JJP - Message Tablets For Africa

As many know, we just completed the Message Speakers - Jesus Jar Project where we sent 100 large speakers to Malawi and Zimbabwe. These speakers will soon be delivered to churches scattered throughtout these two countries to play the Message before the people, most of which are located in extremely rural locations in the "bush" of Africa. But, before they can use their speakers, they need to have a mobile device to play the Message through the speakers, and they need them fast.

In order to get these in the hands of the believers right away, we won't be able to send the Agapao Tablets, due to language and technical constraints. So this short project will sponsor 100 Samsung Tablets that will be fully equipped with the Message material in the specific languages for the believers receiving them. If you would like to be a part, start saving your Jesus Jars now!

As always, it's very exciting for us to supply God's children with the resources to hear and receive God's life-sustaining Word, and we're happy to have you join us in this missionary project to make it possible!


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