63-0721 He Cares. Do You Care?

He cared enough, He cared enough to conquer every enemy for you, that all you have to do is to be sincere and believe it. He conquered death. Death ain’t nothing for me to conquer; it’s already conquered. Sickness ain’t for me to conquer; it ain’t for Christ to conquer; it’s already conquered. I just have to care enough to believe it. Are you afraid of what somebody else has told you? Are you afraid of the doctor’s diagnosis? Are you afraid of what the church will say to you? Are you afraid to stand there toe to toe, to the devil? Say, “I’ve confessed my sins, I’ve laid aside everything. I’ve believed every Word. Here I am, Lord. Create in me a care. I…You cared for me, I care for You.”

Sermon Info

  • Date: Sunday, 63-0721
  • Location: Jeffersonville, IN - Branham Tabernacle
  • Duration: 2 Hours and 41 min
  • Scripture: I Peter 5:1-7 & Hebrews 2:1-4
He Cares. Do You Care?
Scores will be accepted until Tuesday, January 31, 2017
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God, by one _______, has made all nations.
Why didn’t John the Baptist baptize for the remission of sins?
In First Peter, the 5th chapter, what does Peter say you shall receive when the chief Shepherd shall appear?
Fill in the blanks to the Scripture reading in Hebrews 2. “For if the word spoken by _______ was stedfast, and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompence of reward; How shall we escape, if we _______ so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him;”
“If they don’t accept God’s provided _______, then they have to get some other _______, see, because you can’t live without something to live for.”
“I believe that God heals by medicine. God heals by surgery. God heals by understanding. God heals by love. Just a little love goes a long way. Let somebody be all upset, and just show them you care for them. See? God heals by love. God heals by prayer. God heals by miracles. God heals by His Word. God heals! Whatever source it is, God heals by it. It’s God that heals, for He said, _______.
What word did Brother Branham say he didn’t believe was recognized among ninety percent of the people of this nation? “It’s escaped from them. And it’s done it so trickery.”
Brother Branham said to remember; your _______ is your religion.
The Scripture speaks that the husband would be against wife, and wife against husband, children against parents. Just among the _______ will there be any love left.
“If you’re presuming, or guessing, or hoping so, then there cannot be a depths of _______ that God requires.”
“I think one of the thing that keeps our people from being healed is the lack of _______, is the lack of sincere_______.”
When you thoroughly repent and believe on the Lord, and are baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, you make God a liar if you don’t receive the Holy Ghost.
“He cared for those who were willing to care. And we find that He sent them a ___________ to direct them, to direct His elected people to its provided way for their escape.”
What kind of people does God care for?
Which Bible heroes does Brother Branham use to show how God cared for them when they cared for God?
What gracious old song does Brother Branham think of and begin to sing?
What did the little boy ask Brother Branham to do for him?
Could God save you or heal you against your will?
“And now when you commit yourself to Him, then He uses you beyond what you know, proving He’s still _______, a Discerner of the thoughts of the heart.”
What did Brother Branham think about the gray-headed man that parted his hair in the middle?

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63-0721 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for He Cares. Do You Care?. Anyone taking the quiz after Tuesday, January 31, 2017 will not have their score posted.

