These Tapes Go Around The World

You'll always find some neat projects and ideas within the local Homeschool group here in Jeffersonville. They recently had their annual Spring Homeschool Program and sent us the report and pictures below.

For this year’s Spring Jubilee Homeschool Program, each student went on a trip to a different country…a learning trip! Each homeschooler chose a different country to create a display centered on the Voice of God office that handles the distribution in that nation. They dove into their projects, learning as much as they could.

Many of the students even contacted the Voice of God employees in those offices to get more information! They also sent a postcard to that VGR office, thanking them for all their hard work.

These projects weren’t just your average displays. There were many different cultures shown, but only one theme: the Word. As Brother Branham said in our latest Jubilee tape 65–0429E The Choosing Of A Bride: “…these tapes go around the world.” The students confirmed just how true that is.

As well as the students learning about the countries, they also shared their knowledge with those that came! The Lord blessed the hearts of many believers through this program and we hope that it will bless you too.