We recently received feedback concerning a Hollywood film that depicts California sinking beneath the sea and the total annihilation of mankind. Its content tells of the ancient prophesies foretold thousands of years ago by the Mayan calendar; the end of the world in the year 2012. We don't need the mythic prophecies of a by-gone civilization, nor the influence of a sin-ridden Hollywood to inform us of what the future holds.

For thousands of years, Scriptures have warned us. Prophets have told of its coming; straight from the mouth of God and into the ears of the people. It's a Word that cannot fail. The world is falling apart. Judgment is soon at hand.

God destroyed the world in the antediluvian destruction because of the evil and wickedness among men. But he didn't do so without first sending His prophet to warn them. Only Noah and his family heeded to God's warning, and there were none other on the face of the earth that lived through God's judgment. It was the same before God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah; warning then judgment.

Brother Branham taught us that God doesn't call man to judgment without first warning him. God has once again sent His prophet to warn the people of this wicked age. Sin and filth are greater than ever before in history. Prophecies and countless visions, signs, and wonders have been vindicated to prove that God's Word is truth. We have been warned of oncoming judgment. Even Hollywood is aware of its lurking nearness and recognizes that the end is close at hand. There's no hiding the inevitable. Everyone knows. It could come in ten years, five years, next year, next month, tomorrow. Have you heeded the warning? Are you prepared for what tomorrow might hold? It could be the returning of Christ and the ending of the world.

In the late hour we are living in, it is no time to fool around with the things of the world. Time is close at hand, as we have been warned. We don't have to read the latest news in the paper, or watch the all-new action thriller that predicts global destruction and the end of mankind to find out what the future holds. We've already been told! God sent a prophet to His people so that we might know the way and prepare. It's more up-to-date than tomorrow's headlines. It's God's Word and It cannot fail.

Have you heard the news? The world is once again falling apart, and God is choosing His Bride.

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