Aaron Borders10024
Aaron Derksen10018
Aaron Householder10010
Abbey Kingston10019
Abigail Barber10010
Abigail Garcia1007
Abigail Gerkin10012
Abigail Martens10010
Abigail Milner9512
Abigail Olin10016
Acacia Tati Oneay954
Adallae Martens1004
Adalynn Moore10010
Adam Connell956
Adam Geransky1008
Adam Harris904
Adam Weber10020
Addison Johnson1004
Adelaide Connell1008
Adoniram Hyde1007
Adriana Pele9510
Adriana Sanchez10024
Aerilyn Davis1004
Alannah Grother1005
Alayna Wittmeier1003
Aleah Grother1009
Alicia Balgobin10012
Alix Lacombe10024
Allison Matty10019
Allison Riley1005
Allison Sanger1007
Ally Daulton10018
Alysha Helm1007
Amanda Mutchler8025
Amber Pister10012
Amber Rains1007
Amber Williams857
Amelia Bruce1006
Amelia Hyde1009
Amelia Klopp10019
Amelia Phelps909
Ana Sanchez1004
Anaclaire Dockens10014
Anaïse Makaya8526
Anca Lazea9523
Anderson Beejadhar10016
Andrea Sanchez1004
Andrew Chambless10011
Andrew Farrie908
Andrew Freitas1007
Angel Castelo Branco1005
Angel Ross1004
Anna Alexander10014
Anna Andrews10015
Anna Bailey1005
Anna Burba9011
Anna Cobb9514
Anna Crutchfield9518
Anna Harris10016
Anna Phillips1007
Anna Sampson10012
Annalisa Sieunath10011
Annie Zepeda Pacheco857
Antipas Asaka1006
Anton Cherednichenko10021
April Geransky1005
Aquilla Riehl10012
Ariel Sharon Bwabwa10011
Asher Kibozi10011
Ashlea Mccullough10018
Ashley Doodnath10015
Ashley Pister10018
Ashley Roberts10017
Audrey Daulton10014
Audrey Wallace10011
Auriana Larkin1007
Austin Pister10019
Autumn Costides1007
Autumn Guidry1009
Autumn Klopp10016
Autumn Walker10012
Ava Toy10010
Aza Smith1006
Azariah Emond10013
Belia Frazier1006
Bella Toy1008
Benaiah Alexander10010
Benaiah Fritzinger1004
Benaiah Jones1002
Benjamin Ceballos9514
Benjamin Fritzinger1006
Benjamin Householder10014
Benjamin Kuchel10010
Benjamin Mahadeo1007
Benjamin Phillips10014
Benjamin Rains10011
Bethann Fritzinger1008
Bethany Derksen9522
Bethany Lavin10013
Beya Kabengela10017
Billy Joe Cullinan10017
Blithe Smith9013
Bobby Marsteller10013
Bogdan Burba10019
Brooke Waller10014
Caitlin Olson1005
Caleb Angell9510
Caleb Bushnell10014
Caleb Carbonneau10016
Caleb Chavez1008
Caleb Cook1008
Caleb Fairweather9010
Caleb Harris10014
Caleb Johnson1005
Caleb O'dwyer10010
Caleb Páez9513
Carissa Bahner10016
Carita Haywood10020
Carol Garcia10015
Caroline Crawford10013
Carter Smith1008
Celeste Jones10010
Célia Muimpe956
Chai Smith10015
Charity Brodeur9513
Charity Southworth10019
Charlie Farrie Iii10015
Cherish Williams1003
Chishamiso Mafura10024
Christian Buchholz10013
Christian Hare10014
Christian Leadingham9015
Christianna Smith10010
Christine Robinson8015
Christoph Wittmeier1007
Christy Thorson1006
Chrys Djatche De Kamgaing10022
Claire Helm1007
Claire Riley1005
Daniel Dickson1005
Daniel Evans Jr10014
Daniel Johnson958
Daniel Kuchel1009
Daniel Roberts10013
