Young Foundations - A Decade Young

Young Foundations is 10 years old!!!

And we don’t feel a day older than when we first started!

It was 10 years ago on Easter weekend that VGR announced its newest branch of ministry for the Message youth of the world. What started out as a few hundred signups that weekend has now grown to 35,000 youth worldwide.

Over the course of the past 10 years, we’ve held hundreds of YF youth events, ranging from camps and banquets, to Bistros, Gym Days and Quiet Times. We have posted thousands of articles on our websites, and we have printed 50 Cub Corner magazines, many of these in foreign languages, totaling over 1 million printed and distributed copies. Though we feel there is so much more we could do, by the grace of God these many events and resources have led to thousands of youth standing firmer on The Foundation of Jesus Christ.

What has been the humble success of this ministry? The Word of God!

From the beginning, we have strived to do nothing but point God’s children to His Eternal, perfect Word. All other foundations will sink and perish, but a foundation built upon God’s Holy Word is the only Thing that will hold strong through time and Eternity.

We thank the Lord for what He has done through this simple, Word bought ministry. The Bible tells us, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” We have seen the fruits of this ministry time and time again, and the fire continues to spread, because God’s Word is contagious in the hearts of His children.

We are on track to have more YF signups this year than the past 3 years combined, and we continually receive invitations and requests to hold YF events in all corners of the globe. It is our prayer that we can continue to serve the Message youth of the world, encouraging young Christians in their walks with Christ through whatever avenues the Lord supplies.

None of us know when that last member of the Bride will come in to the sheepfold, or how it will happen. It may be through a book or tract you pass out. It might be through a Cub Corner magazine, or a testimony you send in to post on our websites. It might just be a thirsty soul who is brought to the Truth through your salty life. Whatever it is, we each want to do our part to work til Jesus comes.

We thank the Lord, and you, for giving us 10 wonderful years to serve you, His precious Bride!

God bless you,

Young Foundations

We have to go back and find out what the foundation is. And then, if we can get the foundation, then we can build on a solid foundation. And no building is any stronger than its foundation, because the complete building is resting upon that foundation. Every pilaster, every window, and all the building rests upon that foundation. And if God has said anything, it is the most solid foundation that we can rest on. Faith can rest on no other. Faith cannot find its resting place upon the shifting sands of people's ideas. But it takes its everlasting stand upon the immovable Rock of God's eternal Word. We can rest on it if God said so. That should settle it. 59-0405A