61-0425E The Forgotten Beatitude

Oh, my. And “Blessed is he who is not offended in Me.” Now, don't be offended. I believe there's more people offended in Jesus than any other person that ever lived on earth. They get offended too quick. Jesus now in this misplaced beatitude, slipped over there so we could get it tonight. Why, He said, “Blessed is he who's not offended in Me. Don't be offended in Me. No matter what takes place, I'm… Everything's working right on schedule. So you just—just go ahead and believe it; that's all. Everything's all right. Just go ahead and believe it.”

Sermon Info

  • Date: Tuesday, 61-0425E
  • Location: Chicago IL - Stephen Mather High School
  • Duration: 1 Hour and 10 min
  • Scripture: Matthew 11:6
The Forgotten Beatitude
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God can only use what part of you that you _______ to Him.
Matthew the 11th chapter and the 6th verse reads, "And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be _______ in me.
Over in the Book of Matthew the 5th chapter, Jesus taught the Beatitudes when He'd taken the people and went up on the mount. At what part of His ministry did He do this?
"But this Beatitude is on over in the 11th chapter and the 6th verse. And if you don't watch, you'll read right over the top of it and you won't get it. It's _______ in between other words. But it is a Beatitude."
Who was the anointed Elijah of the New Testament?
"But the higher you get, more you can see. Therefore, prophets in the Bible, were those eagles who could soar way up and above the _______. And find out what THUS SAITH THE LORD was. Then come back down and bring the news."
What did Brother Branham see that made him have this thought? "Yes, that's a horrible sight, but I've seen something more horrible than that: to see men and women who were born to be sons and daughters of God caged in some kind of a cage, when then they look up and know there's a God of heaven, know that He's a great Healer, and a great Master, and a great Saviour, and then put in some kind of an ecclesiastical cage, where they just beat their brains out with all kinds of societies, and everything else, and never be able to get out of the cage." That's a pitiful condition."
Who is Brother Branham speaking of here? "And when the Spirit left him, he went up on top of the hill, and set down and asked God to let him die."
Elijah said, "You take a bullock, and—and I'll take a bullock. And you call on Baalim and I'll call on God. And ever which one answers by _______, let Him be God."
When does the Bible say John The Baptist was filled with the Holy Ghost?
"As long as we know that He's here, what difference does it make? It's working right. Maybe it ain't a working it according to the way we think it ought to work, but it's working according to the way _______ wants it to work."
When you're prayed for and you don't really get any different, then there's something wrong. Who is there something wrong with?
A lady came to Brother Branham after he had prayed for her son and said, "One thing I'll ask, Brother Branham, do you think it's God's will for my baby to be crippled?" What was his reply?
Anything that you can perfectly explain still takes faith.
Brother Branham said, "I believe there's more people _______ in Jesus than any other person that ever lived on earth."
When John said the _______ thing that he could say to Jesus, Jesus said the _______ thing that John ever had said about him.
Why was John greater than all the prophets?
Before the Gospel went to the Gentiles Jesus was already glorified and in glory.
As the _______ lights are shining, it puts the eyes of many out. But others are using it to walk in.
Brother Branham said it's got to be _______ faith that touches God, so that He will speak through him.