Daniel Sampson9515
Daniel Sanger1009
Danielle Browne10010
Danielle Perry10022
David Bennett958
David Black10010
David Cogdill8510
David Kiu1006
David Mancassola10023
David Nazireu9025
David Owusu1009
David Sanger1006
Débora Noemi10014
Deborah King8029
Derek Sutton10011
Derrick Mmwende10020
Dominic Gallegos1007
Echo Cook10010
Elaina Kaptain10014
Elainah Sanger958
Elhy Tala10015
Eli Frankfurter1008
Eliana Frankfurter1003
Eliana Milner1006
Elias Lambie1009
Elias Sanchez959
Eliezer Gabriel10016
Elihu Isaac10020
Elijah Green1007
Elijah Kayser8015
Elijah Mahadeo10010
Elijah Riehl1007
Elijah Sieunath10013
Elijah Teelucksingh1009
Elijah Wanet1005
Elijah Weber1004
Elijah Williams8511
Elisa Jones1007
Elisabeth Buitenkamp1004
Elisabeth Fritzinger1003
Elisabeth Gabriel10012
Elisabeth Landrum10017
Elisabeth Ponder9523
Elise Rotsch10011
Eliseo Sanchez1009
Elisha Pruette10019
Eliza Golden1005
Eliza Podleiszek1005
Elizabeth Riehl10014
Ella Daulton959
Ella Mcmasters904
Ella Moore10018
Ella Sanger10011
Ella Smith1004
Ella Toy1009
Ella Weerts1003
Ellen Martens10021
Ellie Andrews10011
Emanuelle Bottamedi Santana953
Emily Cook10017
Emily Gagnon10010
Emily Lavin10015
Emily Salzman8523
Emily Telgenhoff10013
Emma Martens10012
Emma Moncada9517
Emma Moore10014
Emmalee Sanger958
Emmalyn Hagmann9514
Emyly Neves Mello1008
Enoch Fritzinger1007
Enoch Rains10010
Erec Kingston10021
Erin Millis10027
Esli Isaac10025
Essie Bennett10021
Esther Premaka10020
Esther Wenger10018
Ethan Truelock9517
Eunice Strite9512
Evalyn Davis1002
Evan Garcia1006
Ezekiel Garcia1002
Ezekiel Milner10010
Ezra Daulton1006
Ezra Doyle9510
Faith Brandt10015
Faith Chambless10015
Faith Thorson10012
Fiona Riley10015
Francisco Pacheco Herrera10025
Francy Pele9011
Frank Lei1009
Frederik Kofod1004
Gabriel Bottamedi Santana956
Gabriel Cook8518
Gabriel Erickson1004
Gabriel Ketzer10011
Gabriel Peraza10010
Gabriel Prejean1003
Gabriel Suarez10013
Gabriel Waller10016
Gabriel Weber1008
Gabriel Wittmeier1007
Gabriella Costides10012
Gabriella Landrum10013
Gabrielle Matty1004
Garon Peraza1003
Gavin Cook10012
Genesis Suarez1007
Genia Barber957
George Taderera8524
Georges Mananga9527
Gerardo Suarez10016
Gideon Harris1006
Giovanna Suarez9511
Giulianna Suarez10015
Giuseppe Pesce1006
Glorianna Emond10010
Glorianna Williams9012
Grace Dickson1006
Grace Ilunga10011
Grace Konzelman10025
Grace Lunsford9013
Grace Milner9514
Grace Mukendi10017
Grace Newman955
Grace Patton10025
Grace Peraza1008
Grace Wells10017
Grant Matty1009
Gretchen Peraza1006
Hadassah Bennett10014
Hadassah Lambie10011
Hadassah Phillips1009
Hannah Day9514
Hannah Householder10016
Hannah Hunt1009
Hannah Lev10014
Hannah Mcmasters10021
Hannah Newman957
Hannah Olin9012
Hannah Reavis10019
Hannah Toy1008
Hannah Wahl9517
Hannah Wittmeier1006
Hannah Yancey10018
Hannah Ye10021
