5/52:30 PM

What an absolutely incredible journey this has been to visit these special mountains! We are so grateful that we have the tapes to be able to know of these wondrous events. We will cap off this journey with a Homeschool Studies video lesson for Sunset / Catalina Mountains / Branham Peaks. Our Cub Day worksheet is posted, too!

4/81:30 PM

Journal your tape quiz with us this month! You can use the Oneness theme in the Journaling section to help you get started!

4/610:30 AM

In honor of Brother Branham’s birthday, we would like to invite you to journal with us today! We have provided print outs of many Scriptures from the Bible pertaining to Brother Branham’s ministry, to use on your journaling page. Also, we know you will enjoy the Scriptures Of The Prophet’s songs, which are now both on Lifeline and on Creations.

3/316:00 PM

Hallelujah, He HAS risen from the dead, and there is an empty tomb in Jerusalem today! We have a new journaling theme for Easter.

3/319:00 AM

Our last journey stop through “Sunset/Catalina Mountains/Branham Peaks” video is now posted! Click here to see! We trust it will be a blessing!

Scriptures Of The Prophet