64-1212The Harvest Time

We had a wonderful time with you studying the Hebrews series, and now's it time to finish off a blessed year with the 1964 Jubilee Messages.

"The Harvest Time" will be our next tape, and we're sure the Jubilee will continue in your hearts as you feed on the Word of God. This quiz will be available for the entire month of December.

Here are a few quotes to get you excited about what is in store when you hear "The Harvest Time."

But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Matthew 4:4

And He said, in His Bible, that He would judge the world by Jesus Christ. And we read here that Jesus is the Word. In Hebrews 13:8, said, "He is the same yesterday, today, and forever." So, therefore, He will judge the church by their attitude towards Christ, Who is the Word. "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

And I want to bring you conscious of that, before we approach farther, that God is in this room. The Author of this Word is here. So, it doesn't matter how you are dressed, or what degree you live in life, or what kind of a home you live in, or what type of car you drive, or how much education you've got, God looks at your heart. And He looks in my heart. And we're judged from our heart, not even our words. Our heart judges us. "From the heart speaketh the mouth." If it isn't, it's hypocrisy.

But that you might be one with God, like Christ and God was one, that's what the prayer is. That, He was the Word, and Jesus prayed that we might be the Word, reflecting Him. That's His prayer to be answered.

All things are unclean, but it's sanctified by the Word of God and prayer. The Bible said, "If thou be a good minister of Jesus Christ, thou shall remind the brother of these things. See, all things are sanctified, nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving," First Timothy :3.

And, remember, your faith in this Word is like a chain. A chain is its strongest at its weakest link. That's right. It's the strongest, that, 'cause that's all it'll hold. And if there is something in the Word that's puzzling to you, something that you have heard different, but they said, "Thee? Oh, that was for the apostles, and them things was for days gone by," when the Scripture said Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, don't let that be a weakness! Fortify It and hold It, and wrap your life into It, because that's the only thing that'll take you over the flames of hell. That's right.

And if, the beginning, which God in His grace and mercy could have bypassed all the sufferings that we've done, all these deaths of little babies, and everything, and the wars, and internals, and crucifixions, and things that we've had; if He could have bypassed it, His sovereignty of His Word would have permitted Him to bypass it, He would have been unjust if He didn't bypass it then. Do you get it? He can't bypass it. He never bypassed it for Adam, to begin with. And He won't bypass it for you or I, to begin with. We must come to that thing, the Word only. "Let every man's word be a lie, and mine be true," He said.

The candle just takes the place of the sun, just shows a certain amount of light. We are God's children, we are sons and daughters of God, only by the Spirit with portion. He had It without a portion. We are a star that's shining, all of us together make a Light to the world, but He is the entire Son that reflects the Light to every star. Hallelujah! I believe Him. God help my unbelief!

Who is that man to tell me the days of miracles is passed, when I was once a blind man? Hallelujah. I once laid where the doctors give me three minutes to live, and I'm a-living today. How can they tell me any different? Once a lukewarm church member, now filled with the Holy Ghost. God don't need any interpreter. The Spirit Itself, which is the Word, interprets it to be the Truth. If a man will dare to stand out and take It. He is His Own interpreter. Try Him one time, and find out if that isn't right. Don't pay attention to what somebody said. Do what God said do.

I'm going to ask you something. How can a man or a woman who claims to be filled with the Holy Spirit, which is the Word (that right?), and how can you be the flesh of that Holy Spirit, has made you part of Him, to reflect the Gospel of your age, and deny the Word that He wrote?

The Word Bread always means to be fed on. "And man shall not live by bread, like this bread, alone, but by every Word." So that's the Word Bread, keep that in mind, this is this Bread that the church through every age has fed on, has been the hidden Manna just for the overcomer only.

And when the man and woman goes into God, complete now, not under some spell, not under some emotion, but really when the Word and Him becomes one; God has saved that person, sanctified him from the things of the world, renovate everything of the world away from him, with the Fire of the Holy Ghost, and lives in that person, reflecting Himself, that perfect man or woman living by the Word. See, that's the earth that's cleansed. He'll use the earth the same way, He redeems it.

