2/104:00 PM

We have updated the class information for the February 18th and March 3rd classes, a very exciting Agapao Sponsorship Map!  Go to our calendar to see more.

1/201:30 AM

Go to Creations most recent tutorial here to see other classes from around the world completing the “Angels Encamped” project!

1/99:30 AM

Edmonton Creations did our Come Follow class!  Go to the tutorial to see their class pictures.

12/119:30 AM

13-15 year olds: Don’t forget your Creations class is tomorrow!  Please arrive 15 minutes early.

11/227:00 AM

Today is 16-28 sewing and craft class! Please bring a journal to craft if you have one. Starts at 5:30pm, arrive 15 min early.