August Quiz Messages

The world we live in today revolves around entertainment. Whether it be through social media, social gatherings, watching your favorite athlete or movie star, playing sports, or any other form of entertainment, we're "proud" to be identified with the people and things that we do. But where is Jesus amongst all of our entertainment? Do we put Him on the back row like Simon the Pharisee, or do we wash His dirty feet with our tears?

Could you lay down aside all your worldly social entertainment, to come to the Lord Jesus to be entertained by Him?  55-0807a Pride

That is our longing and yearning, to be entertained by our Lord Jesus. After listening to this first August Message on "Pride", that desire will only become stronger and more real than ever before!

For the second August Message on “Leading Of The Spirit Of God,” Brother Branham tells the familiar story of “Aunt Jemima.” It's evident that when she prayed, the power of God was in the room. She was under great expectation that God would change the scene of her sick son, and He did not disappoint her faith. As you will hear, God sent His prophet to her humble, Christian home and completely healed her son of his condition. More importantly, He gave him His salvation.

Expectations: If you’re expecting it, you will receive it. You usually get what you expect to get. If you come to the meeting tonight, expecting to find something to criticize the meeting, the devil will show you. He will see that you get satisfied. You get what you expect. If you come to get a blessing, God will see that you get it. If you come to get saved, God will see you get it. If you come to get healed, be expecting to get healed. God will see that you do it. It’s whatever you’re expecting.  55-0807e Leading Of The Spirit Of God

We trust that you will listen to these Messages with great expectations, knowing that the Lord will pour out His blessings and encouragement upon you. These tape quizzes will be available for the entire month of August for anyone to take and submit your scores. You can CLICK HERE to view the quiz page.

God bless you,

Young Foundations