson10014
Josiah Isaacson10019
Josiah Olson10014
Josiah Teelucksingh10011
Josue Ceballos10014
Josue Marriom Cham Mathe1007
Josué Romero Arcila9512
Joy Alexander10011
Joy Herman10012
Joy Rigei10012
Juan Martinez10011
Jubilee Barratt1007
Judá Jimenéz Montoya10012
Judith Reece10019
Julie Greer10016
Justin Bailey10019
Kaitlynn Kenworthy1007
Kali Rejoice10028
Kamdem Angel9513
Kaps Kabamba857
Kareem Froget1008
Karol Rodríguez Rodríguez9523
Kashoba Abel9523
Kayla Frazier1008
Kelyn Brown10013
Keren Kalonji10018
Kimberly Beejadhar10016
Kingsley Okoli10011
Klenam Ashong1005
Kockley Amatcha10010
Kudolo Akpedze10014
Kudolo Delali10012
Laura Geswein10020
Lazarus Enoch10027
Leah Block10021
Leah Mayers10016
Leticia Ojeda9522
Letizia Mattei1009
Levi Hare10016
Levi Kenworthy1007
Lily Andries1007
Lilyanna Lauver1003
Lizbeth Lizarazo Celis10014
Lonnia Lauver1009
Luis Alfonso Monsuy Engo10019
Lumiere Cleopas10013
Luz Esmeralda Sandoval1007
Madeleine Yonkam10020
Malachi Riehl959
Manuel Mba Mba Mikue1005
Mari Arquisola10014
María Jesusa Nchama Nguema10024
Maria Ojeda10014
Maria Piedad Esidang Nguema Esidang10017
Maribel Ayingono Edu Abegue9519
Marie-Madeleine Ntumba10018
Marirut Bedoya Garcia10013
Matías Nzamio Nchama10025
Matthew Fritzinger9519
Mckenna Kitchen10018
Meda Evans909
Melody Dominguez10019
Melody Lauver10012
Melody Olson10011
Melody Plett10014
Micah Biziki10014
Micah Kaptain10012
Micah Lauver10011
Micaiah Brown1009
Michael Roush1002
Mifetu Clementina10018
Miguel Martinez Raigoso10011
Moses Barratt1009
Moses Rotsch10012
Nabede Elorm1007
Nabede Josua1005
Nana Divine Grace10010
Naomi Balgobin10011
Nathan Sharp10013
Nathanael O'dwyer1003
Naum Mukiti10021
Nerias Maina9527
Nicasio Mum Castillo857
Nicholas Holmes9517
Noah Fogelsanger10018
Noel Ishima9511
Oliver Oduor9025
Olivia Agbozo9521
Olivia Borlovan10024
Olivia Brown1008
Orou Pascaline10013
Orou Robert10017
Parousia Bosau1007
Pascal Betesuku10016
Paul Kaptain10014
Paul Kenworthy10018
Paul Lauver10014
Paulina Tsikpo10016
Paulo Amor Macuacua9021
Pedro Agustin Ondo Baha Nchama10028
Peter Mazaba10021
Phebe Dickson1008
Phillip Jackson10012
Picu Ionut1007
Placide Nyembue9519
Predestine Gambou10015
Priscilla Brown9514
Rachel Hofer8516
Rachel Okoli1008
Rachele Rania954
Raquel Peralta10019
Rebeca Paez10013
Rebeca Sanchez10012
Rebecca Andre10011
Rebecca Matanda10017
Rebecca Pierre9513
Rebecca Shungu10013
Renate Thorsen10022
Renee Diaz9022
Rivka Oyono9513
Rodger Usmail10010
Rodolfo Moran Flores10013
Rosa Inés Mikue Ngua Avoro10023
Rosalba Bengono Mbang10011
Rose Of Sharon Camacena10016
Roy Paka9514
Rubiedove Cleopas958
Ruslan Bibang Mba Nkoho9526
Ruth Mawunedi1002
Ruth Mensah904
Ruth Molache Eribo10011
Ruth Oyugi10020
Ruth Respect9012
Salatiel Fuma1008
Salem Fuma10017
Salem Mavinga10011
Salma Fuma10016
Salome Fuma10010
Sam Isaac Anthony Rajah9524
Samuel Nguema Mangue10014
Samuele Baio9010
Sara Ada Nguema Mangue1009
Sara Baio855
Sara Belén Jiménez10018
Sara Gómez10019
Sara Peralta10015
Sara Sánchez Peña10021
Sarah Molony Bileko10018
Sarah O'dwyer10018
Sarah Subryan955
Sarah Teelucksingh10010
Senyram Azaglo1002
Seth Jackson10016
Shalom Strite10018
Shalom Wiltshire9514
Sharon Gambou10014
Sharon Moran Flores10023
Sharon Rigei10015
Sharon Yab Ngantcha1008
Shemille Fortune10017
Sherin Antrea9013
Shermaiah Fortune10015
Shiloh Cook10025
Shyann Taylor10014
Silas Thorson1008
Silas Ziyambi10015
Sivuyisiwe Quse8026
Sofia Kafadzi9524
Solomon Alexander10021
Stamatia Geana10015
Stephanie Benjamin10025
Susana Santana8527
Tabitha Joshua8510
Tabitha Mabiala10023
Tabitha Wiltshire9017
Taylor Kenda10021
Tejranie Gomes10014
Terri-Lynn Cook10010
Thea Stephen9522
Thiam Caleb1005
Thiam Joseph10010
Thiam Josua1007
Thiam Rebecca10016
Thiam Ruth10014
Thierry-Felix Belanger10012
Timothee Levy Kinanga Berry1007
Timothy Meighoo952
Ty Hardman9517
Valeria Ek9514
Valerie Dickson956
Veronica Biziki10013
William Biziki10017
William Buysman10022
William Chavez Morales9510
William Chavez Morales10015
William Diaz10011
William Dickson9515
William Hardman10011
William Owusu958
William Pitian1008
William Rigei1009
Wonder Bonemarrow9521
Wyanita Cook10018
Xochitl Gonzalez Mondragon10024
Yattah Benedicta10021
Yohbway Amatcha1003
Yona Dickson1002
Zachariah Kenworthy10010
Zoe Gambou952
Zoe Garcia García1003
Zoe O'dwyer10020