YF Visits Rusape

At a recent YF banquet, the Lord did a tremendous work in the hearts of a special group of youth from Rusape, Zimbabwe. Below is a report of the event that will put you right there with the youth.

Everyone knew a long awaited YF event was imminent for Rusape, but nobody really knew what it was going to be, when it was going to be and who all was going to be able to participate. In other words, we knew the beans were in the bag but they weren’t spilt yet! So we didn’t know whether they were sugar beans, black beans, lima Beans, pinto Beans, kidney beans or baked beans! However we kept our eyes fixed on the bulging bag. The wait brewed an exciting anxiety that could not be snubbed.

Then it happened, the beans were spilt, and when they did, they spilt all over Rusape and a few of the beans reached even a few outlying areas around. Taking a closer look we discovered these particular beans were Banquet Beans! YF Banquet Beans; much to our delight! In no time registration & confirmations of attendance in response to the invitation were streaming in; preps for the much anticipated day were underway and progressed in leaps and bounds; oodles of excitement and expectation mounted by the heaps. The mechanics were being laid and one could tell when they connected with the dynamics, something was bound to happen.

The anticipated day dawned bright and beautiful. Two busses arrived at the local church to pick the special guests for an hour long trip to the feast that had been prepared for them. The drive was quite scenic and enjoyable. After an hour of travel, we arrived. The destination: Troutbeck Resort. A nice place tucked away in the pretty Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. A region riddled with cold trout-streams, natural waterfalls, beautiful vegetation and water bodies. Refreshing is a good word to describe it.

As the busses pulled up and God’s gems disembarked and made their way in, the members of staff and patrons couldn’t help but notice the clean group of young ambassadors. They all had wonderful comments to say about this beaming bunch of young believers, almost as if they couldn’t believe there were still youths like this on the earth.

As we checked into the Banquet Hall, we picked up our welcome juice and the “Women Of The Bible” crossword puzzle before we settled down at an assigned table. The quiz kept us occupied as we tried to harness the answers from what our memories could recall, while reading about these great women in the Bible.

“Pens Down!” across the public address system brought wheels to a screeching halt. We put our names on our answer-sheets, handed them in and hoped for the best!

Brother Gordon welcomed us and introduced the chaperones and VGR staff that were present to serve the banqueters that day. Following the introductions, there was no time to waste, the aromas were already floating in the atmosphere at nose-altitude, and there was no way we could ignore that without being hypocrites! Food lines started moving but not before a quick enzyme-stimulating “Jesus’ Love is Bubbling Over,” after which food and fellowship followed in abundance!

Food is a language we all understand, and it is amazing how it just warms the atmosphere and melts all the remaining icicles. There was a very tasty array of dishes but mounts of it disappeared from the plates amongst the pleasant din of stories, laughter and song. By the time dessert was served, it was like we’d lived with each other for years and cameras were hard at work capturing precious moments which we all wanted to last a little longer!

After the meal, the quiz was marked and the winners announced. A sister had the highest score. She got 20 out of the 25 questions! Next on the score list were 2 sisters with 19 out of 25, following these were 2 brothers and 2 more sisters with 17 out of 25! The prizes were brand new 16GB iPod nanos. A pink one for the sister who was actually in pink on the day! A grey one for the brother who’d earned it among the brothers. The sisters performed well overally. The brothers maintain that the sisters were simply inspired by the “Women Of The Bible” quiz and insist that if they had got a quiz on “Mighty Men of Valor in the Bible” the story would be a little different!

The word teaches us that, everything that has a beginning has an end. It was time to end the carnal feast and move on to the most important part of the service, hearing that Eternal Word, our Manna. The prophet says it perfectly in the message “The Identified Masterpiece Of God:”

But we’ve had our fellowship with each other as we have served this wonderful meal tonight, across the table, as we fed our physical bodies, and now we’d like for God to feed our soul on His Manna that’s hid. Only for those priests who has entered into the Holiest of holies is permitted to eat of His Food.


In preparation for the word we sang the song, “Take Me Into The Holy Of Holies.” It was a beautiful melody and one that came from our hearts. Undoubtedly it was time for God to speak to us through His mouthpiece, the prophet. We welcomed the prophet with our anthem, “Only Believe” and then settled down to feed on the Eternal Word. The word Prisoner is not in the least appealing to this freedom-seeking generation. But unbeknown to most, everyone is a prisoner to something. It took God’s prophet to clearly lay this out for us in the tape A Prisoner, taking biblical characters of Moses, Paul, Joseph and make it clear that Jesus’ prison was the best place to invest any life; especially a young life.

As the banqueters poured over the sermon booklets that each one had, one could tell ears were attentive and following the prophet through the sermon as he went from story to story building to a climax. Then he made it personal when began talking to the boys and girls, young men and young women, about turning their lives in. We don't know what happened next. What we can say is that God was there to wrap us in His agape love as we turned ourselves in to be Prisoners for Christ.

After we sang "I Surrender All" and got ready to pray, the Holy Spirit swept into the room so strong, youths ran to the altar screaming for mercy and turning their-selves in to Christ. For a while we just prayed and bathed in His sweet presence. It was blissful and sweeter than honey, an experience never to be forgotten and one to be desired.

It was dark when we finally left, but in our hearts burned a flame ever so strong and a resolve ever so sturdy to serve the Lord, and Him alone, as willing prisoners of Christ.

We would really like to thank Young Foundations and Brother Joseph for giving us an opportunity to get together, strengthen one another and be encouraged in every way to press the battle as young people in this day and age. The effects of your labors only Eternity will tell, honestly. May God Richly Bless You and bless your efforts as you serve His Bride.

God Bless You