Harmony Kofod9513
Harmony Olson1006
Hattie Mubenga9517
Heather Zimmerman10030
Hector Herrera9513
Heidi Kofod1009
Heidi Thorson10010
Helene Selvik9522
Hellen Zepeda Pacheco9528
Hope Chambless10015
Hope Cook10015
Hope Davis1006
Hope Kenworthy1007
Hope Lyons10022
Hope Sanger9513
Hope Schultz1009
Hope Wagner9011
Ilona Moiseichuk10021
Isaac Cathey1006
Isaac Crutchfield9528
Isaac Dawson9013
Isaac Gerkin1009
Isaac Householder1007
Isaac Martens10017
Isaac Martin10016
Isaac Ray10012
Isaac Sanger10010
Isaac Sharp10014
Isaac Tala959
Isaac Williams859
Isabel Kenworthy9520
Isabelah Kofod1005
Isabele Toy10013
Isabella Collins1008
Isaiah Andersen10011
Isaiah Davis1004
Isaiah Frankfurter10011
Isaiah Fritzinger10017
Isaiah Hudson10012
Isaiah Smith1009
Isaiah Stutzman10015
Isha Lacombe10020
Israel Doyle9014
Israel Rotsch1006
Israel Stricker10011
Ivan Wittmeier10016
Jackline Kibozi10010
Jackson Borders1006
Jacob Sanchez10017
James Freitas1005
James Phillips1004
Jamie Hudson10010
Jared Strite9514
Javier Zepeda Pacheco9511
Jehoiada Barratt1007
Jeniffer Luana10017
Jenna Kingston10023
Jenna Warme10024
Jeremiah Bray9515
Jeremiah Walker1004
Jeremie Tousignant10015
Jeremy Householder10012
Jeremy Tala10016
Jesse Cullinan10014
Jesse Dyck10029
Jesse Erickson1002
Jesse Ortiz10020
Jesse Strite10012
Jessica Dawson10010
Joanna Dawson9516
Joanna Premaka9511
Joanna Strite10019
Jochebed Davis1002
Jochebed Mahadeo1002
Joel Alexander10012
Joel Dyck10028
Joel Kaptain958
Joël Pambou907
Johanna Kofod10011
John Ezra Andrews1009
John Moses Erickson1006
Johnny Boggs10014
Jonah Cogdill856
Jonah Dickson956
Jonah Householder10010
Jonah Podleiszek958
Jonas Gonzalez9512
Jonathan Pesce1002
Jonathan Schultz9515
Jordan Kouba10013
Jorge Paez10015
Josaiah Garcia1008
José Sánchez 1005
Jose Paez10011
Josef Burba10014
Joseph Blaine Olin10021
Joseph Chavez10012
Joseph Chavez Morales9011
Joseph Dawson8015
Joseph Evans958
Joseph Gary1005
Joseph Geransky10010
Joseph Gerard1004
Joseph Ilunga10010
Joseph Jeremiah Gallegos955
Joseph Kabeya10011
Joseph Strite1009
Joshua Aniaku9521
Joshua Campominosi9016
Joshua Fritzinger9513
Joshua Gary957
Joshua Kaptain9514
Joshua Kesslar10022
Joshua Koenig10028
Joshua Landrum1009
Joshua O'dwyer9518
Joshua Phillips9514
Joshua Premaka10014
Joshua Pruette10017
Joshua Rains955
Joshua Sanger10017
Joshua Schultz1004
Joshua Wolters1007
Josiah Dickson959
Josiah Forde10014
Josiah Grigg1004
Josiah Isaacson10014
Josiah Newman10010
Josiah Olson10010
Josiah Sanger10013
Josiah Teelucksingh1007
Josue Ceballos10010
Joy Alexander1006
Joy Salzman10021
Joyanna Sanger9511
Joylin Strite9523
Jubilee Barratt1003
Jubilee Strite904
Judah Connell10010
Judah Roberts853
Judah Williams8515
Julia Perozok10018
Julianna Hare8018
Juliette Martens1003
Justus Wallace10013
Kaci Hammond9017
Kara Morales10016