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Ashlee Greene10019
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Benjamin Ceballos9513
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Benjamin Mahadeo1006
Benjamin Marcano1005
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Bethann Fritzinger957
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Billy Joe Cullinan10016
Brooke Waller10013
Caleb Carbonneau10015
Caleb Chavez1008
Caleb Cook1007
Caleb Harris10014
Caleb O'dwyer1009
Carol Garcia10014
Celeste Jones1009
Charity Braithwaite1007
Charity Brodeur10012
Charity Southworth10018
Charlie Farrie Iii10015
Christian Buchholz10012
Christian Hare10013
Christiana Akumah10012
Christianna Smith10010
Christina Manecci10025
Christine Robinson9514
Christoph Wittmeier1006
Cora Goldsmith10015
Daesha Johnson10020
Daniel Dickson955
Daniel Evans Jr9514
Daniel Kenworthy10015
Daniel Sampson10014
Danielle Browne1009
Danielle Perry10022
Darnell Clarke9013
David Owusu1008
David Sanger1005
Deborah King10028
Deloris Asaka10023
Dillon Robson10013
Echo Cook1009
Eden Gutierrez10015
Elaina Kaptain10014
Elainah Sanger1008
Eliana Milner1005
Elias Lambie1008
Elias Singh1009
Eliezer Gabriel10015
Elijah Green956
Elijah Mahadeo1009
Elijah Meighoo1003
Elijah Teelucksingh1009
Elisa Jones1006
Elisabeth Fritzinger952
Elisabeth Gabriel9511
Elisabeth Garrett10027
Elisabeth Landrum10016
Elisabeth Ponder10023
Ella Sanger10010
Ella Toy1008
Ellen Martens10020
Emily Salzman10022
Emily Sampson10021
Emily Telgenhoff9012
Emma Moncada9517
Enoch Fritzinger1006
Enoch Johnson1008
Enoch Rains1009
Erec Kingston10021
Erin Millis10026
Essie Gasper10020
Esther Lashley9525
Esther Wenger10018
Ethan Truelock10016
Eunice Strite10011
Ezekiel Milner1009
Ezra Doyle1009
Faith Brandt10015
Faith Bushnell10016
Faith Chambless10014
Faith Thorson10012
Gabriel Suarez10012
Gabriel Waller9015
Gabriel Wittmeier1006
Gabriella Landrum10013
Gavin Cook10011
Georges Mananga10027
Gerardo Suarez10015
Giovanna Suarez10010
Glorianna Emond1009
Glorianna Williams10012
Grace Dickson956
Grace Milner10014
Grace Mukendi10017
Grace Wells10016
Hadassah Brewster10014
Hadassah Forde10012
Hadassah Lambie10010
Hannah Kenworthy9516
Hannah Lev10013
Hannah Mcmasters10020
Hannah Rissler10016
Hannah Wahl10016
Hannah Wittmeier1005
Hannah Ye10020
Harmony Olson1005
Haylie Mckinney10015
Heidi Thorson1009
Hope Chambless10014
Hope Cook10014
Hope Sanger10013
Hope Schultz1008
Imani Maene10014
Isaac Martens10016
Isaac Meighoo10020
Isaac Pyatskowit10014
Isaac Sharp10013
Isabele Toy10012
Isabella Collins958
Isaiah Baboolal953
Isaiah Fritzinger10016
Isaiah Hudson10012
Isaiah Mayers10016
Isaiah Smith1009
Isaiah Stutzman10014
Israel Doyle10014
Ivan Wittmeier10015
Jackline Kibozi959
Jacob Sanchez10016
Jamie Hudson1009
Jared Strite10013
Jeanne D'arc Matchum10027
Jehoiada Barratt1006
Jenna Kingston9522
Jenna Warme10023
Jeremiah Bray9514
Jeremiah Salzman10019
Jeremie Tousignant10014
Jesse Cullinan10014
Jesse Dyck10028
Jesse Ortiz9520
Jethro Cook8512
Joanna Dawson10016
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Joanna Strite10018
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Joel Dyck10027
Joel Kaptain957
Joel Wilson10018
John Moses Erickson1005
Johnny Boggs10013
Jonah Dickson1006
Jonathan Schultz10015
Joseph Beejadhar1002
Joseph Blaine Olin10020
Joseph Chavez10011
Joseph Dawson10014
Joseph Evans1007
