Creations Easter Open House

This Easter was a special Easter indeed! The believers were able to not only tour VGR, but Creations as well. Creations is a place where YF youth can come to learn new trades or skills, but most importantly be taught valuable life lessons from the Word of God.

With only a few days to prepare, the Creations staff quickly got busy! From clearing out furniture, decorating, and pulling out past and future projects, we were able to prepare for the biggest crowd we’ve ever had! It was exciting to see and meet everyone that came!

The tours started at 8 AM with just under 20 people in each group. We had no idea we would soon fill up enough groups to put them on a waiting list. The first part of the tour started in our office and project room. We explained how Creations got started, how fast it’s grown, and that we have completed 95 projects to date. That’s a lot of projects for just a few short school sessions!

All the projects we do here are inspired by the Word. We always try to give a visual example to the kids so they can understand the lesson behind what they are creating. Through this, many parents have testified that their children are becoming more familiar with the Bible and Message.

The next stop on our tour was in the lobby of Creations. We wanted to show how we have created a Word-inspired atmosphere for the children through the chalkboards, shelf and window displays.

Once the groups rotated, we made our way into the craft room. One of our volunteers gave the people insight to how classes are run. She explained how she used the flannel graph board, Hoffman’s Head of Christ, and Life magazine as tools to teach a recent project, the Mysterious Cloud.

As the tour continued to the sewing room, Sister Valerie Branham pointed out how all the projects tie into the Scripture and a quote of Brother Branham. A pillow case to remind you to pray when you rise and when you go to sleep, a Bible case bag to hold your Bible and your Quiet Time book, and the most requested class… Skirts!

Next stop was the coffee station to learn more about the process of roasting coffee. Plus, free sample bags of our fresh roasted coffee were offered.

In woodshop, the brothers gave an overview of how they run their classes. They talked about the Salt And Pepper Shaker project and the Scripture that tied it all together; Ye are the salt of the earth:… Matthew 5:13.

This was our first Easter tour for people to come and see what really happens at Creations. Many guests left inspired by the work the Lord has led for each project and class. What started as a building to just get the young girls together to learn how to sew a skirt, has grown into a fully operating sewing, crafting, and woodshop school!

Remember, you too can be part of Creations in your local area! We hope you keep up with the Creations Feed and new postings of tutorials. If you will be visiting our area, check out the schedule and email us at if you would like to attend a class. We encourage anyone who has done any of our projects to send in pictures and videos, and especially, feedback. Also, if you have any ideas, feel free to send them in. Who knows, your idea could inspire the next Creations project and be posted on our website. Thank you for making our very first Easter tour a success!

God bless you!