Squirrel Season

Today is a very special holiday. Next to the birth of Christ, it’s one of the biggest holidays of the world. Squirrel Season!

You say, “Why Squirrel Season?” Do you know how great Squirrel Season is? God used Squirrel Season to introduce and confirm the third pull of His Message!

We know that Christmas, December 25, isn’t the birth of Christ, but Brother Branham said that’s when we celebrate it. But we do know that August 15, Squirrel Season, God used that date, that season, to confirm to the world that He’s alive and among us today.

We just heard on tape at the Tabernacle how Brother Branham said when he saw those three rainbows come down, that it was one of the greatest experiences of his life. When those three rainbows came down and came into one, it proved that Jehovah of the Old Testament was Jesus of the new. Brother Branham walked closer and closer and closer to that rainbow to where God could confirm to him that what he was preaching was the Truth! That’s the kind of hunting stories we want to be in! Some people say that those are just hunting stories and they have nothing to do with the Message. But they have EVERYTHING to do with the Message! God chose that. He had a prophet of the wilderness, and He chose his character, who he is, what he is, and everything about him. He sent him out there to the woods, and he walked up to that rainbow, and God confirmed to him and spoke to him and told him that what he was preaching was the Truth.

How many people can say God spoke to you in the woods and said “Come walk with me for a while.”? That’s the kind of hunting stories we like. That’s the kind of hunting stories we want to be in. And we will by His grace and mercy one day.

So today, remember that. Remember what God did to prove to us that He’s here with us again. He’s spoken squirrels into existence!