65-1128MGod's Only Provided Place Of Worship

Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father which is in Heaven has revealed this to you, Who I am. And upon this rock I'll build My place of worship, and the gates of hell can't shake It down.

Sermon Info

  • Date: Sunday, 65-1128M
  • Location: Shreveport LA - Life Tabernacle
  • Duration: 125 min
  • Scripture: Deuteronomy 16:1-6
God's Only Provided Place Of Worship
Scores will be accepted until Monday, December 7, 2015
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When Sunday school originated in England, what was it first called?
We got to have everything in threes to make a perfection. There’s one body here, then the _____ body, and then the _____ body in the resurrection.
In what month was the Passover to be observed?
God gave two covenants. One was given to Adam, which was on conditions, like law. Another was given to _____, which was by grace, unconditionally.
Brother Branham said, “If I taught you a Methodist message, it would take no effect on you, this is _____ time.”
“It’s not the big things you do, it’s the little things you leave undone. Remember, a chain is only its strongest at _____.”
When did Eliezer call Rebekah to be the bride of Isaac?
There’s only one place that God meets man to worship, and that’s when he’s in Christ. How do we get in Him?
A prophet is God’s reflector.
“But, remember, when you leave here, start moving out of the shuck now; you’re going into the grain, but lay in the Presence of the _____. Don’t add, what I’ve said; don’t take away, what I’ve said.”

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65-1128M Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for God's Only Provided Place Of Worship. Anyone taking the quiz after Monday, December 7, 2015 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Borders10023
Aaron Derksen10016
Abbey Kingston10018
Abel Meighoo10014
Abigail Garcia1006
Abigail Gerkin10011
Abigail Martens1009
Abigail Milner10011
Abigail Olin10015
Acacia Tati Oneay903
Adallae Martens903
Adam Connell1005
Adam Geransky1007
Adam Harris1003
Addison Johnson1003
Adelaide Connell1007
Adina Muresan10024
Alayna Wittmeier1002
Alicia Gokool10017
Allison Matty10018
Allison Sanger1006
Amber Pister10011
Amber Reed10016
Amber Robinson1006
Amelia Klopp10018
Ana Maria10015
Anderson Beejadhar10014
Andrew Bomberger10019
Andrew Farrie1007
Angel Castelo Branco1004
Anna Alexander10013
Anna Crutchfield10017
Anna Harris10015
Anna Sampson10011
Antipas Asaka1005
Arsen Prysiazhnyy10013
Asher Kibozi10010
Ashlea Mccullough10017
Ashlee Greene10019
Ashley Doodnath10013
Ashley Pister10017
Ashley Vandenbosch10015
Austin Pister9018
Autumn Guidry1007
Autumn Klopp10014
Ava Toy1009
Azariah Emond10012
Bartosz Sikora8011
Bedair Lauren10021
Benaiah Alexander1008
Benjamin Ceballos10013
Benjamin Chavez10017
Benjamin Evans10013
Benjamin Kuchel909
Benjamin Rains10010
Bethann Fritzinger1007
Bethany Lavin10012
Bethany Nzapu10017
Bethany Sanger1008
Billy Joe Cullinan10016
Blithe Smith10012
Bobby Marsteller10011
Brooke Waller10013
Caleb Carbonneau10015
Caleb Chavez1007
Caleb Harris10013
Caleb Isaacson10011
Caleb O'dwyer1009
Carol Garcia10013
Caroline Scott10013
Cassia Martin10015
Celeste Jones1009
Chai Smith10014
Charity Brodeur10012
Charity Southworth10017
Charles Mabiala10026
Charlie Farrie Iii10014
Christiaan Pot10020
Christian Buchholz10011
Christian Hare10012
Christianna Smith1009
Christianne Maene10013
Christina Manecci10024