The Harvest Time
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Brother Branham’s text was titled “Harvest Time,” but what did he take for his subject?
Jesus once said, in Saint John 6:48, "I am the Bread of Life." When did He say this?
“And we're judged from our _______, not even our words. Our _______ judges us. ‘From the _______ speaketh the mouth.’”
Jesus' prayer was that we might all congregate together and all have a certain creed.
There is only one way that we can ever live, and that is by taking _______ substance into our body.
“All things are sanctified, nothing to be refused, if it be received with _______.”
“When the believer becomes a make-believer and lives on one word that's contrary to this Word, he _______ his fellowship with God. One link broke!”
"By being _______, knowing all things, then He can be present everywhere. Because, that's the way He predestinates us, by foreknowledge, not because He desired that this person should be saved and this one lost. But He knew who would be lost and who would be saved."
The people that's ready to come away from the world systems and world things, and walk with Him, sees the reflection of the _______ through the messenger of that age.
“We are a _______ that's shining, all of us together make a Light to the world, but He is the entire Son that reflects the Light to every _______.”
What is a coon always reaching for, and when he holds onto it, he won’t turn it loose? Brother Branham said he is like some church members.
What is something that happened to Brother Branham that proved to him the days of miracles are not passed?
“The Word Bread always means to be fed on. "And man shall not live by bread, like this bread, alone, but by every Word." So that's the Word Bread, keep that in mind, this is this Bread that the church through every age has fed on, has been the hidden Manna just for the _______ only.”
If Satan can’t tempt you away from the Word, then he’ll give you a _______ offer.
When you know that the Bible teaches a certain thing, and you won't do it, that's _______.
What did Satan do to the Word?
We are written epistles read of God. What is an epistle?
“As Noah, Moses, David, reflected the coming of this perfect _______; so has Luther, Wesley, and Pentecost, reflected the coming of a perfect _______.”
“Notice, the serpent’s seed was produced by the first Eve’s getting away from the Word. The second Eve done the same thing at _______. And what has she got? A bunch of denominational children.”
Why does the shuck have to pull away from the wheat?

