56-0603The Lamb's Book Of Life

But a man that’s ever born of the Spirit of God, his—his course is set towards the North Star. Hallelujah! And all hell will never shake him. That’s right. I don’t say he won’t make mistakes. I won’t say he won’t slip and fall. That’s right. But as soon as he can get his feet again, his eyes is set on the Star yonder, and he moves on. Sure. “Elected!”

Sermon Info

  • Date: Sunday, 56-0603
  • Location: Jeffersonville, IN
  • Duration: 1hr 47min
  • Scripture: Hebrews 10:1, Revelation 12:1-5
The Lamb's Book Of Life
Scores will be accepted until Sunday, January 31, 2021
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How many days did Brother Branham usually like to fast before the healing service?
What did Brother Branham say he could have been doing instead of polishing his Ford when he was about sixteen, seventeen years old?
"One soul saved; in Eternity, when that star is a shining yonder, our name will be wrapped into it. There’s your _______. It isn’t how much you got, how much you desire. It’s how much you can do toward _______ for Christ Jesus."
You have to be a preacher to save souls.
Who was the little ragged-looking kid who knelt at the altar in a stable meeting, and later sent a million souls to God?
What Book is the dividing between law and grace?
When Brother Branham read from the 12th chapter of Revelation, what was the woman clothed with?
How did Noah know it was time to enter the ark?
When the tribulation period hit Egypt, there wasn’t one thing ever struck the Israelites, why?
"All these things that we see now are a shadow, was shadows, and now they're becoming _______."
You've got to be just as perfect as God is, or you're lost.
Who was an Angel, the Son of the Morning?
What was Brother Branham's response when he was asked the question, "Which was first; faith produces love, or love produces faith?"
Brother Branham said, "God looks on the heart. And, the heart of Jacob, it didn’t care what anything come or go. There was one solid purpose for him..." What was that purpose?
"He makes no mistakes. He wouldn't bring you in if you wasn't ______. He knows your heart. That's right. He knows what you are. He knows your motives."
When was Jesus slain?
"God wrote your name in the Lamb's Book of Life, ________."
What has big muscles, and when it speaks, all the worries drop from one side to the other?
Who said, "When I was afraid, then I trusted Him"?
Which of the following songs did Brother Branham NOT sing at the end of the service?

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56-0603 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for The Lamb's Book Of Life. Anyone taking the quiz after Sunday, January 31, 2021 will not have their score posted.

Aaleah Brown10011
Aaron Derksen10021
Aaron Kenworthy10012
Abbey Kingston10023
Abigail Escalante9513
Abigail Farrie1006
Abigail Grigg1004
Abigail Kenworthy10014
Abigail Mbayi10011
Abigail Milner10016
Abitha Thomas9516
Abraham Myers1008
Adam Geransky10012
Adoniram Hyde10011
Aerilyn Davis958
Aguila Cham Mathe9012
Alana Santos10025
Alannah Caudill1002
Alayna Cook957
Alayna Wittmeier1007
Albert Jose Rosero Angulo10017
Alexandre Vieira9510
Alfi Thomas10013
Alicia Balgobin9516
Alima Gracia Mangue Obama Mangue9513
Alina Heiberger10025
Alivia Johnson10013
Allison Sanger10011