Christopher Wenger10019
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing10021
Cora Goldsmith10015
Damaris Scott10023
Daniel Dickson1004
Daniel Evans Jr10013
Daniel Gomez10014
Daniel Johnson1007
Daniel Kenworthy10014
Daniel Kuchel1008
Daniel Sampson10014
Daniel Sanger1008
Danielle Browne1009
Danielle Ibaressongo10014
Darnell Clarke10013
David Mancassola9022
David Owusu1008
David Sanger1005
Deborah King10028
Echo Cook908
Eden Gutierrez10014
Elaina Kaptain10013
Elainah Sanger1007
Eliana Milner905
Elias Lambie1008
Elijah Teelucksingh1008
Elijah Weber1003
Elisabeth Gabriel10011
Elisabeth Garrett10026
Elisabeth Hines10016
Elisabeth Kraus10015
Elisabeth Landrum10015
Elisabeth Ponder10022
Elisabeth Scott10018
Elise Rotsch10010
Elizabeth Blay10011
Ella Sanger10010
Ella Toy1007
Ellen Martens10020
Emily Cook10016
Emily Ferrante10020
Emily Lavin10014
Emily Salzman9022
Emily Sampson10020
Emma Martens10011
Emma Moncada10016
Emma Moore10013
Emmalee Sanger1007
Enoch Fritzinger1006
Enoch Rains1009
Enock Mukadi8021
Ephraim Hssih'euh'ssi Fokou9026
Erec Kingston10020
Essie Gasper10019
Esther Lashley10024
Esther Wenger10017
Ethan Shabaga1007
Eunice Strite10011
Ezekiel Milner1009
Ezekiel Robinson1007
Ezra Doyle1009
Faith Brandt9014
Faith Chambless10013
Faith Chasekwa9024
Faith Thorson10011
Fiona Riley10014
Francy Pele10010
Fritzinger Reuben10021
Gabriel Cook10017
Gabriel Page Waller10015
Gabriel Weber1007
Gabriel Wittmeier1006
Gabriella Landrum10012
Gabriella Mohammed1008
Gary Hannah10015
Gavin Cook10011
Gideon Harris905
Glorianna Emond1009
Glorianna Williams10011
Grace Dickson1005
Grace Jensen10010
Grace Lunsford9012
Grace Milner10013
Grace Mukendi10016
Grace Wells10016
Grant Matty908
Hadassah Forde10012
Hadassah Lambie10010
Hannah Campominosi9017
Hannah Kenworthy10016
Hannah Lev10013
Hannah Mcmasters10020
Hannah Wilson10020
Hannah Wittmeier1005
Harmony Olson1005
Haylie Mckinney10015
Heidi Thorson909
Hope Cook10014
Hope Kenworthy1006
Hope Sanger10012
Hope Schultz1008
Hoseah Gokool10013
Humble A'chennewang Mafotsing Fokou10019
Hushai Nzapu10015
Irene Bertocchi9010
Isaac Dawson10012
Isaac Martens10016
Isaac Meighoo10020
Isaac Sanger1009
Isabel Kenworthy10019
Isabele Toy10012
Isaiah Baboolal1002
Isaiah Fritzinger10016
Isaiah Lunsford9017
Isaiah Mayers9015
Isaiah Smith1008
Isaiah Stutzman10013
Israel Doyle10013
Ivan Wittmeier10015
James Benn10017
Jared Strite10013
Jason Reed10020
Jemima Abraham906
Jenna Kingston10022
Jeremiah Bray10013
Jeremiah Cook10012
Jeremie Tousignant10014
Jeremy Householder10011
Jesse Dyck10028
Jesse Strite10011
Jessica Dawson1009
Joanna Hess10018
Joanna Premaka10010
Joanna Strite10018
Joel Alexander10011
Joel Dyck10026
Joel Evans10010
Joel Kaptain1007
Joël Pambou907
Joel Wilson10018
John Hyde Iii10022
John Moses Erickson1005
Jonah Derksen10016
Jonah Dickson1005
Jonah Householder909
Jonathan Schultz10014
Joseph Beejadhar1002
Joseph Chavez10011
Joseph Evans1007
Joseph Gary1004
Joseph Geransky1009
Joseph Mukeba10018
Joshua Clarke1006
Joshua Fritzinger10012
Joshua Gary1006
Joshua Kesslar10020
Joshua Landrum1008
Joshua O'dwyer10017
Joshua Premaka10013
Joshua Sanger10016
Joshua Schultz1003
Joshua Strite10015
Josiah Forde10013
Josiah Isaacson10013
Josiah Olson1009
Josiah Teelucksingh1006
Josue Ceballos1009
Josué Kalubi8026
Joy Alexander1005
Joy Salzman10020
Joyanna Sanger10010
Joylin Strite10022
Judah Connell1009
Julia Perozok10016
Juliana Amalong10016
Julianna Hare10017
Kara Morales10015