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Carol Garcia10012
Caroline Scott10012
Cassia Smith10015
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Charity Braithwaite1005
Charity Brodeur10011
Charlie Farrie Iii10013
Christian Crawford10015
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Christian Leadingham9013
Christian Plante10025
Christian Smith10023
Christine Robinson9513
Christopher Wenger10018
Damaris Scott9522
Daniel Evans Jr10012
Daniel Kenworthy10013
Daniel Kuchel957
Daniel Sampson10013
David Mancassola10021
David Martens10019
David Mellema9513
Deborah King9527
Derek Sutton1009
Dmitry Foster9016
Echo Cook1007
Eden Gutierrez9514
Elaina Kaptain10012
Eleanor Olson1005
Elias Lambie957
Eliezer Gabriel10014
Elijah Mahadeo958
Elijah Meighoo1002
Elijah Sieunath10010
Elisabeth Gabriel10010
Elisabeth Garrett10026
Elisabeth Landrum10015
Elisabeth Ponder9021
Elisabeth Scott9017
Ella Mcmasters1002
Ella Moore9515
Ella Sanger1009
Ella Toy956
Ellen Martens10019
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Emily Lavin10013
Emily Sampson9019
Emily Wolfe9516
Emma Moncada9015
Emma Moore10012
Enoch Fritzinger905
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Erin Millis10024
Esther Borlovan9521
Esther Gasper10019
Esther Olin10017
Esther Wenger9516
Ethan Truelock10015
Eunice Strite10010
Ezra Doyle908
Faith Brandt10013
Fiona Riley10013
Gabriel Borlovan9013
Gabriel Suarez10011
Gabriel Wittmeier1005
Gabriella Landrum10011
Gabriella Mohammed1007
Gavin Cook10010
Gershom Dupuy10011
Gideon Harris1004
Giovanna Suarez1009
Giulianna Suarez10012
Glorianna Emond958
Glorianna Williams10010
Grace Lunsford10011
Grace Wells10015
Gracia Bayo1008
Hadassah Brewster10012
Hadassah Lambie959
Hannah Gary9514
Hannah Holmes10017
Hannah Lev9512
Hannah Mahatoo10017
Hannah Mcmasters9519
Hannah Prescott10011
Hannah Sampson10015
Hannah Wahl10015
Hannah Wilson9519
Hannah Wittmeier1004
Hannah Yancey10016
Helene Selvik9520
Hope Cook9513
Hope Schultz957
Immanuel Lashley9526
Isaac Dupuy10013
Isaac Martens9515
Isabel Kenworthy10018
Isabele Toy9511
Isaiah Fritzinger10015
Isaiah Mayers9514
Isaiah Newman9018
Isha Lacombe10018
Israel Doyle8512
Israel Stricker859
James Wiltshire8515
Jeanne D'arc Matchum8526
Jehoiada Barratt1005
Jehu Cummings8524
Jenna Kingston9521
Jennette Cook10020
Jephthe Dupuy10014
Jeremiah Olin9512
Jesse Cullinan10012
Jesse Dyck10027
Jessica Cook10024
Jessica Dawson958
Jethro Cook9511
Joanna Dawson9514
Joanna Hess10018
Joanna Strite10017
Joel Alexander9510
Joel Dyck10025
Joel Kaptain1006
Joel Wilson9517
John Hyde Iii9021
John Moses Erickson1004
Johnny Boggs10012
Jonah Dickson954
Jonathan Henson9011
Jonathan Ramsundar959
Jonathan Schultz10013
Joseph Blaine Olin10019
Joseph Chavez Morales10011
Joseph Dawson8513
Joseph Gary1003
Joseph Geransky1008
Joseph Smith10017
Joseph Strite1007
Joshua Fritzinger10011
Joshua Garrett10023
Joshua Gary1005
Joshua Kesslar9019
Joshua Landrum1007
Joshua Mauldin9021
Joshua O'dwyer10016
Joshua Phillips9012
Joshua Premaka10012
Joshua Schultz1002
Josiah Dickson1007
Josiah Isaacson10012
Josiah Newman1008
Josue Ceballos958
Josue Kazadi10023
Joy Alexander954
Joy Salzman9519
Joylin Strite9021
Julia Perozok10016
Juliana Amalong10015
Justin Strite9518
Kaitlyn Sanger10017
Katelyn Kingston10015
Katherine Crutchfield10025
Katie Kenworthy9510
Katie Sutton10012
Kay Olson958
Kimberly Beejadhar1009
Kimberly Florian10025
Kristen Martell10022
Laura Carbonneau9512
Laura Kenworthy858
Lauren Reilly10023
Laurisa Borlovan9522
Leah Martin8519
Lesley Ek9016
Levi Hare1009
Levi Powe10014
Lilia Gary1007
Lillia Sanger10013
Lillian Holmes1009
Lincoln Sanger10013
Lois Hyde9519
Lois Prescott10015
Lori Williams9518
Luke Cook9510
Luke Kaptain9515
Luke Smith10011
Lydia Phillips10010
Lydia Wahl9016
Madelyn Evans10014
Madelynn Landrum1009
Mary Wiltshire9511
Matthew Brodeur10016
Matthew Doodnath10010
Matthew Fritzinger10013
Matthew Kaptain9510
Matthew Martens10017
Matthew Schultz10018
Matthew Yancey10011
Mckenna Kitchen9512
Meda Meighoo1003
Meda Smith10015
Meda-Joy Ramsundar10016
Melissa Parker10027
Micah Garcia953
Micah Harvey1006
Micah Helm8518
Micah Kaptain1006
Michael Dickson10010
Michael Greene9018
Michael Lashley10022
Michael Musangu10012
Moriah Lunsford10015
Moses Barratt1003
Muntean Andrei10017
Myra Riley1007
Myriam Roussil9520
Myriane Ouellette9527
Naomi Crutchfield9522
Naomi Fritzinger1003
Natalia Santos9514
Natalie Phillips809
Nathan Brandt9524
Nathaniel Dickson1005
Nehemiah Gokool9513
Noah Harvey1008
Noah Smith10016
Olivia Marsteller10012
Patience Smith1005
Paul Fritzinger Jr.1008
Paul Hyde8517
Paul Kaptain808
Paul Mcmasters9021
Phoebe Owusu10010
Preda Adrian10018
Preda Daniel10016
Preda Natanael10010
Racheal Gary10021
Rachel Andrews10011
Rachel Chinyama10014
Rachel Dawson9014
Rachel West10021
Rachelle Meza10027
Rahela Badarau9518
Rebekah Gabriel10015
Rebekah Campominosi10017
Rebekah Gosine1009
Reuben Fritzinger9520
Ruth Hyde9513
Ruth Lashley9528
Ruth Perozok1008
Samuel Bahner8015
Samuel Dickson953
Samuel Gasper10011
Samuel Harris1007
Samuel Lacombe10028
Sarah Amber Ferrante10019
Sarah Andrews9515
Sarah Beejadhar1002
Sarah Cook10015
Sarah Keller10027
Sarah O'dwyer10012
Sarah Perry10023
Sarah Scott10016
Savanna Anderson10016
Savannah Gonzalez9014
Savannah Naber9512
Serena Mauldin8518
Shalloum Gokool10018
Shalom Mtetwa10019
Shalom Strite10012
Shalom Wiltshire1008
Shamgar Gabriel1007
Sharon-Rose Broome10024
Sharron Martell10022
Shaylyn Hubert10016
Shepherd Kitchen9010
Shiloh Cook10018
Silas Garcia1003
Silas Lunsford10014
Silas Stricker1006
Simeon Fritzinger1005
Solomon Alexander9514
Sophia Foster1008
Stephen Gosine10014
Stephen Schultz9015
Susanna Leadingham1009
Tabacaru Adrian10022
Tabacaru Iosif10016
Tabitha Barber10015
Tamara Dyck10024
Taylor Evans10014
Thea Stephen10016
Theo Harvey1004
Tia Messer10025
Timothy Allison8526
Titus Garcia1003
Valarie Byers10015
Vladislav Kolesnik9524
Wesley Stricker1004
William Chavez Morales958
William Chavez Morales10013
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William King10023
William Kuchel9010
William Rainey10024
William Seraiah10010
William Yancey10013
Wyanita Cook10011
Zachary Martens10013
Zachary Wilson9513
Zion Emond10013
Zoe Dolabaille10012
Zoé Musafiri9519
Zoe O'dwyer10014
Zoë Sanger8518