63-0321The Fourth Seal

Search Christ now while you have a chance to. It may come pretty soon where you can’t do it. See? He may leave the seat, anytime, of His intercession; then you could cry with all your heart, you could stomp, you could speak in tongues, you could run up-and-down the floor, you could do anything you wanted to, and join every church in the world, there is nothing, no more bleach for your—your sin. Then what do you, where are you then? Well, I believe, with all my heart, the seat is still open. I believe He is still on the Throne of God. But soon He’s going to rise now, and come forth, to claim what He has redeemed.

Sermon Info

  • Date: Thursday, 63-0321
  • Location: Jeffersonville, IN
  • Duration: 2hr - 25min
  • Scripture: Revelation 6:7-8, Revelation 10, Amos 3:7, St. John 6:63, Luke 24:49, Joel 2:28, Isaiah 28:19, Genesis 1:1, Psalm 16:8-11, II Samuel 6:14, Malachi 4, St. Matthew 4, Revelation 12:13, Revelation 13:1-10, Revelation 2:18-23, Revelation 13:14, Acts 2:38, Revelation 19
The Fourth Seal
Scores will be accepted until Sunday, March 31, 2019
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Brother Branham tells the story of a little girl from Ohio that was prayed for, and when she left, she started crying for a hamburger. What was the little girl healed from?
"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was _______, and Hell followed with him."
A son of God is an amateur god.
What uttered their strange voices, and John knew what it was, but he was forbidden to write it?
The oil and wine are always connected in _______.
If you spoke in tongues, that means you got the Holy Ghost.
What did the fourth Beast that spoke to John, look like?
What guards the Book of Acts?
Which age is the last age, the prophetic age, where there is to raise prophetic utterance?
What is the correct order of the color of the horses, as they appear in the first four Seals?
"And I stood upon the sands of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven _______ and ten _______, and upon his horns ten _______, and upon his head the name of blasphemy."
What was Brother Branham referring to when he said, “It’s nothing but a tool, playing in the hands of God, to help you someday to get, “revenge the blood”“?
Who is the dragon of Revelation 13?
Satan is the beast now and will become false prophet when he breaks his covenant with the Jews.
What means "Eternal separation from God"?
What is the name of the battle that will take place on earth at the end time?
Esau didn’t claim to be an unbeliever. He was a religious man and he believed in the same God that Jacob did.
“There is only one original color, and that’s _______. How many knows that? There is only one original color. Anything else, is mixed.”
Which is the smallest of all seeds?
“And Elijah never died. He certainly didn’t. He appeared again, some eight hundred years later, by the side of Jesus Christ, on _______. “

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63-0321 Quiz Results

Here are the current quiz results for The Fourth Seal. Anyone taking the quiz after Sunday, March 31, 2019 will not have their score posted.

