Switzerland Bistro Report

Below is the report and slideshow we received from the first Europe travel Bistro visit to Switzerland. As always, the youth received a wonderful blessing from the Lord.

In 1955, Brother Branham visited Switzerland. Brother Branham expresses in different sermons how that the world leaders select a beautiful place, such as Geneva, Switzerland, to hold a conference.

And then, after the decision, or the conference is set, they've got to have a certain place to have this conference. And if you'll notice that, they're always trying to find some place that's beautiful. I've been in Geneva where the Geneva Conference was, and Paris, and—and different places where the conferences has been held. I've been to the U.N. building. And oh, it is beautiful, especially in Geneva. And then in there, they… I believe they try to select these places so that the attraction… There's something that… If it's peaceful, and—and attractive, it seems to work on the human spirit. I believe that's true. 59-1220M - Conference With God

On February 21, 2015, a very nice and new gym was rented just on the edge of a small town near Geneva. The gym featured a beautiful setting in God’s nature, offering a view of the peaceful environment. After enjoying Quiet Time early in the morning, followed by a quick breakfast, the YF team headed over to the gym to set up the YF bistro. As soon as the final touches were made, such as hanging the burlap sacks, straightening out the sugar packs, aligning and arranging the games, the first youth appeared.

The youth came mostly from Switzerland and Italy, but also a few believers traveled from France. Some shot basketball hoops, while a vigorous game of volleyball game was playing behind them. With foosball, the ball found its way to the goal after an awesomely angled shot: 5–4 Game over!

It was so nice to see the youth enjoy themselves and have a great time and subsequent Quiet Time. After the lunch, some more rounds of volleyball and ping pong, and yet another meal, the YF team soon prepared for…well… we’ll call it the YF conference in Geneva. Chairs were neatly arranged in order for the evening service.

Brother Branham preached the sermon “Be Certain Of God”. After the sermon, young people came forward for prayer and re-dedication.

I’m sure that I’m speaking to peoples this morning who’s come to that place. I’ve been there many times myself. When I’ve went back and traced my life and turned over every stone, and I’d find that I did something wrong, I’d go confess it and say, “Lord God, I’ll make it right,” and go do so. Then come back again and say, “Now, Lord, Thou art God; You’ll answer me. Surely I’ve met every request that You required me to do. And every requirement, I have met it.” And still He won’t move, seems to set silent; that’s when you’ve got to be sure that He is God. Don’t be discouraged; the only thing is, that in your heart to be certain of God. 59–0125 - Be Certain Of God

Thank you all for your prayers during this service. We know the Lord hears them and worked on the youth’s heart as they heard the Word for this hour.

May God bless you!