Happy Birthday Brother Branham!

Today is a very special day for us here in Young Foundations, and for young believers around the world. It’s Brother Branham’s birthday!

We often celebrate birthdays of friends and family who are close to us, and Brother Branham is certainly one of those people! Though his birth and life may have been insignificant to the world, it has brought hope and life to us; God’s called out children. God chose a poor, humble man from Kentucky to bring a Message that would change the lives of millions of people, for Eternity. That Message didn’t die when God called him home 51 years ago, but it’s still bringing souls into the Kingdom of God today, and encouraging us to keep pressing on.

So today as you go about your schoolwork or job, take a few minutes to reflect on the impact this Message and Messenger has had on your life.

Message youth around the world will be doing special little projects today in honor of God's prophet. Our local Creations classes will be dedicated especially to Brother Branham’s birthday. Some might build the “Brother Branham Cabin”project that we posted from Trinidad last year on our website. Others might go pay a special visit to where he was born in Burkesville, Ky. And you might just sit down and listen to a message and think about how Brother Branham has helped you through your life.

We encourage you to share with us anything you do today in honor of God’s prophet, or simply to tell us what he has meant to you. You can email us through the FEEDBACK at the bottom of the page, or email yf@youngfoundations.org and attach any pictures you have.

Truly we are so blessed and thankful that God allowed us to recognize and hear His prophet’s Voice for this last age in history.

Happy Birthday Brother Branham, and thank you for staying true to God’s Word!