YF Poland Youth Camp

Summer vacation had ended and the YF Europe team was already looking for YF Bistro or Camp options in various parts of Europe. The Lord seemed to be leading to the country of Poland.

A camp location was found in the beautiful lakes region known as “Mazury”, in northeastern Poland. Before final decisions were made, Bro. Gerald and Bro. Timothy traveled there to see the facility and to make sure it would be an appropriate place. Often in choosing a camp, the ideal location is a facility that is located in the quiet of nature. This place was just that! It even had a taste of what Still Waters was like.

On Friday morning, October 2, 2015, youth from different parts of Europe trickled in from Czech Republic, England, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, and Norway. The staff was met with a bunch of gleaming and excited faces. When the youth arrived they had the opportunity to roam around on the camp premises and enjoy some time of fellowship before supper. Some youth had made a great effort to come to this 2 night & 3 day camp, traveling up to 12 hours, one way. This brings to mind the Queen of Sheba and the effort that she made to see Solomon.

Now, the queen wasn’t going to see an angel; she was going to see a man that God had given a gift to, that was really proving to be true, so as she heard. So she had to get ready to go. Now, that desert was a long trip if you measure it on your map. It would at least take her three months to make the trip on the back of a camel. Well, you say, “Chicago is a little too far for me. I live on the north side, way down at the Lane Tech High School, and it’s wintertime. If you would just bring it up here to my church or across the street, I’ll probably visit once.” And you’re going to heaven? Oh, sure. Yes, sir. You love the Lord. Your works prove what you do. By your fruit the people are known. If anything is laid in your lap, you don’t appreciate it anyhow. It’s something that you have to struggle for and sacrifice for (Certainly it is.), that you get joy out of. 58–0107 - The Queen Of Sheba

Praise the Lord that there were young brothers and sisters that made the effort to come to camp, expecting something from God!

After some fellowship and activities, we gathered around the supper tables to enjoy a full and hearty meal. The restaurant did a tremendous job with the delicious food. Each table had to sing a song before they could make their way to the buffet. It was a perfect ice-breaker and atmosphere creator. Surely the Lord was enjoying His children singing to Him. Following the meal, various games resumed for a short time until the bonfire started around 8:30 pm. We sang “Father Abraham, had many sons…” among other youthful songs. Then we moved into a sincere atmosphere of worship. Just the mellowness and sweetness of the Holy Spirit was present. There’s just nothing like being in the presence of the Lord Jesus.

The following morning there was a thin blanket of fog, in all quietness, moving over the lake. A few people were already up, just before sunrise. A young sister, also in all quietness, could be seen sitting on the shoreline enjoying some quiet time with the Lord.

The Lord blessed us with perfect October weather, and a spectacular day lay before us. The YF bistro stand, volleyball and ping-pong were in full action, allowing the kids to warm up as well in the early morning chill. The pontoon boat, kayaks and pedal-boats were a big hit. The pontoon boat cruised with some 12 people on board each time, and along with a hot cup of coffee offered a relaxing 20 minute ride. We enjoyed it so much just to spend time with one another and serve the Bride of our Lord Jesus. We wanted Him to feel welcome and give Him first place.

Quiet time started at 1 PM, giving each person the chance to listen to that still small Voice. And to top it off, that Saturday evening and Sunday morning were tape services, where God’s prophet preached two powerful Messages, “A Prisoner”, and “The Voice Of God In This Last Days”.

I can see that little queen, God moving on her heart, she squared herself off and said, “I want to tell you something.” We need more of them. “I’ve been in this thing for years and years. My mother was in it. My grandmother was in it. And all I’ve seen is a bunch of papers, a bunch of writing, and talking about some God, but I haven’t seen any kind of a move at all of any. I don’t want these dead things. They tell me they got one up there that’s a living, that lives in His people, and that’s what I want to see.” Amen. God give us some more queens of Sheba in Long Beach. See? “I want to see something that’s got life in it. I want to see something. And I’ve been reading all the scrolls of the old—of their books up there, and they tell me that that God is a God that knows the secrets of the heart. And they tell me that that man Solomon up there, the pastor, is just able to do these things and it’s wonderful. And I’m going to see it.” 61–0219 - The Queen Of Sheba

These youth came with expectation. Some had heard of these meetings from their friends and wanted to find out what it was all about, just like the queen of Sheba. After hearing the Voice of God, they found what they came expecting, and more. Some gave their hearts to the Lord; some rededicated their lives. But we all found that Truly, God is alive and still working through His chosen vessel!

The weekend camp went by so fast and seemed too short! We trust and believe that God’s still small Voice continues speak to the hearts of these young people. We are looking forward to another opportunity, if the Lord tarries, and have another youth camp.

May God bless you,

The YF team in Europe