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The Magic Flower



Product Description

“Little story one time I heard, of a man who was, oh, he was poor. And he—he always wanted to…It’s a little fairy story, like. It always stuck with me, though. And one day he picked a flower. And the flower was magic…”

63-0601 Come, Follow Me

We know you have heard this little story told by Brother Branham many times on the Message, “Come, Follow Me.” And we are so happy to announce our newest Cub Corner book, The Magic Flower!

In this story, you’ll read of a man that heard a voice one day. It was the sweetest thing he had ever heard. He forsook all, to find that voice, and finally, he did find it. Well, you know what happened. He was so overcome by the wealth he had gained, and his future plans, that he forgot the very thing that provided it all. He forgot the main thing.

How happy are you today that you too have heard the Voice? It’s the Voice of God speaking directly to our hearts. It is the Main Thing. May this little book be a reminder, that you have remembered the Main Thing, the Lord Jesus, and His Word for today.

Book is hardbound and approximately 8” by 8.25” in size.