Alzir Ntoto9515
Amber Rains10011
Amelia Jackson1008
Amelia Katayi10012
Amelia Phelps10013
Amy Cook10013
Ana Ferreira9011
Ana María Jiménez Velázquez9012
Ana Sanchez1008
Ana Sandoval Sanchez10016
Anderson Beejadhar10020
Andrea Eriksen10013
Andrea Sanchez1008
Andrew Chambless10015
Andrew Farrie10012
Angel Ross1008
Angelica Francavilla10011
Angelina Bugg9016
Ann Muthungu9524
Annikah Helm9510
Annisha Gonzales10019
April Geransky1009
Areli Sanchez9510
Ariel Koenig9521
Arleana Cozier9514
Asher Kibozi9015
Aspen Hollar10012
Autumn Byer9519
Ava Toy10014
Aza Smith10010
Azariah Emond10017
Badagbor Bright10012
Badagbor Emmanuel10013
Badagbor Redeemer10016
Bartolome Ebana Edu Abegue9514
Belén Escalante10011
Bella Jackson10011
Benaiah Halverson1007
Benjamin Abbott10019
Benjamin Ceballos10018
Benjamin Evedzi1009
Benjamin Mahadeo10011
Benjamin Marcano10010
Bethann Fritzinger9512
Billy - Eudes Etsala Kourou1009
Billy Cleopas10013
Billy Gabriel Muakuku Cham9511
Billyden Rutechura957
Blessed Rutechura9512
Blithe Smith10017
Boaz Makumbe9519
Bokortsey Kwaku10020
Bosworth Junior Onoja8527
Branham Bosau1008
Brianna Wani8510
Bright Rutechura9510
Bryson Fogelsanger10014
Caitlyn Robinson10024
Caleb Barreto Tirado10012
Caleb Carbonneau10020
Caleb Cook10012
Caleb O'dwyer10014
Caleb Páez10017
Carissa Cook10013
Caroline Nunez10022
Carter Phelps9510
Charity Brodeur10017
Charlie Farrie9519
Charmi Ntoto9018
Chedjou Kenmogne Joel10013
Chloe Newman1004
Christianna Smith10014
Christine Robinson10019
Christy Thorson10010
Clara Jackson1003
Daniel Bikim10019
Daniel Dickson1009
Daniel Kuchel8513
Daniel Odhiambo9523
Daniel Sampson10019
Daniel Sapey10018
Danny Mbugua9011
Danny Sanger10013
David Hagmann1008
David Kiu10010
David Mellema9019
David Mutisya10015
David Okoli959
David Owusu10013
David Respect10015
David Udosen8528
Débora Noemi10015
Deborah Aok10013
Deborah Kinanvuidi9513
Denise Narugano10024
Destar Nanyanga9025
Dieulv Tshingej10024
Divina Avuglah1002
Dmitry Foster8522
Dolores Mbela1007
Dulce Ojeda9516
Edem Ahashie10022
Elena Ndong Mikue9520
Eli Medlin1007
Eliana Milner10010
Elias Barreto Tirado1006
Elias Roman Rubio1003
Elijah Mahadeo10014
Elijah Steward1004
Elijah Wanet1009
Elisabeth Fritzinger1007
Elise Renee Rotsch10015
Elizabeth Gonzalez9015
Elizabeth Riehl10018
Elizabeth Vidzah10021
Ella Daulton10013
Ella Sanger10015
Ella Smith1008
Ella Toy10013
Ellen Martens10025
Emanuel Ntutum Mba10016
Emerald Bosau954
Emily Cook10021
Emily Medlin9519
Emily Salzman8027
Emmalee Sanger10012
Emmanuel Dhemby9520
Emmanuel Mbayi9510
Emmanuel Zonyra1007
Emmanuella Sapey10015
Enoch Dickson1002
Enoch Fritzinger9511
Enoch Jongwe9520
Ephraim Katumba907
Esperanza Ngüí Eko'o Oyana9522
Estefany Posadas10025
Esther Kabamba10014
Esther Kanonuwa9514
Esther Mbogol1007
Ethan Jackson10014
Ethan Truelock10021
Eunice Bilonda9514
Eunice Sapey1007
Eunice Strite10016
Evalyn Davis1006
Ezais Caudill1005
Ezéchiel Mayele10026
Ezekiel Milner9014
Ezra Daulton1009
Faith Brandt10019
Faith Chambless10019
Faith Noreiga1002
Faith Thorson10016
Faith Torres10022
Febe Rodríguez Rosero9510
Filiberta Biloko Sabueha10028
Flaurelle Ilunga10020
Furaha Msumle9022
Gabriel Lingar1005
Gabriel Wittmeier10011
Gabrielle Matty958
Genesis Nunez10028
Genia Barber10011
Gerald Shungu10017
Giovanna Suarez10015
Gladness Ndingala9520
Glorianna Emond10014
