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Pillar Of Fire Night Light



Product Description

As George J. Lacy, the head of the FBI fingerprint and document for the United States government, examined It from Houston, Texas, and said, “This is the only supernatural Being that was ever photographed in all the world.” He ought to know; he’s the best that’s in the world, for it.

Notice, there It hangs, as the Truth, the same Pillar of Fire that led Israel back yonder at the wilderness. It’s leading today, the same kind of a Message, of, “Come up out of Egypt!”…?…This day this Scripture is fulfilled. You know the Message that He said.

65-0219 - "This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled"

Nightlight with colorized Pillar of Fire photograph. Image size with frame is approximately 3” x 3.75” with glass front for vivid display. Plug rotates 360 degrees to fit any outlet and comes with extra 4 watt bulb.