YF Bistro In Norway

On August 14, 2014, in the far northern European country of Norway, the YF traveling Bistro made it's second ever appearance at a most welcoming venue.

It was only a two days’ notice. We quickly had to pack up our bags and be on our way. The next destination? Norway.

Brother David Forsberg was hosting a summer camp in southeastern Norway and had invited the YF Bistro to come. During the camp, Bro. Forsberg received a phone call: the YF bistro is coming to Norway! The following day, Friday morning, Bro. David told all the young people he had a “surprise” for them. No doubt it was a surprise to all, since it was on such a short notice. The youth, (and adults too), were elated to hear that.

The journey with the truck and YF trailer ran smoothly for 25 hours on the road, until…

All of the sudden, 15 minutes away from the Swedish and Norwegian border, the truck reported an engine fault, limiting us to a speed of only 5 miles per hour. We slowed down and came to a halt to find out what the problem was. In short, the truck needed repair before we could go any further. Though we were a little frustrated, we knew that all things work together for good. Roadside assistance had to be called and a nice young man hauled off the truck to a nearby garage. Thankfully the truck’s breakdown was only an hour away of the campsite where the bistro was to be held. Immediately, arrangements were made for a brother to pick up the YF trailer with his van. Thank the Lord that the YF Bistro trailer arrived that evening! The believers welcomed us with the song “I’ll fly away” and our late arrival was soon forgotten.

Some young people were acquainted with YF Bistro in Jeffersonville, but others were about to have the experience for the first time.

The next day, as soon as breakfast was finished, the youth headed over to the room where coffee, tea, ping pong, foosball and various games awaited them. Many conversations were exchanged while sipping a good cup of coffee…several cups of coffee. Games were in full swing and the youth were having a great time. Others headed outside where more activities were set up.

After lunch, everybody had the time to relax and spend time with the Lord: Quiet Time. Out at the lake there was such a serenity, as each person communed with the Lord. It was so wonderful that He could speak to all of our hearts. How a Christian needs to get quiet and settled down every day so the Lord can speak to our hearts. The time just seemed to fly by as everybody savored their time with their Creator.

Afterwards, there was yet more time for dodgeball, cornhole, volleyball, nine-high,and other games. So much energy was expelled from so many happy, young and energetic Christians! They had a blast to say the least.

Supper was beckoning, and a bunch of hungry young people delighted themselves with a wonderful meal prepared by the hard working kitchen staff. A big thumbs up to them. Following supper, a special service was held. Any time God’s prophet speaks, it is a special service. Brother Branham spoke to the young people’s hearts as he expounded the Word to them about being a prisoner to our Lord Jesus. What a blessing we received! It was the capstone to a wonderful day. Being in that Presence, one can only imagine what it will be like when we see Him and stand there in His likeness.

May God bless you.