5/188:00 AM

Questions & Answers #4 -

What a blessing it has been to hear this series with you! Question after question upon our hearts have been answered, and we’re expecting even more this Sunday!

The final theme of the Questions & Answers journaling series has been posted here.

5/1310:00 AM

Have you been looking for a new sewing project? Tutorials for a Robe and a Nightskirt have just been posted, along with the previously posted Nightgown tutorial. We hope you enjoy, Sisters!

5/118:00 AM

Questions & Answers #3 - 

But when you ask me anything, I’m going to tell you. If I tell you anything, going to tell you the Truth.

The journaling themes for this week’s tape have been posted! Click here to view.

5/410:00 AM

God's Great Army - 

The tutorial and lesson for the Creations class “God’s Great Army” has just posted! Click here to get started!

5/48:00 AM

Questions & Answers #2 - We have assembled tonight, Lord, for no other purpose but to know how and to learn how, by Thy help, to be better Christians and better fit subjects for this hour that we’re approaching.

Click here to view this week’s journaling theme.