Glorianna Williams10016
Godsway Atafo1005
Goshen Matondonzambe10015
Grace Andries10017
Grace Cook10015
Grace Dickson10010
Grace Garrett10023
Grace Milner10018
Gracia Perfecta Muakuku Cham10013
Gracious Cleopas1005
Grant Matty9513
Hadassah Forde10017
Hadassah Phillips10013
Haley Medlin1006
Hannah Bellinger8528
Hannah Kofod1007
Hannah Newman10010
Hannah Wittmeier10010
Haron Kurgat9021
Hattie Mutisya1009
Hayma Esar10012
Hector Funez Larios10011
Heidi Hofer10013
Heidi Thorson10014
Helene Selvik10026
Hope Chambless9519
Hope Cook10019
Hope Dexter10012
Hope Henderson10014
Hope Kenworthy10011
Hope Wagner10015
Horeb Rodriguez957
Hunter Sumpter10019
Ilda Mueba Sabueha9523
Imani Maene10018
India Hardman10014
Innocent Agboado10027
Irene Njahira10014
Isaac Myers10010
Isaac Sharp10018
Isabel Ayang Bidang10020
Isabele Toy9517
Isabella Amezcua1009
Isaiah Hudson10017
Isaiah Kayser9516
Isaiah Smith10013
Israel Rotsch10010
Isreal Bedzrah1008
Jaden Fehr10015
James Alagah10018
Jamie Hudson10014
Janet Zavala9016
Jared Strite10018
Jason Ahl9514
Jayden Newman1007
Jedidah Libuko9025
Jemima Orakwue10018
Jennelyn Garcia10026
Jephthah Evedzi10015
Jeremiah Marcano1008
Jeremiel Mbogol10011
Jeremy Hagmann10012
Jeremy Holder10026
Jesse Marcano1006
Jesse Myers10017
Jesse Taylor10015
Jewel Mutisya959
Jireh Urbain1007
Joana Evedzi10011
Jobregal Wallace1003
Jochebed Mahadeo1006
Joel Antwi10016
Johanna Boodoo10019
Johanna Sandovál Sánchez8024
Jonah Kofod1009
Jonathan Fortunat10020
Jonathan Kiu1007
Jonathan Taylor1009
Jordan Smith10020
Jorge Paez10019
Jose David Cham Mathe10011
Jose Rodriguez Velez9510
Joseph Ahiagbede10022
Joseph Chavez Morales9512
Joseph Cook10012
Joseph Evans10012
Joseph Fiadowu10028
Joseph Geransky10014
Joseph Hernandez9510
Joseph Kabamba10013
Joseph Kabamba9017
Joseph Katumba9510
Joseph Malanga10013
Joseph Mbayi1006
Joseph Muñoz Rodríguez10010
Joseph Mutisya1007
Joseph-Benjamin Afful10013
Josephine Mbogol1005
Joshua Clarke9511
Joshua Cook10010
Joshua Fiadowu10015
Joshua Kesslar10025
Joshua Munyoki9523
Joshua O'dwyer10022
Joshua Tadiwa9018
Josiah Dickson10013
Josiah Dondo10021
Josiah Grigg1008
Josiah Sanger10017
Josue Ceballos10014
Josue Cham Mathe957
Jovelino Engono Edjang Eyenga9523
Joy Alexander10010
Joy Badagbor10019
Joy Rigei10012
Joyce Konga10021
Juan Nsue Ela Mibuy9021
Juana Manrique9022
Judith Reece9519
Julie Greer10016
Junior Atafo10010
Kaitlin Fuchs9526
Kaitlynn Kenworthy1007
Kamdem Angel10013
Karla Rubio10024
Kashoba Abel9523
Katelyn Kingston9521
Katherine Kuchel10010
Kathryn Sutton10017
Katie Kenworthy10017
Kerzia Urbain1008
Keturah Steward1003
Kevin García Siete10018
Kimberly Beejadhar10015
Kimberly Funez Larios9516
Kingsley Okoli10011
Kofi Ahiagbede10014
Laetitia Nyamilandu8025
Laura Kenworthy10014
Leah Block10021
Leticia Ojeda9522
Levy Wanet10012
Lilia Johnson10019
Lily Clarke10015
Lincoln Hyde1008
Lóide Lobato10017
Luana Dos Santos9022
Lucas Niculcea9510
Lucero Gutierrez10022
Lucy Mageto9025
Lukas Sinai904
Luke Cook10016
Lumiere Cleopas10013
Lumnwi Ndangang8518
Luz Esmeralda Sandoval1007
Madeleine Yonkam Ketia Mankaa10020
Malachi Dexter959
Malachi Grigg1007
Marcus Cornett10019
María Barreto Tirado10014
Maria Belen Sanchez10018
Maria Caballero Zambrano10027
Maria Consuelo Nchama Esono Nseng8510
María Garcés Ospina10018
Maria Gutierrez10016
Maria Ojeda9014