Karla Rubio Rodriguez10020
Kashoba Abel9019
Katelyn Connell1003
Katelyn Kingston10017
Katherine Kuchel1006
Kathryn Robson10013
Katie Kenworthy10013
Katie Sutton10013
Kayla Frazier1004
Kayla Walker10010
Kimberly Beejadhar10011
Kimberly Florian10028
Konnor Fritzinger10011
Krista Thomas10015
Kyle O'bryan9524
Laura Carbonneau10014
Laura Cogdill1008
Laura Geswein10016
Laura Kenworthy10010
Lauren Reilly10025
Lekeisha Daniels10015
Lerina Mputu9525
Levi Andries10018
Levi Gagnon909
Levi Hare10011
Levy Wanet1008
Lewis Donfack9523
Liam Andrews1007
Lilah Buchholz10011
Lilia Gary1009
Lilia Toy1009
Lillia Sanger10015
Lillian Hyde10013
Lillian Pesce854
Lily Weerts1006
Lisa Lei10011
Lita Ketzer10013
Lois Phillips1002
Lori Williams9520
Louis Andries10025
Loyce Andries10025
Luke Buchholz958
Luke Cook10013
Luke Hyde1002
Luke Kingston10013
Luke Sanger1008
Luke Smith10013
Luther Maene9011
Luz Jiménez10017
Lydia Phillips10012
Lydia Wahl10018
Madeleine Yonkam Ketia Mankaa10019
Madeline King1005
Madelyn Evans10016
Madelynn Landrum10011
Malachi Grigg1003
Malachi Kayser8017
Malachi Olson1008
Malachi Riehl1005
Maria Beya10013
Maria Cherednichenko10019
Maria Kolbina10014
Maria Lambie1007
Maria Sanchez10014
Mark Perozok10015
Marrion Gyepi-Garbrah10023
Mary Murray10011
Mateo Cáceres Rodriguez8010
Matthew Brodeur10018
Matthew Browne9513
Matthew Doodnath10012
Matthew Fritzinger10015
Matthew Kaptain9512
Matthew Martens10019
Matthew Olson1006
Matthew Riehl1009
Matthew Schultz9520
Mayla Ardiel10013
Mckenna Kitchen9514
Meaghan Geransky10011
Meda Evans1005
Meda Golden1007
Meda Smith10017
Megan Walker1003
Melodia Jones10011
Melody Olson1007
Mercy Williams1005
Merry Williams10013
Mia Siler9514
Miah Howansky1005
Micah Campominosi8511
Micah Garcia1005
Micah Harvey1008
Micah Kaptain958
Micah Kesslar10023
Michael David Weerts1007
Michael Dickson10012
Michael Musangu10014
Michaela Hudson10012
Mirabelle Makaya8523
Mitchell Bailey8517
Moriah Lunsford10017
Moriah Martin9518
Moses Barratt1005
Moses Rotsch1008
Mundi Kabengela809
Mylah Gagnon903
Mylah Jones1004
Myra Riley909
Naomi Ardiel10010
Naomi Balgobin1007
Naomi Crutchfield10024
Naomi Fairweather9013
Naomi Fritzinger1005
Natalie Phillips9511
Natalya Wittmeier10015
Natalye Militão8014
Nataniah Kayser10010
Nathan Barber1009
Nathan Berthiaume10013
Nathan Sharp1009
Nathanael Bryant1007
Nathanael Kesslar9525
Nathanial Helm956
Nathaniel Sanger10010
Nazar Burba9022
Nazireene Kalonji9518
Nehemiah Elder909
Nehemiah Johnson1003
Noah Bottazzi1006
Noah Harvey10011
Noah Helm1006
Noah Ray10014
Noah Walker1008
Noella Mukeba10017
Noelle Black1008
Nuptia Bouesso9022
Olivia Borlovan10020
Olivia Guidry10010
Olivia Marsteller10014
Owen Smith10011
Patience Brown10019
Patience Smith1007
Patrick Prejean Jr10010
Patrick Sanger10012
Paul Fritzinger Jr.10010
Paul Gerard1004