Katelyn Kingston10016
Katherine Kuchel1005
Katherine Crutchfield10026
Katie Kenworthy10011
Kendall Speed10017
Kimberly Beejadhar10010
Kimberly Florian10026
Kinley Speed10012
Kristen Martell10023
Kylie Morrison1004
Kyria Asaka9016
Laura Carbonneau10013
Laura Geswein10015
Laura Kenworthy1009
Laura Poara10024
Lauren Reilly10024
Leah Martin10020
Leah Mayers10010
Lesley Ek10017
Levi Hare10010
Levi Powe9015
Lilah Buchholz10010
Lilia Gary1008
Lilija Kovalenko10021
Lillia Sanger10014
Lillian Hyde10012
Lily Clarke10010
Lily Paz Rodríguez10013
Lily Weerts1005
Lincoln Sanger8014
Luke Buchholz1007
Luke Cook10011
Luke Kaptain10016
Luke Kingston10011
Luke Smith10012
Lunsford Josiah10013
Lunsford Silas10015
Luther Maene9010
Lydia Phillips10011
Lydia Wahl10017
Madelyn Evans10015
Madelynn Landrum10010
Maria Lambie1006
Mark Perozok10014
Mary Wiltshire10012
Matthew Brodeur10017
Matthew Browne10012
Matthew Fritzinger10014
Matthew Martens10018
Matthew Schultz10019
Mauldin Serena9019
Mckenna Kitchen9013
Meaghan Geransky10010
Meda Evans1004
Meda Smith10016
Melissa Parker10027
Melodia Jones10010
Melody Olson1006
Melody Walker-Campbell10021
Micah Campominosi10010
Micah Garcia1004
Micah Harvey1007
Micah Kaptain1007
Micah Kesslar10022
Micaiah Baboolal1004
Michael David Weerts1006
Michael Dickson10011
Moriah Lunsford10016
Myra Riley1008
Myriam Hayes Roussil10021
Myriane Ouellette10028
Naomi Crutchfield10023
Naomi Forde10016
Naomi Fritzinger1004
Natalya Wittmeier9013
Nathaniel Dickson1006
Nehemiah Gokool10014
Newman Isaiah10019
Noah Harvey1009
Noah Martens10016
Noah Smith10017
Noella Mukeba10015
Olivia Guidry1009
Patience Smith1006
Patrick Sanger10011
Paul Fritzinger Jr.1009
Paul Hyde10018
Paul Kaptain1009
Paul Kenworthy10012
Paul Mcmasters10022
Paulina Aguillon10012
Phebe Dickson1002
Philip Perozok10012
Phoebe Owusu10011
Poara Alexandra10014
Poara Oana10014
Poara Raul10018
Precious Jones8012
Preda Adrian10019
Rachel Andrews10011
Rachel Dawson10015
Rachel Mukeba10016
Rebecca Dembe10023
Rebecca Gokool10022
Rebecca Mukeba10013
Rebecca Mulwa10015
Rebecca Vallee10021
Rebekah Campominosi10018
Rebekah Gabriel10016
Rebekah Gosine10010
Riasa Shabaga10010
Rich Kibozi10011
Rodé Rodríguez Ordierez10011
Rosca Darius10023
Rutendo Vera10015
Ruth Hyde10015
Ruth Mtoko8023
Ruth Pambou9018
Ruth Perozok1009
Salem Maposa908
Salome Forde1008
Samuel Ceballos1005
Samuel Dickson1004
Samuel Gasper10012
Samuel Harris1008
Samyil Belan10010
Sarah Amber Ferrante10020
Sarah Andrews10016
Sarah Beejadhar1003
Sarah Freitas10018
Sarah Keller10028
Sarah Kemerwa10013
Sarah O'dwyer10013
Sarah Pele10017
Sarah Perry10024
Sarah Scott9017
Sarah Teelucksingh1004
Savannah Gonzalez10015
Sergey Degtiar10029
Shalloum Gokool10019
Shalom Strite10013
Shalom Wiltshire1009
Shamgar Gabriel1007
Sharon-Rose Broome10025
Sharon-Rose Mukendi9013
Sharron Martell10023
Shaylyn Hubert10017
Shepherd Kitchen9011
Silas Garcia1004
Simeon Fritzinger1005
Solomon Alexander10015
Speranza Bertuzzi9021
Stephen Gosine10015
Stephen Kibozi10013
Stephen Robinson1002
Stephen Schultz10016
Tabitha Barber10016
Tamara Dyck10025
Tamara Stephen10017
Tati Rodríguez8017
Thea Stephen10017
Theo Harvey1005
Timo Pot10014
Timothy Forde10015
Titus Garcia1004
Tresor Jadika9027
Uriah Garcia1002
Valarie Byers10016
Wahl Hannah10016
Warme Jenna10023
William Diaz10010
William Dickson10010
William King10024
William Kuchel10011
William Seraiah10011
Winston Ditlow10020
Zach Sanger1005
Zachary Wilson10014
Zion Emond10014
Zoe O'dwyer10015