Maria Piedad Esidang Nguema Esidang10017
Maribel Ayingono Edu Abegue9519
Matthew Doodnath10016
Mawutor Bedzrah1006
Mckenna Kitchen10018
Meaghan Geransky10015
Meda Evans1009
Micah Harvey10012
Micah Kaptain9512
Micaiah Halverson10010
Michael Mukadi9517
Michaela Hudson10016
Mike Mulowayi9011
Miriam Mwepu9517
Moses Malachi Caudill1007
Moses Rotsch10012
Naomi Balgobin9511
Naomi Fritzinger1009
Naomi Grigg1003
Nathan Barber9513
Nathan Chapi Wako955
Nathan Marimwe909
Nathan Sharp10013
Nathanael O'dwyer1002
Nathaniel Dickson10011
Nathaniel Sanger10014
Nerias Maina9527
Newhannah Ross1004
Nhyira Vinyomens10016
Nicholas Holmes9516
Noah Fogelsanger10018
Noah Harvey10015
Noel Blutse10019
Noemy Santos9524
Obed Cook10011
Obey Atafo1003
Oliver Oduor9525
Parousia Bosau957
Patient Kalala10016
Paul Daniel Sissoko10015
Paul Hyde10023
Paul Johnson9514
Paul Kaptain9014
Paul Kenworthy10017
Paul Mbogol1004
Pedro Agustin Ondo Baha Nchama10028
Perfect Zilevu10016
Phebe Dickson1007
Philipo John10026
Phillip Eplion9511
Phillip Jackson10012
Priscilla Brown9514
Rachel Hofer10016
Rachel Marimwe10015
Rachel Okoli1007
Rajesh Williams10011
Raquel Zoe Molache Eribo1007
Rebeca Muakuku Cham9515
Rebeca Sanchez10012
Rebecca Kinanga9511
Rebecca Nzuki10020
Rebecca Pierre10013
Rebecca Sapey10013
Rebecca Shungu10013
Rebekah Ross10011
Rhoda Wallace1005
Rich Kibozi10016
Rivka Oyono8513
Rohi Khan10014
Rubiedove Cleopas1008
Ruth Litanda10016
Ruth Marimwe10013
Ruth Molache Eribo10011
Ruth Respect10011
Salatiel Fuma1007
Salem Fuma10017
Salem Mavinga9010
Salma Fuma10015
Salome Forde9513
Salome Fuma10010
Salomie Allicock10027
Samuel Atsu10028
Samuel Barreto Tirado10010
Samuel Ceballos9010
Samuel Medlin10017
Samuel Vazhi8513
Santiago Acacio Engono9517
Sara Funez Larios1008
Sara Sanchez10010
Sarah Beulah Asangono Nguema Nsue10017
Sarah Deolall10019
Sarah Dianzambi10021
Sarah Molony Bileko10018
Sarah Mukadi8522
Sarah O'dwyer9518
Sarah Sandoval10014
Sarah Wallace1008
Sebastian Silverio8514
Sedodey Bridget10020
Sedodey Gideon10017
Sedodey Hannah10010
Sedodey Martin10013
Sedodey Sharon1003
Seth Jackson10016
Shalom Mtetwa8525
Shalom Oyetola9514
Shalom Wiltshire9514
Sharon Marimwe10012
Sharon Rigei9515
Sharon Sanchez10016
Sharon Sandoval10018
Sharon-Rose Maumbe8019
Sheila Nawire8523
Shemille Fortune10017
Shepherd Kitchen9516
Sherin Antrea10013
Shermaiah Fortune10015
Shyann Taylor10014
Silas Thorson1008
Silas Ziyambi9515
Simeon Fritzinger10011
Simeon Porcius9514
Simone Vicente9524
Sinai Simon852
Sofia Kafadzi9524
Solange Ngum10023
Spencer Phelps1008
Susana Engono9515
Susana Santana8526
Tabitha Wiltshire10017
Tejranie Gomes9514
Terence Odumo10025
Terri-Lynn Cook10010
Thea Stephen9022
Theo Harvey10010
Thierry-Felix Belanger10012
Titus Helm958
Tonya Blair10025
Trust Evedzi1004
Valerie Dickson1006
Vilde Eriksen10016
Vitoria Vi8011
William Chavez Morales10010
William Chavez Morales9515
William David Sandoval10012
William Diaz9011
William Hardman9011
William Kenworthy1008
William Lingar1007
William Owusu1008
William Oyono8512
William Rigei959
Winner Atafo1007
Wonder Bonemarrow10021
Worlanyo Atsu10025
Wyanita Cook10017
Xochitl Gonzalez Mondragon9524
Yeimi Hernandez Ordoñez10021
Yona Dickson1002
Zach Sanger10010
Zachariah Kenworthy10010
Zaida Arias Jaimes10015
Zion Emond10019
Zoe Ahl10012
Zoe Forde1006
Zoe Noreiga1004
Zoe O'dwyer10020
Zoe Wanet1006