Paul Hyde10019
Paul Kaptain10010
Paul Kenworthy10013
Paul Mcmasters9523
Peter Bennett1006
Phebe Andries10019
Phebe Dickson1004
Philip Bryant959
Philip Perozok10013
Phoebe Owusu10012
Précieuse Acsa Mfoutou Tsoumou1002
Precious Jones10013
Prichwell Handulu10025
Primrose Jones1004
Princess Barclay10021
Prisca Muimpe10020
Priscilla Phillips1005
Rachael Basdeo10013
Rachel Andrews10013
Rachel Lapp10026
Rachel Mukeba10017
Rachel West9523
Rebecca Gokool10023
Rebecca Vallee10022
Rebekah Erickson1004
Rebekah Gabriel10017
Rebekah Mukeba10015
Rebekah Ross1007
Renee Black10012
Rich Kibozi10012
Rita Gatse10025
Robert Fairweather9515
Robert Moore1008
Roberta Augustine10015
Rose Lacombe1002
Ruth Bryant1005
Ruth Mbundu9020
Ruth Pambou8518
Ruth Perozok10010
Ruth Sanchez10013
Ruthanna Fritzinger10020
Saadi Ayami Latoundou10024
Salomey Adjei-Doku10022
Samuel Gary1003
Samuel Bahner8517
Samuel Ceballos956
Samuel Dickson955
Samuel Freitas10010
Samuel Gasper10014
Samuel Harris1009
Samuel Medlin10013
Samuel Wolters1008
Sara Jimenez9514
Sara Sánchez 1006
Sara Santos10023
Sarah Andrews10017
Sarah Basdeo10010
Sarah Cook10017
Sarah Keller10029
Sarah O'dwyer10014
Sarah Pele8018
Sarah Perry10026
Sarah Robson10011
Sarah Teelucksingh1005
Savannah Bottazzi1003
Savannah Gonzalez10016
Selah Andersen1006
Serene Williams10010
Seth Guidry10012
Seth Householder10010
Shalom Leadingham1007
Shalom Maposa905
Shalom Strite10014
Shalom Wiltshire10010
Shamgar Gabriel1009
Sharon Doss10013
Sharon Lyons10018
Sharon Sanchez10012
Sharon-Rose Mukendi9515
Shawn Doss10016
Shekinah Bonga Bonga1008
Shepherd Kitchen9512
Silas Dickson1003
Silas Garcia1005
Silas Griffith1004
Silas Lunsford8516
Silas Stricker1008
Simeon Fritzinger1007
Solomon Alexander10016
Sophia Crawford9510
Sophia Foster10010
Speranza Bertuzzi9523
Stephen Kibozi10014
Stephen Schultz10017
Stephy Mubenga9512
Susanna Leadingham9511
Susanna Ross1006
Sydney Vallenilla1009
Tabitha Wiltshire10013
Tamara Dyck10026
Tamara Stephen8018
Taze Davis10020
Thaddaeus Ross1002
Thea Stephen9518
Theo Harvey1006
Timothy Allison10028
Timothy Forde10016
Titus Garcia1005
Titus Moore1006
Trisha Fisher10019
Ty Siler9512
Tyler Gagnon10011
Unalo Kutjwe9011
Uriah Garcia1003
Uriah Griffith1006
Vadim Kovalenko9521
Valarie Byers10018
Valarie Hyde10011
Valerie Dickson1002
Valerie Guidry1005
Valerie Ray958
Victoria Mussai10019
Violet Martens1005
Vladislav Kovalenko9519
Warui Ndungu8520
Wesley Stricker1006
William Bruce1006
William Chavez Morales809
William Chavez Morales9013
William Diaz9512
William Dickson10011
William Grother9510
William King10025
William Kuchel10012
William Seraiah10012
William Yancey10015
Zach Sanger1006
Zachary Lavin1005
Zachary Wilson10016
Zayda Craven10013
Zebediah Kofod10014
Zemma Craven10014
Zion Emond10015
Zoé Musafiri10021
Zoe O'dwyer10016
Zoe Smith1006