JJP - Message Tablets For Africa CONCLUSION

We have wrapped up our current Jesus Jar project on "Message Tablets For Africa." The tablet distribution is already in full swing, but there is a lot of work left to be done!

So far, the missionary brothers in Malawi and Zimbabwe have delivered a total of 42 out of 100 tablets. They are fully loaded with the entire Message and equipped with all the necessary hardware to play God’s Word before His Bride.

If you remember in our previous Jesus Jar Project, you sponsored 149 churches to receive special bluetooth, battery-powered speakers that can be directly hooked up to a mobile, tablet, or USB device to play Brother Branham’s messages. With the tablets now meeting the speakers, these sponsorships are coming into full bloom, and God’s Word is being HEARD.

It’s not as simple as sticking a box in the mail to get these tablets and speakers into the hands of the people. Real missionaries have to take real journeys deep into the heart of their countries. These journeys aren’t easy, and they take a lot of strength and virtue from the missionary brothers. The days get long and the roads get very bumpy, but in the end, God’s work is being fulfilled, and His Bride is being fed on Living Manna!

We have already received some wonderful images, video footage and reports from some recent distribution trips. We hope the reports will give you a good look at the great blessing you have been to a portion of God’s Bride.

The cut-off date for this project was April 6th, so any contributions sent in after this date will go towards the next JJP that we accounce.

Malawi Distribution Report 1:

I wish to report that last Sunday I drove 500 km away from base to Kasungu, for a number of assignments.

The first undertaking was to deliver the Speaker and the Galaxy tablet to one of the beneficiary churches.

After delivering the Galaxy tablet and the speaker, a Tape Sunday Service was held.

And finally it was our usual kind of business; a tape outreach for the area.

I am excited to report that the three assignments were all successful.

After a 5 hour drive, we arrived at a church where the speaker and the Galaxy tablet was to be delivered, (this was at Pastor Obed's church in Linga, Kasungu). The local pastor warmly welcomed us. By that time, believers were already in church singing not only with their mouths but their hearts as well; and our spirits were ignited.

The local pastor humbly handed over the mantle of leadership of proceedings to us. And brother Paul Alfonso, naturally, kick-started with worship in song.

We were all humbled to see their reception they gave to the VGR team. Surely these people love and appreciate the vision that Brother Joseph and the Voice Of God has, in distributing all the sermons preached by the Prophet, Brother William Branham.

Although this area is away from civilization, these people have embraced all that matters; the Message of the hour.

I preambled the speaker and tablet presentation by explaining to them that Brother Joseph established Voice Of God in 1981, and that the vision remains the same since; to deliver all the sermons preached by Brother William Branham to every person on the face of earth. I also stressed on the importance of playing tapes in the churches and the benefits of it.

After the first assignment, it was now time for Brother Branham to come back on the pulpit and preach again to the people of Africa. It was a privilege to invite Brother William Branham on the pulpit. A tape CHA 59-0712 was played, and the atmosphere changed and everybody was visibly enjoying the preaching. After Brother Branham finished preaching; like pulled by some magnetism, everybody went into prayer.

The local pastor confessed that they have never witnessed such impact of listening to the prophet on the tape like they had on this particular day.

We finally moved into the village and had a tape outreach and 15 people were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you and God bless you.


Malawi Distribution Report 2:

I wish to report that, Brother Branham was again back at the pulpit last Sunday; December 4,in Phalombe district at Pastor Aubrey Maluwa's church.

This was the first time that the church had Brother William Branham preach to them on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Brother Paul kick-started with some few songs; then I came in and delivered the 3 speakers and the tablets for the 3 churches in the district. Smiles played on faces as they stood there dumbfounded; what a timely precious gift!

It was time for the main show, Brother Branham, the prophet of God, was invited to come forth and once more to preach to the people of Africa. From the JBL speakers the Voice Of God through His Prophet came through so perfect and one would not blame anybody who may have imagined that the prophet was there in both spirit and body. As is always the case, the message hit at the core of our beings.

At the end of the service some anointing layered the people, the preaching did it all; old time religion returned. They vowed that they would continue on that path; with Brother Branham's meetings.

It is always a privilege to invite Brother Branham back on the pulpit.

Thank you and God bless you.


Zimbabwe Distribution Trip:

Oh yes it was wonderful!

When I called the minister in Maware, an area about 170km North of Harare, he couldn't hide his excitement. I confirmed that VGR would be there and the purpose of the visit, and that was an absolute timeous answer to his desire. He was profusely grateful and expectation from him, the church, and the VGR team was high!

We left Harare around 8am and arrived there about 3 hours later. About 70km was a challengings trip of road where you'd have to drive off the road sometimes, 10km of it was a bad dirt road heavily eroded by the persistent rains forming trenches and streams across the roads. Turning at the house was like we were making a road and evidently showed not too many cars got to this area. The homestead had several well-constructed huts lined up...

As we got down from the car we were met by beaming and contagiously, excited faces! One held up a very familiar picture of the Pillar Of Fire above the prophet's head and behind it written "Behold I will send you Elijah the Prophet! It was already evident we were going to have a wonderful service.

An old gentleman led songs from the depths of his everything, joining harmonies together with us the little group, giving the sacrifice of our lips to our Lord Jesus Christ. Wonderful old fashioned Shona hymns could be heard floating out of the neatly thatched round hut, across the healthy corn fields into the fresh airwaves around. Brother Jarvis shared the testimony of our coming with the church and welcomed everyone, including the visiting VGR team, and handed over to VGR. Bro Stephen shared a little about Bro Branham's desire to come back and minister to his friends, the African people, and how God has faithfully granted that desire and fulfilled that prophecy. As time is nearing the end, the prophet taught us Rapturing Faith lays in them tapes and books, so now more than ever is when we are to be digging into the WORD that came through the vindicated channel of God - The Prophet. It was an honor to have that sound equipment of speakers and tablets delivered to that portion of the Bride; knowing that it is through the Word that The Bride is making herself ready for the soon coming on the Groom.

As the tape rolled on it was special to see just how important translation is... it’s VERY IMPORTANT. People's lives are hanging on that. The congregation's “Amens” & acknowledgement to the Word came after the translator would speak. "Raise your hands, stand to your feet" were acted upon after the translator translated what the prophet said! What a responsibility! By the end of the Tape we were all up with hands raised in the air, the Seventh Angel interceding for us. In simple terms, the Message, "Be Certain Of God" left all of us CERTAIN OF GOD. Our needs were met and exceeded. We will never be the same again!

After the service, the pastor and local elder laid hands on the Speaker Unit & MP3 player dedicating them to a long life of service to the Lord Jesus and the furtherance of the Message of our day. We stood outside and got a group photo before we had a training session with a few of the brothers, so that they are fully aware of the functionalities and capabilities of the equipment God provided. They promised to put it to good use and look forward to reaping powerful results.

They also wanted to make sure that their gratitude and thanksgiving gets to Brother Joseph Branham and the people who donated to make sure these are available, it has and will continue to change lives in that area.

Please pray for us to remain fervent and busy about the Father's business...More to come in the coming days Lord willing.

Lord Bless You

-VGR Zimbabwe