Aaleah Brown1009
Abbey Kingston10021
Abednigo Romano10023
Abel Makuntuala10025
Abigail Farrie1004
Abigail Milner10014
Abigail Niculcea10011
Abigail Sanger10021
Abrielle Johnson9514
Adalynn Moore10012
Adriana Sanchez10026
Alannah Grother958
Alayna Cook905
Aleah Grother9511
Alicia Balgobin10014
Alivia Johnson10011
Allison Sanger1009
Amanda Parker10017
Amber Rains10010
Amberlin Weber904
Amos Andries10023
Ana Sanchez1006
Anabel Lafond9520
Anaclaire Dockens10016
Andrea Sanchez1006
Andrea Walker10015
Andrew Andries10019
Andrew Farrie10011
Antipas Asaka1009
Antonio Lelo10024
Aquilla Riehl10014
Archie Chiwewe10026
Ariel Koenig10019
Ariel Sharon Bwabwa10013
Ashley Doodnath9517
Ashley Vandenbosch10018
Asnath Mukeba1007
Atikpo Adesu10029
Auriane Kobwa9010
Aurora Newton956
Ava Toy10012
Balde Kikuni8020
Beatrice Berejena9528
Beatriz Zanella9520
Belia Frazier1009
Bella Jackson1009
Bella Toy9511
Benaiah Alexander10012
Benaiah Halverson906
Béni Ngondo1009
Benjamin Ceballos9516
Benjamin Davis953
Benjamin Kolkert9514
Benjamin Kuchel9513
Benjamin Rains10013
Benjamin Sanger1005
Bethanny Mellema9515
Bethany Sanger10011
Biancia Jonas1008
Bienvenu Dilukanga10020
Bijoux Kasinguvu10018
Billy Joe Cullinan10019
Boaz Strunk1009
Branham Bulele10018
Caleb Cook10010
Caleb Johnson1007
Caleb Mukendi10024
Caleb O'dwyer10012
Carissa Bahner10018
Carissa Powe10019
Carol Garcia10017
Cassia Smith10019
Chantel Mellema10021
Charity Brodeur10015
Charity Kayembe9515
Charity Qualls10025
Charles Andries9517
Charlie Farrie 11110018
Cherith Bates10023
Christian Crawford10019
Christian Hare10016
Christianna Smith10013
Christina Manecci10027
Cindy Subryan956
Damaris Barratt1003
Damas Ngangolo10013
Daniel Habegger1009
Daniel Kinanga10015
Daniel Kuchel9511
Daniel Sampson10017
Daniel Sanger10011
Daniel Weber1005
Darnell Clarke9516
Dauphin Kalenga10019
David Bennett9010
David Clounch9516
David Mulombo10022
David Mutisya10013
David Olguin1008
David Sanger1008
David Schamel9021
David Williams10025
Dawson Ardiel10010
Deborah Andries10025
Denis Mwamba9015
Derrick Mmwende10022
Dmitry Foster10020
Dzhozef Kayembe9524
Eduardo Perez Gomez8511
El Sunset Mukeba10010
Elainah Sanger10010
Elena Dupont9012
Eliana Milner1008
Eliatha Tizora10022
Elie Ndonga9023
Elijah Green1009
Elijah Kayser10017
Elijah Mvutu909
Elijah Riehl1009
Elijah Wanet1007
Elin Vold9519
Elisa Jones1009
Elisabet Munive9519
Elisabeth Gabriel10014
Elisabeth Landrum10019
Elisha Pruette10021
Elizabeth Riehl10016
Elizebeth Andries1009
Ella Toy10011
Emanuel Deschamps10021
Emanuel Samwele10012
Emanuelle Bottamedi Santana1005
Emily Cook10019
Emily Robson10014
Emily Telgenhoff10015
Emmanuel Dhemby10018
Emmanuel Floyd10015
Emmanuel Mvutu10017
Enoch Fritzinger1009
Enoch Rains9512
Enoch Tshiala1007
Esther Black10017
Esther Kabamba10022
Esther Lashley9528
Esther Premaka10022
Ethan Jackson9512
Ethan Truelock10019
Etienne Deschamps10013
Eunice Davis9522
Eunice Strite10014
Exauce Kayembe10014
Ezais Caudill953
Ezekiel Milner10012
Febe Rodríguez Rosero1008
Fedine Kopio9514
Florence Davis10016
Frank Lei9511
Gabriel Belanger9527
Gabriel Bottamedi Santana1008
Gabriel Moncada9518