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Joseph Johnson1007
Joseph Strite1008
Joshua Campominosi9515
Joshua Clarke1006
Joshua Garrett10024
Joshua Gary1006
Joshua Johnson10012
Joshua Kesslar10021
Joshua Landrum1008
Joshua Moncada10013
Joshua O'dwyer9018
Joshua Sanger10016
Joshua Schultz1003
Josiah Dickson959
Josiah Forde10013
Josiah Isaacson10014
Josiah Olson1009
Josiah Teelucksingh1006
Josue Ceballos959
Joy Alexander1006
Joy Salzman10020
Joyanna Sanger10010
Joylin Strite10022
Jubilee Barratt1002
Judah Connell959
Julia Perozok10017
Julianna Hare10018
Kadence Joseph1009
Kara Morales10015
Katelyn Kingston10016
Kathryn Robson10012
Katie Sutton10012
Kimberly Beejadhar9011
Kimberly Florian10027
Krista Thomas10014
Kyria Asaka9016
Laura Carbonneau10013
Lauren Reilly9525
Leah Mayers10011
Levi Hare10010
Levi Powe10015
Lilah Buchholz10010
Lillia Sanger10015
Lillian Hyde10012
Lillias Boucher9518
Lily Clarke10011
Lilyanne Keding1007
Lincoln Sanger9514
Luke Buchholz1008
Luke Cook10012
Luke Kingston10012
Luke Smith10012
Luther Maene10011
Lydia Wahl10017
Madelyn Evans9516
Madelynn Landrum10010
Maria Lambie1006
Mark Perozok10015
Mary Lapp10023
Mary Wiltshire10012
Matthew Brodeur10017
Matthew Browne10013
Matthew Fritzinger9514
Matthew Martens10018
Matthew Schultz8519
Meaghan Geransky10010
Meda Evans1004
Meda Meighoo954
Meda Smith10016
Melissa Parker10028
Melodia Jones10011
Melody Olson1006
Micah Campominosi9510
Micah Garcia1004
Micah Harvey1007
Micah Kaptain1007
Micah Kesslar10023
Micaiah Baboolal955
Michael Dickson10011
Michaela Hudson10011
Moriah Lunsford10016
Moses Barratt1004
Mylah Jones953
Naomi Crutchfield10024
Naomi Fairweather8012
Naomi Forde10016
Naomi Fritzinger1004
Naomie Litanda9014
Natalya Wittmeier9514
Nathan Brandt9525
Nathan Dockens10023
Nathan Sharp1008
Nathanael Keding856
Nathaniel Dickson1007
Noah Harvey10010
Olivia Borlovan9519
Patience Smith1006
Paul Gerard1004
Paul Hyde9518
Paul Johnson1009
Paul Kaptain8510
Paul Kenworthy9513
Paul Mcmasters9022
Phebe Dickson953
Philip Perozok10012
Phoebe Owusu10012
Pier-Luc Bélanger10020
Precious Jones10012
Rachel Andrews10012
Rachel West10023
Rebecca Ramkhelawan9520
Rebecca Vallee9521
Rebekah Gabriel10016
Rebekah Gosine10010
Reuben Fritzinger10021
Rich Kibozi10012
Rosca Darius10023
Rose Keding852
Rutendo Vera10015
Ruth Litanda10011
Ruth Mtoko9524
Ruth Perozok1009
Ruthanna Fritzinger9519
Salome Forde1008
Samuel Gary1002
Samuel Ceballos1006
Samuel Dickson1004
Samuel Gasper10013
Samuel Harris1009
Samuel Lacombe9529
Sarah Amber Ferrante10021
Sarah Andrews10016
Sarah Batakanwa9017
Sarah Beejadhar1004
Sarah Freitas10018
Sarah O'dwyer10013
Sarah Perry10025
Sarah Robson10010
Sarah Teelucksingh1005
Savannah Gonzalez10015
Savannah Naber10014
Shalom Strite10013
Shalom Wiltshire1009
Shamgar Gabriel908
Sharon Doss10012
Shawn Doss10015
Silas Dickson1002
Silas Garcia1005
Silas Lunsford10015
Simeon Fritzinger956
Solomon Alexander10016
Stephen Gosine10015
Stephen Kibozi10014
Stephen Schultz10016
Sydney Vallenilla1008
Tabitha Barber10016
Tabitha Doris10020
Talitha Katalayi10011
Tamara Dyck10025
Tamara Stephen10017
Thea Stephen9517
Theo Harvey1005
Timothy Allison10027
Timothy Forde9515
Timothy Robson956
Titus Garcia1005
Uriah Garcia1002
Valarie Byers10017
Valarie Hyde1009
Violet Martens1004
William Diaz8510
William Dickson10010
William King10025
Zachary Wilson10015
Zion Emond10014
Zoe O'dwyer9515