Cub Corner Day In Zimbabwe

You could almost slice the excitement that saturated the air in Harare the week preceding the very first Cub Corner Day they had in Zimbabwe. The workers at the Harare VGR office were really excited, but the kids topped them by MILES!! After the announcement went out, the 150 available slots filled up within less than 48 hours. Saturday the 18th seemed ceeeeenturies away. A mom reported that she'd got a lot of good deeds done around the house that week after she had announced that only well behaved Christian kids could attend the Cub Corner Day at VGR! Many of the kids agonized over the fact that they couldn't fast forward time to Saturday then hit the slow-mo button once the anticipated day arrived! The VGR employees and a few volunteers pulled all the stops out, working long and hard in preparation to receive a sweet bunch of royal guests.

When Saturday the 18th of June finally dawned, it was a crisp and sunny morning. We had asked Father to give us a warm day for the kids, and He warmed it up just perfect for us.The youth came in early, excitement written all over their faces. Expectation was soaring, curiosity too. It was awesome even before it started!

We had three classes between the ages of 5 and 12 years of age. Each of the three groups had different lessons.

The little ones (5-7yrs) were learning about the wonderful testimony of the Mother Opossum. How it was all hurt and dying pitifully but God led it to a special home where God's prophet prayed for it and it was healed instantly. The illustration board complete with flannel graph, like Brother Branham recommended for Sunday Schools really brought the story to life! If God cared for the weakness of a dumb opossum how much more does our infirmity, sickness or need touch him?

The 8-10 year olds learnt about the great Pillar of Fire; picking out different instances from the Bible days all the way till now where the Great Jehovah, who is Jesus of the New Testament, appeared in the form of the Pillar Of Fire. We even heard about the Logos in the beginning!

The children went on to revisit how God made history when the first supernatural being was ever photographed, in 1950.

We circulated a picture of what an old camera looked like and got some really wide eyes. Then another picture of what a negative for a filmstrip camera looked like and the old process of developing pictures in a darkroom. It was incredible that none of the kids knew what a negative was! They couldn't believe how relic-like these things were! Not to mention the teacher felt really old too to have used a filmstrip camera and still be alive to tell all about it! One of them asked how the negative that looked so colorless knew to remember the right colors when the positive print was finally developed in the dark room. Hmmm, good question....

We also learnt about the testimony Brother Branham gave in 63-0717 when the Pillar of Fire came in and settled over the tape recorder in Jamaica while they were listening to the Seals! That was a first for many of them and they added it to their list of Pillar Of Fire appearances.This was a fun class, and a good challenge for the rambunctious group!

The older group learnt about a very important story that changed all of our lives. That Day On Calvary. They relived the road to Calvary and the hours leading up to the crucifixion. Reading the scriptures and learning how we are beneficiaries of His victory at Calvary. What a blessed people we are!

The boys proved to be workmen who are not ashamed of their workmanship in making their reminders of this Red Letter Day for all Christendom.

The girls had a tailored kitchen apron and a white 'iron-on' cloth that they designed and wrote a quote on from the message, "That Day On Calvary." Then they ironed it onto their aprons. It was a really cool activity with a very important lesson. When they were done they proudly wore their aprons for the rest of the day!

As each class finished another memorable activity awaited them...

A walk through some of the highlights in Brother Branham's life story: Footsteps Of The Prophet.

Passing underneath the banner, they walked up the unique path to the first station; a humble little log cabin that looked very familiar. Outside: a piece of broken glass tacked with bent "coat-hanger" nails onto the tree complete with the sulfur pump and wooden bench: we were in Kentucky!

The adventure continued...

The next stop was the Poplar tree, two old water-buckets and a Voice coming from up in the tree with a very important message. They didn't forget that Voice nor the Message that rang out!

Tacked on a tree at the third stop, was a letter"from Bill to God." The answer to that young man's simple yet sincere prayer has affected all of us today. The lesson was, no matter how young you are and how simple your prayer or request is, if you pray and seek the Lord sincerely He will answer your prayer.

At the last stop was a whole lot of wholesome healthy looking foods, then right next to it was a whole array of Spoken Word Books, CDs etc. The Stored Up Food! This gets believers excited. We all agreed that it wouldn't make too much sense for Mum & Dad to get a call from the Tutor that junior has fainted of hunger at school when they know that they packed all sorts of goodies for him! All he has to do is EAT. So is it with the spiritual you, although it's a time of famine, as in Amos 8:11, but God was gracious to us and told his prophet to store up Food because we were coming and would need it! Now all we do is eat, munch and chomp and swallow the healthy Food full of God's spiritual vitamins!

After a loaded day, drinks, pizza, popcorn and cotton candy put the the teeth and jaws to work while foosball, ping pong and a jumping castle kept the boundless energy serviced!

In short this was day we will all NEVER forget, because The Lord Jesus Christ was present with us.

Feedback continues to come it from grateful parents telling just how much the Lord achieved in the spiritual and prayer lives of these very young children. It's the incredible joy and blessed privilege for parents and guardians to instruct and raise children in the admonition of the Lord. Keeping The Word before them is God's Provided Way to achieve this.

And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. Deuteronomy 6:6-7