Gabriel Peraza10012
Gabriel Suarez10015
Gabriella Landrum10016
Gabriella Tshiala10011
Gabrielle Matty1006
Garon Peraza1005
Gédéon Kabengele10016
Gédéon Mbenga10020
Genesis Suarez10010
Gideon Habegger1007
Gillian Ndalama10022
Giovanna Suarez10013
Gladis Tshiala10012
Goel Kabeya1009
Graça Mabiala10019
Grace Andries10016
Grace Milner10017
Grace Newman907
Grace Patton10027
Grace Peraza8511
Grant Matty10011
Gretchen Peraza1008
Hannah Campominosi9520
Hannah Collins10013
Hannah Lev10016
Hannah Makuni9524
Hannah Monderoy9510
Hannah Mvutu9013
Hannah Newman859
Hannah Reavis10021
Hannah Toy9511
Hannah Wahl10019
Harmony Kofod10015
Heidi Kofod10011
Helene Selvik10024
Hope Chambless9517
Hope Cook10017
Hope Davis1008
Hope Henderson10012
Hope Kenworthy1009
Hope Pembe10022
Horeb Rodriguez1005
Humble Mabiala9520
Hunter Amalong10018
Ilona Moiseichuk10023
Imani Maene10017
Isaac Bileko9015
Isaac Brodeur10015
Isaac Deschamps10015
Isaac Sharp10016
Isabele Toy9515
Isabella Collins10010
Isaiah Davis1006
Isaiah Hudson10015
Isaiah Kayser10015
Isaiah Smith10012
Israël Mofuni10021
Jackson Borders1008
Jacob Telgenhoff10017
Jaden Fehr10013
Jake Barfield10017
James Benn9520
Jamie Hudson10012
Janet Chunga10016
Jared Strite9016
Jason & Kelly Harvey100119
Jayden Middleton9517
Jehoiada Barratt1009
Jeremiah Andries10011
Jeremiah Bray10017
Jeremiah Olin9516
Jeremie Tousignant10017
Jeremiel Mbogol1009
Jeremy & Princess Evans10025
Jesse Cullinan10016
Jesse Koenig10026
Jesse Strite10014
Jesse Taylor10013
Jéssica Machado8527
Jimmy Dianda9526
Jireh Andries10013
Joanna Dawson10018
Joanne Gardner1003
Job Mandunya10024
Jochebed Davis904
Jochebed Musara10012
Jodie Newman10011
Joel Alexander9014
Joëlle Nsekela8019
Johanna Kofod9513
John Moses Erickson1008
Jokébed Mianda8014
Jonathan Perez Gomez10011
Jordan Kouba10015
Jorge Paez9517
Joseph Chavez Morales10010
Joseph Ciyombo9511
Joseph Davis955
Joseph Evans9510
Joseph Kabeya9013
Joseph Kasongo1007
Joseph Katumba908
Joseph Maweja10015
Joseph Mirimo10027
Joseph Muanza10025
Joseph Muñoz Rodríguez1009
Joseph Mvutu10015
Joseph Ngwaka905
Joseph Sissoko10015
Joseph Strite10011
Joseph Vest10021
Joshua Clarke1009
Joshua Gardner1005
Joshua Kesslar10024
Joshua Koenig10030
Joshua Landrum10011
Joshua Moncada10016
Joshua O'dwyer10020
Joshua Telgenhoff1008
Josiah Lunsford10017
Josue Ceballos8512
Joy Alexander958
Joy Davis10017
Joy Rigei9010
Joy Rurangira10018
Joyanna Sanger10013
Juan Estupiñan9522
Jubilee Barratt1005
Jubilee Strite1006
Judith Reece10017
Julie Greer8514
Junior Biwole10027
Junior Kabeya10011
Juste Dhemby Mboumba10025
Kadence Joseph10012
Kaitlin Fuchs9524
Kate Davis10011
Katherine Kuchel958
Kathleen Eberhardt10019
Kathlene James10019
Katie Kenworthy10015
Kayla Frazier1006
Kelyn Brown10010
Kendall Speed10020
Keren St.Hill10023
Kevin Oduor9521
Kimberly Beejadhar9013
Kinley Speed10016
Kirstyn Johnson1008
Konnor Fritzinger10013
Krista Thomas10017
Kristen Martell10026
Kristian Mabe9013
Kyria Asaka10019
Laura Geswein10018
Laura Kenworthy10012
Lauren Reilly9527
Laurynn Skaggs9520
Lazarus Enoch10025
Levy Wanet10010
Lídia Lobato10016
Lilia Toy9511
Liliana Pruitt9516
Lily Andries1005
Lily Clarke9514
