Raking 4 A Reason

Raking leaves at home...not so much fun. Raking leaves alone, at home, really not so much fun. Raking leaves with 83 of the Jeffersonville youth crew...now that’s a blast! Throw some nice sugary donuts, hot chocolate and coffee in the mix, and Brother Joseph to give you some serious motivation, and you’re set to do some intense leaf raking.

This past Saturday, we tackled one of our favorite events of the year: Leaf raking for our local elders. And yes, we crammed all 83 youth into ONE bus as we trekked from job to job. There was joyous singing and non-stop laughter to make the day fly by. The most rewarding part of it all; to see the joy and brightness it brought to our much loved elderly saints.

The slideshow above tells it all...