1/214:30 PM

Pillar of Fire January 24th is approaching! It is a Red Letter Day for the Bride, as the Lord allowed His picture to be taken with our prophet.

If you would like to celebrate this special day with your family, we encourage you to check out Creations’ Pillar of Fire craft projects here, woodshop project here, and worksheets here.

Also, we would love to see pictures of your family during their study! Please limit to one photo of you with your project. You can email them to creations@youngfoundations.org.

12/288:00 AM

Have you completed reading your Bible in 2021? We really enjoyed using the booklet to help us keep on track this year! Creations has posted a new “Read Your Bible In A Year” for 2022! Click here to see, and don’t forget to check out the printing tips.

12/224:00 PM

With so much going on this time of year, don’t forget to keep Christ in the center of your CHRISTmas!

To help keep your mind focused on Him, check out the Creations worksheet and journaling sections to find Christmas related material from a previous year, as well as some new!

12/93:30 PM

56 Years Series:

The journaling page for
65-1212 Communion” is now available here and on the Branham Tabernacle website.

12/24:30 PM

56 Years Series: Ready to hear how Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy to go in The Rapture? Under the 

Leadership of our seventh angel messenger, we are going to have Communion and learn about so many Things That Are To Be!

Click here to print the journaling themes and tape quizzes to go with these incredible Messages that we are hearing at the Branham Tabernacle.

Scriptures Of The Prophet