Lily Durazo8512
Lily Paz Rodríguez9512
Lincoln Sanger10017
Linda Rodríguez Ordierez10010
Lóide Lobato10015
Lonnia Lauver1007
Lorena Bustamente8522
Loyce Andries10027
Luana Dos Santos8520
Lucas Collins1005
Lucas Niculcea1008
Luke Cook10015
Luke Kingston10015
Luke Smith10026
Luke Vandenbosch10014
Mackenzie Yates10016
Madelynn Landrum10013
Malachi Jones1003
Malachi Riehl1007
Marcus Cornett10017
Marianne Sambwanga8018
Marrion Lauver8011
Martin Maene9513
Matthew Doodnath9014
Mayla Ardiel9515
Mckenna Kitchen10016
Meda Evans1007
Megrael Ngudia10011
Melodia Jones9514
Melody Brown10019
Melody Dominguez10017
Melody Lauver10010
Melody Morales-Wolters959
Mia Dupont9010
Micah Campominosi9513
Micah Harvey10010
Micah Lauver1009
Micah Ramsingh10026
Micaiah Halverson908
Michael Akadiko10020
Michaela Hudson10014
Miriam Miandabu10015
Mlendja Samwele1007
Moses Barratt1007
Moses Malachi Caudill1005
Mystère Tshilumba8011
Nacky Kidaya8027
Naomi Ardiel10012
Naomi Balgobin1009
Nathan Berthiaume9515
Nathan Dupont907
Nathan Ina10026
Nathan Sharp10011
Nathanael Floyd9018
Nathila Andries9517
Nerias Maina9525
Nichodima Musara9519
Nicholas Holmes9015
Nikolai Selvik10022
Noah Harvey10013
Noella Mukeba10019
Nyasha Garande8018
Olivia Borlovan10022
Othniel Silva9011
Paradox Mabiala10022
Paul Daniel Sissoko10013
Paul Habegger9010
Paul Lauver10012
Perla Diaz9517
Peter Bennett958
Petronella Chipato10023
Phillip & Essie Bennett10023
Phillip Daulton10018
Phillip Jackson10010
Phillip Maweja8017
Phoebe Owusu10014
Priscilla Brown10012
Promise Kayembe10016
Rachael Lefevre9017
Rachel Akadiko10027
Rafaella Silva9019
Randy Andries10014
Rebeca Sanchez10010
Rebecca Kinanga10010
Rebecca Leake9517
Rebecca Matanda10015
Rebecca Mwenyi10018
Rébecca Odia10016
Rebekah Erickson1006
Rebekah Gabriel10019
Rebekah Moore954
Rita Gatse9528
Robert Moore10011
Roberta Augustine10017
Rocher Kabakuetu10012
Rubiedove Cleopas956
Russy Samwele10010
Ruth Hyde10018
Salome John9520
Salomie Allicock10025
Samuel Gasper10016
Samuel Kinanga10011
Samuel Myers9517
Samwele John9520
Sara Sanchez958
Sara Santos10020
Sarah Deolall10017
Sarah O'dwyer9516
Sarah Subryan903
Seth Jackson10014
Shamaine Kupeta9518
Shamgar Gabriel10011
Shamir Jonas1008
Sharon Rigei10013
Shemille Fortune10015
Shepherd Kitchen10014
Shermaiah Fortune10013
Shidrac Bonzali10021
Shingai Machiri9526
Simon Doku9519
Stephie Bambale10015
Sylvia Nzerhumana10014
Tabitha Mabiala10020
Tabitha Wiltshire9515
Tatenda Chiwewe10020
Taze Davis10022
Teddy Massalsky10012
Terence Odumo9023
Terri-Lynn Cook1008
Thea Stephen9520
Theo Harvey1008
Theodor Selvik9018
Tiana Stephens9011
Titus Moore1008
Tresha Andries10025
Tresor Nzerhumana8515
Tsheyka Stephens907
Valarie Hyde10013
Veronica Riehl1004
Violet Machemedze10021
Vision Mabiala10011
William Chavez Morales1008
William Chavez Morales10013
William Grother9513
William Kenworthy1006
William Kuchel9514
William Owusu1006
William Pitian956
William Rigei1007
William Tousignant10019
Winner Ngombabu1003
Wyanita Cook10016
Zach Sanger1008
Zachariah Black10019
Zacharie Bergeron10019
Zebediah Kofod10016
Zion Strunk955
Zoe Habegger1007
Zoe Noreiga1003
Zoe O'dwyer10018
Zoe Wanet1005