God's Websites: A Trinidadian Event

The believers of Point Fortin, Trinidad had a jubilee time at a recent event displaying their favorite parts of the different VGR websites.

Every time we think of it, we realize more how privileged we are to live in this day and to see and be a part of God’s program in this last day.

Here in Trinidad, we recently held a local home-school event that was very dear to our hearts, and we hope it will be a blessing to you also.

Within the past couple years, there has been a growing number families that have made the choice to home-school their children, with wonderful results. We had twelve families that participated in the event, each taking an area of interest to present to their visitors. Inspired by the home-school event held in Jeffersonville in fall of 2014, the Jubilee Festival, we felt led to have a time focused on “God’s Websites”. We truly believe that when God has a work to do on earth, He ensures that all the instruments He needs are right in place. No doubt we believe that the tape recorder was invented for the purpose of recording the Voice of His prophet, Bro. Branham. When the first sheet of paper was made from a tree and the first pen was invented, in whatever form it may have been, God must have had in mind that it will be used to record His precious Words. We see that the printing press arrived just in time for our Bro Martin Luther to give the free Bible to the world. There is no wonder what the small sized Micro SD card was invented for, we can see the results. Then we got to thinking about the internet, and the technology behind it. Brother Branham used the telephone hook-up as a way for the Bride in that day to unite together to hear the Word. No doubt that is what the ‘hook-up’ was made for.

Now the Bride around the world can be united under the Word, be encourage by testimonies of God’s wonderful power, do tape quizzes, see great missionary efforts of the tape ministry, download translated sermons and so much more, because of the instruments that God put in place in our time.

With limited time to prepare, every family was excited to display their area of the websites.

The event was structured so that 6 families featured one of the six websites, namely, branham.org, youngfoundations.org, cubcorner.org, stillwaterscamp.org, themessage.com, and branhamtabernacle.org. While the remaining 6 proudly displayed a selected aspect of interest- which were, the Table/ MicroSD card, Cub Corner Magazine, YF sign up and rewards, Quiet time, Jesus Jar (Missionary Sponsorship Program) and Creations.

We had seven hours of excitement and yet we could not scratch the surface of the rich treasures these websites and activities hold.

We began with each group, giving the visitors a brief presentation of their featured topic, some using video presentation, props, online demonstrations and even songs.

This was a nice introduction to the event as everyone became aware of what was in store. We then took a break together to eat some burgers, fries and hotdogs, then returned for the informal part of the evening where we could visit each booth individually to ask questions, participate in activities and get online time on each website. Inspired by the Jubilee Fall festival, our visitors could answer pop questions at each booth, to collect a star. After collecting stars at each of the 12 booths, they could redeem them for a prize at our gift shop, where we were glad to have some special items such as Still Waters yo-yos, Frisbees, Keychains, amongst other neat prizes. Needless to say, this table was empty at the end of the event.

We were honoured to have many visitors with us, many youths, from the US, Guyana, and even a pastor and wife from Nigeria, so we all enjoyed learning new stuff on these sites, in many creative ways. At the Creations booth, you had a chance to create your own miniature Mysterious Cloud before answering your pop quiz question. You could make and personalize your own Jesus Jar and learn of past and present projects. Target shooting was a hit at Young Foundations, where your score entitled you to complete an online activity, such as downloading a YF song or Wallpaper. Learning to install the Table on any device, as well as the chance to win a 64GB Micro SD card was irresistible. We even took a look at many of the rewards available when you log in, and found out everything about Tape quizzes. You could even chat a little with Happy and Gramps at Cub Corner, which the little ones loved.

Of the countless websites available today, we are glad that we could point to a handful that we are certain are ‘God’s Websites’, and we pray always for you all, and are thankful for the hard work and love put into them.

God bless Brother Joseph and each one for their time and efforts. You are definitely a blessing to us, and the Bride worldwide.